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DAP sah taiko Pakatan

Penduduk Permatang Pauh banyak disusahkan.

Ding dong ding dong kawasan mereka disepak umpama bola yang melantun di antara si suami dan si isteri.

Permatang Pauh Nov 1999

Permatang Pauh March 2008

Permatang Pauh Ogos 2008

Permatang Pauh 2013

Azizah Kajang

Ke depan Februari 2015 … macam mana nanti? Kerusi Permatang Pauh dikosongkan ekoran Anwar dilucutkan kelayakannya sebagai Yang Berhormat.

orangkampung @ 2015/02/10 at 6:36 pm

“The numero uno in Pakatan is non-other than the old, old, old man of DAP himself. Sometimes they call the shots directly and other times they do it circuitously, but they always call the shots.”




Mana ada demokrasi dalam Pakatan

Hadi Awang adalah presiden parti PAS. Jadi betul untuk dia duduk di meja pemimpin tertinggi Pakatan.

Presiden PKR ialah Wan Azizah namun tak nampak kelibat pun. Anwar tidak pernah dipilih oleh para ahli partinya untuk memegang apa-apa jawatan tetapi boleh dianugerah gelaran ‘ketum’ pula.

Kenapa Kit Siang mewakili DAP walhal dia bukan pengerusi mahupun setiausaha agung partinya?

WanAzizan Hannah Victory

Wan Azizah adalah Adun Kajang. Natijah dia bukan seorang MP (anggota Parlimen), presiden PKR tersebut tidak layak menjadi Ketua Pembangkang di Dewan Rakyat.

Pakatan berada di bawah cengkaman DAP kerana parti evangelis itulah yang paling banyak kerusi.



Off to Sungai Buloh he goes

Anwar talks like an evangelista

Hannah Yeoh: “A mockery of our democratic institution”

 DAP guns for opposition chief


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26 thoughts on “DAP sah taiko Pakatan

  1. “Wan Azizah adalah Adun Kajang. Natijah dia bukan seorang MP (anggota Parlimen), presiden PKR tersebut tidak layak menjadi Ketua Pembangkang di Dewan Rakyat.”

    Is it possible for Wan Azizah to resign her Kajang seat and contest Permatang Pauh?

    Given the MB Selangor fiasco and Anwar’s stubbornness I wouldn’t put it past him to make his wife do so if it can be done. His team of more than a dozen lawyers probably would have managed to defend himself better too, read somewhere that one of his lawyers was sounded off by the judge for doing something that he says in accordance to his client’s wishes. Don’t know how far his client’s wishes extends to in formulating their defense, but I’m willing to guess a lot.

    EC better quickly lay down rules preventing people frivolously resigning from their seat and later contesting in other seats. IMO this makes a mockery of democratic elections and insults the voters.

    1. She can contest Permatang Pauh without any need to resign Kajang. A number of DAP warlords have been both Adun and MP simultaneously. Lim Guan Eng is one of them – Ayer Puteh (DUN) and Bagan (Parliament).

      Below are the DAP reps who had double seats in 2008.


      re: “His team of more than a dozen lawyers”

      Was / is Eric Paulsen one of them?

      1. “Was / is Eric Paulsen one of them?”

        Yes, Eric Paulsen was/is one of them.

        Anwar was represented by a team of 15 lawyers led by Datuk Seri Gopal Sri Ram, a former Federal Court judge himself.

        The other 14 lawyers were Ramkarpal Singh Deo, Gobind Singh Deo, Sangeet Kaur Deo, N. Surendran, R. Sivarasa, J. Leela, Latheefa Koya, Lim Choon Khim, Eric Paulsen, Michelle Yesudas, Shahid Adli Kamaruddin, Zaleha Al-Hayat, Jeremy Vinesh Anthony and Mohamed Aliff Bolkin.

          1. At least Tian Chua tak hina Islam macam Eric Paulsen & Chong Eng

            She said the message by the Selangor Islamic Department (Jais) gave “misleading information on rape, smacks of victim-blaming, and shows male bias in religious leadership”. – See more at:

            Ini Cina Kafir apa sakit? JAIS cakap sama Muslims maa, tentulah dalam konteks Islam. Lu mana boleh paham! Itu prevention maa. Prevention better than cure wor. Lu tak suka. Lu mau jalan tengah KL telanjang bulat lu punya suka lor!

            Ini Chong Eng sibuk2 mau masuk campur pasal Islam apa pasat? JAIS report sama lu meh??? Lu punya values lain. Muslims tarak bising apasat lu bukan Muslim mau masuk campur pasat Islam wor?

            It said Muslim women should cover their aurat to prevent being harrassed physically or mentally; to prevent false accusations (fitnah); evil gazes (pandangan yang jahat); and bad incidents (perkara yang buruk). – See more at:

            Chong Eng tak keep updated sama women’s issue meh??? Tengok ini bawah video la bolok!!

            ‘Mungkin SIS pernah mendengar kisah seorang wanita yang menerima pelbagai bentuk ‘harassment’ termasuklah yang berbaur seks apabila berjalan berseorangan di bandar New York?’


      2. Well, Adun and MP in different states, can’t speak for others, but me myself I won’t vote somebody who jumps around like that. Seeing that there’s no problem, legally, I definitely think Anwar would make her run again there.

        According to this, he’s got 15 lawyers, Eric Paulsen included. I’ve seen graphics in blogs that list 4 though, don’t know which is correct. Still more than a dozen.

        You were arrested before right? How did you get your lawyer?

        1. re: “Adun and MP in different states”

          The DAP reps listed were Adun+MP in the same state except for Teresa’s KL-Selangor seats.

          A close parallel to the different states situation was Betty Chew when she was Adun for Kota Laksamana in Malacca while at the same time being the FLOP (First Lady of Penang).

          re: “he’s got 15 lawyers, Eric Paulsen included”

          Yeah, think so. A huge legal team.

          re: “You were arrested before right? How did you get your lawyer?”

          (1) I was arrested in Ipoh among more than a hundred activists who wore black the day that infamous spectacle erupted in the Perak state assembly and the Pakatan state government fell to BN.

          The police did not press charges against us for illegal assembly or whatever.

          (2) I was also asked to present myself at the police station after Perkasa Youth lodged a police report against me.

          It’s not a big deal as lots of people have been questioned for allegedly touching on Malay/Muslim sensitivities, among them Chua Soi Lek, Taman Medan Adun Haniza Talha, Susan Loone etc. Lately it’s going the other direction, i.e. Muslim NGOs have been reported to the police for supposed anti-Christianity like that UiTM seminar.

          Making police reports is our national past time.


          YB Haniza adopted the approach – “I didn’t answer when police questioned me because I don’t want that to be used against me. If they want any statements from me they have to get it from me in court. I’ll defend myself in court to be on the safe side.”

          I took the same position as she did, upon Surendran’s advice. He had accompanied me to the police station pro bono.

          That time he was not yet appointed PKR vice-president. He was doing a lot of the Indian detainee custodial death cases then. I suppose he sympathized with me because of my advocacy for the Indian poor causes. (You can google “Hindraf” in my blog.)

          1. That different states thing, I meant to refer to Wan Azizah. Thought she could be running. If she could. After all she won twice there.
            I think Anwar would have her do so. Don’t know how PKR and rest of Pakatan look forward to her being opposition leader again. Maybe they have other plans.

            1. Boring kan, ding-dong ding-dong between hubby & wifey like as if Permatang Pauh is the power couple’s feudal, ancestral seat. Dunno why the oppo supporters (such as the Kajang voters) put up with being made asses of.

              1. I think it will be contested by wan azizah again. she will again perform the nenek kipas in tears show. and permatang pauh folks will bite the bait again and again. they would not budge that vote as long as anwar and family is contesting.

                maybe an iguana led government’s action to demolish their villages will make them think twice. but I doubt that….

    1. Going by what/how some tweeters responded in that thread, a couple of them are looking to be blocked by her soon ,)

      She is notorious for blocking those in her Twitter timeline who in the least bit critical of Her Royal Roundness.

    2. So said the person that study law in australia & almost practice law in australia except for litttle fact that she was rejected for permanent residency. Why australia cannot accept her ? She such a nuisance in Selangor.

  2. tarikh ‘gam’ pakatan songsang dah luput. mat sabu ada peluang jadi calon kerusi permatang pauh & kalau menang ambil alih jawatan ketua pembangkang (read bengkiang), can or not?

  3. wth anwar gone, my take is that dap may b d biggest loser in this high stake political game. wthout d support of pas that has quite n established structure right thru d malay majority areas, pkr will remain a fringe party. it will b worse if umno n pas can strike n understanding when pas is pushed out of pr.

    wth their brand of racist politics dap might still garner 95% of d Chinese vote but thru gerrymandering/delineation of electoral boundaries, which i believe is going 2 happen, they might even lose their hold on Penang n Selangor. if this happens, than the task 4 mca 2 gain favour again amongst d Chinese wld b made easier.

    1. ‘Pakatan will be stronger.”
      I doubt that. PAS will be stronger after they purged PASMA. PKR will be in disarray. DAP will still remain strong as ever. In fact PASMA will die off, neither getting Malay heartland support or the town Chinese who will support DAP anyway.

  4. Hi Helen,

    Found this in one of the comments to Ridhuan Tee’s latest article in his blog. Anyone out there may try the test!

    Again the question, Why? why? why?!
    Ujian Rambang

    Hari ini saya buat test untuk menilai response kekawan saya yang bukan melayu. Bila saya dapat berita terkini tentang penghakiman kes rayuan Anwar , saya copy paste dan forward melalui wasaap kepada kekawan bukan melayu , saya bagi lah sikit ulasan yang tidak menyebelahi Anwar.

    Anda nak tahu apa jadi ? Ada yang jawab dalam nada frust dengan penghakiman , ada yang kata penghakiman dibuat oleh orang buta , seolah Anwar diinayai oleh musuh politik. Ada yang langsung tak response , pada hal sebelum ini boleh kata hari2 kami sering bermesej tanpa sentoh isu politik.

    Nah sekarang baru saya tahu rupanya kawan2 saya yang mesra di depan rupanya menaruh harapan agar Anwar bebas. Kenapa ? Apa untungnya mereka kalau Anwar bebas ?

    Kepada anda yang lain boleh test kawan bukan melayu anda dalam kes Anwar vs Saiful …. kita boleh share response mereka. Dari situ dapat membaca hati perut mereka.

    Saya bersyukur dan majoriti melayu bersyukur bila Anwar masuk penjara. Tetapi kenapa bukan melayu not happy …. Why ?????

    Al Mukmin

    2:55 AM, February 11, 2015

  5. DAP memang taiko… sebab dia punya Taiko-Tai masih belum mau mati…..

    Lagipun….PKR dengan adanya AI, tidak lebih sekadar kuda tunggangan buat DAP, kira takde AI, lagila takde power.

    Tentang PAS pula DAP sudah berjaya pecahkan jadi dua…

    Semua senario sekarang ni, tak lebih dari PR : Pakatan Reput!

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