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Ismail Sabri more popular than Najib

Umno has 191 divisions nationwide. More than 161 divisions were against the idea by Najib Razak to abolish the Sedition Act whereas 92 divisions supported the plan by Ismail Sabri Yaakob to boycott the Chinese … traders.

According to public opinion polls, Najib’s popularity is sinking by the day.

In the last quarter of 2014, his approval rating had dropped to 48 percent compared to 63 percent in the last quarter of 2012. The figure was 52 percent in the last quarter of 2013.

Below: Merdeka Center survey result

Najib performance Merdeka Center Oct 2014

Given hero’s welcome

Ismail Sabri is meanwhile the man of the hour.

A few days ago (Feb 3), Ismail received a standing ovation from party members packing the Umno hangout cafe in PWTC when he declared that he will not apologize for his Facebook statement.

Ismail is currently being greeted again with thunderous applause not only from his party people but also the Malay Everyman when he called out the DAP as Father of All Racists.

Bapa Kepada Rasis Adalah DAP Ismail Sabri

Twitter hannahyeoh @hwabeng @chunwai09 TQ Dato

A man of action

For too long, the DAP has gotten a free pass in labelling Umno a racist party and dissing the party faithful as “Umnoputras” – a four-letter word. Thus the payback by Ismail Sabri comes as a welcome respite.

Malays are cheering him on because the previously low profile and hitherto unassuming cabinet minister has shown himself willing to confront the enemy.

Najib, on the other hand, is unable to correctly identify who the enemy is. Instead of firing bullets at the other side, he preferred to shoot his own camp.


Channeling the Umno mood

Ismail Sabri is hugely popular in Umno. He received the second highest most delegate votes in the election for its supreme council (2013-2016 term).

Number of delegate votes

1. Mustapa Mohamed: 90,596 (187 divisions)

2. Ismail Sabri Yaakob: 90,584 (185 divisions)

3. Jamil Khir Baharom: 90,258 (187 divisions)

4. Idris Jusoh: 87,210 (185 divisions)

5. Idris Haron: 84,218 (186 divisions)

The top 25 finishers make the cut for the supreme council based on divisional votes under Umno’s revamped election system implemented for the first time in 2013.

Ismail is someone obviously attuned to the spirit of Umno for him to have garnered such widespread support from the party delegates.

So the more the DAP hits out at him and the more he hits back, the more popular this Umno leader will become. Conversely, the more that the still immensely popular Tun Mahathir is assailed by the Najib faction, the more unpopular will be their boss.

opposition aments Daim

Know your enemy

Although it is unlikely that Najib had personally ordered the attacks on the ex-premier as well as on Tun Daim Zainuddin, nonetheless permitting them to be carried out is self-defeating for the Umno president if not self-destructive for Umno.

Dr M in his Che Det blog some days ago (Feb 4) complained about being demonized by (hired) bloggers in relation to the 1MDB affair. Furthermore, online commenters known as “Najib’s cybertroopers” have been making derogatory comments about Tun in the Malaysiakini readers’ responses and elsewhere.

On the part of the former finance minister, Daim says he is being seen as an “opposition” personality. Similarly targeted as enemy by Najib’s media handlers are Tan Sri Zainuddin Maidin and Datuk A. Kadir Jasin, both of whom are generally tagged as Mahathir allies.

(The J-Star also treats Zam as a foe)

Najib is all ears for J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai

Battling internal, not external opponents

Ismail Sabri is wildly popular for taking on the DAP and the Chinese due to the minority community largely being seen as DAP apparatchiks, on top of “biaDAP”.

Najib, alas, is not winning the Malay popular stakes – not when attacks on Tun Mahathir, Tun Daim, Tan Sri Zam and other critics of the Prime Minister are reflective of his team’s handiwork regardless that the PM himself may not be complicit in the smear campaign.

In fact, the Special Branch should easily be able to confirm for Najib how unpopular he is at the moment on the ground.

The BN chairman will never get Chinese endorsement whatever contortions he executes in bending over backwards to mollify them while at the same time, Najib is making the Malay grassroots makin meluat for absorbing all the abuse of them – “racist”, “extremist”, “bigot”, “spewers of hate” – without any demur.



Survived the Chinese tsunami

Ismail Sabri’s Parliament constituency Bera in Pahang has 31.9 percent Chinese voters. He survived the Chinese onslaught although they went ABU at full tilt during the last general election.

Ismail’s big name Pahang compatriot, former Deputy Minister Saifuddin Abdullah, lost his Temerloh Parliament seat which has a 24.2 percent Chinese electorate.

Other Umno losers in the bid for Parliament were the outgoing Malacca Chief Minister Ali Rustam in Bukit Katil (40.8% Chinese) and Deputy Minister Puad Zarkashi in Batu Pahat (45.7% Chinese).

The Chinese have done their worst – or to put it another way, taken their best shot – in GE13 but Umno is still standing.

It is already proven that Umno can rule alone without any need for Chinese co-operation as demonstrated in Perak where there is only one Chinese Adun (MCA) in the BN’s 31-member state assembly. Thirty of the BN Perak Aduns are Umno.


Strategic path to GE14

It is evident that Umno has veered to the ideological right.

The Umno leadership has begun to realise too that the MCA is no longer an asset but a liability, and one that is harbouring a nest of evangelistas in its media empire to boot.

Ismail Sabri’s outburst is really as much about race as it is about consumer empowerment. He is adeptly channeling the Malay angst that is the result of the DAP’s culture of slander, insult and provocation.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- the weather

Rather than countering the DAP’s Politics of Hate, MCA chooses to aid and abet their kinsmen. Too bad then that Chinese traders are scapegoated for the behaviour of the evangelical party which 90 percent of them presently support.

As the clock ticks, time is running out for Najib. His defenders’ chiefest sorry excuse for him is “Kalau bukan dia, siapa lagi yang ada?”

It has reached a point today where some Malays are so menyampah that they don’t care anymore – Asal Bukan Najib.

Ismail Sabri Twitter

Show some spine, will ya?

And seemingly out of the blue, Umno frontbencher Ismail Sabri is finding himself to be the pole around which the Malays are rallying – a role which the Umno president abdicated.

At this rate that he’s championing race and religion issues, Ismail is a bright prospect to be a vice president contender in the 2016 party election.

Tun Mahathir (minute 0:59), see Sinar TV news clip below:

“Pemimpin yang kuat hanya dapat menunjukkan kekuatannya apabila diuji. Jika dalam ujian itu, pemimpin itu gagal maka kita tidak boleh anggap pemimpin itu sebagai kuat walaupun didakwa bahawa kuat tetapi apakah prestasinya? Apakah kebolehannya menangkis serangan yang datang bertalu-talu ke rakyat negara kita daripada luar dan juga daripada dalam? Apabila seorang pemimpin tewas dalam menghadapi serangan-serangan ini, kita tidak percaya bahawa pemimpin itu kuat.”

Pemimpin Kuat

Presiden paling lembik dalam sejarah Umno

Tun is taking the mickey out of Najib.

Najib is not at all countering the incessant attacks that are making the Malays feel as if they’re under siege.

Seriously, the Umno prez must grow a pair or otherwise Umno might soon decide that it is capable of outgrowing dynastic politics.



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55 thoughts on “Ismail Sabri more popular than Najib

  1. Malangnya majoriti orang Cina tak boleh nampak apa yang you nampak Helen. Harap mereka boleh baca dan cuba faham apa yang nak you sampaikan dan bukannya membuta tuli menuding you dengan tuduhan sebagai anti Cina macam yang sering dilemparkan kepada Ridhuan Tee.

  2. I hv made a daring prediction that if nothing is done 2 neutralize d DAP n MCA ‘ pull up their socks’ , pls b prepared 2 c 95% of d Chinese votes go 2 them. this is only natural when d DAP can promise ‘heaven on earth’ 2 d Chinese community n MCA is handicapped by d spirit of politics of compromise.

    d DAP propaganda machine might succeed but at what price 2 d Chinese community. lets face reality. the Chinese community wth less than 27% share of d population can never govt on their own. their so called coliation put together by anwar is breaking up.

    MCA must boldly confront d Chinese community that in d Malaysian context there is no other alternative but d politics of compromise where u get some n give some. politics of confrontation n selfishness wil only lead 2 distruction.

    on d either hand malay and bumiputra politicians shld not aggravate the handicap that MCA is facing. GO after DAP instead of d Chinese community. its a fact of life that d Chinese community is here 2 stay come what may.

    1. re: “GO after DAP instead of d Chinese community.”

      Agree. The Chinese community is being blanket penalized and made to suffer the backlash all because of the greed and self-glory seeking of the DAP evangelistas.

      A surgical strike should be aimed at the evangelistas who are the nerve centre of the DAP. Otherwise the ordinary Ah Pek and Ah Soh will be collateral damage from the DAP Politics of Hate.

      However I pin no hope on MCA. I wish that somebody like Wee Choo Keong (who’s willing to grab the DAP bull by its horns) can be the one to lead the Chinese community instead.

      1. I had a strategy n presented it 2 pm najib thru a friend. one person was tasked 2 c me but unfortunately we parted ways bcos I was going after d platform where as he was going after d race. there r a lot of morderates in d DAP n they r prepared 2 listen 2 reason.

        1. re: “there r a lot of moderates in d DAP n they r prepared 2 listen 2 reason”

          Again, I reiterate that the DAP troublemakers are its evangelistas, e.g.

          – Teresa Kok with her CNY “ma lai sei leh ah” video series

          – Yeo Bee Yin who said “Congratulations! You have won your holy war. Go celebrate” [upon the Allah verdict], see

          – and of course, the Mother of All Munafiqs (her most recent tweet below)


          1. Still believed in DAP moderates???? Are there such specie in DAP…

            Tuan, if beggars were horses……keep on dreaming….

            1. Kluang MP cum DAP political education bureau director Liew Chin Tong seems to have a level head on his shoulder. No controversies so far.

              Kepong MP Dr Tan Seng Giaw and Skudai Adun Dr Boo Cheng Hau also okay. Wanita DAP chief Chong Eng (unlike Teresa & Hannah) tak buat hal.

              1. ‘Chong Eng’

                Dia ni kata Melayu pendatangs maa!


                Ini pun bolok punya olangs maa Helen. Dia guna teori Orang Asli sebagai the only orang Asal kat Tanah Melayu ni bukan sahaja bahaya malah berniat jahat!!!

                Ini sama dengan dakwaan berbentuk hasutan bahawa Raja-Raja Melayu sebagai keturunan lanuns!

                1. Tu jalan cerita template yang sememangnya dipakai DAP.

                  Pada hakikat, org Melayu lah yang tubuh kerajaan sistem beraja dan gubal undang-undang. Penjajah British tandatangan perjanjian-perjanjian (treaties) dengan Melayu, justeru mengiktiraf daulat sang pemerintah Melayu.

                  Agama persekutuan dan budaya ikut amalan Melayu. Pengaruh orang asli tidak tersebar merentasi sempadan penempatan mereka di pedalaman. Apapun bilangan puak-puak orang asli tidak ramai.

                  Namun begitu, harus juga diperakui bahawa mereka adalah penghuni asal di sini sepertimana orang aborigine di Australia.

                  1. ‘mereka adalah penghuni asal ‘

                    Betul. Tapi tidak bermakna mereka tu aborigine dan Melayu yang lain tu the pendatang Whites!

                    Melayu juga asli Tanah Melayu.

                    ‘Penulis dan penyelidik sejarah, Zaharah Sulaiman yang bakal menerbitkan hasil kajiannya tidak lama lagi berkata, bukti menerusi pemetaan genetik dan artifak arkeologi mendapati masyarakat Orang Asli Semang dan Senoi yang mendiami Benua Sunda (Asia Tenggara) merupakan nenek moyang kepada populasi Melayu Proto dan kaum Melayu hari ini.’

                    Artikel Penuh:
                    © Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd

                    1. re: “Tapi tidak bermakna mereka tu aborigine dan Melayu yang lain tu the pendatang Whites!”

                      Kenapa islam1st anggap orang asli bukan seperti aborigine?

                      Maksud ‘aboriginal’, iaitu “inhabiting or existing in a land from the earliest times or from before the arrival of colonists; indigenous”.

                      Bukankah orang asli menepati gambaran di atas?

                    2. Maksud saya ialah SALAH kalau kita menganggap Orang Asli macam aborigine Australia dan Melayu macam pendatang Whites.

                      Orang Asli dan Orang Melayu sama-sama aborigine Tanah Melayu. Ini baru tepat Helen.

                      Geng-geng rasis benci NEP dan Melayu aka ABU etc, selalu akan bawa teori bodo Orang Asal dengan melabelkan Orang Melayu sebagai bukan asal Tanah Melayu. Ini yang SALAH.

                    3. re: “Geng-geng rasis benci NEP dan Melayu aka ABU etc, selalu akan bawa teori bodo Orang Asal dengan melabelkan Orang Melayu sebagai bukan asal Tanah Melayu.”

                      Ya lah, bukannya saya tak tahu benda tu. Mereka cuba menekankan bahawa Melayu adalah pendatang supaya asas Perkara 153 Perlembagaan akan boleh luntur dan maka seterusnya lebih mudah jaminan tersebut dimansuhkan kelak.

                      Kan selalu saya sebut betapa “sneaky” sifat mereka, contohnya “There are no Malays, no Indians too and zero Chinese, all Malaysians”. Pegangan Hannah Yeoh yang tersebut akan membawa kepada matlamat yang sama, iaitu menidakkan Perkara 153.

              2. Those moderates you mentioned are in the minority. They have no real following in their party.

      2. Helen,

        What Ismail did was not that extraordinary. Yet he receives overwhelming support among UMNO members and malays in general too.

        Why? Because Ismail cares to understand the reality, aspiration , concerns of the very people who defend UMNO, Malays. What Ismail did is simply taking a bull by its horn. What ismail did was si mply telling point blank to the face. What ismail did was simply standing up and shows that he meant business.

        For too long ever since Dr M retired, UMNO believes that it must tolerate insult from DAP to show that it appreciates Chinese. For as far as I can remember, no one in UMNO who’s who cares to say to the whole world that DAP is racist to its core.

        Almost all UMNO ministers including Najib behaves as if they are not insulted when UMNO, Malays have been mocked, teased, slandered 24/7.

        What Malays need is credible UMNO’s politician who survive election to publicly say Kit Siang is racist and entire DAP focus is to perpetuate Lim dynasty at expense of Chinese community.

        If I were to be an UMNO minister, I would simply say that as an example that MP for Seputeh was barred from entering Sabah as she behaves like “haram jadah”. Say it out loud for Chinese to see that there is a limit to what we can say.

        Say it out loud so that Chinese will realise that Malays too can react. UMNO grassroot can file police reports after police report but that will not bring any action from G’s office.

        But an UMNO Minister who won an election dares to criticizes the Chinese business people who are greedy and standing up for what he said is appreciated.

        Say it out loud. For a start, Najib can issue statement saying Theresa kok is plain “kurang ajar’.

        ADA BERANI?

        1. re: “Almost all UMNO ministers including Najib behaves as if they are not insulted when UMNO, Malays have been mocked, teased, slandered 24/7.”

          Red Beanies boleh memfitnah isteri Najib menerusi pembohongan yang sedahsyat-dahsyat sekalipun pihak si suami masih tampak tak terkesan.

          1. Helen,

            That is why the sentiment within UMNO is that UMNO is better off with Najib resigning. Najib is too “detached” from reality. And the worse part is that he loves to get advices from the very people who want UMNO dead.

            1. Neither of the Tuns have yet asked him to resign. They’re still hoping that the mistakes and missteps they’re pointing out can be rectified and for Najib to heed advice and adopt urgent, correctional measures.

              The PM should also start dealing firmly with the evangelista menace.

              1. I had a chance 2 meet tun m abt 3 weeks ago. there were a lot of things tun mentioned n some of it were in response 2 my probings.

                after d 45mins session I can only deduced that pm najib has 2 make a lot of adjustments n b truthful n sincere 2 d public. if he shows signs of making amends it is not impossible 4 tun 2 renew his support. ‘doomsday can b avoided’.

  3. Ngeh said Ismail’s call to the Malays to boycott Chinese businesses to pressure them to lower their retail prices was “clearly inflammatory” and would lead to “discord and disharmony” between the two ethnic groups. – See more at:

    How does that any different than the DAP kept telling the Chinese to boycott the UMNO gomen for treating them 2nd, 3rd & 4th class?

    1. re: “the DAP kept telling the Chinese to boycott the UMNO gomen”

      Sekadar boikot aje ke? Kan depa selalu dok melalak mahu gali lubang kubur untuk tanam Umno?

  4. Thanks for the video Helen … it brings up the seriousness of the proposed “oligarchic” TPPA which Dr. Mahathir has emphasized the Prime Minister must stand up against.

    TPPA: What benefits, what cost, and what do we lose?

    Singapore’s PM is the strongest supporter of the TPPA

    1. The TPPA is part of the US government’s pivot to Asia to contain the rise of China. The whole thing is not even related to trade. Stuff like labor standards, currency policies, these are not trade issues. We should exit the TPPA negotiations.

      As for Singapore’s support of the TPPA, this has come as no surprise. Singapore has always been a US ally in Asia. Why do you think the US government is so quiet about Singapore’s totalitarian regime ? Because it is a US ally.

      Sooner or later, we the countries of Asia will have to decide who we must stand together. China or the USA. This idea of being close to China economically while having military alliances with the Americans is not viable. A decision will have to be made. It is either China or the USA. If you ask me, I choose China because they don’t interfere in our domestic affairs. The Americans on the other hand continue to bug us with these human rights and democracy nonsense.

  5. Take away PKR and PAS from the equation and Dap stands on its knees,

    “”the Chinese community wth less than 27% share of d population can never govt on their own”‘

    But now its PKR and PAS duduk bersila in front of Dap.

    They dont care who wants to be the prime minister they are only intrested in the strings tied to the clown

    Yup they like to sit on everyones head. their favourite UMNO for sure. with their silence is golden song playing and meekness.

    1. re: “the Chinese community wth less than 27% share of d population can never govern on their own”

      wrt the statement above by Abdul Rahman Noor, realistically in our present context, the DAP can’t pull it off. But add the Christian native voter base and their chances are brighter.

      If we take a historical sweep, we can see that it’s happened before, i.e. the British ruled India with only a ‘small’ number of white colonial administrators, the Afrikaner National Party ruled South Africa until 1994, the Saddam Hussein and Assad regimes in Iraq and Syria were/are led by the minority religious denomination.

      I’m sure there are other examples … Genghis Khan and the Mongol empire, Alexander the Great’s legatees who ruled Egypt, the Moghuls, etc

      Additionally, Israel is literally surrounded by a sea of Arabs and Muslims, but she is more powerful than her much bigger neighbours.

      So numbers and size do not make the ultimate determination.

      1. agreed if DAP can b as brutal as all those regimes that u mentioned. in Malaysia b4 it can even happen d military n police that r made up of almost entirely of one race will quell it. if they still try than chaos or military dictatorship wld b d likely result.

        democracy n politics of compromise is still d best option until every one is truly assimilated into one bangsa Malaysia. this is definitely going to happen but at d rate we r going now it might take more than 10 generations. d final shape n form that it is going 2 evolve into wld totally b dependent on how enlightened n tolerant d major races wld b.

        we missed one golden opportunity after d may 69 riots. d trauma caused by unrest was a good start 2 earnestly try 2 put d ground work 4 genuine national unity.

        1. re: “d military n police that r made up of almost entirely of one race”

          You’re correct. From the POV of logistics, the DAP don’t have the capacity due to lack of materiel/firepower and army-trained personnel.

          But if you ask me if DAP can be brutal, I say: Yup, by temperament absolutely ruthless. They are cucu cicit komunis, after all. Look at the atrocities that the Bintang Tiga committed.

          The Bintang Lima have done the same, inflict the worst damage (through their fitnah & putar-belit) without any sense of remorse, e.g. the lies they concocted about Chew Mei Fun during the Kajang by-election campaign.

          1. that is d reason why I hv made a bold statement that it wil take many generations 4 Malaysia 2 hv a semblance of national unity.

            these extremist wld either b weeded out or they wil slowly fade away. d Chinese community that has been conned by these people must b made 2 realize from now on. and d best vehicle is d MCA n 2 a lesser extent d Gerakan.

            I sincerely believe that if there r less extremist rhetoric from these people d malays wld surely reciprocate. it has 2 b bcos it is our nature/culture n I think in our dna.

            1. re: “these extremist wld either b weeded out or they will slowly fade away”

              90 percent Chinese support for the evangelical party is extremely imbalanced. This lopsided ratio is reflective of how the extremists are not the fringe but actually comprise the bulk of the mainstream. So I’m afraid that the extremists would neither be weeded out nor would they fade away.

              re: “d Chinese community that has been conned by these people must b made 2 realize from now on”

              Please allow me to re-emphasize that they have been conned by the 3G (Gold and self-Glory seeking, greedy Gospel thumping) carpetbaggers. They will not, however, be able to realise this as they’re blinded by hate for Umno that is diligently fanned by the DAP evangelistas.

              re: “d best vehicle is d MCA n 2 a lesser extent d Gerakan”

              Concur that MCA is much better than the evangelical DAP but unfortunately, MCA is dead now.

              re: “I sincerely believe that if there r less extremist rhetoric from these people d malays wld surely reciprocate.”

              Tun Razak adopted the ambil yang jernih, buang yang keruh approach. The Dapsters reciprocated by blackening his reputation with the nastiest slander wrt to May 13.

              re: “it has 2 b bcos it is our nature/culture n I think in our dna”

              I sure the Bintang Lima in present-day Jerusubang inherited the saka of the Bintang Tiga. Hence their brutal nature and ruthless culture.

              1. Helen,

                Chinese in their fervour to topple UMNO ignore one basic equation. UMNO can only be dethroned by having Malays against it. DAP has been relentless in planting the idea that Chinese are harshly treated by UMNO and 2013 was the best time to bring UMNO down,. Now or never.

                2013 passed through and UMNO still rules. Reality begin to sink in. so the next target is to make Malays hate UMNO. so attack Rosmah, Tun and practically any who’s who in UMNO.

                Despite not having power yet, DAP is brutal. Malays have seen that. Scores of malay stalls were demolished. Suddenly there are too many Chinese staff in KM’s office. Suddenly DAP dictates term to PAS when it has no jurisdiction on PAS.

                The only language DAP understands is firmness. it is not that weird. In good old days, Dr M while being PM, showed no mercy on those “jaja mulut”.

                Hats off to Musa Aman for refusing entry to Theresa KOK to Sabah. Hats off to Ismail Sabri for calling a spade a spade.

                  1. Brilliantly opportunistic of YB Ismail Sabri (IS) to use the Race card, adinda Ms Helen to increase his political profile. So it is not primarily about the price of oil and defending the consumer huhu after all ?

                    Shall we expect more wannabe ISs to up the ante in the future?

                    Haji M Zin
                    Alor Gajah DPH

              2. pls do not despair. I was n eye witness 2 d may 13 incident. I made a small article entitled “memperingati mei 69” n published it thru Eddy’s blog ‘just my thoughts’ early last yr. if u hv time pls read it.

                I beg 2 disagree wth u on yr view abt d mca. they r not dead but rather handicapped. n sad 2 say that some of d malay leaders r making comments that r not helpful at all . pm najib has 2 put a stop 2 this nonsense immediately.

                MCA has got 2 come forward n start winning the hearts n minds of d Chinese once again. I know it is not easy but what choice do they hv. d DAP has poisoned n intoxicated them. so d mca has got 2 find how 2 neutralize d poison n DE intoxicate them. how ? I don’t know but they hv got 2 figure something out.

                the Chinese r practical people. given d bare facts I think they will make a wise n correct choice.

              3. Allow me to add something here. The Chinese were not conned by these radical evangelists on May 5. They were willing participants. They still are today. All the way with these radical evangelists.

                The youth is intoxicated by their message of hate all over social media especially Mandarin medium social media because that’s where most ethnic Chinese youth congregate.

                Because they are intoxicated by this message of hate, this hate ideology, this generation of Chinese youth is a lost cause. They are oblivious to rationality, oblivious to reason.

                You should not waste your time and resources on this lot.

                1. there is always a silver lining amongst d dark n gloomy clouds.

                  if that’s d case wth d Chinese youth, it is d same wth d malay youth. they hv also been poisoned n always belittles what d govt is doing. shld we blame them ? no! . that is d result of their observation on d behavior of govt leaders (especially the youth section) that r not sensitive 2 their negative feelings. this feeling is also being aggravated by d malay leaders in d opposition.

                  the leaders of these communities wil hv 2 dig deep 2 find a workable solution fast. if we despair n say that there is no hope wth these group of people, than we will really b in trouble.

                  granted – there is a general feeling of haplessness all around us but sitting idle n let things pass is definitely not n option.

          2. Helen,

            may I know what is currently the general perception on DAP from view point of Chinese. Do they believe DAP can bring down BN (meaning UMNO)?

            1. The perception among the Chinese is that the DAP alone cannot defeat the Umno led BN government on its own. For the BN to be toppled it is contingent that the 3 opposition parties must unite come what may.

              Why do you think the Chinese language media is so vehement against the religious faction of Pas? They are against the religious right of Pas because this faction is against many values and norms that are contradictory to what many mainstream Chinese hold for instance freedom of religion.

              If you read Chinese newspapers then you will know that from time to time they will write stuff to tell their readers that this and that are things that must be done by Pas to placate their partners if Pakatan is to capture Putrajaya.

              In other words Pas must change, Pas must compromise. To effect such a change, certain Pas leaders, those of the liberal faction are promoted. Just flip on Chinese language newspapers and see these Pas liberals grace the headlines from time to time. Their timing is impeccable.

              Many Chinese are of the opinion that the BN can be toppled if they can secure enough votes from the urban, well educated Malays, those that belong to the under 40 age group for instance.

              Mind you, their campaigning goes much further than you care to imagine. In workplaces, in homes etc they will keep telling their Malay colleagues, their Malay friends, even on university/college campuses they tell their classmates, that to “save” Malaysia they must remove the BN from power.

              But I tell you, the BN people have no clue all this is happening right in their faces. Wa ha ha ha !

              1. re: “But I tell you, the BN people have no clue all this is happening right in their faces.”

                Led by Mr Clueless, so whaddya expect?

              2. Helen,

                We know what is happening. But Malays are hampered by Najib’s dreaming with regards to chinese factor.

                That is why i often say that Malays are in trouble as the only bargaining chip they have, the political power, is coming to its end. Yet I do realize malays tendency not to react. I believe they will only react on election night when the results are announced. Then they realise the mistake of not being firm in pushing Najib out.

                UMNO actually does not need DAP to harm it. Najib is doing it for DAP. For reason best known to him, he appointed rejected UMNO man, Saifudin, known for his anti UMNO perception into some weird dubious Moderate movement.

                in 2013, UMNO won in default. As PAS in disarray and PKR has anti Malay image, UMNO won quite easily. Naturally Malays who defend UMNO would want Najib to listen to them. But Najib dissapoints the Malays by still insisting on giving MCA a life line.

                Najib is lucky as there are quite a number of UMNO MPs and ADUN are well liked. People like Dr Zamri, Mukhriz, Mohd Hassan, Aziz Rahim, lend some credence to UMNO that it is still relevant.

                1. re: “But Malays are hampered by Najib’s dreaming with regards to Chinese factor.”

                  True that the headcount, i.e. voter numbers, is Chinese. However the ideological driver in the DAP is the evangelistas.

                  A significant portion of the DAP leadership are these born again Christians and they’re now empowering their evangelical church networks through the political power that they’ve newly acquired.

                  It’s like the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) which forms the basis of their networking – “member get member”. Don’t forget that Selangor is the country’s richest and biggest population state.

                  Now that the DAP have got their grubby hands on the levers of power – recall how hard they fought for the Deputy Speaker chair and when it was lost to PAS, they threw a tantrum and demanded that a Deputy Speaker II post be created just especially for them – they’re consolidating and expanding their influence through the MLM method.

                  They’re IT savvy and good at marketing in order to promote themselves. They’re being permitted to utilize platforms like the J-Star for their promo campaigns.

                  MCA is api dalam sekam for allowing its media empire to be controlled by the nest of evangelistas.

  6. Hi Abdul Rahman Noor – I agree with your analysis of the trend of chinese votes for GE14. In terms of the chinese vote, the DAP has NOT yet reached the electoral peak even at 85% average in GE13.

    Would really like to discuss with you re DAP. Please follow me on twitter @jasonleong and then DM me for futher details. Thank you.

    1. maaf, bukan tak sudi. kalau sdr cinta kan Negara yg aman, lebih baik sdr sama2 menyumbang kpd mca yg amat memerlukan bijak pandai drpd kaum cina utk membantu mereka.

      kita bolih terus bertukar pendapat melalui blog ini supaya semua bolih mendapat munafaat.

  7. Hi ARN, I’m not a politician and as far as I’m concerned MCA is hopeless already. None of the current batch of leaders can transform the party. They won’t listen and they don’t wanna spend money doing what is right and effective to win.

    Many of the former leaders are still behind the scenes plotting their comeback and influence. They will go into another leadership crisis in their next party election.

    Anyway, In terms of strategy, there cannot be a public discussion-lah.

    1. sdr Jason,
      I m not a politician either but I care 4 d well being of this country. if mca is hopeless than somebody will hv 2 make it useful n hopefull again. I m not Chinese 4 only d Chinese can make it happen. I treid 2 help by suggesting that d dap war machine b neutralized but pm najib strategist did not seem 2 agree.

      I think I can b more forth right than u by saying that by rejecting mca , d chinese will contd 2 b on d political fringe.

  8. ARN – depends on which strategist you are talking to. There is NO single strategist. Channels remain open for you. ;)

    1. I was told that this somebody is d most trusted adviser 2 pm najib. no body else gets thru 2 najib on matters of political strategy wthout going thru him first. my take is that if this is true than good luck 2 najib. he was d one being accused of d futile attacks on tdm n tdz recently. I hv said in other blogs b4 that if this chap is still around 2 b d primary adviser than it will naturally spell disaster .

  9. ARN – the fact is there is no single channel to the PM in terms of political advice and strategy. Good advice and strategies certainly will be welcomed. Many will claim all sorts of things that makes no sense. That’s why we need to talk. Not here – but privately.

    1. god willing we will meet up soon. but we hv 2 wait a little longer 2 c what is in store after anwar’s incarceration. met tun m 1 mth ago. I think he still has some hope that pm najib wil take certain remedial action. if he feels that things hv not improved than do not b surprised when he goes 4 d jugular. if that happens najib will hv his hands full n d changing of d guards may b imminent.

  10. ARN – The current “campaign” against PM Najib is not entirely an altruistic cause as many of them would like to fashion it as such. In fact, there are simply too many narrow vested interests tied up with such a campaign and many also lack credibility. Jugular or not, the end effect will be the same ie. doomed to fail; despite the romantic notion of wanting the apparent “underdogs” to succeed. The rakyat knows who is working and who merely are making noise. In fact, all the current noise merely show the sheer desperation by those behind such “campaign”. There won’t be any change of guard for a long time. Najib is not Pak Lah. Let me know when u wanna meet – u know how to reach me.

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