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Tudung dan Kristian

Hannah Dont say I am Muslim

Jilius Yapoo and his family are distraught at the thought of their 16-year-old daughter converting into Islam without their knowledge during her board at SMK Kinarut, Sabah.

Tudung Sabah

PAPAR, Feb 8 — Sitting on the porch of his wooden stilt house, Sabahan rubber tapper Jilius Yapoo’s eyes welled up with tears when he recalled his shock earlier this week when he saw his 16-year-old daughter in a tudung (Muslim headscarf) for the first time.

The staunch Christian dusun said he had gone to his daughter’s hostel to take her home for the weekend when the teenager emerged garbed in the tudung, looking upset.

“She was wearing the tudung and showed it to me. I teared up and she looked at me and cried.

“She told me she had converted into Islam and could not back out now. I was absolutely speechless,” said Jilius, choking back tears.

– Continue reading at ‘Sabah Christian dad in tears at first sight of daughter in tudung‘ (Malay Mail Online, 8 Feb 2015)


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  1. Lets see what Kamalanathan and Mary going to do bout this.
    Really hope we get to the bottom of this issue, with a full investigation. The sooner the better.

    Pergi sekolah untuk belajar
    Singgah menumpang di asrama penuh
    Ilmu asas yang diajar
    Bila pula agama boleh disentuh

    1. beasttofburden,

      Singah menumpang di asrama penuh

      Makan diberi ikut jadual

      Ugama tidak pernah disentuh

      Pilihan sendiri ,tiada yang mengawal .

  2. there shld absolutely b no compulsion in Islam. that is d reason why u wil observe that d Muslim daees in Europe n Usa wil ask new reverts whether anyone had forced them 2 convert n whether they hv chosen Islam willingly b4 asking them 2 utter d shahada (proclamation of faith).

    I emphatise wth d girl n her family. they shld b counseled by qualified religious personalities of both faiths. if d girl is below age than d parents shld b given a prominent role.

    which ever way u look at it, this incident has already affected d girl’s future n world outlook. we don’t know why she cried. but I can only guess that she must hv been told that once converted, u must remain a muslim.

    my take – ‘a beautiful n true religion that might hv been tarnished by overzealous n may be sincere people’.

  3. Alhamdulillah. Semoga muslim nya benar. Apa yang perlu, tokoh ulama Islam di Sabah kena lah “console” ibu bapa tersebut. Bukan akhir dunia pun. Felicia Yap sudah merasai nikmat Allah SWT. Orang lain malah yang sudah Islam pun belum tentu merasai seperti hidayah mereka dapat.

    Whats wrong ?

    Yang jadi salah bila “berlakon” demi meraih populariti untuk kepentingan sendiri. Baca Ridhuan Tee…

  4. Hi Helen, it’s been a while since I commented.

    In the Malay Mail article you linked, Christian groups in Sabah were said to have cried foul over the proselytization of Islam to the Bumiputera.

    Well, you or anyone who wishes to, can tell them to go fly a kite.

    I was born and raised in Sabah. I lived there for 16 years, and with regard to proselytization, here’s some of my experience.

    When I was in secondary school, a lot of my Chinese friends were Christians. I didn’t mind, because, ya know… friends.

    But even then, some of my Christian friends were… fervent. They were not only active in Church activities, but they invited selected Muslims over. They didn’t say it to my face, since I had a bit of a reputation as “alim”, not that I was, but they did and I knew.

    On top of that, I have read that an entire village, originally Muslim, had been converted to Christianity more than 10 years ago, the product of Christian missionary work.

    What I’m trying to say, all their decrying is just plain old hypocrisy. They very much do the same.

    Note For idiots: I am not attacking Christianity. I am saying that in this issue, hypocrisy has been seen in action.

  5. Christians and many churches have no qualms evangelising and converting and baptising children and minors below 18 years who are from Buddhist and/or Taoist backgrounds despite objections from their parents who are Buddhists/Taoists.

    The only difference is that these parents do not create such a big fuss and the media do not cover such stories.

    One view is that, what is being done by the christians and churches actually contravenes the Constitution and can be challenged by such parents who object to their children’s conversion but none has filed such proceedings. This is probably because most Buddhists and Taoists are generally more peace-loving and understanding. They are also generally NOT extremists.

    If the law is to be made clear, then this should also be an issue to be covered.

  6. Re She told me she had converted into Islam and could not back out now

    This is something known to every Malaysian, Muslim and non Muslim. Why this is an issue ?

    She as a Malaysian should know about this. Why the second thoughts ?

    This is going to become an issue if it is not handled carefully.

    1. She is underage. Thus her conversion is illegal without the consent of her parents.

      There was the case of Susie Teoh before this which went to court.

  7. Two pre dominance and prevailing situation does and donned the tudung the hanah yeoh was so affable and appealing yet narrative and intended gainsayer whereas the later is in the state of nervous
    and their thought tends a liable decay to the family

    1. It is usually a tremendous shock when a non-Muslim is suddenly seen to wear the tudung – the tearful reaction of the Sabah girl’s family illustrates this.

      Felixia Yeap met with a lot of skepticism and derision from the non-Muslim community for doing so. However, she has since converted to Islam and her tudung wearing is hence explained and justified.

      In the case of Hannah ‘Chameleon’ Yeoh, she has been pulling the tudung-wearing stunt for close to seven years. Some Malays are wondering if her heart is very black that she cannot receive hidayah even after so long.


                1. re: Her new yellow baju. Who is the designer?

                  Urm, Bersih?

                  re: “She has slimmed down.”

                  Maybe MPSJ has been more strict recently about the proliferation of BKT outlets and their operating hours.

  8. When chinese (buddhist) converted to Christian no body make noise. However when they converted to Islam, it becomes a nightmare to them! Even wanted to kill their children for that.

    Why is that? Some said, Islam = Melayu. So they do not want their children to become Melayu. Is this mean they hate Melayu? Can we call this racist??

    1. Good question indeed for the Malaysian Firsters, Kamarul.

      Yeoh Tseow Suan becomes Hannah Yeoh and they’re perfectly fine with her ‘Ubah’. Tee Chuan Seng becomes Ridhuan Tee Abdullah and they give him hell over his name change.

      They have no issue with Hannah Yeoh converting to Christianity at the age of 19. They don’t diss her as betraying her Chinese roots even when she openly declared her Firster doctrine: “No Malays, no Indians too and ZERO CHINESE, all Malaysians”.

      They have big issues with Ridhuan Tee’s conversion to Islam and label him a traitor to his race even when in Tee’s biodata – see his blog – he clearly states that his race is Chinese (unlike Hannah Yeoh who is trying to “ethnic cleanse” and will attack you as a RACIIIST! if you were to admit yourself as being a Malay / Chinese / Indian etc).

      Now what would I call the Firsters? Bloody hypocrites lah, what else.

      You wanted to know if they hate the Melayus? I think you already know the answer.

      1. Helen,

        Yup. They hate Malays. To them, a good Malay must be “papa kedana, or talks rubbish like Mohd Sabu.

        A “good” Malay should be liberal( meaning must have an anti Malay attitude), moderate( meaning must be indifferent if Islam is insulted), not racist( meaning must never defend Malays or their aspirations).

        They try to mould Malays into thinking that who ever talk about Malays are racist and good for nothing. UMNO is ‘sinful” for earning the mandate to rule.

        But more importantly, to them Malays are mere pebbles in the shoes. Mere irritants. That is how they perceive Malays behind sugar coated moderate movement.

      2. We must correct the perception of Masuk Islam = Masuk Melayu. Islam is more than a race. It is a way a life. Do not afraid of Islam.

        Read about Islam and dont just swallow what non-Islam people says about Islam and you will find the truth about Islam. Then only you can say or comment or debate about Islam. This is fair.

        1. re: “the perception of Masuk Islam = Masuk Melayu”

          “Masuk Melayu” was the phrase commonly used in casual conversation. Perhaps nowadays because there is more political correctness and a heightened Islamic awareness, the act has evolved to be called “masuk Islam”.

  9. Ask her dad to read the Bible. He’ll feel glad because now her daughter is living her life just like what their Bible has taught them. Unless the christian mongering evengelist haven’t taught them anything about the Bible rather than selected verses so that they will remain as brainless sheep forever submitting their body, mind, soul, money and vote to the likes of the piranha yeoh.

    1 Corinthians 11:5-6 ESV

    But every wife who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head, since it is the same as if her head were shaven. For if a wife will not cover her head, then she should cut her hair short. But since it is disgraceful for a wife to cut off her hair or shave her head, let her cover her head.

    1 Corinthians 11:1-34 ESV

    Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ. Now I commend you because you remember me in everything and maintain the traditions even as I delivered them to you. But I want you to understand that the head of every man is Christ, the head of a wife is her husband, and the head of Christ is God. Every man who prays or prophesies with his head covered dishonors his head, but every wife who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head, since it is the same as if her head were shaven. …

    1. Then Madame Speaker should also wear tudung to the office. Jangan lah tutup aurat on again, off again, ikut suka hati.

      *** *** ***

      “Ada yang cuba menerangkan bahawa pengamal undang-undang tersebut merupakan seorang penegak hak asasi manusia yang berhati mulia dan sanggup bersusah-payah untuk membantu mana-mana masyarakat terpinggir dilorong-lorong gelap atas nama kemanusiaan.”

      Adakah perenggan di atas (diambil daripada blog Bangkit! Ben Yaacob @ merujuk/membayangkan secebis tulisan saya sebelum ini, yakni sayalah si pengusaha ‘hasbara’ untuk memutihkan nama Eric Paulsen yang dimaksudkan saudara?

      It’s okay, I’m not angry if you think I’m the culprit. I think the “lorong-lorong gelap” description is funny, like Batman :)

      1. I did mention in ‘outside the box’ blog that a lot converted 2 Christianity bcos it is ‘fashionable n flexible’. I also mentioned that they do not follow the teachings of Jesus (Isa a.s.) but rather the teaching of the church. some Christians did like it at all. but as I said sometimes truth hurts.

        islam is just n extention of d true teachings of Jesus.

        1. re: “Islam is just n extention of d true teachings of Jesus”

          All the more reason the born again Christian women in Malaysia should following what is taught in the Bible and cover their hair – like Madame Speaker Hannah does – but do it with consistence, not on-and-off at one’s whim and fancy.

      2. Actually, one of my Bangkit Strategist/teammate, Megat Rizal MH, an avid follower of ur blog, wrote that article.

        He saw the same chorus line being repeated since Petra Gimbad, from the Sun, whitewash Paulsen with his kerja dilorong gelap in her article.

        To our amazement, there are some people still buy that kind of cheap publicity and repeat the tune.

        Bukan sindir u Helen, tapi gelihati dgn that same old tactic being used over and over again since time immemorial.

        Al Capone too initiate one of the first Soup Kitchen in the world to clean up his image and make himself holy to the public.

        1. The ‘hasbara’ for Paulsen has been interesting reading. Am sure Petra Gimbad was sincere.

    2. Ooh, is that why Malaysia banned the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie? Because of uncovered female heads and unclothed female bodies?

      Of course curious Malaysians can always catch the movie in Singapore where it is likely to have a R21 rating!

      Anyway, back to St Paul. Note that what he wrote was in the context of his time and environment. Jesus himself had said that the first and greatest Commandment is to love God and love your neighbour as yourself.

      In this day and age, you can stand outside any church (Christian, Catholic or evangelical) and count the number of females who attend services, Masses and other religious celebrations with their heads uncovered. Are they sinners or condemned by God?

      1. Rithmatist & Ben Yaacob,

        Minta laluan celah kejap …

        re: “In this day and age, you can stand outside any church (Christian, Catholic or evangelical) and count the number of females who attend services, Masses and other religious celebrations with their heads uncovered.”

        I was told by the Dapsters that Hannah Yeoh and Teo Nie Ching wear tudung (to the mosque and surau) because they’re “good Christian women” and following the commandments in the Bible.

        These Dapsters said that I was ignorant to question why they covered their head as after all, it is a Christian thing to do.

        As such, I believe that Christian women in Malaysia should follow the virtuous example set by their evangelical DAP leadership and shouldn’t complain if our authorities widen the tutup aurat strictures to encompass non-Muslims as well.

        1. Really, Helen?

          Is that the best rebuttal you can come up with? That you were “told by the Dapsters…..”? Who are these Dapsters anyway?

          Have the Christian religious authorities in Malaysia (such as the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, for instance) made a rule that female worshippers in their churches should have their heads covered?

          If you are not willing to find out from these religious authorities about the “dress codes” for the Christian faithful, then don’t be presumptuous in arrogating to yourself what Christians should or shouldn’t wear.

          And I would love to see if the Islamic authorities in Malaysia have the gumption to decree dress codes for Christian churches and the Christian faithful.

          I suppose they would if they don’t mind Malaysia becoming the laughing stock of the world!

          1. re: “Who are these Dapsters anyway?”

            Christian commenters in Malaysiakini who were arguing with me over the kalimah Allah subject back when I was one of the portal’s columnists.

            re: “don’t be presumptuous in arrogating to yourself what Christians should or shouldn’t wear”

            I’ve already said, the rabid DAP supporters who are Christians had insisted that I was barking up the wrong tree to question why Hannah Yeoh and TNC wore tudung. These Dapsters were adamant that it is nothing to complain about for Christians – as per the teachings of the Bible – to wear tudung to church.

            So if you wish to quarrel as to who is being insistent that it is not unnatural for Christian women to cover their head, then don’t bother picking a fight with me. I’m not the one using the Bible to justify why HY, TNC and other Christian women (ostensibly in Malaysia) wear tudung to church.

            It is the DAP Christians who insisted that I was wrong to be suspicious of evangelistas garbed in tudung because it is perfectly in keeping with Christian tradition for good, God-fearing women to cover their hair.

            (In fact, I recall that I’d expressed my scepticism of their Christian tudung claim at that time.)

            re: “And I would love to see if the Islamic authorities in Malaysia have the gumption to decree dress codes for Christian churches and the Christian faithful.”

            Some years ago, you’d not have thought that hudud was possible in Malaysia and now its implementation is in the works.

            If the Islamic authorities decree tutup aurat to affect everyone, then the Christian women of Jerusubang should not complain.

            Pix below – Hannah Yeoh


            1. About the tudung to church issue, would just like to share an observation.

              Having attended Mass in numerous churches here in Malaysia as well as in Australia, NZ, Europe & US, it is actually a common practice among the older generation to use a scarf of sorts to cover their head as they go & receive Holy Communion.

              I witnessed such scenes in HK as well but not in China. I came to the conclusion that perhaps it is a practice from the past, before Vatican 2. And since the church in China is quite young, it’s possibly why it is not practised there.

              1. I was told that Christian women covered their head.

                I would like to see a photo of HY with her head covered when in church :) to justify the Dapster argument/excuse made on her behalf.

                  1. I though her church is one of the new ones. You know, where they sing and dance like a k-pop concert. Can’t imagin wearing tudung to attend that.

          2. “And I would love to see if the Islamic authorities in Malaysia have the gumption to decree dress codes for Christian churches and the Christian faithful.”

            So would I. After all the DAP thinks they can dictate what should or should not go into the khutbah Jumaat –
            A Penang lawmaker has criticised the Islamic authorities in Selangor over a Friday sermon that preached to women to “tutup aurat” (cover intimate parts) to prevent rape. (

      2. Then, u too, Rithmatist, should follow the Greatest Commandment as said by Jesus in Mark 12 verse 29 which he refers to the original commandment in the Torah (Deuteronomy chptr 6 verse 4) as below..

        שְׁמַע, יִשְׂרָאֵל: יְהוָה אֱלֹהֵינוּ, יְהוָה אֶחָד.
        Shema Yisrael, Yahweh Eloheinu Yahweh Ehad
        Hear O Israel, Yahweh Your God Is One

        One is not Three or Three In One or One in Three..

        The problem with u guys Christian are, u treat ur own holy book just like Tesco vouchers. It has certain time limit and the text will only be used if u find the offer interesting enuff.

      3. ‘Of course curious Malaysians can always catch the movie in Singapore where it is likely to have a R21 rating!’

        Of course we can’t stop some kiasus being themselves maa. Hoh??

        1. No need. Just go to your favorite pirated DVD shop.
          Oh dear, so many people are in mourning over the 10 Shades of February.

          1. Most especially that “plump woman with a fat chin” who had earlier supported his Sept 16.

  10. Helen
    Welcome back.

    On something more positive, our late very own Biduanita Negara Datuk Sharifah Aini is honored on the Grammy website under “In Loving Memory”.

    (Line 7)
    I hope you could highlight this as I don’t know how to share the print screen.


    1. Oh, so this time they didn’t stage the shaving event in Kek Lok Si or some other temple in keeping with Betty Chew’s gimmick?

      1. Someone should tell OKM to eat less junk food.

        Doctors must set a good example and resist temptation.

  11. OKM is not a medical doctor. He’s supposedly a PhD, like Dr Ridhuan Tee.

    Phoney Doctor = PhD

    1. Of course. But telling muslims who should or should not wear what seems to be a new religion for the dapsters.

  12. In a related matter, MCCBCHST issued a statement over plans to distribute 1 million copies of translated Quran. Is it just me or does anyone else find the 2nd paragraph extremely insulting & disturbing?

    “The reason and example advanced by Tun Dr Mahathir on the need to distribute the translated version of the Quran to the Non Muslims specifically does not make sense. It is Muslims who are indulging in killing and condemnation of other religions and religionist. Therefore, the need is for Muslims to be educated on the true teachings of Islam and not the Non Muslims.”

    1. If I’m insulted by everything they spew these days, I’d probably be bald from pulling my hair out, or become a jihadist (as translated by the non-Muslims). But yeah, that is an insult.

      Actually there is real need to distribute to non-Muslims, particularly the dapster-evangelists since they are always, and I mean continously, relentless in their effort to teach Malay Muslims how to become a true Muslim in this country. Maybe they’ll learn something. Or maybe, given their tenacious efforts at spinning, we’re just giving them more ammunition to shoot at us.

  13. “Ramai orang bertanya kepada saya kenapa saya jadi begini? Lain, dari Cina yang lain. Jawapannya, saya dilahirkan keluarga yang sangat kecinaan di kampung hampir seratus-peratus Melayu. Melayu menerima Cina dengan baik walaupun bilangannya amat sedikit. Saya amat memahami Melayu. Malangnya, saya diajar membenci Melayu sejak kecil. Melayu penipu, pengotor, dan macam-macam tuduhan lagi. ” – Ridhuan Tee

    The question is why is Chinese indoctrinated to become rasist since young?

    1. Ridhuan Tee said, “Malangnya, saya diajar membenci Melayu sejak kecil.”

      Mat, I grew up in an almost all-Chinese environment on Penang island. There wasn’t any indoctrination to hate other races only that Malays didn’t figure in our lives because there weren’t any (or many) around us.

      The racism against Malay-Muslims that is plaguing Malaysia today comes from the Jerusubang evangelistas.


      It is Hannah Yeoh who is always screaming “racists, racists, racists!”

      She can even accuse the weather of being “extreme” just like that newspaper [Utusan] she said, and the NGOs [she didn’t name which one but we can be sure she didn’t have Dong Jong in mind].

      It is the Dapster family – Mama, Papa and Grandpapa Dapster – who are pushing the Politics of Hate.


      Lim Guan Eng is seething with resentment and bitterness because he feels that he has been falsely imprisoned – for sedition over the case Rahim Thamby Chik’s underaged girl and separately ISA wrt Ops Lalang 1987.

      Lim Kit Siang was detained in Kamunting one-and-half years under ISA for May 13 and again under Ops Lalang. His politics has always been hateful.


      Hannah Yeoh was dealt the humiliation of having her Permanent Residence (PR) application rejected by Australia. How her ego and self-esteem must have suffered.

      It is the screwed up evangelical leadership with the boulder-sized chips on their shoulder that is fomenting the hate.

      Kit Siang is not a Christian but Guan Eng is. In the ‘LGE: Fellowship with Christians’ video below, Guan Eng talks about “the love of Jesus for all of us”.

      From the mouth of the DAP evangelistas the word “love, love, love” spills out in abundance but the fruit of their harvest is hate.

      Christians were not even considered to be “Chinese” a century ago. There was a Federated Malay States law whereby Christians of Chinese ethnicity residing in Malaya were not recognised as China nationals by the Secretary for Chinese Affairs Enactments of 1899 – see scan of the legislation HERE and HERE.

      Christianity is unChinese.

      The Chinese civilization was and is not at war with Islam. On the other hand, the crusades over thousands of years have been fought between the Christians and Muslims.

      The evangelistas are carrying the crusader (triumphalist Christian) mindset.

      Previously before the evangelistas took control of the DAP and before the DAP took control of the Chinese electorate, Sino-Malay antagonism never reached this fever pitch. It is the DAP evangelistas who are spearheading ABU and “Ini kali lah”.

      The Chinese community has been poisoned by the DAP evangelistas.

        1. Thanks. I’ve screenshot the page, as below.

          The “plump woman with a fat chin” (Puan Prada) is a menace to society.


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