33 thoughts on “Will the Melayus please respond?

  1. Kenyataan Hannah Yeoh ini kita anggap taraf tadika sahaja. Orang berfikir tidak akan melenting dengan tanggapan jika beliau sendiri seorang waras.

    Jenis ekstrim apabila semua yang di tuding kepada Melayu, terutama kepada PM dan para menteri nya, apalagi kepada UMNO, yang beliau tahu semua nya melibatkan orang-orang Islam, tidak kah satu kesalahan besar ? Demokrasi apa beliau bawa jika bangsa cina juga bersikap seperti beliau yang di contohkan oleh beliau dan para pemimpin setaraf beliau ?

    Perkara serius, penyakit bangsa sendiri tidak pernah di perbetulkan. Lihat sahaja majoriti anak-anak cina tidak tahu Bahasa Kebangsaan !

    Memalukan. Mahu di bawa kemana generasi ini yang di asuh menjadi angkuh, sombong dan bongkak? Bayangkan sepuluh / limabelas tahun akan datang. Adakah impian Cina supaya Melayu itu hendak di “cinakan?” Ada kah Melayu itu di paksakan menjadi evangelis ?

    Bila berpolitik biar lah tujuan nya – Demi Malaysia Negara Ku. Sepatut nya berat sama di pikul, ringan sama di jinjing. Adakah jijik Hannah Yeoh memeluk Islam ?

    Dalam Islam itu jelas. Tiada paksaan untuk bukan Islam dalam memeluk agama Islam. Jika terjadi jua, itu semua hidayah Allah. Agama mu, agama mu. Agamaku, agama ku. Ia JELAS ! Memurtadkan orang-orang Islam, itu perkara paling salah dan biadab, menyalahi adab beragama dalam syariah Islam.

  2. Helan
    Just wanted to say its nice to see you posting again. Or are you still on sabbatical?

    1. :)

      Posted ‘cos this commenter ‘abc’ got on my nerves. Not the first time. He’s got a habit of doing so.

      For othman ahmad, the back story to today’s posting is ‘Fiil orang Melayu‘ incorporating a longish discussion with orang kampung.

      1. Do not be troubled by the aspersions of this superfluous soul. We know how you love the Malay faithful.

      2. Helen,

        You have captured the records of HY pertaining to the statement “Nafi masuk Islam, ugut lapor polis”. The same statement was published by many mainstream media as well.

        If anyone found the statement offensive and/or seditious and/or insulting, please lodge a police report. Evidence of the alleged wrong doing is easily available.

        In fact, for anyone that has a slightest feeling that HY’s statement is offensive/seditious/insulting, a police report can be lodged immediately. Let the police investigate accordingly.

        So, what are you waiting Helen? With all the evidence that you have together with the rights of a citizen to lodge police report, you need not worry that HY can take any action against you should the police decides later not to proceed with further action post investigation.

        Have you not seen in certain cases the police have decided not to proceed despite the reports made against certain individuals that were allegedly uttered offensive/seditious/insulting? Refer to Ibrahim Ali ‘bakar kitab’ remarks. He didn’t take any action against the report makers despite the police decision of ‘No further action’.

        Put it simply, lodge a report and let the law takes it course.

        1. Puhleez lah, don’t build straw men. This is called kaedah pusing dan belit.

          Being insulting is not a criminal offence and I’ve never implied either that her threat was seditious.

          1. Ok. Then what you meant when you said the following in relation to HY’s statement?

            1. Strange that in comparison, the Melayus did not find Hannah Yeoh’s behaviour to be at all ‘offensive’ and ‘insulting’.

            2. One thing’s for sure, if I were a Malay, I’d find Hannah Yeoh to have been ‘more insulting’ of Islam than Eric Paulsen’.

        2. It took you till today to show up. What’s the matter punk ? Trying to figure out how to cook up another spin ? Wa ha ha ha !

  3. Well, if it’s his habit to do so, all the more reason not to let him get to you.

    So I read some article in a newspaper last week, the writer was sympathetic towards somebody that he didn’t name, but it reminds me of you. Wonder if you know anything about it. The writer said he met the person he wrote about.

    If it’s true, I hope you have support in dealing with all those people.

    I also hope it doesn’t extend to physical and material damage.

    1. I’m aware Eric Paulsen is not in the Malay conservative good books at the moment but my gut instinct is that he is someone who could be willing to fight tooth and nail for the [nationalist] cause if he can be persuaded of its merits – much like my adamant stance on kalimah Allah even tho’ I’m not Muslim.

      The NEP was designed by a Norwegian, Just Faaland. British colonial administrators R.O. Winstedt and R.J. Wilkinson were very much pro-Malay.

      The more I researched and the wider my reading, the steeper my perspective evolved.

      For example (and these are topics which I’ve blogged previously), the Chinese immigrants pre-Merdeka were largely transient labour and a number of them were still oriented to China and hence, the offer of citizenship under the Malayan Union was not taken up with much enthusiasm – actually there were few takers in 1946 (the bulk of the en masse citizenship was processed in 1952 and 1958).

      The reality is that the majority of the Chinese do not have deep roots in this country bar the Baba-Nyonyas and the Peranakan (the kampung Chinese of Kelantan and Terengganu). The Firster chest-thumping by the Jerusubang Chinese is simply manyak kelentong.

      Our watikah pemasyhuran kemerdekaan (Declaration of Independence 1957) was written in Jawi and invoked Allah the Merciful and blessings upon the prophet in its salutation or first para It is an indication of how Islam Malaya/Malaysia is. We’re not a secular country albeit we’re not [yet] a full-fledged Islamic state either.

      Our Federal Constitution is a continuation and extension of the 1948 Perjanjian Tanah Melayu which acknowledged the sovereignty of the Raja-Raja Melayu. In 1957, Malaya was still called Tanah Melayu.

      The Firsters who are buta sejarah are pushing their own – imagined – national narrative and demonizing everybody else (as “racists”, “extremists”, “bigots”, “haters”) who do not conform to their revisionist version of history and what our country is.

      The Church has always harboured the intention of proselytizing to Malays – see, https://helenang.wordpress.com/2014/06/27/perjuangan-gereja-yang-belum-selesai-mahukan-melayu-diberi-kebebasan-beragama/

      I do serious research and dig up historical documents (e.g. declassified Reid Commission papers from the Public Record Office Kew, London) but when the evangelistas are exposed by facts for the slimy charlatans that they are, instead of rebutting my facts, they make personal attacks by throwing and concocting all kinds of baseless accusations against me.

      If Eric Paulsen were more careful wrt to accuracy, he would not be so gung ho.


      I wonder if his mindset is cast in stone or if he is able to modify his views should other more in-depth information be presented to him that contradict his initial positions.

      1. Eric Paulsen bodoh sombong! Berlagak bagus ingat dia indispensable sebab dia ada foreign backing! Poodah!

        Hantulaut said it best!!!

        ‘If they are not careful, unknowingly, it would be the non-Muslims that will turn this country into a truly Islamic state, if they don’t stop interfering with Islam.

        A lawyer, but an idiot, the lady lawyer a Muslim, also an idiot. What is a non-Muslim doing interfering with what happened inside a mosque with the KUTBAH on Friday prayers?

        What happened inside the mosque is none of your business and that Muslim lady lawyer defending you should have known better.

        Trying to make political mileage out of bashing Jakim and Islam?

        Sorry mate! No sympathy for stupidity.

        You are lucky this is Malaysia, Muslims here are basically still more civilised than in many other parts of the world.

        One must know where and where not to poo!’

        Posted by Gram Kong at 1:00 PM 17 comments:
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      2. Helen,
        Penjenayah Bangsa Malaysia yg bernama Eric ni sebenarnya tak faham bahasa kebangsaan, jauh sekali berusaha belajar dan mahu faham bahasa Melayu. Sebab tu semua perkara melibatkan Islam, Melayu dan budaya Melayu dihina…

  4. Dear Helen,

    To the non-moslem fails to understand the most prevailing fact about Islam. As your comentator aptly said othman ahmad we could care less about insults the non-moslems throw at Islam, in the end, they are the ones who are at lost.

    Muslims speaks up for propagating the good as demanded by Islam. We seek neither the non-moslems gratitude, nor favor nor return. EVEN IF ALL the non-moslems since the begining of time to join together to affect on us moslems, they will NEVER SUCCED. For all have, are and will only be determined as Allah’s will.

    And what we convey to you, as what we have been asked to, is for the benefit of mankind and we only seek and long for His kindness and reward. No other better reward then His.

    Far, far from truth that we will benefit anything AT ALL from the non-believers.


    1. Well said. As if kita ni nak ambik pot bila depa hurls kat kita names! Hehe. Kesian…tu la BM tak boleh cakap. Rakan senegara punya fiil pun tak boleh nak faham2.

  5. There’s no reason for you to get so worked up. If next time another loony says something like that to you just put up his comment on your blog and the rest of us will take care of business for you.

  6. Welcome back Helen. Missed you a lot.

    Thick-skinned people who suddenly become thin-skinned when the shoe’s on the other foot shouldn’t trouble you at all. Their righteousness can be sickening. Just let them be and you carry on.

    As for Eric Paulsen, he apparently does not understand Bahasa Melayu (in court when the charge against him had to be read by an interpreter) and does not attend Friday prayers at a mosque. So how does he understand the contents of the Friday Khutbah? He should maybe try to turn on the TV Fridays so he can slowly listen to Khutbahs and understand their contents and what they aim to do. Otherwise he will forever remain small-minded and continue making nonsensical statements. I don’t know, but I have little hope for people like him.

    1. Paulsen tweets a fair bit in BM. His Malay is good.

      I personally think his Jakim tweet was a sweeping statement without any sound basis. But he’s indicated that he will (try to) prove that Jakim is extreme.

      He appears to be very, very staunchly Pakatan.

      1. ‘Paulsen tweets a fair bit in BM. His Malay is good.’

        EP bodoh sombong. Dia perasan bagus. Sebab tu nuansa BM dan bangsa Melayu dia forever takkan faham2!

  7. Why should Melayus come to defend a non-Melayu and non-Muslim who adore the pagan God “Helen of Troy” and seeks to promote hatred and create disunity among Malaysians?

    Go find your own tribes who adores you and are equally sadistic in thinking.

    Ustaz Riduan Tee is already halfway there in getting support from Melayus and his next generation will be constitutional Melayus just like the Mamaks. To avoid being labelled opportunistic, he may have decided to retain his bangsa Cina identity.

    So, when will you follow in his footsteps?

  8. Welcome back nice of you to naritate what is melayu and what islam is and it’s creator Allah maha besar and the most merciful dan mengtahui tiap sesuatu and man are no different to each other except takwa kerana itu tidak aku jadikan manusia dan jin hanya untuk tunduk dan beribadat kepada ku bagi orang yang mendapat petunjuk.

  9. Oh Dandy ! Why the urge to show up today ? What’s the matter punk ? Your boss told you to show your ass here now that Helen has put up something for people to comment on ? After all this while you’re as pathetic as ever. Wa ha ha ha !

    1. What is this

      Get your head out Helens fucking arse before commenting will you? Inbred dumdfuck.

  10. Just when the world seemed to be getting better, along comes Helen fucking Ang with her racist bullshit.

  11. hai Helen,

    Hannah is not a news any more. This stupid moron didn’t deserve our attention.

    Agree with survivor, don’t take so hard on this stupidity..

    Better way, you just throw your thought and let us share our thought for good.

    Thank you.

  12. In another forum, a Pakatan supporter said that Hannah (amongst others) was one of the up and coming young politicians.

    I was like “WTF?”.

    I asked him to visit your blog, Helen, to read up all your postings on Hannah. I wonder whether he would do that.

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