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Semangat setiakawan MCA yang cukup kuat terhadap Ismail Sabri

Akhbar milik MCA membentangkan tajuk ‘Ismail Sabri “regrets” comments‘ hari ini.

The J-Star melaporkan bahawa Menteri Pertanian Ismail Sabri Yaakob menyesali seruan boikotnya di Facebook yang telah menimbulkan sentimen perkauman.

Kata Ismail, beliau kesal kerana komennya mencetuskan keresahan yang membawa kepada perpecahan kaum (racial polarization) dan ketegangan di kalangan masyarakat majmuk negara kita.

Menyambut ucapan kesal Ismail, Presiden MCA Liow Tiong Lai berkata beliau mengambil maklum kenyataan tersebut yang dibuat oleh rakan sejawat kabinetnya itu.

Menteri Pengangkutan Liow menjelaskan bahawa sebelum ini beliau telah bertegas dalam mengetengahkan pendirian partinya ketika mesyuarat jemaah menteri dua hari lepas.

Lantaran itu, Ismail diberi arahan oleh kabinet dan yang diakurinya semalam.

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Ismail Sabri regrets


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11 thoughts on “Semangat setiakawan MCA yang cukup kuat terhadap Ismail Sabri

  1. Good news. Kiasu is finally and English word. We must be happy that the Chinese especially the wonderful Singaporean and Penang Hockiens has contributed to world culture by introducing kiasu to everyone.
    Such wonderful news for New Year.

    “Kiasu” was featured. It is not the only Singlish word to be accepted by the OED. Does this mean we can play the word in Words With Friends now?

    In the meantime, here is a quick primer on Singlish in the OED.

    OED’s maiden online version, which was launched in March 2000, contained the Singlish words “lah” and “sinseh”. Ironically, this inclusion was announced just a month before then-Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong launched the Speak Good English Movement, aimed at stamping out Singlish.”

    “Lah” is also an official English word.

      1. Oxford should include ultrakiasu as another new word.
        And the definition
        ““Ultra kiasu” is a term usually used by controversial Muslim convert writer Ridhuan Tee to label federal opposition party DAP, but he has since applied it to other groups including Christians and the Chinese in general. – See more at:

  2. Ismail Sabri regrets that his comment turned into a racial issue. Correct me if i’m wrong but he did not regret making the comment and apologized for it. Is this another spin by the oppo media?

    1. He has clarified in a press conference.

      “It is not regret with my statement, but regret that it created tension between races,” he said during a press conference in Sungai Buloh.

      Asked if the ‘regret’ amounted to an apology, he replied: “No, this is not about an apology or whatsoever”.

  3. MCA – lidah bercabang… pemuka hipokrik tegar. Siapa yang galakkan polirisasi ? Berlindung di sebalik lalang sehelai…

    Maaf helen. A bit harsh.

  4. thank god .eventually coolheads prevail. ismail has done his part. now liow must direct d youth head 2 do d same. we shld move on n strengthen d spirit of cooperation n understanding 2 face d numerous challenges ahead

  5. Umno is united Malays a wakeup call to go against the penjajahan and continued against the CPM both aggressors has and forgone now a call by the Dapsters to go against umno and a no to racial base no chinese no Malays no Indian will they go against this so called kiasu

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