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UPDATED: Ah Jib Gor sedang main golf di Hawaii

Ah Jjib’s boys and girls leave inspiring comments @ TMI

Obama, Najib enjoy a round of golf in Hawaii

Updated: 9.30pm

Original posting

Golf – riadah golongan elit

Selamat bercuti musim Krismas

Manakala itu di Pantai Timur…

SMK Kuala Krai, Kelantan ditenggelami air

Banjir juga melanda SMK Paloh Hinai di Pekan, Pahang

SMK Kuala Krai

SMK Paloh Hinai


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18 thoughts on “UPDATED: Ah Jib Gor sedang main golf di Hawaii

  1. Udahlah tu Najib dan Rosmah!!!! Balik lah Malaysia sekarang jugak!!! Najib memalukan pemimpin UMNO yang memang dah sedia malu sekarang ni!! Inilah pemimpin UMNO yang tidak mendengar keloh-kesah, resah-risau, hiba-tangis rakyat marhaein!!! Letak jawatan je lah Najib oiii!!

  2. Mungkin dia nak bagi can untuk LKS, Jijah dan Anwar serta Hadi turun padang tunjuk kehebatan mereka bertindak dalam masa2 bencana alam.

    Hai.. Tembam, Eng Guan, Teresa, Ambiga, Marina, awek2 cun dan geng2 moderate sunyi sepi aje ni?

    1. Bukan masalah si Tembam atau LGE. Tolong jangan babitkan mereka. After all, Kajang banjir pun bukan masalah WA. Tak ada siapa bising pun WA sedang bercuti, kenapa nak kacau PM cuti? ;S

      1. re: “kenapa nak kacau PM cuti?”

        This will hurt him just like how G.W. Bush’s indifference to Hurricane Katrina hurt the Republican prez and cost his party the White House (to a black Democrat).

    2. Nah, Pakatan Kelantan sampai kena tulis surat rayuan untuk Mohon hulur bantuan? Eng Guan cuti so tunggu dia balik dulu ya.. baru bole comperm dia akan bantu atau tidak.

      Apek2 relax ya, bila selesai nanti masuk le Apek2 semua cari contract yang patut, bina bangunan, supply barang2 gantian dan lain2.

  3. Why don’t you ask the successive Umno-led federal governments in Malaysia why they haven’t managed to solve the annual floods problem that causes hardship and misery to thousands of Malaysians, let alone economic damage in the millions of ringgit?

    The billions spent on infrastructure and the floods still wreak havoc year after year.

    Or do we piously fold our hands and ascribe this annual occurrence to the Will of God?

    But, in true Malaysian scapegoating syndrome, we might as well criticise the PM because he’s visible.

    And because he plays golf with Obama?

    Would you rather he played mahjong with Xi Jinping?

    1. Mungkin Tembam bole tolong give her prayers kot? To move the moon and the sun away from earth? All these while asyik nak move the Sarawak mountains aje..

      1. Rithmatist,
        The position of the moon pun put the blame on UMNO jugak ke? Hang ni memang pemalas baca.

        What we are experiencing this year is not usual. In the language of hydrology, this yrs flood is probably exceeding 1 in 50 yrs, couple with impact of climate change, the extreme impacts are more extreme.

        Haah satu lagi.. pesan geng2 kamu jangan dok tebang banyak sangat balak. Dengaq2 bunyi ada macam2 skandal tanah hutan balak seluas 10,526 ekar bersamaan 4,259 hektar di Hutan Simpan Relai, Mukim Chiku Gua Musang. Nah Gua Musang sekarang kawasan teghoq dilanda banjir!

        1. Hari ni keadaan Kuala Krai teroq sangat!

          Mana pi tokey2 balak? Tau tebang pokok saja ke, itu duit semua kasi tolong sikit la mangsa2 banjir!

  4. It’s not fair to pick on the PM. He deserves a break after the annus horribilis 2014 that we have suffered. I mean we started off the year with floods and it seems fitting ending it with more floods.
    (Excerpt – The much predicted “second wave” of floods struck in Kelantan, Malaysia on Saturday 11 January 2014.
    Continuous heavy rainfall on Sunday 5 January 2014 left areas of Kuching, the city in the Malaysian state of Sarawak, suffering from flash floods.)
    What to do? Maybe someone should have put “no floods” when they wrote to Santa Claus their Xmas wishes.

    No fair, getting mad at PM. It’s not like he’s totally forgotten about the rakyat. He’s very concerned, you know.
    “I have asked the deputy prime minister to also step up efforts in delivering food (and water) to victims, following the present difficulties to transport such items.”

    See, go get mad at TPM! Mana dia, TPM? And mana HH and ZH, and Shafie and …. ٩(๏̯͡๏)ゞ?

    1. re: “I mean we started off the year with floods and it seems fitting ending it with more floods.”

      Water shortage and dry taps for us Selangorians.

      1. Helen,

        A picture is worth a thousand words. And it is a popular saying too.

        As much as we could not blame Najib for playing golf, we too expect him to be here to share the grief.

        We must be fair too. We know too that it is miracle to see Kit Siang, Guan Eng wading flooded waters. We do not expect them to do such a tedious tasks. And they too do not want to do such jobs. They are too busy criticizing UMNO for all faults on this planet.

        Opposition being opposition will exploit Najib’s playing golf with Obama. Najib should know better.

        Why is it that Tun Dr Mahathir who does not play golf is still more popular than his successors. Tun took leave too during his tenure. But why his taking leaves were never issues to be exploited.

        THE ANSWER lies to Tun being sensitive. Tun never put himself into difficult positions like Najib loves to do. Tun until today is not excited on phone call from White House.

        And because Najib fails to see the mood of rakyat, he is seen as “detached’. The problem is that once he is seen as “distant”, UMNO too is seen as “distant”.

        And that is really a tragedy. Because though UMNO may not be the best when it comes to exploiting social media, it is nonetheless the very party that helps the most when it comes to disasters.

        1. re: “Tun took leave too during his tenure. But why his taking leaves were never issues to be exploited.”

          Zaman Tun dulu takde Facebook dan Twitter.

          1. Even though there were no FB and twitter during TDM’s time, when he takes his leave, he normally announced. Like the time Memali happened, we were informed he was going to be away He put his no. 2 in charge when he’s away.

            Everyone and his poodle or tabby knew the PM was going on holiday. It was no secret. But he did not make it official and he did not declare he was putting Muhyiddin in charge. That’s not the way to do it. So now the country is facing major flooding and the government agencies are doing their best to keep things sane but the general feeling is there doesn’t seem to be anybody in charge.

            So Shamsul’s statement above “And because Najib fails to see the mood of rakyat, he is seen as “detached” is very apt.

            They have all these government machinery to disseminate information but until now they can’t even set up a hotline for people to call in. Or if they have it’s not a well known fact. Or maybe they have the info on twitter, instagram and FB, and think that everyone has ready access to internet 24/7.

            But whatever it is, if they do a survey on the PM’s KPI right now, he would definitely get an F.

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