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X’mas – celebrating the birth of the Son of Allah

The above is exactly what the evangelistas are claiming. That ‘Allah’ is their Trinitarian Godhead – Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Bapa Allah, Anak Allah dan Roh Kudus.

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus.

Jesus to the evangelistas is the son of Allah and the son of Mary, Mother of God.


Bonda Allah – the ‘Hail Mary’ prayer

Salam Maria, penuh rahmat, Tuhan sertamu,

terpujilah engkau di antara wanita,

dan terpujilah buah tubuhmu, Yesus.

Santa Maria, bonda Allah


3-in-1 ‘Allah’ of the evangelistas

One-third of the evangelista ‘Allah’ package – Jesus Christ – was born on Dec 25 more than 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem in a manger.

Christmas commemorates the ‘Allah’ (of the evangelistas) coming into this world as a human-baby-god; his birth heralded by a bright star and singing angels.

Mary’s boy child Jesus Christ was born on Christmas DayYouTube

Evangelistas exalt our national language

DAP national organizing secretary Anthony Loke swears that DAP delegates speak better BM than Umno leaders – click Malay Mail article tinyurl above.

The evangelistas claim they must use lafaz ‘Allah’ because the term is the correct translation into the national language. They claim that ‘Allah’ is a Malay word because the word ‘Tuhan’ apparently does not satisfy their translation requirements.

It is not inconceivable that some day, somewhere in Malaysia, some evangelical church will call itself “Rumah Allah” – a direct translation of the phrase House of God.

Tonight (Christmas eve) and tomorrow the evangelistas will go to their churches and worship, calling upon the Son of Allah for blessings.

God is Love

Gereja Allah

Message of Moderation and Love

The evangelistas say your Allah is my Allah too. We’re both people of the Book and our god is one and the same.

MCA president Liow Tiong Lai in his Christmas message said “we are all one great family“, and that we must promote “inclusiveness and moderation”.

Despite the loud 1Malaysia proclamations of wasatiyyah, the PM and his Malay party are often accused by the YYs of not practicing what they preach.

Hannah Guan Eng

“Racist! Racist! Racist!”

DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng in his Christmas message said opportunistic politicians are “spewing out hatred and lies to preach extremism and racism” and these racists must be rejected.

Guan Eng’s father similarly decried the “politics of hate, extremism, intolerance and bigotry which had recently hounded, haunted and disgraced Malaysia”.

Kit Siang identified the hateful bigots as among them Isma, who had made the “demand that Muslims should not wish Merry Christmas” as well as Perkasa for tearing down a Christmas banner at the Perak DAP headquarters.


Malays are imagining threats that don’t exist

Lim Sr said some Malaysians cooked up “imaginary fears, threats and enemies” such as the allegations that evangelistas want to turn Malaysia into a Christian country and Chinese are out to grab political power.

Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian similarly said that some hateful Malaysians are motivated by fear and loathing of others (i.e. Christians).

In his Christmas message, Baru Bian said “minority Christians feel under siege by groups such as Perkasa and Isma and the extremists in Umno Baru”.

(However there’s no reason for Muslims to feel besieged when their mosques are occupied by DAP evangelistas – #just sayin’.)

under siege mKini


Hannah Yeoh modelling in the masjid

‘Allah’ mahu tapi hudud tak nak

The evangelistas want the inclusivity of kalimah Allah but at the same time they don’t want hudud.

They say your custom such as the hijab is our custom too. And not only is hijab our Christian custom, it is also the custom of our immigrant ancestors. Chinese women rubber tappers, tin pan washers and construction labourers wore the headscarf when they worked.

When Hannah Yeoh wears the tudung, she is following the tradition of her Chinese Bangsa Malaysia foremothers.

Hannah Dont say I am Muslim

Weak and tiny religious minority being bullied

The meek and mild “only 9 percent” Christians are being bullied by the 700,000 Perkasa members and the battalions of ustaz and mujahid who make up Isma.

Writing in The Malaysian Insider yesterday, Dr Dominic Damian said the rock of religious terrorism (for example the recent Taliban slaughter of schoolchildren in Peshawar) contained the root of evil.

Dr Dominic wrote “the mask of evil is not just in religion but it has shown itself in divisive racial agendas” and that there is a “growing presence of evil” in Malaysia where our society is being “contaminated and infected by the virulent nature of evil”.

FireShot Screen Capture #234 - 'The Malaysian Insider' - www_themalaysianinsider_com

Hannah Yeoh tells us who The Wicked are

The evangelical Christians are very clear about which side is EVIL and which side is GOOD




Back to the TMI article by Dr Dominic Damian titled ‘Mask of Evil‘, he asked:

“Does it not look and feel that groups like Isma, Perkasa, and individuals within the federal or state governments are in an infantile evolutionary stage that is displaying the capacity and backbone to transform into a local Isis or Nazi party.”

Aside from Perkasa and Isma, Dr Dominic also highlighted that a “former prime minister”, some “ex-judges” and other notorious, publicity-seeking indivduals have defended the indefensible, i.e. making excuses for the wicked acts of the evil bullies.


Loving their enemy and turning the other cheek

Evangelista Teresa Kok in her Christmas message complained that certain groups have become very “daring” in recent months on top of making all kinds of wild accusations.

She described how “I, myself was physically threatened on numerous occasions, then charged with sedition later”. (Earlier this year, Teresa had been questioned by police over her Chinese New Year video parody Ma lai sei lei ah“.)

Nonetheless in the spirit of Christian forgiveness, Teresa said “it was time Malaysians looked beyond race and religion among other things, and celebrated all that was good in its people”.

Hence the DAP vice chairman called on all Malaysians “to lay down our ‘arms’ and embrace each other this Christmas”.


Hannah Ugly


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44 thoughts on “X’mas – celebrating the birth of the Son of Allah

  1. So, what’s your point?

    Are you extending Christmas greetings – like “Merry Christmas” or “Blessed Christmas” – to Christians in Malaysia?

    Sincerely, in the spirit of the season, without any qualifications?

    Or are you a mealy-mouthed Scrooge who says Christmas is “bah, humbug” (to quote Charles Dickens)?

    It seems to me that there are enough Malaysians, of all races and religions, who don’t share your hangups or prejudices.

    I am currently in Singapore. A while back I was wished “Merry Christmas” by a Singaporean Malay Muslim husband and wife who are my friends.

    No insecurities, no angst.

      1. Heh, heh….pithy.

        But is that the best you can come up with?

        Please also say “good riddance” to the Malaysian Malays who commute daily across the Causeway (enduring horrendous jams going and coming) in order to cari makan in Singapore.

        Go on – what’s holding you back here?

        And ask yourself, if you have the guts to do so, why is it that after six Prime Ministers from Umno, Malaysian Malays still have to work in Singapore as unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled labour?


        1. ‘But is that the best you can come up with?’

          Ya lor, Malay maa, what do you expect from a Malay? Stupid and sakai what?!

          ‘And ask yourself, if you have the guts to do so, why is it that after six Prime Ministers from Umno, Malaysian Malays still have to work in Singapore as unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled labour?’

          Haiya. Waste time ony. I ony need to ask you lot, I’m sure you guys had got all the answers figure out for me, hoh?

      2. What is wrong with Malaysian Chinese fetish with Singapore?
        I hate Malaysians who have lived in Singapore telling us how to run the country. In fact Penang Pyongyang’s government is so in love with Singapore that they send their officials regularly to learn to become Singapore.

        Do you know what horrible effect GST and the low ringgit will have on Singaporeans?
        Hordes of these cheapskate vultures will come in to Malaysia to buy cheap goods and line up to claim the GST rebate. That is what will happen.
        We will have to fight with the arrogant cheapskate pidgin speaking Singaporeans for goods. They will push up prices and they will push us around.
        These cheapskates will come with their cars to buy toilet paper and eat all the pigs they want here.

        I know of a few Singaporean “friends” who try to sponge on my family members to get cheap tickets using Malaysian MyKads.

        In fact come to think of it, Chinese Malinlanders, Hongkongers, Taiwanese all pay the full rate and don’t ask any favours. Only the kiasu kiasi Singaporeans come to this country for cheap bargains like some Extreme Couponing slut with LV bags.

        I want to scold Astro here. Why is Astro AEC screening a series on the history of prominent Chinese who built Singapore? We don’t have any good role models ke? (Come to think of it, no. Alvin Tan, LGE or Hannah “Aussie” Banana Yeoh are not)

        Yes. Malaysian Chinese (especially Penang) willingly admit that they are lower than Singaporeans. I even heard one Penang person say Singapore is so clean, Singapore makan sedap etc. but Malaysia….. Ptui. I really think Penang lang are really low class and deserve to Singapore bitches.

  2. Ustadz Felix Siauw
    December 21, 2013 at 10:15pm

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    07. saya memasuki Islam sekira bulan Oktober 2002 | maka ujian pertama ada di bulan Desember 2002 saat perayaan Natal keluarga […]

    1. re: “Isa Ibnu Maryam”

      Is there any other prophet of Islam or any Muslim historical personality yang dibinkan kepada ibu?

      1. Here we go again….

        Why don’t you just let it go?

        It’s not a “war” that you are going to win anyway.

        Because Christians in Malaysia are not going to abandon their religion, their faith and their beliefs just because of your say so, or because of some bigots out there.

        Anyway, in the spirit of the season, I wish you “Merry Christmas”, ” Feliz Navidad” or “Buona Natale”.

        Or as my Indonesian Muslim friend would say “Merry Christmas”.

        Maybe we don’t move in the same circles….just speculating aloud.

        1. ‘Maybe we don’t move in the same circles’

          Ya lor, your circles are much better than ours maa. ‘No insecurities, no angst.’ kakis what?!

          ‘just speculating aloud.’ too.

  3. The more those evangelist, like YY and the Lim’s, opened their mouth, the more support will be on Isma and Perkasa by the Malays.

    Most Malays knows who actually the instigator except the 25.

    1. Hey, t t

      Didn’t the T T guy or gal thoroughly rebut you in the Life of Annie blog? So much so that you were reduced to tongue-tied speechlessness!

  4. Just as Adam was wholly created by Allah alone miraculously he is yet not the “Son of Allah” so Jesus who was born miraculously from the Virgin Mary is neither the “Son of Allah”. But all things proceed from Allah’s Wisdom and Power, the Most Merciful Lord of all.

  5. Time to get moving and forget the sideshows. When PAS introduces its hudud bill in less than a week, PR will be terminal. The PM should be putting out messages to the ground forces to prepare for a snap election to blow PR away in the first quarter of 2015.

  6. Jesus Christ – was born on Dec 25 are they very sure he born on that date? Very sure?

    Roman hated him and only after his capture and death at the ‘Cross’ that the Roman realized how they can overturn Jesus Misery dying on the cross into a lucrative business of power and fame and lasted till today..

    Should it be Mary Christmas or Merry Christmas? Any wishing all Christians a Merry Christmas to you and a happy new yea to all.

  7. Helen,

    When 25 Malays wrote a letter and chided UMNO (and accused UMNO) for not thinking about other races, none of UMNO “who’s who” responded to defend UMNO.

    I only read Zainuddin Maidin defending UMNO. But Najib, Muhyiddin or anyone who is in UMNO big shot did not respond. It is an easy task actually. Just reply by saying that these 25 people DO NOT REPRESENT the aspiration of vast majority of Malays.

    I often mention that at strokes of 9 pens by 9 Raja Raja Melayu, a million citizenships were guaranteed and granted. To emphasize a point, I often add that the scale involved was unprecedented and unmatched by any other countries known on this planet.

    Why cant UMNO leaders use this words to rebut whatever nonsenses these 25 people said.

    Whenever anyone (usually Chinese) said that UMNO is racist (meaning a Malay led government), I often put him in proper places by reminding him/her that Raja Raja Melayu did once granted citizenship to his parents in scale unimaginable.

    I never fail to notice that they usually lost for words. There is nothing wrong by using history to rebut a claim.

    MY WISH is that some prominent UMNO guy would say it out loud. To remind ungrateful people to stop slandering.

    (posted on 20/12/14 to which he never responded or shown to website visitor)

    The Christian had been using the Holy Bible King James version more than 3oo years ago and there never was any ALLAH name in the holy scriptures. Anybody can always verify with these statement with ease. Beside that the Bibical God name is always mentioned as The Father, Lord and God which is not even a name. Making the Christian biblical God is basically a nameless God.

    Kit Siang should sincerely asked himself or the Malaysian church priest why was that there was no ALLAH name any where in the Holy Bible King James version? Who gave the Malaysian church priest “authority” to deliberately make changes in the holy scriptures to suit with your own requirement or political agenda? Wouldn’t that Malaysian Church “authority” editing effort will eventually shows that the earlier Christian holy scriptures was in dire error or not perfect? You mean your Biblical God is not perfect because the “Author” of the book have forgotten to mention God name there?

    You really wanted to know why most Malaysian Muslim disagreed with the Catholic church priest demand for the kalimah Allah to be used in the Malay Bible modified version? All Christian church priest and their followers have conveniently accepted the religious stance that their Christian Biblical nameless God do have a Son. Anybody can always verify the statement with your local priest or overseas churches. We Muslim have no real problem with that Christian “stance” because it was none of our business to look into your Malaysian church religious affair. It is when you people decided to replace the nameless God name into ALLAH name the complicated issues has started.

    These will make it appeared that ALLAH now may have a SON too. This is a very serious blaspheme offence or Sin or SYIRIK that we have committed should we (Muslim) agreed with the Church claim because clearly you people have deliberately and ignorantly degraded ALLAH similar to man and animals!! NAUZUBILLAH !!! If you think that ALLAH doesn’t mind and happy with the church intent just look at what ALLAH had decreed more than 1400 years ago in the Noble Al Quran? In SURAH MARYAM 19:88 – 92
    (19:88) They claim: “The Most Compassionate Lord has taken a son to Himself.”
    (19:89) Surely you have made a monstrous statement.
    (19:90) It is such a monstrosity that heavens might well-nigh burst forth at it, the earth might be cleaved, and the mountains fall
    (19:91) at their ascribing a son to the Most Compassionate Lord.
    (19:92) That they should invoke a son for (Allah) Most Gracious.

    Anybody can see that ALLAH is really furious and mind you that statement had been around long before you Lim Kit Siang were even been born into this world. For more than 50 years ago most of the Sabahan and Sarawakian have been cheated by the Church priest. Why I said this ? Because even the Holy Bible King James version have forbid you people from making any “editing” works in the scriptures. Don’t believe me ? Just read the biblical verses below and study the words meaning and think very carefully.

    Deutronomy 4:2.
    Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish aught from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you
    “…Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.
    Do not add to his words, or he will rebuke you and prove you a LIAR. ” …………….. Revelation 22:18.
    Don’t add to his words, or he will rebuke you, and you will be shown to be a LIAR…….Proverbs 30:5
    Asked yourself who you should trust now? Would it be the Holy Bible or the Malaysian mortal priest or wannabe HOLYSEE bible editor? Because clearly even the holy Bible scriptures have recognized them as a LIAR and if you still with them then you have just prove to us that only a LIAR will belief another LIAR.

    To all my Malaysian Christian Friends please think carefully. To Helen thank you very much for displaying this message because you are a lot braver and considerate Malaysian website owner.

    1. The Lie of Paul of Tarsus against Jesus Christ. It was Paul who founded Trinitarian Christianity.


      James (Yaakob) the brother of Jesus (Yeshua) vs the false dogma of Paul:


    2. Why don’t these Trinitarians, The Malaysian version of RCs (including other splinter groups) and whoever else, believe that the Christian Holy Father, Holy Son and Holy Spirit (whom they want to rename as Allah) produce in front of us Muslims, the Original Scripture…..that would settle the matter straight away.

      Whatever versions of the Scripture found these days, will always be a translation and translations very seldom reveal the intended meaning by its originator.

      For those proponents of the word Allah be used in the Christian Holy Book, please seek out facts and truth and it will surprise you. Make it your mission today, on X’mas day, a significant day in the calendar of events for Christians, to finally Breakout and look for the Truth. It is out there waiting for you..

      The first Quranic word and verse revealed to Prophet Muhammad was “Iqra… which means Read….. it may be an unchristian thing to do (to follow what is in the Quran) but it is a universal order to read and seek knowledge and the truth…..

      1. Here we go again. And again and again.

        Maybe we could argue that Christians had the “first mover” advantage. Over Islam.

        And who are we to claim that we know the Heart, Mind and Thoughts of The Almighty?

        Does Islam have a monopoly of the Truth or an exclusive “insider” platform into the workings of The Divine?

        Anyway, in the true spirit of Christmas, let me wish you, as I wished Helen, “Merry Christmas”, “Feliz Navidad” and “Buona Natale”

        1. Rithmatist
          Don’t rely on translated versions too much.

          The Bible has been translated in part or in whole as of 1964 in over 1,200 different languages or dialects.

          In Malaysia some people cannot even differentiate bet fly and fry, right or light, wrong or long.

        2. If you can’t bring the Original Scripture, please zip up. Shape up your own faith and stop beating around the bush.

          No need to ask on who has the monopoly of the Truth, and if the AlMighty wants you to be enlightened, surely he will guide you to the Truth and the Truth is His exclusive domain. It is our duty as His creation to read (Iqra’) and seek knowledge. And in Islam, that is an order

          1. Right. By the same token, Christians should be au fait with the Bible, shouldn’t they?

            One could argue that the Old and New Testaments predate the Qur’an.

            That’s a historical fact.

            So, who is reinterpreting who?

        3. ‘Maybe we could argue that Christians had the “first mover” advantage. Over Islam.’

          ‘Here we go again. And again and again.’ Didn’t somebody already said that this is a stupid argument.

          1. Oh, really?

            Please elucidate from the depths of your superior intellect – exactly why is this “a stupid argument”?

            Maybe we could all imbibe from the fount of your wisdom, eh?

    3. Stupid is as stupid does.

      Weren’t the books of the New Testament originally written in Greek?

      And weren’t the spoken languages at that time Hebrew and Aramaic, among others?

      The reference is to the Lord God, the “one of great age who sits on the throne”.

  9. We infiltrated the Roman Catholic Church right from the very beginning. Why do you think the Pope, the Cardinals and all the Bishops wear yarlmulkahs? (skullcaps) The white race never figures this out.

    A thousand years later the white race began to wake up … we had to come up with a plan B … so we formed the Jesuits. There was a nice boy, Ignatius Loyola. He started the Jesuits.” (Loyola was Jewish.

    Research/read the Jesuit Extreme Oath) Regarding the Jesuits, quoting Rabbi Finkelstein

    1. The horrific happenings in the Roman Vatican:

      In the Ebionite Gospel of Thomas, Jesus says:

      (1) “The person old in his days will not hesitate to ask a child seven days old about the place of life, and he will live.
      (2) But many who are first will become last, and they will become a single one.”

      (1) “Strive to know what is in front of you, and that which is hidden from you will become clear to you.
      (2) For there is nothing hidden that will not become manifest.”

    (posted on 20/12/14 to which he never responded or shown to website visitor)’

    What rational discourse again, kit siang?

  11. Say: Allah is One, the Eternal God. He begot none, nor was He begotten. None is equal to Him.

    There is no three in One. If you want to point to your nose you point straight to your nose, you don’t have to put your arm around your head to point to your nose.

    Think about it this Christmas. Merry Christmas.

  12. ‘For more than 50 years ago most of the Sabahan and Sarawakian have been cheated by the Church priest.’

    Apparently some Orang Asli too, as early as 1920s??? Betoii ke ni?

    ‘The Orang Asli Christians in Johor whose hymn books were seized by police earlier this month for containing the word “Allah” have been calling God by that name since the 1920s when they first became Christians, members of the indigenous tribe said.’

    What a minute. How come the animists, sembah pokok, daun, batu dan kayu, angin, api bagai, call their tuhans, Allah?

    As early as 1920 some more, by some french missionaries some more?

    ‘singing the hymns, passed orally from generation to generation, was how they were taught to worship by French Catholic missionaries who came in the 1920s.’

    Ke missionary french ni dah masuk kampung Melayu, as early as 1920s le kan, maklumlah masuk kampung orang asal, how can they know the difference ye dak? Sebab kalau orang Melayu barulah depa kenal Allah, so decontextualisation guna Allah makes sense le kan?

    Tapi takkan kut among animists pun guna konsep trinity guna nama Allah SWT???

    So the rest of the Muslims kena ikut lock stock and barrel ke kesilapan frenchie tu?

    “We are used to using the word ‘Allah’, it is also written as such in the Alkitab,”

    Jeng-jeng-jeng. Ikut Alkitab sebenarnya, patutla. Satu lagi, since 1920s takkan takdak seorang pun boleh jadi paderi kat situ? Takdak seorang pun yang layak ka except for one Cyril? Orang asli not good enough ke Cyril? Katolik Church? Pope?

    1. So too the Christian Arabs and the Christian Indonesians, dude.

      Oh, I misspoke – these Arabs and Indonesians are unique cases. And that they have nothing in common with the Malays and bumiputras in Malaysia.

      If the Christian missionaries did a “great wrong” in converting the indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak to Christianity, did the subsequent waves of Muslim preachers do a “great right” by converting these same indigenes to Islam or by converting those same Christians to Islam?

      Exercise of free will? Sure. Works both ways too.

      Except that in Islam, it’s a “one-way” street.

      Even Christianity, with it’s historical timeline compared with Islam, doesn’t “shackle” it’s followers in the same manner.

      Facts of life, dude!

      1. ‘So too the Christian Arabs and the Christian Indonesians, dude.’

        God is Tuhan in Bahasa Melayu. Just because some pendatangs had got it wrong, does not make it right. What more asking the Melayu themselves to wrong something that has been right all along.

        Do you get me dude?

        ‘Except that in Islam, it’s a “one-way” street.’

        Exactly. For one Islam does not need you. But the same can’t be said about you.

        ‘Even Christianity, with it’s historical timeline compared with Islam, doesn’t “shackle” it’s followers in the same manner.’

        You mean the Christians are busy doing it on others? Does Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Algeria, Egypt, ring any bell dude?

        But ya dude. You gotta believed whatever you wanna believe in. Yes?

        1. “You gotta believed(sic) whatever you wanna believe in”.

          Dude, you’ve really got to work on your grammar. Maybe they didn’t pay much attention to it in Bahasa Inggeris lessons in the national schools? Nothing surprising there…lol.

          What, exactly, is the relevance of “Syria, Libya, Iraq etc” in this discussion.

          Is there a Christian “agenda” in all these countries? Sponsored by the neocons in the US? Or by the bloodthirsty despots and dictators in these countries who cared sweet f***all for the welfare of their citizens.

          Are any of them shedding tears for Assad, Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Hamid Karzai, Yahya Khan etc?

          It’s edifying to know that The Almighty has different names in Bahasa Melayu (Malaysia), Arabic and Bahasa Indonesia.

          Didn’t Arabic have the “first mover advantage” here, seeing as how Islam originated in Arabia?

          And it’s risible the way you chose to interpret “one-way street”. Any Islamic cleric should be able to correct you there.

          1. ‘Dude, you’ve really got to work on your grammar. Maybe they didn’t pay much attention to it in Bahasa Inggeris lessons in the national schools? Nothing surprising there…lol.’

            No lah. The SKs are fine. Its just me being Malay. Born stupid maa. You donno meh?

            1. Sure thing, dude. You said it, your words, not me.

              Out of your own mouths… the saying goes.

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