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Andaikata Ismail Sabri enggan mohon maaf, maka MCA wajar tarik diri dari BN

1. Ketua Pemuda MCA Chong Sin Woon berkata Ismail Sabri Yaakob tidak layak jadi menteri.

2. Chong menuntut agar Ismail letak jawatan sebagai Menteri Pertanian.

3. Beliau juga mengesyorkan supaya Ismail balik kampung tanam ubi beserta ternak lembu.

4. Dalam pada itu, presiden MCA Liow Tiong Lai terus mendesak Ismail untuk tarik balik kenyataan ‘boikot Cina’nya yang tersebut.

5. MCA tetap mengkehendaki Ismail memohon maaf.

6. MCA telah mempelawa DAP menggembleng tenaga dalam usaha sama memberi tekanan yang lebih kuat kepada menteri Umno yang digelar sebagai “rasis” oleh kedua-dua parti itu.

7. Jikalau Ismail masih lagi tidak mahu berganjak pendiriannya, nyata ia lebih baik kalau MCA lah yang bertindak mengundur diri.

8. Sudah terang lagi bersuluh MCA sudah tidak mampu bekerjasama dengan komponen BN yang paling besar, iaitu Umno.

9. Lebih-lebih lagi, MCA dewasa ini kelihatan sering menongkah arus dari segi membelakangi atau mengingkari pendekatan pihak kerajaan.

10. Jiwa parti Cina itu entah melayang ke mana dah. Yang tinggal hanya jasad. Jika hati MCA sememangnya berpaut dengan pembangkang, baik MCA minta saja fasakh.

Usah bermuka-muka. Dah bosan pun tengok dan tangani karenah puak yang sebenarnya sedang bersekongkol dan bersubahat dengan DAP.


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36 thoughts on “Andaikata Ismail Sabri enggan mohon maaf, maka MCA wajar tarik diri dari BN

  1. The 3rd point is uncouth if you ask me. He’s naive if he thinks speaking out like a samseng & making threats towards a minister will make the Chinese community shift their votes towards MCA.

    I read in the Star today that MCA is asking (or should that be pleading?) for DAP to join forces to oppose Hudud in Kelantan. Just join forces for good lah. Then DAP can stop pretending it’s not a Chinese centric party.

  2. Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno is a Latin phrase that means

    “One for all, all for one”

    Best describe the chinese here. The biggest hypocrites.

      1. Helen,

        Ismail won the election. He has credential to speak. He has guts. That is why he receives rave review from UMNO folks and Malays.

        He needs not apologizes. He just said the truth. I know sometimes Malays apologizes just to maintain harmony though they made no mistakes. But by resigning, PR will say that “betul la. Dia racist. Sebab tu dia minta maaf”.

        So it does not bring any good for Ismail to apologizes. Be firm on his principles. Take bull by its horn.

        1. Yup, Ismail Sabri managed to retain his Parliament seat in spite of the fact that his ward had 32 percent Chinese voters.

          That he was not swept away by the Chinese tsunami, when other Umno leaders succumbed to the ABU Ini Kali Lah sledgehammer, only goes to shows how strong his Malay support base is.

          As a candidate who has polling agents to monitor the election process, Ismail would surely be in possession of postmortem data revealing how severely he was hit by the Chinese rejection.

          There’s really no hope of regaining the Chinese vote in GE14, so might as well he consolidate his Malay base to propel himself to an Umno vice presidency. Or become the Malay folk hero (wira bangsa).

          Or both.

          1. Pada mulanya saya jangka Ismail akan mengikuti jejak langkah Si Hishamudin yang merayu rayu mohon maaf kerana menghunus keris..

            Satu permulaan yg baik untuk Ismail sabri..

          2. Helen,

            Precisely. I hope Ismail Sabri does not submit to pressure to apologize. He just said the truth. By apologizing, DAP and MCA will have a field say and will say ” See. UMNO is racist”.

            UMNO , please do not waste time to please the Chinese again. No matter what Najib does, Chinese will not vote BN again. let us hope Najib, of all the people on this planet UNDERSTAND THIS SIMPLE FACT.

            On another note, I think it is time Malaysia to be firm with unreasonable Chinese nationals who plan to force Najib to retract statement made by DCA recently. I understand their agony. but they too must stop being hysterical.

  3. “Andaikata Ismail Sabri enggan mohon maaf, maka MCA wajar tarik diri dari BN”

    Anda dipersilakan tarik diri. Akhir kata, terima kasih kepada sumbangan anda.

  4. Today in J-Star Liow told the Cabinet wants Ismail to explain actions. Apa lagi dia tak puas hati. nak suruh Ismail melutut kat dia pulak? tak habis habis nak suruh retract the statement. dah sudah-sudahlah. masa Teresa Kok menghina pemimpin senyap sunyi.. Sick so sick..

    1. OK lah, can ask Ismail to explain in cabinet meeting. Can Liow retain his seat in Bentong?

      Retained his seat by the skin of his teeth. Say no more Melayu Bentong, Time to discipline Liow TL. Out he goes….and don’t go to remote Malay villages begging for votes OK…

      1. re: “Melayu Bentong, time to discipline Liow TL”

        It’s a done deal.

        MCA are going to hand over their existing seats to DAP on a silver platter come GE14. The BN war-room must do the math very carefully, all things considered.

  5. Something is rotten in Malaysia, says Dr Mahathir.

    Well, I cannot say for the whole of Malaysia but I can say of the Chinese community. There is no longer a sense of excellence for the Chinese young but quick and fast degrees and mediocrity.

    I talked to a couple of Chinese kids last night. I started in BM. Well they cannot even answer me. (Q: Di manakah warung makanan?) Then I used Mandarin. Well they replied me in Mandarin with a strong Hockien accent. In the Mandarin answer, out of 10 words in a sentence, 3 is in Hockien, 2 in English and the rest in Mandarin. Next I tested their English. Even though they take pride in “speaking” English most of the time, they simply got their “is” and “are”s mixed up. They mentioned this year is the year of the “sheeps” and we have reached “more higher” in a US accent. They look forward to eating raw “fishes” in the coming week. (Well out of three languages, they bombed at all 3!)

    I know many Chinese kids go overseas to US, UK and Australia to study. May I know how many are currently studying in Harvard, Yale, Melbourne, Sydney or London? I know of many who graduate from Preston (not Princeton), Western Sydney (not Sydney), or East London (not Queen Mary’s London). Simply mediocre. The Chinese dare call other races as mediocre but looking at themselves today, they have fallen into mediocrity too – but with an arrogant attitude. The kids and their parents want a fast and quick degree and a convocation to worship themselves.

    How many Chinese send their kids to the PRC or Hong Kong? Very few – perhaps none) Because the mainland and Hong Kong universities have very high entrance standards, so high that their residents there send their kids here – to the private colleges. (Taiwan is the choice of Malaysian Chinese). I haven’t seen any of the friends of send their kids to Hong Kong U.

    Strange that the finalist of the Voice of China is a Malay. (Shima) (Moral of the story: people can catch up)

    1. Wow mulan you do observed don’ t you?. What you wrote up there are true.

      These bunch are arrogant and they have inferiority complex and hide behind their wealth from the society.

      It will come a stage when they will be like the Singapore cina and it is already happening to the Penang cina.

      Selonok Selonok meleka.

  6. From experience i know for a fact that the chinese majority (save those dear peranakan brothers & sisters & east coast chinese) has always boycotted the malays (at least in perak) in refusing to buy malay products & housing projects (sedc included), give last priority & least perks to malay candidates in jobs & try to kill off malay businesses by using dirty tactics (last time i checked Berjaya’s 7-11 still not selling al Bukhari’s Altel topup; last time i checked Berjaya’s Oldtown doesnt allow malay franchisee & i could go on you know)

    The malays have always been aware of this but by virtue of the stock have kept silent because its the way of life in tanah melayu kesayangku & for the sake of unity (old mca, not present one). H’ever, over the years the malays have learnt a thing or two from the chinese as far as businees is concerned.

    So if there are calls to boycott malay products, i say bring it on, as it doesnt change the status quo. But what if the malays do decide to truly begin organizing boycott on a national scale?

    The chinese know that their consumer base are the malays & know it will bring a goat load of problem from this year on if it trully happens.

    Will mc’a-dap be prepared to be held accountable for their evil racist low class policies that may result in a malay tsunami against chinese interest?

    1. The meekest & mildest of Malaysians so love their neighbours that they will always turn the other cheek and have only warm, fuzzy feelings for all mankind.

      Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love …

      Hidup Anak Bangsa Malaysia! Muaaah …


  7. How come so many snakes emerging nowadays creating so many other sensitive nonsense issues to distract the general population from the actual dangers facing the Nation? Even Mamakutty and his legions of indebted warriors are playing the same game to protect their legacies and wealth.

    Don’t you know it’s all just a game by BN politicians. They have been to bed together so many times on common greed for power and wealth that divorcing them is akin to memisahkan aur dengan tebing.

    How many times must stupid Malaysians be fooled.

    Or are you blind to all the dangers facing the Nation that will soon consume everyone and whoever the victors only gets ashes?

    Wise men learn from mistakes, only fools keep repeating the same mistakes.

    Traitors to Nation are those who do others bidding and blindly follow those using religion, race and whatnot to justify their own small world of beliefs and perhaps for small scraps of bones thrown by their masters.

    A Nation divided is a Nation easily conquered.

    1. “Even Mamakutty and his legions of indebted warriors are playing the same game to protect their legacies and wealth. Don’t you know it’s all just a game by BN politicians.”

      What about Sodomy King, Lord Tokong, Nganga cousins? They keep the country together, huh?

  8. KP MCA dah bersengkokol dengan DAP, rasanya sudah sampai masanya KP UMNO untuk mendesak MCA ini keluar dari BN, sungguh dan teramat sungguh UMNO BN tidak memerlukan kawan pengkhianat seperti MCA, semakin lama dibiarkan semakin gelojoh mereka menghentam UMNO, jadi KP UMNO perlu berani untuk mempertahankan bangsanya sendiri agar tidak dimanipulasi oleh yang kononnya rakan seperjuangan. Cepat KP UMNO, sila bertindak

  9. tipikal MCA@chinese. Balik kampung tanam UBI. inilah ayat2 orang cina bila menghalau Melayu. Mana UMNO yang lain x marah MCA

    1. Sekurangnya dia acknowledge kita ada kampung di bumi Malaysia. Kalau kita bagi aknowledgement yang sama, balik to….n, ah memang kena ugut akta hasutan.

  10. Ismail Sabri kan Cina juga, jadi cina komen konstrakif kpd cina adalah tidak rasis. Ini MCA dan abang dia DAP ni merepekla. Mentang2 la dua serupa a ni rasis dah nak tuduh org lain rasis pulak. Cuma org rasis memang suka tuduh org rasis supaya rasis sendiri tertutup. Lagi kuat menuduh menunjukkan lagi tebal rasismanya. Misalnya pencuri yang terkepung oleh org ramai selalu menuduh salah seorang yg mengelilinginya tu pencuri!
    memakai lojik baku ku teh tu bukan babi makan ismail Sabri tu pun cina tau..ada ahli sejarah kata nenek moyang org melayu dari yunan. .kan Cina tu.

  11. Ismail Sabri’s message is actually a wake up call to Chinese traders. Prices must come down and that is the mantra of hypermarkets and online retailers. Every day low prices or die.
    The days where businesses don’t have to compete are long gone. Consumers actually compare prices and we can buy online (even from overseas).

    Earlier I talked about meritocracy. What “meritocracy” do Chinese businesses today bring?

    1. Sui fo
    Poorly crafted goods. Go to any warehouse sale. Beli dan guna 2 minggu. Rosak!

    2. Imported from China
    How many local Chinese companies actually manufacture their electronics? All made in China. Buy and stick logo. (At least like US company self design but contract manufacture). This one cuma lekat logo.

    3. Cara business lapok
    Pakai cash. No credit card. If you go to a Chinese furniture shop, bukan sahaja design lau beh… they ask for a deposit and will take hell of a long time to deliver.
    Tak suka tak boleh return.

    4. CNY price increases
    Rain or shine when CNY comes, prices must increase. Observe your kopitiam.

    5. Business with no smile
    Look even McDonalds teach their staff to smile even though it is fake.

    I will make sure they go out of business as I am an informed consumer.

    1. I want cool designs. (Yes, designs which are chic. I am not ready for the old folks home.)
    2. Every day low prices
    3. Easy payment
    4. Quality.
    5. Smile (even though it is fake)

    Defending the over priced traders is stupid. You know customers want cheap, chic, quality.
    Unfortunately bitter medicine is hard to swallow. Even the TCM will tell you bitter medicine is good.

    Don’t tell me DAP/MCA members do not wait for the Mega Sale, compare Tesco, Giant etc prices and shop at Zalora? Do these politicians think we consumers are bloody stupid and we are still dinosaurs?

    1. PS. Miss Mulan does not wait until CNY to buy baju new year. She buys her clothes all year round especially Mega Sale.

      Miss Mulan takes her reading seriously. She will compare and contrast Tesco, Giant, Econsave, Harvey Norman, Courts catalogues religiously.

      Miss Mulan also loves to cut. She loves to cut discount coupons and Extreme Couponing on TV is a must watch.

      Miss Mulan although she is 5000 years old is computer savvy. She has the apps of Zalora, Air Asia etc on her phone and Mac so she will not miss a single sale.

      1. Don’t forget to buy your needs and enjoy your food at IKEA. You do not need to pay the apeks for shoddy jobs fixing your furniture. Just fix them yourself.

        Nowadays the cinas also shop their needs at IKEA.

        1. Eat at Old Town? Are you joking? Miss Mulan is not that old.
          At McCafe, buy a mug for RM19 and get RM25 worth of coupons. And Hello Kitty every week.
          At KFC, she can pay with her CIMB credit card at 5% discount on the spot at later points to her card.
          At Burger King she gets 15% off with her CIMB card,
          At Coffee Bean and Starbucks, she can catch a glimpse of all the hot sweaty hunks after a gym workout.

          Old Town? Discount? None. Eye candy? None.

          And the Chinese kids at Miss Mulan’s place would rather go naked and be caught by the police (like the KL woman) if there were forced to wear clothes from Ah Chong tailor. H&M would be fine, but CK is better.

  12. this is d time 4 pm najib 2 demonstrate his leadership mettle. he shld direct d mca president 2 reprimand d youth head n at d same time instruct ismail sabri 2 make peace. I believe ismail misspoke n he shld just admit it.

    we know that d mca is trying their best 2 make inroads n win back d Chinese support by behaving just like d dap. if this is so than it is very unfortunate bcos they r simply falling into d trap that may endanger d bn spirit of peaceful coexistence.

    if what we hear is correct, ismail sabri wil b meeting d mca b4 chinses new yr so as 2 clear any misunderstanding. hopefully they wil come up wth n amicable solution. this is d spirit that shld always b maintained.

    ismail must always b aware that he is a minister (public servant) 4 all Malaysians.

  13. wowwwwww….
    MACAM gangster LAH.
    Do you think he is brainy enough to make such statement .
    Do you think he is smart or intelligent…….. Hmmmmmmh smells shit.

    1. Junta jinte,

      He is a moron. Ismail Sabri contested and won convincingly despite almost entire Chinese rejection.

      On the opposite of spectrum, all MCA ADUN and MPs won due to MCA’s association with UMNO. In crude language, Malay votes carry MCA through as almost all Chinese including MCA members did not vote for MCA.

      Why not in next election the big mouth Ketua Pemuda MCA contests in Petaling Jaya Utara or Seputeh. Let us see how he fares in predominantly Chinese constituents.

  14. This is so totally off-topic. But really people, chill. Enjoy this video –

    I love the video. It’s fun and funny. Maybe its meant to mock and ridicule but it’s way, way better than the TK video.

    1. Cool!

      Rosmah has a fantastically trim figure in her cheongsam. She should be an inspiration for Puan Prada.

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