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J-Star: “It’s a fight between moderates and extremists (Perkasa)”

Updated (5.33pm):

“I am not apologetic and if it is war that they [the moderates] want, we will go to war,” said Ibrahim Ali at the Perkasa convention in KL.

CEO Wong Chun Wai: “I will fight him [Ibrahim Ali] in court. We will see him in court. It’s a fight between moderates and extre­mists.”

Chun Wai: “Malaysians cannot allow Perkasa to continue with their form of hate politics, racist bullying and extremism.”

“No one can stop the voice of moderation and reasoning,” said Chun Wai. “Malaysia has no room for extremism.” – see, ‘Wong ready to take on Perkasa chief who wants to sue him‘ (The J-Star, 14 Dec 2014)


Who is really bullying whom?

“Hari ini orang Melayu berpecah dan diperalatkan hingga suara yang majoriti telah menjadi minoriti dan suara minoriti menjadi kuasa penentu.” – Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad’s keynote address at the fifth annual convention of Perkasa today

Perkasa claims to have half a million members and yet it is the “meek and mild” minority – belonging to “only 9 percent” of the population – which is much more powerful than the 61.3 percent Muslim majority.

Wong Chun Wai (billboard above) has declared war, framed in the terms of “a fight between moderates and extre­mists”. At the same time, Ah Jib Gor has allowed the Yahudi Yeohs to hijack the “moderate” branding.

Ah Jib, the Umno president cum BN chairman, has to pick his side. Coincidentally, both Perkasa and the evangelical party (below) are holding their annual conventions today.

Shorty Speaker is given an elevated seat at her party’s event in Subang Jaya

Hannah DAP


Ah Jib Gor is snapping Perkasa’s patience

Perkasa, size does not matter


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95 thoughts on “J-Star: “It’s a fight between moderates and extremists (Perkasa)”

  1. What are you trying to imply, Helen?

    That our courts are not the right place to adjudicate the dispute between Wong C W and Ibrahim Ali? With all that it implies?

    If I remember right, it was Ibrahim Ali who initiated this kerfuffle.

    In effect, Ibrahim was telling Wong to “put up or shut up”.

    And Wong’s riposte is along the lines of “I will see you and I will up you” (with apologies to my regular poker kakis).

    Are we doing brinkmanship or gamesmenship here?

    It is interesting that the so-called “Yahudi Yeohs” are perceived to be a security threat.

    Will they now be banned or proscribed under the applicable laws?

    Whichever way it goes, it is sure to light up the blogosphere.

    1. re: “That our courts are not the right place to adjudicate the dispute between Wong C W and Ibrahim Ali?”

      Ibrahim Ali: “Saya akan saman Wong. Biar mahkamah putuskan kenyataannya itu satu fitnah terhadap saya. … Dia [Chun Wai] serang seolah-olah dia peguam negara, dia juga hakim.”

      “Saya dah tulis surat [tuntutan], dia dah jawab. Jawab dua atau tiga muka surat. Macam orang beri khutbah jawab surat.”

      – See more at: was defamatory.”

      1. re, if it’s war they want, we will go to war.

        Continues provocation on Islam and the Malay, does look like the evangelist did really wants war.

        Perpatah Melayu,’kalau orang beria-ia hendak menjual, kita pon sangup membeli’.

        1. Cue in the panic and the rush for the exits!

          Really, tt? Bosnia and Sarajevo meant nothing to you?

          It’s easy to talk about “war”. In fact, one might even say it verges on the “seditious”.

          So, will Ibrahim Ali be summoned by the police?

          1. Everyone is so excited about Ibrahim Ali… muah, muah.. I don’t know why the cry to catch him on Sedition. Was it due to his speech re burning of the translated Bahasa Malaysia of translated Indonesian verson of Munshi Abdullah’s and the clerk’s translated name of their god?

            Am really getting very confused. Actually what book are all these people fighting about? Haiyaa why la, just revert to the original book kan solve all problems? BTW got original or not? Got but donno how to read or what?

          2. ‘So, will Ibrahim Ali be summoned by the police?’

            Why? For saying that ‘we will not give in to these people without putting up a fight’? Really? Seditious?

            Lost in translation again? So there you go, ignore the lingua franca at your own perils!

            1. “…if its war they want, we will go to war”.

              Sounds pretty unambiguous to me.

              Why use the word “war”, with all its connotations?

              Surely, Ibrahim could have said “we will resist by peaceful, non-violent and non-confrontational means, in keeping with the highest ideals of Gandhian peaceful resistance and in accordance with the highest and most noble traditions of Islam.”

              That wouldn’t have been lost in translation!

              1. “we will resist by peaceful, non-violent and non-confrontational means, in keeping with the highest ideals of Gandhian peaceful resistance and in accordance with the highest and most noble traditions of Islam.”

                You mean the DAP double speak that you guys are so used too? Like I said, how many Anwar Ibrahim do you guys need? Geez, why so kiasu one?!

                  1. Exactly right, Helen.

                    Cue “Man Haron Monis”.

                    Add in “Shahada”.

                    Add in ” hostages taken in Sydney, 2 hostages killed”.

                    Is this the peaceful face of Islam?

                    Let’s see your forthright and unequivocal condemnation of this incident and it’s perpetrator.

                    If you are up to it, that is, instead of being a hypocrite who goes after the “Yahudi Yeohs”.

                    1. You want me to cry “the killing has got to stop” and beat my chest telling the whole world what a “heartache” I’m suffering from news of dunno who, dunno where, dunno what incident?


                    2. Lets see whether a sane Christian like you can digest this.

                      Cue. ‘he was unstable.”

                      ‘Prime Minister Tony Abbott called him a “deluded and sick individual” who was known to police and intelligence agencies’


                      ‘Speaking at press conference Abbot said: “How can somebody who has had such a long, chequered history not be on the appropriate watch list? And how can someone like that be entirely at large in the community?”


                      ‘Did somebody say “a religion of peace”?

                      Well for a start we did not crucified some tuhan! We also did not nuked the Japs! Nor do we kill the Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis et al.

                      So you tell me?

  2. Chun Wai like the so called 25 prominent people do not have a valid mandate of the people to speak out on behalf of “Malaysians” the majority of who are Malays and Muslims and not Chun Wai supporters.

    1. Nonetheless, the 25 + WCW + the evangelistas are far more savvy at public relations and shaping perceptions than are the Perkasa people.

      Perkasa is half a million strong but their clout in the public arena does not commensurate with their huge numbers.

      1. Helen,

        “their clout….”

        Not so sure about that. half a million members is a big figure. It can have direct impact on UMNO or any political party that aspires to get malay votes.

        What happened on the ground actually? STAR has been depicting PERKASA and UMNO too as racist. Many read STAR. Many Chinese believe STAR as Malays have been depicted as inherently racist.

        But the fact that STAR mentions PERKASA is a manifestation of the latter’s influence. As such, PERKASA must be painted as racist, extremists.

        PERKASA is right by questioning the 25 Malays who wrote recently. Who they represent? Who recognises them to represent Malays. They do not articulate Malay aspirations.

        1. re: “Many read STAR. Many Chinese believe STAR as Malays have been depicted as inherently racist.”

          If the Umno president still make dunno, then the Malay grassroots will have to pressure Umno branch and division leaders to make sure Ah Jib Gor gets the message that Malays will no longer vote BN should MCA be put up to contest a Malay-majority seat.

          1. Helen,

            Yup. The bigger problem is not STAR. Najib is the “problem” that UMNO must solve. Najib unfortunately personifies whatever bad impression that UMNO has from Malay point of view.

            UMNO in is bad shape. Muhyidin must lead the change of leadership. Failing to do so will see the end of UMNO controlling Federal government.

            1. ‘Muhyidin must lead the change of leadership.’

              Is that why Najib had cancelled the overseas trip and do the pr stunt instead? Poor boy…

        2. ‘half a million members is a big figure.’

          These half a millions members have families and relatives among them. Imagine the influence Perkasa could garner if it wants too.

          1. re: “Imagine the influence Perkasa could garner if it wants too.”

            It’s been more than 5 years since the inception of Perkasa. I do not see Perkasa garnering enough influence to enable them to stand up to, and stare down the 25 Malay eminents.

            1. Helen,

              PERKASA has influence. The biggest mistake UMNO can make is being indifferent to PERKASA.

              The sign is that PERKASA is getting tired with Najib. And that is bad for UMNO. UMNO cannot afford another Malay based party in next election.

              PERKASA is a wake up call for UMNO. Had not for PERKASA, UMNO will be totally aimless. It is PERKASA that serves as a reminder to UMNO that Malay support must not be taken for granted.

              So far UMNO is not enthusiastic about PERKASA. I believe it is a matter of time before PERKASA becomes a full fledged political party.

              1. Perkasa is demanding ROS to allow them to become a political party. As of yesterday Ibrahim Ali claimed that the organisation had 700K registered members; registering at the speed of up to 250/day!

                How much is KJ registering per day?

                1. “How much is KJ registering per day?”

                  Not sure about that, but if we take attendance to his zumba classes, I can say that there’s nothing to write home about. How about that lifestyle guru Ibdilillah Ishak? All those selfies have been helpful in attracting high-calibre youths? Mat rempits and minah hijabista boleh la kot nk dok tipu.

                    1. Really? I thought he’s only interested in being seen as a fashionista, lifestyle-guru mingling with Wak Doyok and the likes. He’s also interested in karaoke? Are you it’s him or that Azwanbro guy? I’ve seen Azwanbro’s pic with two women.

                    2. I’ve seen Azwanbro’s pic with two women.

                      Betullah pwincess, my mistake. Betoi juga the fat guy suka posing ngan wak doyok. Hahaha. Mistaken. Thanks for the pembetulan pwincess.

                2. There are people like me, the silent supporter, I will be there to lend a hand(and registe) if anything goes wrong with perkasa.

    2. And Ibrahim Ali does? What happened to him and his fellow perkasa mates at the last election? Why don’t you ask Helen to stand at the next elections? Just have her shampoo first…

  3. Majlis Fatwa/ Kebangsaan:

    Most knowlegable Muslims are guided solely by fatwas, adinda Ms Helen
    that is sole based on al-Quran and Hadith with only some exceptions.

    JAKIM and also PERKASA/ ISMA may make some more controversial interpretations but would not survive without following the fatwas.
    ( PAS and UMNO also obviously )

    Moderates Muslims or Prominent Jahil s?
    There are so many so called Moderates notable the lady DP and latest The 25 lining..
    Q: Anyone them, prominent Muslim intellect ??

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  4. Ms H. This guy is the only person ever to use a tabloid for his secret agenda. He is preparing to enter Opposition Politics in the next 14th General Elections at MCA’s expense. The Star is already doing biz with the PAP owned media in Singapore. He is out of date by miles !

    1. re: “his secret agenda”

      If the prime minister still refuses to take any action, then Perkasa should step in on this matter.

      1. Ms H. You are right. We must not be like ostrich heads in the sand. This is very serious politics ! A line must be drawn in the concrete ! Who are the LOYALISTS OR TRAITORS ?

        1. Those groupies are focussed on a “moderation vs extremism” dialectic but these are descriptors along a scale is it not?

          So they go on and on and drag in any number of issues they desire to complain about and couch it in terms of “moderation vs extremism”. This is the heights of political expedience.

          That the Social Scale itself is one about rights vs responsibilities is often ignored in these partisan disputes.

  5. I don’t disagree with your last comment about the media savvy opposition. But thats about to end with a fight. And fights don’t alway depend on good PR. The place needs a shake up. The PM and the current government has been sitting on its proverbials with their heads in the sand> whether thats because its part of a larger plan is hard to say. But in Ibrahim Ali I see the Mahathir of 40 years ago. A rough diamond in the making.

    As Yosemite Sam said to Bugs Bunny “I fights doity”. The gloves are off and the opposition backers like the US ambassador have finally peeled off that layer of veneer to show foreign intervention in thri cause.

    There will be another rout of the opposition with a bit of strife before it settles. By strife I mean violence. It is inevitable.

      1. It will be really unfortunate for the Cina totok if it ever comes to this. They are just bystanders in this whole confrontation between the Malays and the evangelistas, although a small minority of Cina totok is in cahoot with the DAP evangelistas the rest are clueless as to what is really going on.

        You can imagine the sort of collateral damage that the Chinese will have to bear in a repeat of 513. It will be much worse than 513 as this time foreign forces are involved as well.

  6. Ibrahim Ali talks shit.
    Helen talks shit.
    It’s end of the road them. They were at the fringe moving into mainstream but fortunately we stopped them.
    Now they are back in the fringe as a freak show.
    You don’t get anywhere by threatening the UMNO big boy, calling them bangsat.

    Ultimately it is the stupidity of Ibrahim Ali and the lunacy of ex-hack bitch that put themselves back to where they deserved to be.

    Just take a look at OSTB, Kadir Jasin, Apanama, etc having lunch with Daim. Do you think any of those guys want to get near to Perkasa?? I don’t think so.

    Only this crazy bitch Helen has nowhere to go so she has to hold on to Perkasa.

    All this makes for some banal entertainment. Nothing more.

    1. Unker Wiki quoted The New Testament was written in Koine Greek. Don’t be lazy ma, learn Koine Greek language so you all can read the bible in its original form la..

      Haiyaaa, translated copies very unreliable ma.. Worse if some are not fluent in BM or BI. Can misinterpret words or some words might be misunderstood. Eg;

      ……. the consonants that need vibration at the throat like /b/ /d/ /z/ /g/ /v/ /ʒ/ /dʒ/ and /ð/. In addition to omitting those consonants or adding an extra sound after them, some race also de-voice them, which means that the /b/ becomes /p/, the /d/ /t/, the /z/ /s/, the /g/ /k/, the /v/ /f/, the /dʒ/ /tʃ/ and the /ʒ/ /ʃ/……

      That fella fighting with Ibrahim Ali can read the original bible in its original language or not? At least Ibrahim Ali can read the quran and its verses as is. So what shit are you talking about?

      1. Wait, Bahasa Malaysia translated bible, translated from Bahasa Indonesia translated bible which was translated from I am sure English translated bible which earlier was translated from what translated bible <<<<<<<< from as unker Wiki quoted The New Testament was written in Koine Greek.

        Fuuuuyooo, am really confused ma.. Why something as sacred and holy some people learn just by reading translated copies? Over thousands of years 'a' can easily become 'z'.

        They claime to be so rich, intelligent and with modern technology hiw come don't even bother to learn/teach Koine Greek so as to really understand the bible?

        BTW itu Tembam, Teresa Kok, Eng Guan and WWL oops not world wild life fella know how to read their original bible written in Koine Greek or not? They all appear so very clever wan?

        1. ‘BTW itu Tembam, Teresa Kok, Eng Guan and WWL ‘

          Haiya, they can’t even pronounced keris right, what more Koine Greek, RINA cut them some slack will you? Hehe

    2. ‘All this makes for some banal entertainment. Nothing more.’

      Glad you are entertained enough to come out from your cocoon. Glad to be out, eh?

  7. This wcw fella is one twisted mind. He provokes yet when his target retaliates he claims innocence and start branding peopke as extremist. What a bugger!!

  8. There is a silent majority out there.

    It’s the one that voted the party that holds the biggest number of seats last election, despite ABU, UBAH, BERSIH, chinese tsunami.

    That party would do well not to betray the ones who voted it by following the demands of ones who didn’t vote for it.

    1. Adakan majlis khatam Al Quran dan Muslims yang mengaku diri mereka moderate sangat tu di wajibkan khatam Al Quran.

      Lepaih tu uji mereka huraikan petikan2 dalam ayat2 Al Quran yang menyentuh segi amalan moderasi mengikut ajaran Agama Islam.

      1. Eleh, tk payah nk suruh diorang khatam Quran kak. These kidney-pie, fake-accent Oreos with Moet et Chandon breath cannot possibly hafal Doa Qunut pun, let alone nak suruh khatam Quran. I bet anak-anak diorang bila tengok telekung pun, they thought it’s a Halloween costume.

  9. Dah tak tau nak kata apa, hanya beresrah pada Allah dan berdoa agar Allah akan selamatkan Malaysaia daripada anasir anasir yang nak menghancurkan orang Melayu dan Malaysia

  10. This Ah Wong is a typical bully. Why ? Because that’s how a bully will carry himself. He will say someone is bullying him so that he can act aggressively.

  11. Wong Chun Wai, the Supremacist Moderate, and his fellow liberal extremists, or rather Moderates, cannot utter a sentence that does not contain moderate, moderation, extremists or extremism.

    It’s like Ambiga being unable to talk without saying racist or racism.

    Like America deciding who are terrorists, these Moderates also decide who are moderates, racists, extremists or bigots — they need to keep drumming it into our heads through newspapers, billboards and tweets to try to make it stick.


    1. The highest caste doesn’t belong to those who twist their forked tongues to subjugate the people’s minds. In fact there has been no caste in humanity since Adam and Eve except in the devils’ imagination.

  12. Dearest Ms. Helen,
    brothers and Sisters

    Promise 7: Victory
    In the name of the Most Compassinate and Most Merciful Allah swt, the Most High says, “We will, without doubt, help our Messengers and those who believe, (both) in this world’s life and on the Day when the Witnesses will stand forth.” [Al Qur’an 40:51]

    And Allah swt, the Most High also says, “…and it was due from Us to aid (give victory) those who believed.” [Al Qur’an 30:47]

    When we get our belief right, then Allah will grant us victory. However we should be patient, as the believers will go through many tests before victory is granted. 

    Umar (May Allah be pleased with him) would ask the sahaabah what suffering they had gone through, so a particular sahaabi uncovered his back and showed it to him. Umar said I have never seen a back like this, what happened to you. He said the mushrikeen of Quraish would burn rocks over fire for a long time and then they would throw me on my naked back over these rocks, so my flesh would burn and I would smell my back burning, so it left some black deep holes in his back.

    What have we gone through? We live comfortable lives. We have gone through nothing compared to what the sahaabah went through, and also what some muslims are going through today. Victory of Allah is on its way, this is the promise of Allah. If it doesn’t happen in our lifetime it will happen in our children’s lifetime, but it will happen.

    1. The people outside your fences you can differentiate them. It is the people inside your fences whose hearts you are veiled from, the hearts of wolves.

  13. It’s not the “Yahudi Yeoh” type of evangelistas who are locked up (sorry, I mean incarcerated) in Guantanamo Bay or who are being targetted by the security agencies of the Western and Asian powers.

    Yet here are people, not the least in this blog, claiming that the “Yahudi Yeoh” types are a clear, urgent and present danger to …..(fill in the blanks).

    It makes one wonder if all these security agencies, with their overarching surveillance networks and intelligence-sharing arrangements have got their priorities wrong and are going after the wrong people?

    1. You’re talking about threats from bombers and gunmen.

      There are other types of danger and destruction.

    2. Er, whose “security agencies”? Whose “overarching surveillance networks and intelligence-sharing arrangements”? Oh yes, I nearly forget.

      The same ones that failed to stop Sept 11, the same ones that operate Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib torture facilities (despite continuously shouting about human rights and the rule of law, innocent till proven guilty), the same ones that hyped-up big lies about WMD in Iraq (as after so many years still cannot locate a single dangerous warhead), the same ones that said they cannot see MH370 on their radars despite having numerous satellites and obviously, the same ones that pointed their fingers at Russia over MH17 without having a single shred of evidence.

      1. Sebuah video yang bertajuk ‘The Zone of Non Being: Guantanamo’ telah dihasilkan oleh sebuah badan yang dinamakan sebagai Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) yang berpengkalan di London, UK. Ia merupakan sebuah badan bebas dan tidak berasaskan keuntungan yang digerakkan untuk berkempen, melakukan kajian tentang isu hak asasi dan juga melakukan kerja-kerja kemanusiaan selari dengan apa yang diajarkan oleh Al Quran seperti dalam surah An Nisa, ayat 75.

      2. Yes, ma Cherie….guys like Man Haron Monis

        Does that name ring a bell? Engender a frisson of excitement that here is a Muslim “caliph” who is standing up for his faith and waging war on infidels and unbelievers?

        I think that those incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay are not exactly “innocent lambs”.

        Ask the Muslim community in Australia if they now feel under siege.



        1. Smells false flag if you ask me

          ‘Speaking at press conference Abbot said: “How can somebody who has had such a long, chequered history not be on the appropriate watch list? And how can someone like that be entirely at large in the community?”

          Well said Abbot. Well said!

  14. Who is the extremists (?) adinda Ms Helen
    that is supported by the majority Melayu s!

    UMNOs deepest SOUL is expressed by PERKASA, Sdr Chun Wai
    that is clear if you’d just mentally suppress for a moment it’s leaders attention-getting antics.

    Yg Bhg DS M Najib better stop now from making promises everywhere
    and frustrate everyone for no reason. He better get agreement first on giveables/ mandate from UMNO grassroots and the East Malaysian Bumi cousins.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. One wonders for instance, how much reliable feedback the PM had actually polled for, across the pertinent divisions of the government bureaucracy and the various trustworthy non-governmental organizations and his own UMNO members when he pronounced his intention to nullify the Sedition Act.

      Anything less than these considerations would have made his decision an unworthy one.

  15. Those who worship the Pagan God or name or legend, is it not syirik?

    If your name or blog worship and is named under a old pagan God, why do you still call yourself Moslems?

    Isn’t it obvious to all that it is worst than being a liberal, moderate, fundamentalist or extremist Moslem?

    This blog looks more like a Satan’s blog misleading Moslems to Hell leaving it’s readers evil in mind and heart, corrupted in morals and civility and worst praising and worshipping the blog messenger as a dignified Pagan God.

    Masquerading as a Pagan God admirer is definitely syirik, is it not?

    1. Re: “Masquerading as a Pagan God admirer is definitely syirik, is it not?”

      By that token, if you wear tudung/hijab and frequents mosques you’re definitely Muslims, right? Oh right, say that to Mrs. Hannah Yeoh and you’ll get slapped with a lawsuit.

    2. I don’t understand people like dandy. you put down the malays and islam every chance you get. you call our religion pagan. you say Allah is named for a pagan god. BUT you go to the highest court in this land to call your god by the name of our god.

      Well, I believe Allah is the Almighty, the Creator, is the One and Only, no son, no spouse. I do not want to use the name of your lord for Allah and I certainly do not want you to blaspheme by using His name for your no-good intentions.

      1. What else is there to understand?

        Where people engage in obvious subterfuge, when people spout their obvious desire to ridicule everything that you are, take away whatever you have less so they can add more to what they already have…

        Isn’t it clear? It’s just war. Winner get more seats for their political party, grand prize Putrajaya.

        It’s simple propaganda. They are good and you, you simply are bad. The people supporting them are good(tools), the people supporting you are evil extremists. Your cause and whatever you believe in are outdated, irrelevant, their cause is noble and justified, right by God.

        Does he give a damn about our religion? You tell him not to blaspheme, this one who already is mocking of your beliefs in the post you replied to. His post is just an nonsensical, ignorant and idiotic jumble whose only purpose is just to get a rise out of those who read, no other point.

        Best way for you to retaliate is to get more readers, especially fence sitters to here. From what I see from those polls, this blog doesn’t really get much.

        1. re: “this blog doesn’t really get much (readers)”

          There is a threshold to how many readers an independent blogger can reach. This ceiling is inherent in the medium itself, i.e. blogs are limiting. Facebook is a better vehicle but I have no Facebook (closed my a/c already) and I’m not in the Facebook world.

          You must remember that I have no resources and no funding for this blog aside from what I’m personally able to provide. The most popular and profitable blogs are about entertainment (artis-artis tempatan Melayu) and food (where to eat for the Chinese).

          This site is pure politics and totally non-profit.

          Mine is a personal blog, not a news portal (of whatever size) that is able to utilize crossover social media like Twitter to publicize my entries. Again, I also don’t have a Twitter a/c either.

          You might counter why don’t I max my blog audience potential by linking up with Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and other digital tools as well as promote my blog in other ways?

          My answer would be that although I will definitely be able to expand my readership by venturing and linking up my blog with Facebook etc, it’s nonetheless not my job to fight the enemies of BN or enemies of Islam. Nobody’s paying me. I’m doing all this pro bono.

          I blog only what is of concern to me – mostly about evangelistas, J-Star and EvangeliSTAR. There is no “pull” factor to compel me to further the cause of BN (today synonymous with Malay interests) and Islam.

          My “push” factor is that I find the hypocrites revolting and the DAP evangelical leadership grotesque. Christian evangelism has decimated the Buddhist population. They will go after your community next.

          1. You’ve done your best.

            I was just giving another reader a suggestion to counter some of the kinds that come in just to have verbal fights. Let more of his acquaintances come here and see the kind of people they are up against. So in a way what those people post work against them.

            I think orangkampung’s a regular here, so maybe his moniker is used elsewhere and he has some internet presence. Me? Not much a social person, real life or internet life.

            On the other hand, most readers here probably see this place more like some nice cozy little place for them to just read your articles, wax philosophic, preach, reminisce, vent, etc. Seriously, some of the time I don’t even know what they are talking about. Maybe you like it that way too.

            Don’t know about the rest, but I do share your feelings and fears thus your angle and your articles are well done and informative. For me at least.

            It’s actually fortunate that you did this when you’re a Chinese Buddhist. If a Malay were to do so, well, you can guess what happens next. Too bad about the people bad mouthing you and impersonating you on other sites, though, that’s just on the sites where I understand the language. No idea about Chinese sites.

            Oh yeah, one more thing, I like how you regularly interact with the commenters. Well, at least you seem to enjoy the effort you’re putting here, I hope. I can’t imagine the effort to read all replies, filter them and reacting to them. Not for me.

          2. Some very important similarities and parallels between Islam and Buddhism:

            (1) The belief in the Ultimate Truth (Al-Haqq) who is also Absolutely One and Absolute Reality (Al-Ahad), and the Source of Grace and Guidance (As-Samad) to human beings.

            (2) The belief that each soul (nafs) is accountable to a principle of justice (‘Adl) in the Hereafter (akhirah), and that this principle (hukm) is rooted in the very nature of Absolute Reality.

            (3) The belief in the “categorical moral imperative” exercising compassion and mercy to all (akhlaq al-karim) – the idea that the world was created through Mercy (Rahmatullah), and that through Mercy we are saved and delivered (ahl an-najjiyah).

            (4) The belief that human beings (al-insan) are capable of supra-rational knowledge (‘ilm ladduni), the source both of salvation in the Hereafter and enlightenment in the here and now (baqa’ billah fid-dunya).

            (5) The belief in the possibility of a sanctified state for human
            beings, and the conviction (yaqin) that all should aspire to this state of sanctity (fana’ fillah).

            (6) The belief in the efficacy and necessity of spiritual practice (amal al-tariqa): whether in the form of (a) fervent prayer (du’a) (b) contemplative meditation (tafakkur) or (c) methodical invocations (dzikr).

            (7) The belief in the necessity of detachment from the world (wara’ wal zuhud), and from the ego and its lower cravings (nafs al-amarah).

            (8) The aspiration and love for men of wisdom and saintliness (waliullah) hoping to obtain their guidance and blessings (hudan wal karamah).

            “Common Ground between Islam and Buddhism” a spiritual project of HRH Ghazi bin Muhammad of Jordan, with comments from HH Dalai Lama and Sheikh Hamza Yusuf.


            1. But these point to the akidah or creed of the Ahl Sunnah wal Jamaah Asha’iriyah – ie. tauhid, fiqh, tasawwuf.
              It’s no wonder that with the political Islamist ideology exerting a powerful influence worldwide, no common ground could have ever been found between the Malay Sufis and the Mahayana Boddhicita principles expounded by the Venerable Dharmakirti of Sri Vijaya (7th century) in Sumatra.

              * In the Name of Allah Most Compassionate Most Merciful*

              “Useful knowledge is that which makes you deepen in awe of Allah Almighty, increases your awareness of your personal defects, extends your knowledge in the worship of your Lord Most High, decreases your craving for this world, and increases your desire for the life to come, and opens your eyes to the defects of your behaviour so that you may guard against them.”

              “Do not allow your heart to take pleasure in the praises of people, nor be saddened by their censure. Gentle words soften hearts that are harder than rock, while harsh words harden hearts that are softer than silk.” ~ Imam Ghazali ~

      2. Their lawyers may want to argue their need to UBAH with the changing of times. That today their man can legally marry a man and become a ‘wife’ and man like Mr. Lee Mingwei a human male, also became pregnant and gave birth to a baby from his own body!

      3. You ni betul betul orang kampong. Tak faham lansung apa yang orang tulis. Tu lah, graduan SK/SAR yang tak erti Bahasa Inggeris dan komen secara buta tuli.

        Pi sekolah balik belajar Bahasa Inggeris.

        1. Kamu ni memang dungu. Tak faham apa yang orang kampung fikir atau cara mereka bertutur. Itu lah, masa kat bangku sekolah tak belajar BM bersungguh-sungguh. Tahu cakap Malaysian First saja tapi tak faham apa tu Malaysian First. Baik dengar nasihat orang kampung.

          Orang Cina Tanah Besar pun mula belajar BM. Orang kita sendiri, ada yang dah berabad-abad lama pun tak fasih bahasa kebangsaan tapi tak segan menjerit mereka ini rakyat Malaysia nak tuntut kesamarataan.

          Tak percaya orang Cina Tanah Besar belajar BM ? Ini dia !

        2. Kami berharap Dandy akan menggunakan bahasa Malaysia yang tepat and sempurna tatabahasanya.

          Mesej Tuan sepatutnya berbunyi
          “Kamu semua memang berasal dari kampung. Kamu semua tidak faham apa yang ditulis. Graduan-graduan SK/SAR tidak faham Bahasa Inggeris dan membuat komen secara buta tuli.

          Saya berharap kamu semua menghadiri semula dan belajar Bahasa Inggeris.”

          Nampaknya, cikgu-cikgu bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Malaysia sekolah Dandy tak pandai mengajar. Kalau susah faham kelas Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Malaysia dalam bahasa asal eloklah menonton saluran Astro XTY di mana Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Malaysia diajar dalam 95% Mandarin.

          1. Oh, I don’t know but I’m very sure that my English is any time better than your Bahasa Melayu. Certainly I don’t need to resort to name-calling and cursing to put my point across.

            It is not that I do not get what you are saying or trying to say, but the fact is that I do not understand your mindset. What makes you think that anyone would not look for motives and intentions when people like you insist on using the word Allah since you are always putting down the Malays and Islam?

            A logical, thinking person would not want to associate themselves with something or someone that they feel is beneath them. For example, you would never find me shaking the hands of LKS since I find him inexcusably deplorable.

        3. Tu la yang saya tak faham, Dandy, kenapa orang belajar agama sekadar mengguna buku2 terjemahan? Dah le tak fasih, tulis pun entah tak tahu, ‘cakap mulut’ pun pronunciation kelam kabut. Satni kompius dapat pengikut otak tiga suku. Very worrying.

          Contoh sot bisa dalam bahasa Indonesia dan bahasa Malaysia lain ertinya.

          Semak, sepak, desert, tear pun boleh keliru mereka yang tak faham Bahasa.

          Haiyaa.. instead of dancing atas pentas, why not sit down and start learning the Koine Greek language. Bila dah bisa membaca, tolong habaq sikit ada tak nama ‘Allah’ disebut dalam kitap Ori tu. Yang ciplak2 translated versions siapa saja bole buat, kerani2 pun boleh..

          Tambah pula sekarang budak 4tahun pun dah pandai tulis dan membaca, tup tup budak tabika translate nanti, habis ditukar macam2 nama ikut kepla ktak mereka jadi Doremon, angry bird, Dragonball, pokemon, superman.. nah, nak kata apa nanti?

          1. RINA jangan la cakap perli-perli. Bahasa baku pun si dandy tak lulus lagi, macam mana dia nak faham bahasa atas angin yang RINA cakap. Perli-perli macam ni, British dulu yang fasih cakap Melayu pun pening! Inikan pula si dandy dingdong!

      4. For Dandy and people like him, the usage of Allah s w t is an opportunity to advance their agenda of hoodwinking the Muslims. That is why they will go to the courts knowing, however unlikely, that a victory will serve their cause. They lost but there’s no doubt they will try again later.

    1. Encik Ibrahim Ali, the people are not satisfied with your one-liners. We need your powerful hujjah.

  16. The J-Star kakis are not happy with the news. Some had even commented, ‘Where do they get the funds?
    8 Billion is no small amount. – See more at:

    Apparently Melayu miskin maa, where got money one. The one which did must be the rasuah fellas! Fishy. Smells rat.

    But a Cina, will always pandai buat bisness one! Like this fella

    Supermax Corporation Bhd chief executive Datuk Seri Stanley Thai is facing an insider trading charge for APL Industries Bhd (APLI) – See more at:

  17. I think I know why our beloved Kim Guaneng is harping on the Allah issues. This is divert the Chinese attention from all the new taxes the Pyongyang Tropika State Government is starting in 2015 and the bills are flying into the Chinese homes now.

    There is a new one called Cukai Sampah Sarap of RM36 a quarter on top of the increased Cukai Taksiran. I wonder what wonderful figure the Cukai Tanah would be bearing in mind most Penang lang are millionaires thanks to the partnership between the government and the private sector to JERK up our house prices.

    Earlier we had Cukai Katil. We must pay our share when we enjoy the love of the foreign love providers on the comfortable Penang hotel beds.

    These people will tell you it is better to give money to Bersih Penang rather than the GST to the korup UMNO…. You know the normal drill.


    Now to another Penang lalat. Why Occupy UM8? Another diversion. Isn’t PKR plagued with macam2 langkah?

    This one I paling terkejut.
    Only with Pakatan you have this…


    “Huan Cheng Guan
    8 December at 16:51 ·

    Sendiri lihat , sendiri tengok dan sendiri komen. Inilah Pakatan , kerana jawatan , apa pun bolih jadi. Ini Surat Akuan ada benar kah ??. Bolih lah sendiri tanya ADUN ADUN tersebut.”

    1. And the Pakatoon ABU squads can’t tell the difference between UMNO langs and Sultans. When their leaders are having all this, WTF they whacked the Sultan for? Benci Melayu kut?!

  18. Penang is surely becoming a great tourist attraction. Apart from the HoHo Private (tak laku) bus, we have the latest Venice ride at the airport.
    A Gondolo waits for you on selected days.


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