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Did a bomb go off in Kedah on Christmas eve?

LATEST: Police have confirmed that the explosion was due to a bomb. The fourth victim of the blast, Sharifah Azlina Hashim has died in hospital,

Updated – 5.38pm, 29 Dec 2014

A blast yesterday evening killed a soldier, his 8-year-old daughter and another young child as well as seriously injuring his wife in Taman Ria Mesra, Gurun.

The impact of the strong explosion hit at least eight homes, knocking down walls – see picture below – and damaging two cars.

Sinar Harian pix
Sinar Harian pix

According to news reports, the Kedah Fire and Rescue Department said initial inspection points to explosives. The police bomb squad would also be called to the scene.

The fatal incident was reported in the website of the Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club (BNBBC), i.e. a caucus of the government MPs – below.

Earlier this week, rumours were rife in the social media that there would be terrorist attacks during Christmas. A police spokesman had however dismissed what she called an “irresponsible” story and advised the public not to believe “such false information”.

More details are expected to emerge soon about the army personnel Ayob Hashim blown up in the mishap and whether he had access to or expertise with explosives.


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6 thoughts on “Did a bomb go off in Kedah on Christmas eve?

  1. Don’t wish me Merry Christmas. It is not because of ISMA but because of the “Moderates”. Christmas is not merry but full of rage.
    See my Tokong;s Christmas message.

    “Finally, even though the Federal government’s stubborn refusal to fulfil its promise to establish a public transport network or even approve the state government’s application for a license has once again broken its promise and contributed towards severe traffic congestion. ”

    Even Christmas is a good time to scold the Federal Government.

    “Malaysians must be self-confident, forward-looking and visionary to accept global challenges at a time of explosive changes when information travels at the speed of light 24/7, and not timorous souls, hidebound by reactionary and extremist ideas, and victim to imaginary fears, threats and enemies – such as the Christians want to turn Malaysia into a Christian Malaysia, Chinese in Malaysia out to grab political power of the Malays, or that the Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharavic’s Old Town Ipoh mural of an old man sipping coffee completed half-a-year ago resembled Chin Peng when there was no resemblance whatsoever”

    I wonder what Christmas fetish evokes memories of Chin Peng.

    Anyway to Kak Helen, have a good day but if it is merry that it is better.
    Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of the Tsunami.

  2. I believe there are quite a few people hoping that it was a bomb with shades of militancy attached so all their dreams of linking local muslims to extremism will come true.

    I personally hope the police will get to the bottom of this soon and that this is an isolated incident.

  3. Can anyone access the army’s armories? Papers state the guy was grinding what appeared to be a mortar shell in his backyard before the explosion.

    1. The authorities should be upfront with the public as to what they appraise to be his motive for seemingly making a mortar bomb.

      His loyalty (whom does he support)? His plans (what was he going to do with the mortar bomb)? His state of mind and was he acting alone?

      Hope they don’t bury this story. It’s too much of a coincidence that the mishap happened on Christmas eve.

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