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Opening the floodgates to hudud

Ten years ago, a tsunami hit Aceh and killed more than a quarter million Acehnese.

Today is the decennial anniversary of the tsunami. The devastated Indonesian province of Aceh has since been rebuilt and is embracing hudud.

Aceh then and now

Aceh Tsunami 10 years

Chinese tsunami changed our landscape too

On 5 May 2013, the Chinese tsunami hit Malaysia. Ten years into the future, it is quite possible that Malaysia will be embracing the Islamic state as well.

Norman Fernandez, the former deputy chairman of DAP Johor, considers the evangelical party to be the midwife that helped deliver the PAS hudud.

In a couple of days on Dec 29, PAS will give birth to the hudud baby which is stillborn in the womb.

This C-section delivery is the Christmas present from DAP evangelistas to their Chinese sheeple.

Dec 29 marks the date

Hudud DAP Xmas present

Come hell or high water, hudud will pass ‘Go’

The Chinese have begun hitting the panic button. Sin Chew and its editors are lamenting “religious extremism” and desperately pleading for “moderation” – read HERE.

Flood-hit Kelantan will soon vote on amending its law to enable the enforcement of hudud.

Even if the state assembly building is under water, the PAS Aduns will nonetheless rubber stamp the hudud renewal this Monday.

Collect 22k Selangor Speaker’s salary as you pass ‘Go’ & enjoy the Prada token

Monopoly board game

MCA is DAP is MCA is DAP

Meanwhile MCA is running around like a headless chicken. Well yeah, actually, MCA is a decapitated chicken. One that will be roasted in GE14.

“People have had enough with the Kelantan PAS government’s extremist measures,” cried Wanita MCA chairman Heng Seai Kie in her press statement today.

Sorry lah babe. You cracked the egg, now you go to the kitchen and cook the omelette, okay ma’am? After all, it was your own J-Star media conglomerate that went stir crazy in promoting Pakatan to take over Putrajaya.

If the Chinese voters accepted “PAS for All”, then they must accept Hudud for All.

Should we say Hypocrite Hannah supports hudud?

Hannah Dont say I am Muslim

DAP’s cunning and conniving Christians

DAP is “a party unashamedly drunk for power”, says a chastened Norman Fernandez who (along with over-my-dead-body Karpal) had been among the small handful of party leaders who stood their ground against hudud.

It’s just too bad for the non-Muslim supporters that the DAP evangelistas – in their “lust for power”, perks and privileges of political office – had played the silly sheeple for fools and leading them as lamb to slaughter.

Asking DAP to bear responsibility on paving the way for hudud enforcement, ex-DAP Johor deputy chairman Fernandez told the party leadership to “stop their political charade of berating and admonishing PAS”.

DAP evangelista Serdang MP in a surau stirring an empty pot


What kind of people are they?

DAP Tanjong MP Ng Wei Aik yesterday called for a ban on Isma. (Tanjong is the Penang Parliamentary constituency where Komtar, the seat of the DAP state government, is located.)

Ng, Guan Eng’s former pol-sec and an Anak Bangsa Malaysia like Hannah Yeoh, considers Isma to be “extremists” that should not be allowed to exist.

Tanjong MP Ng Wei Aik said that organisations like Isma

Anak Malaysia acuan DAP

He had also previously tried to register his daughter Caryn Ng in her birth certificate as Keturunan “Anak Malaysia”  – see scan below.

His gambit is one of a piece with Hannah’s “no Malays, no Indians too and zero Chinese, all Malaysians”. In other words, Article 153 on the Malay Special Position will be automatically nullified in substance, if not in form.


Newton’s Third Law of Motion

If the above ploy is what the DAP evangelistas tried on the Federal Constitution’s Article 153, you can imagine their plots against Article 3: Islam as the Religion of the Federation.

The Yahudi Yeohs want Malay rights defender Perkasa and Islam defender Isma to be banned.


Perkasa was only established in 2008 after the rise and rise of the evangelistas while Isma’s sudden prominence is merely a ‘Reaction’ to the ‘Action’ of the YYs.

For every action (Yahudi Yeoh terrorism) there is an equal and opposite reaction (Perkasa and Isma).

Perkasa and Isma are strong pressure groups that exert an influence on Umno. Will Umno succumb to various pressures and support PAS’s hudud?

Possibly, yes.

For the record: The 90 percent Chinese who sokong giler the evangelical DAP are reaping what they sow. You want ‘Allah’, you can take hudud too.


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41 thoughts on “Opening the floodgates to hudud

  1. Right then, let’s see you worm your way out of this. There are 12 UMNO mps in kelantan. What will they do? What’s your spin on that? Got permission ?

    1. They may be abstaining.

      But even if they vote ‘Yes’, they’re Muslims. It’s their religion so can you really fault them?

      It is the DAP’s Umar Abdul Aziz Lim caliphate that handed PAS the golden key and created this siege mentality.

      1. And rendered MCA impotent and bereft of any more bargaining power with Umno. Not very smart of Chinese to put 9 eggs out of 10 in the same basket.

        1. ‘Not very smart of Chinese to put 9 eggs out of 10 in the same basket.’

          Haiya Helen, apa you cakap ni? Blasphemous tau kata orang Cina tak pandai. Kat ‘Ma lai sei lei ah’ ni, Melayu saja stupid maa. Cina mana ada stupid punyer!!!

          1. re: “Cina mana ada stupid punyer!!!”

            They’re too ‘clever’ by half and waaay too ‘smart’ for their own good.

            Good lah. Berani buat, berani tanggung. Udah merengek-merengak meminta “moderation”.

        2. Helen,

          Only a moron would want to compare MCA with UMNO. MCA is dying and seems happy with the situation. UMNO despite its warts and all still command the lion share of Malay votes.

          MCA is in this predicament due to its hypocrisy. It simply refuses to tell the Chinese point blank that outmanouvring Malay community is dangerous if not fatal. MCA can command respect by honestly telling the Chinese that no way they can antagonise the Malays without any backlash.

          As for Hudud, I advise UMNO to support it. If UMNO rejects it, PAS will accuse UMNO as rejecting islam. So let UMNO supports PAS this time. Let us see whether PAS would want to play to gallery EVEN with UMNO supporting Hudud. With UMNO support, PAS has no choice but to implement Hudud.

          As for Chinese, do not expect UMNO to listen to your concern about Hudud. After all, Chinese whole heartedly rejected UMNO , BN during last election. They voted for PAS.

          And the effect comes in a package

        3. You’re losing it. Best get some air. You and your minions can’t really be that asinine. Or wait maybe you can. No one put eggs anywhere. People voted along in a democracy. Just because you and yours don’t like the outcome doesnt mean you have to be a real bitch and manipulate race and religion.

          1. re: “manipulate race and religion”

            I don’t eat Bak Kut Teh for lunch and then in the evening put on tudung and go makan in surau during buka puasa.

            I’m not a member of any political party who tells Sabah Christians “one vote for BN means one bible will be burnt” and Sarawak Christians “BN is anti-Christ”, “A Vote for DAP is a Vote for Jesus”.

            1. Bullshit. You’re the bitch who spins multiple times a day along the lines of race and religion solely for political purposes.

              1. re: “the bitch who spins”

                {Quote} Oh, when will men and nations learn from history? Oh my aching heart.

                The killing has to stop! My love for my brothers and sisters spilleth over and out from my Prada bag. But dunno WHERE lah the killing took place.

                Heartache reading and seeing pictures of injured & dead children. But dunno WHO lah the injured & dead children are. {Unquote}


            2. I am with you, Helen… Hahahaha… dumb ass Mr R! Typical of DAP idiots, like to think they are sooooo smart.

          2. ‘a real bitch’

            Just look at the language these moderates are using. You do get that a lot from the moderates bunch, kan Helen?

            And ISMA is a menace to society? Funny la these moderates.

            1. Like leader like macai. Just as their dear leader, accuse others and pretend to be the victim. In this case, tuduh orang lain minion.

              Macam orang tak tau RBA ni jenis dapt gaji bulanan kat KOMTAR tu. Huh dapatla lima posen extra untuk satu komen kan, dua komen dah seringgit.

            2. ‘a real bitch’? yang ayat ni keluar mesti sebab hati dah terlalu sakit. maklum aje nak membangkang tapi takde point.

              orang jenis ni dah takde pakai ‘common sense’…. dictionary yang dia ada cuma perkataan ‘maki-hamun’!

              1. Abang Alwie kena faham. Orang seperti ni otak mereka takde benda lain selain fitnah dan perasaan benci. Sebab tu lah suka guna kata kata kesat.

  2. Re: “religious extremism” and desperately pleading for “moderation”..

    Oh in the time of panic pun still hypocrite eyh? What about their sense of chauvinism and sublimely regarded themselves as superior race? Sekarang baru mahu takut, this is just a beginning. There will be more to come. Tapi kesian jugak dengan cina yang macam Helen.

    I spoke with a Pakistani acquaintance about the school massacre few days ago. I mentioned that Taliban is merely a bunch cowards, they don’t dare to attack Americans and the Government but targeting helpless kids instead.

    He replied, in the time of war, people wouldn’t care about the casualties as long as they can get the messages through. Have you ever think that the massacre can also be considered as an act of revenge, their families also have been killed before and they would want the opposing parties to feel what they felt. More or less the same like the Palestinians. I think to myself “betul jugak argument mamat misai ni”.

    In the time of crisis like racial riot (got forbids it will happen in Malaysia even though the sign is obviously high and the moderate kelabu asap tried hard to deny it), there will be no such thing as innocent people. Yang menang jadi arang, yang kalah jadi abu. Yang tak bersalah pun akan dapat tempiasnya.

    1. re: “massacre can also be considered as an act of revenge”

      Yes, that was what happened in Lebanon. Vicious circle of violence perpetrated by the different religious and ethnic groups against each other.

  3. Shortly after GE13, a colleague, presumably a DAP supporter, proposed writing a series of articles about how the Internet had enabled “ubah” to happen.

    I told him, “perhaps so but I believe that it will turn out to be an ubah for the worse in the longer term”.

    Later coupled with all the inflamatory racial and religious rhetoric and actions especially online, a backlash has developed on the one hand and Kelantan is heading towards hudud on the other, whilst strains within the Pakatan Rakyat are pulling the pact apart.

  4. Apek dan Ahso MCA claiming others as extremist and themselves as moderates? Where we r concerned budaya dan cara hidup hangpa yg terpaksa kami sabar dok peghati lagi le extreme!

    prostitution meghata ceghoq tapi make donno
    Minum arak sampai mabuk macam oghang gila

  5. Now we all know the DAP’s first new year resolution –
    “DAP menuntut agar kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang diberi kuasa autonomi untuk memerintah sendiri berbanding dengan sistem persekutuan yang diamalkan sejak pembentukan Malaysia pada tahun 1963.

    Ahli Parlimen DAP Bukit Bendera, Zairil Khir Johari berkata kontrak Persekutuan yang dimaterai sejak 51 tahun lalu itu perlu dikaji semula.”

    Since they want to review the contract signed, why not go back even further and review the one signed with the Kedah Sultan? I think I read somewhere Penang is still paying “lease” to the Kedah sultan. (It’s the holidays, don’t expect me to verify)

    1. Autonomy for Penang would be havoc for the religious scenario, considering Guan Eng’s unilateral pronouncement that non-Muslims in his state are free to use kalimah Allah.

      And then there is the threat to national security too. Of all the states in Malaysia, Penang is the most volatile. The Penang Hartal riots of 1967 were a precursor to May 13.

      1. Helen Ang,

        Lee Kuan Yew in one interview did say that Tunku loved to remind everyone that he as then PM is the paramount leader. Lee Kuan Yew made that assumption (or accurately insinuation) as Tunku often arrived in motorcade.

        But is not that a protocol on this planet. A country’s head of government is accorded respect everywhere.

        Lee Kuan Yew also told that he was often reminded of Malay customs, pomp and pageantry every time he attended Conference of Rulers as he accompanied then Yang DiPertua of Singapore, Yusuf Ishak.

        In 1960s too LKY argued that a state should handle police matters. What he did not say is that even for other states, police matter is handled by Federal Government.

        So it is not surprising to hear DAP insisting on autonomy? Autonomy on what? To rule Penang as if it is a sovereign state?To rule Penang in a way to remind people that Penang is another country?

        The problem is not autonomy. The problem is DAP and Guan Eng. Guan Eng never tries to realise that Penang is part of Malaysia and he should work with Federal government. In fact he never stops from ridiculing, condemning Federal government.

        Free of criticism in DAP as he self styles himself as “Son of Heaven”, Guan Eng is known for taking criticism personally by those outside DAP. He cant accept reality that he too can be criticised. When Jahara, ADUN for Teluk Air Tawar, asked him on Pulau Jerejak that some tries to rename as “Pulau Mazu”, he accused Jahara as racist.

        Jahara was asking in the august house. That is the best place to ask Guan Eng. JUST answer Jahara. Instead Guan Eng threw tantrum (like he often does) and accused Jahara. BUT THE QUESTION REMAIN UNANSWERED.

        It reflects the mentality of insecure guy. Insecure because while he rides under his father’s influence in DAP, he cant use that when others (not DAP members) question him.

        1. re: “The problem is DAP and Guan Eng.”

          The problem is DAP has become evangelical, and the problem is not confined to Guan Eng alone. It’s his entire Dapster family and their kin.

          re: “It reflects the mentality of insecure guy.”

          It also reflects the mentality of insecure woman when the YY keeps putting down other people as “low class”.

          1. Helen,

            Precisely. It is a matter of time before the patience snaps. DAP is testing the patience of Malay community.

              1. Not only that, these people also claim that they have the support of the Malays. They are utterly delusional.

      2. Autonomy will mean that the federal gov declares a state of emergency and the army moves in, occupying the entire state and those involved in the autonomy charade are send to prison in unspecified locations.

        Then some thugs, perhaps many of them, will march to the streets inciting the minority ethnic group into revolting. The army takes decisive measures and the unrest is quelled.

        The said ethnic group is now vilified by the rest of the population in the state.

        Can you imagine this happening ?

        1. ZKJ should be charged for Sedition Act 1948.

          Calling Penang to secede from Malaysia.

          Waging war upon the Sultan of Kedah the current Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia.

          Menghasut ordinary Penangites.

          1. Yup, and the Yankees waged war against the British Crown.

            Recall the “Boston Tea Party” and the “no taxation without representation” spiel?

            Or fast forward to the present and the Arab Spring and it’s aftermath.

            It will be a different ballgame if external parties get involved.

            Remember it doesn’t take very much to “sanction” a country into complying with one’s wishes or economic irrelevance.

            Vide Iran or Russia.

            Would it be any different, say, if the PULO guys sought to secede from Thailand or the Abu Sayyaf guys from the Philippines?

            Common religion, mah.

            1. ‘Yup, and the Yankees waged war against the British Crown.

              Recall the “Boston Tea Party” and the “no taxation without representation” spiel?’

              Typical pendatangs act. Tanah Melayu never a terra nullius. Kedah still has a Sultan, the YDP Agong of Malaysia, himself. Something a pendatang like ZKJ can’t fathom, no matter how many hours he spent in Penang Institute.

              ‘Or fast forward to the present and the Arab Spring and it’s aftermath.’

              Spare the BS will you. The arab spring sponsors decided that they don’t like the guy anymore and eventually had him jailed. Don’t tell me, you too have bought their spin? The same happens to FIS and Hamas, once kuasa rakyat (arab spring, color revolution, or BERSIH, call it what may) had decided not to follow the sponsors.

              ‘It will be a different ballgame if external parties get involved.

              Remember it doesn’t take very much to “sanction” a country into complying with one’s wishes or economic irrelevance.

              Vide Iran or Russia.’

              I say, well done neoliberal capitalism! So far so good, eh?

              ‘Would it be any different, say, if the PULO guys sought to secede from Thailand or the Abu Sayyaf guys from the Philippines?

              Common religion, mah.’

              Haiyaa, do you really know their history? Similar to Penang meh? These people had their lands taken from them. Being denied to chart their own history la dude. Read la some more. Have some common sense la skit, dude.

              1. Yes, but apart from the overblown rhetoric, what facts have you put forward to rebut what I posted?

                The US War of Independence is a historical fact. Go reread your history books what triggered it off.

                As far as the “Arab Spring” is concerned, it’s yet to play out in it’s entirety.

                But I dare say that the people of those countries aren’t hankering for the return of despotic tyrants, or in Egypt’s case, the Muslim Brotherhood.

                Are there tears being shed for Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi, Mubarak etc?

                As for southern Thailand and the southern Philippines, what “history” are you talking about?

                “Being denied to chart their own history(sic)”? Wow, that is one heck of a claim.

                Which Malaysian government has actively or surreptitiously espoused their causes?

  6. As I have said before these are very frustrated people. They finished lots of money and very very conifedent of becoming ministers and making lots more money but what happen, they lost. Ha haha. Banyak kesian sama dia orang.

    What they are doing now out of their frustration is to ignite trouble and cause turmoil in the country.They are pushing the Malays to an uprising but at the same they are playing victim to the world, so we have to patient and smart, so as not to follow their tune.

    Knowing their game we should just be laughing at their antics, instead of being angry. Let the law handle them however, whatever. All we have to do is be united. LKS knows that there is no way they can win next GE.

    Dulu kita tak expect the tsunami jadi the next round sorry lah.

    1. Rossab,

      “What happened to the Malays?”, asked my Chinese friend the very days after PRU13. He was surprised that Malays still voted UMNO in.

      I told him that as he refuses to take effort to know the Malays beyond casual chat and depending on Malaysiakini, STAR, he was easily manipulated by DAP into thinking that Malays rejected UMNO.


      They, majority of them are not so sure about DAP. And they are irritated with PAS for submitting to DAP.

      Now many more Malays no longer trust Anwar. They are tired of never ending stories of his sexual exploit. Now many more are angry with PKR for engineering ouster of Khalid as MB.

      NEXT election will be watershed for Malays. I expect that they will show the door out to useless politicians who are so obliging to DAP but are hostile to “sesama Umat nabi Muhammad SAW”.

      But more importantly they will teach UMNO a lesson if UMNO still in dreamland. In dreamland by fielding MCA in Malay areas.

      1. Well, if they choose to ignore realities….

        But, then, why should they worry?

        The apparatchiks and demagogues have never experienced real competition, “coddled” as they have been.

        It’s no problem for the rest of the region. They will forge ahead.

  7. Dont come and bullshit. What realities are you talking about, you think we are morons or what. They talk about taking away everything from us and implement Malaysian Malaysia and you talk about competition, what competition ?

    1. re: “They talk about taking away everything from us and implement Malaysian Malaysia”

      Including taking away your ‘Allah’.

      The Republicans lost the White House after Bumbling Bush botched the govt response to Hurricane Katrina.

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