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UPDATED: Who will rule the country after 2018?

Question: Can May 13 happen again?

May 13 Merdeka Center poll

Results of latest poll on May 13 by Merdeka Centre. Among Chinese respondents, 67 percent said ‘No’, only 22 percent said ‘Yes’.

The perception gap between the Chinese and the Malays is very wide. A total of 53 percent of the Malay respondents believe that the race riot can happen again. The Malay percentage (53%) is more than double that of the Chinese (22%). The two communities are each living in their own separate worlds.

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Wherever you will go

The Calling


So lately, been wondering
Who will be there to take my place
When I’m gone, you’ll need love
To light the shadows on your face

If a greater wave shall fall
And fall upon us all
And between the sand and stone
Could you make it on your own?

If I could, then I would
I’ll go wherever you will go
Way up high or down low
I’ll go wherever you will go

And maybe I’ll find out
A way to make it back someday
To watch you, to guide you
Through the darkest of your days

If a great wave shall fall
It will fall upon us all
Then I hope there’s someone out there
Who can bring me back to you

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