2014 – Tahun cengkaman Yahudi Yeoh

Yahudi Yeohs moving from strength to strength 

DAP Subang Jaya glory to glory

Bencana demi bencana melanda bumi kita.

Twitter - drasyrafwajdi- Ya Allah, lindungilah dan

Doakan agar negara dilindungi daripada kerakusan Yahudi Yeoh yang tamak haloba tak terhingga.


Doakan agar orang Islam dilindungi daripada dakyah yang sedahsyat-dahsyatnya oleh Yahudi Yeoh.


Doakan agar kita dipelihara daripada si munafik yang begitu pandai menyamar dan licik bermuka-muka.



Jahatnya Jerusubang

Beberapa tahun kebelakangan ini memperlihatkan year of “moving from strength to strength, faith to faith and glory to glorybagi puak Jerusubang.

Kian hari kian bertambahnya kekuatan Yahudi Yeoh.

Semakin ke depan – “move from strength to strength” – dalam usaha menawan Putrajaya, seolah-olah tiada lagi kuasa yang mampu menyekat kemaraan mereka. Ia petanda bala dan malapetaka yang bakal menimpa kita semua.

Hannah Yeoh strength to strength

Jesus Christ is Lord hannah

Hannah pray for Sarawak

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20 thoughts on “2014 – Tahun cengkaman Yahudi Yeoh

  1. And the Jews will not be pleased with thee, nor will the Christians, till thou follow their creed. Say: Lo! the guidance of Allah (Himself) is Guidance. And if thou shouldst follow their desires after the knowledge which hath come unto thee, then wouldst thou have from Allah no protecting friend nor helper.

        1. Pemimpin Pakatan bila buka mulut tersembur2 ayaq lioq sampai boleh banjir.. nah sekarang banjir, mana pi semua? Dok telan ayaq lioq masing2 ke?

          Dandy, WA grp kami ada 100 oghang.. contribute sorang RM100 pun dah bole RM10K..

          Dan kalau tak silap satu batang balak pun bole dapat RM10K. Apa la DAP. Kuat melelak aje!

      1. If I am not mistaken Helen of Troy is a human figure in the Homeric epic, not a divine being. Such names like Athena, Poseidon, Apollo mentioned in the epic are Gods and Goddesses while names like Achilles, Paris and Helen are not.

        I also not sure whether the human figures were then revered to a divine level in the later period, but surely names like Kim Guan Eng and Kim Kit Siang are being ‘tokongenized’ pervasively nowadays.

    1. Good one. I recall how DAP even had doa recited before they started their national meetings not too long ago. I bet they don’t do that after the GE. Our Tokong also seems to dispensed with his habit of using verses from Quran or citing example of Islamic leaders lately.

      In fact there were DAP leaders who actually supported hudud saying only those who commit crimes and corruption like BN leaders would be sacred of hudud.

      Helen – I think it would be interesting if you could dig up DAP leaders’ biawakpolitics in regards to Islam before and after GE.

  2. Talking about porky.
    Documentary on Aljazeera on dangerous pork foods from China.
    The guy Steve Chao who busted the Penang wildlife scandal is back with China pork scandal.

    Warning: this documentary has lots of images of pigs and pork.
    But you can see Chinese can kill other Chinese for money.
    Sell pork with antibiotics, chemical mee, dead diseased pigs etc.

    1. You can make fake pork with chemicals.
      So you can make vege bah kut teh.

      The fans of Alvivi would be so delighted

  3. I think you are spot on. This year 2014 has been a year of the Evangelistas. The year that the Christian Talebans routed Islam in Malaysia.

    In terms of religion, politics and economics they have taken over the country. There are no group that is more powerful than these Talebans.

    Subang Jaya and Selangor in general has become the epicentre for evangelism in Malaysia.

    My hypothesis is that when DAP supported Anwar in removing Khalid, they had a deal with PKR on what they wanted in return. And after seeing Azmin in action, I can see that religion (evangelist Christianity) must be high on the list as Azmin been a strong supporter of DAP’s push to neuter JAIS.

    I would not be surprised if one day Selangor would be renamed Selangor Darul Kristian.

    1. It seems it is not only this blog that complained of hate stirring churches. Ridzuan Tee in his column too complained.

      “Sahabat saya beragama Kristian, selalu melaporkan ada sebuah gereja mempromosikan kebencian, kerap kali menjemput paderi dari Singapura. Khutbahnya bukan sahaja ekstrem, tetapi amat jelas mencabar kedaulatan negara ini. Sejarah negara diputar-belitkan.”

      1. Mulan of Malaysia. When these religious loving types grow older than 40 years old, who are going to blow the trumpets to bring down the walls of Jericho for them ?

  4. As usual the rhetoric of Oppo Politics when dealing with natural disasters. Hippo is also synonyms to Oppo, differ by some African dialects.

    You know Hippo likes to sit submerged in dirty pond with its big dirty mouth full of dirts. If a lalat pass by, the Hippo will spew out dirty muddy waters. Thats Oppo or Hippo Politics.

    Grandp Hippo, Papa Hippo, Mama Hippo, Yewhadi Hippo.. sama saja… but when the floods come, all Hippos hanyut… gone for holidays.

  5. Yes, we do have christian talebans in Malaysia. If the world claimed we have IS problem (which is deragotory term to muslim countries), then we also have CS (christian state) problem in Malaysia.

    Guess where is the base here in Malaysia? What about their pledge and oath to turn Malaysia into christian country? At the moment which states are they targeting to convert? They are breeding evangelist terrorists.

  6. Ms H. One of the problems of our beloved Malaysia today is the ‘DETRIBALIZATION OF THE CHINESE’ as I have always said. This fact leads these rudderless Chinese to embrace all sorts of ‘easy to accept without thought and funny and strange religions from the Deep South.’ and herded together into the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP without understanding its real purpose. Vide. Malay Mail.Tuesday 27 January 2015 Page 16

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