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Hannah Yeoh: “A mockery of our democratic institution”

Excerpts from article by Hannah Yeoh, originally published in Anwar Ibrahim’s blog.

“Anwar Ibrahim exhausted the constitutional means that were available to him,” wrote the YB Jerusubang. These words of Hannah Yeoh are unintendedly ironical.

Granted, they were written in a different con-text. However should we to apply them to the just concluded sodomy trial in the Federal Court, then Madame Speaker’s pronouncement is indeed apt – yesterday Anwar finally exhausted all the judicial means provided him by our constitution. Continue reading “Hannah Yeoh: “A mockery of our democratic institution””

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Anwar talks like an evangelista

Anwar Ibrahim released a statement addressed to the Federal Court judges.

“I maintain my innocence of this foul charge – this incident never happened. This is complete fabrication – coming from a political conspiracy to stop my political career.” Continue reading “Anwar talks like an evangelista”