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Have the moves against Najib begun?

Uh-huh, think so.

Dr Mahathir Cheshire Cat

Yesterday’s police report against 1Malaysia Development Bhd by an Umno division leader is a first strike against Najib Razak who is 1MDB board of advisors chairman.

Malaysiakini claims that Khairuddin Abu Hassan, the Umno Batu Kawan vice chief lodging the police report, is “known as a staunch supporter of Mahathir”.

Khairuddin reportedly told the press that not just he alone but Dr Mahathir Mohamad too is disgruntled with 1MDB.


Jewish consultant’s 11% commission

Che Det last week expressed his disappointment that the top Umno leadership did not respond, during their party general assembly, to pressing public queries on the 1MDB.

In his Dec 5 blog entry titled ‘Mesyuarat agung Umno’, Tun asked why was 1MDB making investments or keeping money in the Cayman Islands which is the centre of operations for hedge funds and currency trading.

Dr M reiterated that 1MDB had grossly overpaid in buying power stations and is servicing the purchase loan at the highest interest rate ever to be charged the government. He also questioned the astronomical 11 percent commission to consultant Goldman Sachs.


Najib living on borrowed time

Khairuddin has cautioned that if necessary, he will take further action through a follow-up report to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to question the PM on 1MDB in his dual capacity as Finance Minister.

Commenting on Khairuddin’s police report, DAP publicity chief Tony Pua warns that 1MDB could blow up and “bringing the already fragile economy crashing down violently”.

The opposition has dubbed the Najib-linked company as the “mother of all scandals” but it is Tun who’s providing the impetus to unraveling the financial web woven by 1MDB. Previously the controversy was only discussed on the periphery.

It is Dr M who brought the interrogation into the mainstream.


Ah Jib Gor allowing Yahudi Yeohs to bully everybody

Ibrahim Ali has complained about the bullying by The J-Star and the media group CEO Wong Chun Wai, reported FMT today. Ibrahim accused the EvangeliSTAR of fueling the incessant criticisms against Perkasa and Chun Wai for personally launching scathing attacks on his good self.

Said the Perkasa president:

“Apabila saya buat kenyataan dia tidak hadir, bila kita ajak The Star ke sidang media, mereka tidak hadir. Namun, apabila ada orang serang Persana, dia siarkan pula dan bila tidak ada yang menyerang Perkasa, dia sendiri tulis serang Perkasa,” katanya dalam satu sidang media di ibu kota.” – ‘Ibrahim tetap akan saman CEO The Star(FMT, 13 Dec 2104)

In fact, the entire EvangeliSTAR machinery is firing up its so-called ‘Moderation’ campaign to bully opponents whom it labels as “racists”, “extremists” and “bigots”.

Ministers in the PM’s Dept Joseph Kurup and Jamil Khir Baharom don the J-Star ‘Moderation’ T-shirt – how much funding is the PMO giving the EvangeliSTAR? Please answer

Kurup Baharom Moderation

Perdana Menteri paling lembik dalam sejarah negara

“Extremist, immoderate and intolerant voices as represented by Perkasa and Isma do not speak in our name,” said Noor Farida Ariffin about the open letter by 25 ’eminent’ Malays to the people of Malaysia.

“Given the impact of such vitriolic rhetoric on race relations and political stability of this country, we feel it is incumbent on us to take a public position,” SIS co-founder Noor Farida, who is the lead letter writer, added.

If Ah Jib Gor had not let the DAP evangelistas spiral out of control, Perkasa and Isma would never have gotten any traction. As one example, the DAP evangelistas are going on a rampage over the kalimah Allah and the Chief Minister of Penang is hellbent to cari penyakit.

SIS Isma Perkasa


Things are falling apart mainly due to Ah Jib’s weak leadership and the self-destructive Transformation projects he has embarked upon, such as 1MDB, Pemandu and TalentCorp.

Th PM’s transformational ideas are opposition-friendly and detrimental to BN supporters.

Self-professed “moderates” lay the blame for our social instability squarely on the shoulders of Perkasa, Isma and their ilk. In truth, it is these self-proclaimed “moderates” who are the trouble-making provocateurs.

There’s a lot of finger-pointing going on but the rot starts at the very top and the buck stops with No.1. Ultimately Ah Jib’s misplaced ~ so-li-da-ri-ti ~ with reckless liberals and Christian extremists reeks of a suicide mission.

Click to enlarge

NUCC website not updated

NUCC website frozen in time

One of Ah Jib Gor’s pandering to the “moderates” takes the form of the National Unity Consultative Council.

A brainchild of Najib’s consultants, NUCC is meant to “foster national unity and social cohesion”. However, not only has the NUCC failed to achieve its stated objectives but the “moderates” body has had the opposite effect.

Apart from not commanding respect, NUCC has sputtered and stalled. Its website home page has not been updated the last five months – see screenshot above.

TunkuAzizLeave Malays Alone

Feeling under siege? Hell, ya!

Malays feel besieged by the Yahudi Yeohs although the latter are of course smart enough not to mount a direct challenge to Articles 3 and 153 of the Federal Constitution.

While the YYs may choose not to openly subvert Article 3 but they will nonetheless seek to deviously undermine the status of Islam through other ways and means, such as promoting religious pluralism (and multiculturalism).

During the negotiations for Merdeka, the Chinese education movement had petitioned the Reid Commission to install Chinese, alongside bahasa Melayu, as an official language of the soon-to-be independent country. They had high ambition then and similarly have the same today.

Sidestepping a frontal assault, the YYs instead keep on insisting that Christianity must be given more room and even equal prominence in the public square. “Secular state”, “moderation” and other diversionary concepts are code words for takeover of power.

Hannah gonna serve the Lord

Call it ‘creeping Christianization’ if you will

GoldGloryGospelBerani buat … they dare to do anything. In the 1940s, the communist terrorists in Sungai Manik, Perak as well as Mukim VII in Batu Pahat, Johor had suggested to the Banjarese village headmen that the Muslims should change their Friday prayers to Sunday – details here.

Read also, ‘Perjuangan gereja yang belum selesai mahukan Melayu diberi kebebasan beragama

When a Chinese recently succeeded in becoming the new Governor of Jakarta, he was a beacon of hope to the Yahudi Yeohs’ soaring aspirations here.

There’s nothing wrong in praying for Malaysia to have a Christian Prime Minister some day soon. But in the meantime before his arrival, the potential of an avid Bible-reading prime ministerial candidate keeps the furnace of hope burning.

Last week, Anwar Ibrahim told a Christian congregation at the Holy Family Church in Kajang that he had read the Bible “every other day” when he was in jail – ‘I read the Bible ‘every other day’ in jail, says Anwar‘ (The Malay Mail, 7 Dec 2014).

It is both Anwar and Ah Jib who have been empowering the Yahudi Yeohs. It is for this reason that the two men are now vulnerable to the Malay backlash.

Najib may be still strong within the Umno set-up but outside the party, his grip is slipping fast.

Mother of All Munafiqs going on Malay charm offensive



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57 thoughts on “Have the moves against Najib begun?

  1. Ms H. Do not be a wolverine in sheep’s clothing. Go the whole way and become an honourable Muslim.

  2. Ms H. The term Ah Jib Gor is a gangster rendition of the proper Cantonese rendition like Ah Jib Shifu or Ah Jib Master. Another term like Ah Jib Sir maybe used. But definitely not Ah Jib Gor with its gangster connotaions.

    1. ‘But definitely not Ah Jib Gor with its gangster connotaions.’

      The CONsultants are laughing at the bangang PM! And all the way to the bank too!

      1. Tengah kalut pasal 1MDB ni pun dia masih nak bercuti? Is that end-year cuti atau cuti hari natal?

        1. Dok hotel mesti >RM900 per night. Tu tak termasuk meals, laundry and other allowances including tips, plus plus lagi.

          Imagine the poor rakyat being paid minimum RM900 per month.

          Really bangang owh? Hahahaha

          1. Kak Rina, >RM900 per night tu pun kira dah nasib baik. I bet my denim Chanel that they opted for a more grandeur option than a measly >RM900 per night. Utk bg bibik bilik mcm tu bleh la kot.

  3. ED and Helen Ang ( the halal gangbang bitch of Muslims) the Christian women covered their heads long before Muslims came into existence. Look up 1 Corinthians 11:1–15 in the Bible . Don’t worry you won’t ‘murtad’ just by looking at the Bible. Hannah Yeoh IS an honorable Christian.

    1. re: “Christian women covered their heads long before Muslims”

      So you’re saying that Hannah Yeoh the honorable Christian is following the 2,000-year old Biblical tradition from Corinth?

      Then why does she not also follow the Biblical practice of the People of the Book to abstain from eating pork? All that Bak Kut Teh she’s stuffing does nothing for her figure.

      1. Helen,

        I believe Tun has reached a point where he believes Najib must be replaced.

        I too feel the same. And many more Malays feel the same. And i know that is wish of UMNO members too.

        Tun mentioned about fund invested in Cayman island. We must thank Tun for saying it out loud. It is better the issue becomes a hot topic now rather then explodes right before election.

        All these problems direct is to one source: Najib. And I would like to share here some of Najib’s character that are bringing down UMNO.

        1) Najib is unable to differentiate between genuine support and those pretending supporting him. He seems proud to have tonnes of followers in his tweeter. They tweet with him. BUT THEY DO NOT VOTE for UMNO, BN in election.

        2) Najib LOOKS DOWN on Malays. He did not ask for their opinions on many issues such as ISA, Sedition Act. To Najib, Malays are not capable of giving good advices. So Najib loves to hear from consultants, many of them overpaid.

        This is nothing new. History is replete with stories of Ottoman sultans who prefer European concubines to Muslim ladies to raise their children. In Malay annal to there were times when white women were accorded as “permaisuri”.

        3) A leader must be firm. He must be willing to move without thinking of popularity. But Najib is so engrossed with popularity. So he opened up and watered down Malay rights. Remember liberalisation (meaning no need Malay participattion) in financial sector.

        Scholarship meant for Malays now shared with other races. Positions previously held by Malays now given to non malays. It resulted in massive intake of non Malays in some sectors.

        WITH NAJIB AS PM, the days of UMNO ruling the country is coming to its end.

        1. re: “It resulted in massive intake of non Malays in some sectors.”

          Really? Which sectors?

          Only the Pemandu staffing comes to mind for me.

          1. Helen,

            Strings of consultants and their damaging advices. And I heard too grumbling in PETRONAS.

        2. The Tun is slow. Rafizi Ramli has been warning about the 1MDB more than a year ago.

          But what happened then? He was accused of being a ‘race-traitor’, ‘ungrateful’, ‘fraud’, and other insults hurled at him by the pro-government supporters from the Najib and Mahathir camp.

          Now the pro-Mahathir faction licks up their words from the floor. Good.

          “Scholarship meant for Malays now shared with other races. Positions previously held by Malays now given to non malays. It resulted in massive intake of non Malays in some sectors.”

          “And I heard too grumbling in PETRONAS.”

          What is wrong with Petronas, government bodies, and other GLCs opening their doors to people of other races?

          1. You’ve just provided the explanation as to why the subject matter being raised by Tun gives a different impact compared to it being raised by Rafizi.

      2. ‘Then why does she not also follow the Biblical practice of the People of the Book to abstain from eating pork? All that Bak Kut Teh she’s stuffing does nothing for her figure.’

        Hahahaha. Good one Helen. I bet vinnan pun suka makan babi kan vinnan? Sedap lazat berkhasiat???

      3. Just like Muslims do not follow every injunction in the Koran because they are human beings born into social environments beyond their control. Also why should the definition of ones religion be controlled by you BN shitheads only?

        1. Your honorable Christian Hannah Yeoh should cover her head when at work also, i.e. wear tudung to the office since you say that she is faithfully following the 2,000-year-old tradition of church women.

        2. But you’re the one who brought up the subject of Christian women and head coverings. So why turn the argument around to Muslims not following all Quranic injunctions?

          Here’s something about Christian head coverings for you to expand your knowledge –
          And here’s something from a Muslim’s perspective –

          And what do you mean by “definition of ones religion be controlled by you BN…”? Where do you get that from? Your religion is defined by your own PERSONAL faith, that’s true but in Islam is a bit more complicated.

          My personal view – A typical muslim would understand that he has obligations what is known as fard ‘ain and fard kifayah, personal and communal in nature. Prayers and fasting fall under personal obligations. Conversion in or out of Islam falls under both obligations. And because it falls under our communal obligations, we can’t just easily overlook the issue.

          1. ‘communal obligations’

            Among others is zakat and the so called ‘body snatching’ act which goes to show that Muslims simply won’t abandon any one of theirs in life, no matter how hard it is for one, or in death, no matter how complicated the matter turns out to be for the livings, which I doubt this ‘vinnan’ can even appreciate. The concept is too big for him and his ilks to digest.

            For them its ABU all the way till kingdom comes.

      4. vinnan. If this woman wants to wear Muslim dress, go the whole way and BECOME A MUSLIM. Islam is strong, clean and compassionate !

    2. Eating pork and Chinese New Year are sins. Pork is by grace. Grace means saying sorry to the Lord for oops I made a mistake. But to the Chinese is sorry oops I did it again with pork.

      If you belive in Jesus, can you beleve in Tee Kong or a lady on the moon?

      1. Can, as long as they justified that for centuries all that others have been called “Jesus”. For hundred of years, the word “Jesus” has been used to describe the others. Boleh la, cin cai cin cai meh.

    3. Awas! RABID DOG seen entering Muslim council – wears a dog tag named “VINNAN” – It is untouchable!

      1. It’s their Porky Principle (asyik nak tegakkan benang basah) that makes me turn away from the Christian-dominated opposition.

    4. Vinnan, dia masuk keluar church and office tiap kali pakai tudung tak? Curious nak tau.. pse post some her pics in the church.

      1. Mungkin ada kot Kak Rina but I bet her tudung is as big as a parachute so that her butt looks small!!

        Hahahahahah, I bet Miuccia Prada is having sleepless nights for years after seeing that “Soalan mulut” fatty clutching Prada bags.

    1. Really? So who’s “Top” and who’s “Bottom”? If we make it into a gay love film, we can call it “Bangangback Mountain”.

  4. BN’s success of the first four or five decades seems to have caused it to lose its way after Dr Mahathir’s retirement.

    Hope his efforts to ascertain and follow up on the truth of matters bears fruit.

  5. Malaysia getting worst National Football mostly Malays, Badmitons mostly Chinese, Basketball Chinese, Sepaktakraw Malays, with national school, plkn and other that the best we can do. Oh ya Golf th rich and cassis the poor. Even with Bukit jalil sport school, what we have achieved beside that football grass issues?

    1. Even without looking at the sports I can tell you the composition of the players by looking at who’s the head coach, and 80% I’d be right.

    1. A politician, if he wants to succeed, he must master the art of lying. Basically everyone involved in politics is a liar. The question is, who is the better liar ? This Ti guy, he’s not in the same league as LGE when it comes to kelentong the people.

          1. Hard to say. Maybe the gov will ask Petronas to bailout 1MDB, after all Petronas did bailout BMF. In the case of 1MDB, RM38 billion is a lot of money. If Petronas won’t do it, they may ask Khazanah, PNB and GLICs to chip in the money. It will cost the people’s money and this is a travesty.

            1. The Messenger of Allah, Sayyidina Muhammad s.a.w. told us that Allah Most Wise addressed His creatures in one hadith qudsi :

              “O my servants! I have forbidden injustice to Myself and have forbidden that for you as well, hence do not commit injustice against each other”. (Muslim)

              Sayyidina Abu Bakr r.a., the closest and most beloved to Prophet Muhammad, when assuming his office as the leader of the Muslims said with total conviction :

              “O people, I have been elected your leader, but I am no better than you. If I do good then help me in it, but if I do bad then straighten me. Sincerity is a trust, while lying is betrayal. Obey me as long as I obey Allah and His Messenger, but if I do not obey Allah and His Messenger, then you are not bound to obey me.”

              — It is a grave injustice for supposed leaders of the rakyat to be involved with any misappropriation of the public treasury in their vested interests

  6. “While the YYs may choose not to openly subvert Article 3 but they will nonetheless seek to deviously undermine the status of Islam through other ways and means, such as promoting religious pluralism (and multiculturalism).”

    What is wrong with multiculturalism and pluralism? We are a multicultural nation of many faiths and races.

    “It is Dr M who brought the interrogation into the mainstream.”

    A lot of people knew about 1MDB long before the Tun started to make it an issue in his vendetta against Najib. I am not talking about just pro-opposition people. Even a financial adviser I know who has a bias to the government told me the 1MDB is a huge stink waiting to happen. This was about a year ago.

    Credit should be given to Rafizi Ramli.

    1. re: “What is wrong with multiculturalism and pluralism?”

      It leads to “your Allah is my Allah too” (but my Allah is 3-in-1).

      re: “A lot of people knew about 1MDB long before the Tun started to make it an issue…”

      You said it. It was Tun who made it into a public and talked about issue.

      1. More importantly, it leads to better rights and acknowledgements for all religions and races in Malaysia.

        “It was Tun who made it into a public and talked about issue.”

        Let us give credit where it is due. Rafizi Ramli is the one. He was warning about 1MDB to the people before Tun M even bothered.

        1. Articles 3, 11 and 153 (among others) of the Federal Constitution already stipulate the ethnic and religious rights. What the Yahudi Yeohs are attempting to do is subvert the substance of the provisions.

          Rafizi is a loose cannon – some hits, some misses (Najib is suing him over the diamond ring allegation). When Tun broaches the subject, then the reaction by the authorities will necessarily be more tempered.

          1. ‘What the Yahudi Yeohs are attempting to do is subvert the substance of the provisions’

            “Unfortunately, the word secular was used in the judgement, but even so, it was not to refer to the country, but rather to the institutions and its laws. In any event, the usage was rather inaccurate, and it was not supposed to be used as such. Due to certain group and political agendas, it was often quoted out of context so as to allege Malaysia is a secular state, despite the fact that not once does the word ‘secular’ appears in the Federal Constitution. Instead, attention was omitted from the declaration that ‘Islam shall be the religion of the Federation,’ while there is no such declaration for other religions. Attention was also not addressed to the various provisions with regards to the head of the religion of Islam, when there is no such provision for other religions as well. Neither was attention directed to the fact that there is provision to restrict the propagation of other religions to the Muslims; that there are provisions with regards to the jurisdiction of the state legislative bodies to enact Islamic laws including for the establishment of Shariah courts, for the enactment of offences against the precepts of Islam, for the establishment and management of Islamic institutions like Baitul Mal and wakaf, all of which are not provided for other religions. So are all these secular provisions?”


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