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Dozens of Twitter users blocked by Hannah Yeoh

The many, many tweeters below complained that they were blocked by Hannah Yeoh.

azizisafar blocked

khanOFwar blocked

rasbima blocked

zulpanjangkb blocked

Rekod ponteng

When Hannah Yeoh was Subang Jaya Adun in her first term, dia selalu ponteng dan her poor attendance at the Dewan was a disgrace – she only attended seven days out of 13 days’ sitting! (see Selangor Hansard).

Not only that, she was even caught on the CCTV surfing her Facebook (to tweet) when the assembly was in session – photo evidence below of her laptop misuse.

When she was asked about not paying attention to the proceedings (but instead tweeting away) during the sitting, she immediately blocked her askers – Penang BN co-cordinator Azizi Safar and the rest of the tweeters screenshot above.



FongChanOnn blocked

Tun Faisal blocked

tun faisal blocked

armand blocked

izwan blocked


DAP evangelistas always block people who criticize them

IZWAN ROSLE DIN: “I never heard of any BN doing that.”

izwan blocked1

zeus hannah


Zeus Himself: “@hannahyeoh might block you after this tweet and label you as cybertrooper”

hannah conversation block

Emzac blocked

dhanyaraam blocked

satD blocked

qmz blocked

qmz blocked

ti lian ker blocked

TI LIAN KER: “Told u she will block you, so prima donna Hannah

Lots of people know her real character. Only the Jerusubang sheeple who are drunk on J-Juice fail to realise their idol has feet of clay.

prima donna hannah

yhoobro blocked

kalai blocked

ALARAM KALAI: “YB @hannahyeoh blocks anyone who questions her”

kalai blocked1

MyPRU blocked

Rahimi blocked

muhammad ibrahim blocked

“cannot accept criticism”

adiosamigos blocked

choonhann blocked

choonhann blocked cant argue

CHOON HAN: “The moment they can’t argue they block”

She even blocked Noh Omar?! Sheesh

asam blocked

shaikh harun blocked

ravin blocked

“kena tegur sikit terus block … apa lah ahmoi ni”

zeehan blocked


is a big bully

No wonder MCA Beliawanis treasurer @jezlai (Jessica Lai) tweeted “@hannahyeoh = DAP SuperCyber Bully”


jezlai blocked

sameer blocked1

sameer blocked

KerisMalaya blocked

ajak said blocked

yhoobro blocked


“Hypocrite” Hannah

“You block followers who question you but you preach open dialogue. Give us a break.”

rashid blocked

rashid blocked1

venkates hannah

buck blocked

venkates praise only

VENKATES RAO: “She only wants appreciation & people praising her… You ask Q, she block!”

Fatin: “@hannahyeoh you’re one pretty politician around!”

Hannah: Oh, “you are too kind.”

Manmeet Kaur can rest assured she will not get blocked by Hannah.

Twitter - hannahyeohPretty

Twitter manmeetbariar @hannahyeoh looked so pretty

CKGord blocked

arshad hannah

eddy hannah


dhanyaraam blocked deleted


Evidence of Mama Dapster deleting her tweets – HERE


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

37 thoughts on “Dozens of Twitter users blocked by Hannah Yeoh

  1. HELEN, Happy CNY. Semua potongan komen tweeter dipaparan blog awak tidak kelihatan kecuali 15 keping sahaja. Mungkinkah kerja askar siber DAP???

  2. hmm, baru keluar semua, maaf, capaian internet yang lambat ni….. just 2 clear the air

  3. “” youre one pretty politician around””


    BTW please remember to appropriate your tears accordingly for breakfast, lunch and dinner when you think of Anwar.

    1. Well, if she can’t stop thinking about poor Anwar’s plight in prison and can’t eat from all that sorrowing and crying, then she will be able to lose weight.

  4. What’s new?

    I questioned her about 40k Bangladeshis & Tian Chua about Lahad Datu which resulted in getting blocked. And I’m not even an avid user of Twitter.

    Everything they say is steeped in hypocrisy.

    Btw, did you catch the statement by Council of Churches which said DS Nik Aziz was an “exemplary leader”? I find it odd that they felt there was a need to make a populist statement. Don’t believe they made such a statement when Sultan Azlan Shah passed on last year.

    1. I remember when you signed up as her Twitter follower, and it wasn’t all that long ago.

      So how many months were you allowed the ‘privilege’ to be residing on her timeline before you got blocked?

      1. Probably 4-5 months tops. I got blacklisted some weeks after GE13. So much for free speech.

        Today, @JebatMustDie is taking on all comers from the Cyber Terrerist (spelling intended since they’re so smart & “terrer”) over Anwar’s guilty verdict. He has been quite vocal in bashing FLASK (First LAdy SpeaKer) in the past so I suppose she blocked him too.

        1. re: “FLASK (First LAdy SpeaKer) in the past”

          I’d suppose so as well.

          *** *** ***

          It’s been a rough journey, allowing all the terrer comments to see the light of day in my blog – even the ones that were so patently unfair to me (hitting below the belt).

          But I guess the compensation is a worthwhile payoff. At least over here, there are signs of disagreement, and intelligent reader input.

          1. You are either with me or against me ,that their ways of thinking . Nothing go through if you are not with them .
            Their version of freedom of expression ,and democracy .

            1. re: “You are either with me or against me, that is their way of thinking.”

              If you’re with them, all your old sins are miraculously washed away and overnight you’re purified like former Umno man Anwar Ibrahim, former MCA man Jimmy Chua Jui Meng and former Gerakan man Tan Kee Kwong.

              When you’re no longer with them, overnight you become the Dark Lord like Tunku Aziz and Khalid Ibrahim.

              If you’re against them, they will kill you (character assassination) without any hesitation nor qualms.

    1. Her ardent fans (or Dapster/evangelista operatives) do react viciously, yes. Some of the nastiest reader comments – which I allow to be published in my blog – were direct or immediate responses to the articles on Hannah here.

      But because the regular readership of is rather active in defending me, the apparatchiks have no choice but to take their slander to other blogs since – as the Hannah blocking blitzkrieg shows – they’re unable to argue intelligently and with proofs but resort to abusing and aggressively shouting down their opponents.

      These Dapster evangelista bring up my name in the readers’ comments section on blog post topic totally unrelated to me.

      It is unethical for the blog masters to allow that kind of smear campaign to be conducted in their piece of cyberspace. But they do.

      They’re rabidly pro-DAP feral blogs or Scissorati paid blogs bankrolled by Gunting HQ, and hence the personal attacks on me align with their vested interests. So they permit the comments and one or two of the Lim Family-worshipping bloggers even deliberately set me up for a reader bashing.

  5. Blocking followers means HY cannot argue intellectually, incapable of using that lump of fat resting in her skull. Only empty headed ardent fans who questioned not her tweets will adore , nay, worship her and the grounds she walked. And voted her, again. Shows what kind of mentality her fans, followers and voters have.

    And her “sermons” both in twitter world and real life is probablylimited to her 132 word vocabulary….eg low class, love and racist….

      1. TKO lah Ms HA…..

        Now I am lost for words and whatever is left of my Secondary school English

  6. Hi hi hi … masih ada ramai lagi yg tak serik2; just ignore or forget the hype about this TFL. Cuma gah dengan gelaran itu dan ini … Ratu Tweet dsbgnya. Sebenarnya … just plain ‘hippo’-crite.

    1. This is a foreshadow of their tyranny and oppressive methods should the DAP come to federal power.

      1. Like the People’s Action Party of Singapore.

        I have had first hand experience of these liberal WANNABE, MANAGEMENT, YUPPIE, NGO-TYPES since my days as a union branch committee member.

        When I resigned from the committee in disgust with them and explained my action to branch union members over the office messaging system, they moved to have me expelled from the national union, though in the end I got a written reprimand from the national union secretary.

        At the same time, the management informed me that they would be issuing me with a show cause letter for criticising management in my message over the management’s messaging system but I am still waiting for that show cause letter from management about 15 years later.

        Some of these NGO-TYPES in the union branch committee at the time may have the badge of honor of being amongst the around 100 participants of the APCET II (Asia-Pacific Conference on East Timor) in Kuala Lumpur in 1996 who were detained by police who went to conference room and ordered out about 300 UMNO Youth who had stormed the hall to protest the conference.

        However, when it came to more humble matters related to our union branch and our collective agreement negotiations, these “intellectual” NGO types who were great at high falutin issues fell for a management proposal which would have created a fault line between existing staff at the time of the signing of the collective agreement and new staff who joined after the signing.

        Basically the management had proposed that existing staff would enjoy higher pay according the new pay scale to be agreed upon, whilst new staff would be placed on the existing pay scale before the signing.

        The management argued that such a move would help the company which had to maintain a tight budget in the few years following the Asian Financial Crisis and these NGO types’ reason for going along with management was that it would be “fairer” on existing staff to enjoy the higher pay scale since they had to endure some years of no pay increases, unlike new colleagues who joined after the new collective agreement was signed.

        I disagreed onthe grounds that it would create a divide amongst union members which would weaken solidarity within our union branch butthese NGO types, who prided themselves on being able to “think like management”, sat me down for about two hours to try and win me over to their position but I stood my ground.

        They had thought that this dual pay scales agreement would last for the term of the new collective agreement but later learned from management that it would be permanent and only then they decided not to agree to this dual pay scales terms.

        So I was right after all and even a unionised plantation labourer would have had the brains to refuse such a proposal by management, whilst these liberal, middle class, white collar, psuedo-intellectual, NGO types were too thick to understand the longer term implications of the devisive nature two different sets of pay scales for teh staff. I was also disgusted by a so-called “socialist” amongst them who said that some branch union members deserved to be dismissed by the company, which revealed his true colours as a spoilt brat from a privileged middle class background.

        I was branch secretary at the time and the rest of the branch committee tried to dicate how I wrote my minutes, so instead of writing my minutes, I walked into a branch committee meeting, dumped all my branch union files on the table, read out my resignation letter, handed it to the committee, walked out, returned to office and posted my message over the company’s messaging system, in which I described the branch committee members as “Wannabe management, yuppie, NGO-types” and their demand that I be expelled from the national union on grounds that I had mentioned some details of confidential committee discussions public.

        Now let us look at Malaysiakini’s version of the 300 or so UMNO Youth members storming the APCET II conference.

        Remember this is 1996, about two years before Anwar was booted out of UMNO and amonst the protestors is Saifuddin Nasution, number three UMNO Youth leader and Anwar ally at the time, who later left to join the Keadilan Party (later PKR) and rose to become its Secretary-General until about a year ago.

        In two posts on his blog KTemoc Considers, KTemoc suggests that since the then Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir was visiting Ghana at the time of the incident at APCET II, then the order for that UMNO Youth posse to storm APCET II must have come from Malaysia’s “First Officer” at the time.

        I too condemn Indonesia’s invasion and annexation of East Timor in 1975 and I have supported East Timor’s independence since long before the Dili massacres and the formation of the East Timor Action Network ( in 1991 in response to the massacres.

        According to the World Socialist Web Site the Australian government, following the U.S. imperialist lead, encouraged the Soeharto regime to invade the East Timor in 1975 about one year after it gained independence from Portugal after the latter country’s fascist regime fell to a leftist government which gave East Timor the independence it had been fighting for.

        However, the U.S. imperialists and their compliant Australian poodle supported the Soeharto regime’s annexation of East Timor and the crushing of its leftist Fretilin government.

        Why did they do it?

        “In return, General Suharto agreed to negotiate an underwater boundary heavily in Australia’s favour, handing it nearly all the seabed reserves under the 1989 Timor Gap Treaty.”

        “After Suharto fell in 1998, and Portugal stepped up moves to reassert its old colonial interests, the Howard government sent in troops to support the formation of a nominally independent mini-state in 1999. Ostensibly, the purpose was to protect the Timorese people from Indonesian military and militia violence. The media and all those, including an array of “left” middle class protest groups, who called for the 1999 intervention, claimed it marked a “humanitarian” turn in Australian foreign policy.”

        “It was nothing of the sort. Within months, the Howard government was bullying and blackmailing the embryonic Dili administration to ensure that Australia, not East Timor or Portugal, kept the lion’s share of the oil and gas.”

        I support REAL political AND ECONOMIC independence for Timor Leste and not a nominal independence which western imperialist powers supported so as to get Indonesia out so that the imperialists can get at the oil and gas.

        Now what do those liberal, white collar, middle-class, wannabe yuppie, NGO-types and APCET II participants have to say about East Timor now?

        What does ETAN say about that on its website now?

        At the end of the day, it was all about oil and gas.

        1. re: “At the end of the day, it was all about oil and gas.”

          Likewise some of the NGOs types who strut around like they’re wear a “badge of honour”. Full of GAS.

          1. A friend and former colleague relates how as a young reporter he covered a press conference by a well known women’s rights NGO which had just received funding from Sweden and he related how he was put off by the haughty manner in which the head of this NGO more or less told reporters present what to write.

            These NGOs also tend to work together in tightly knit networks and my impression is that instead of these NGOs being front organisations of political parties, some political parties are front organisations of these NGOs.

            Ah and I know a particular journalist who is one of these NGO types who writes articles in the newspaper, quoting only like-minded NGO types as sources to provide a veneer of “editorial balance” and “credibility” to the articles.

            1. re: “These NGOs also tend to work together in tightly knit networks”

              Yup, practically incestuous.

              re: “these NGOs being front organisations of political parties”

              Methinks so too.

              re: “some political parties are front organisations of these NGOs”

              Which ones?

              re: “journalist who is one of these NGO types”

              Yup, annoying like hell.

              It does look like our country is splitting in two. And guess what: The Muslim NGOs are rising. The Apcet whingers are soon gonna meet their match.

              1. “re: “some political parties are front organisations of these NGOs”

                Which ones?”

                There was a photo gallery of prominent members of Suaram on the “Who Is Suaram” website which is no longer online and amongst them are some key members of Parti Sosialis Malaysia and PKR, which made me wonder whether Suaram influences these parties through them.

                I have no issue with a human rights organisation per se but when it openly admits to having taken funding from the likes of the National Endowment for Democracy, I am very concerned.

                “It does look like our country is splitting in two. And guess what: The Muslim NGOs are rising. The Apcet whingers are soon gonna meet their match.”

                Up until the May 2013 general elections, some pro-UMNO bloggers, UMNO politicians and national leaders including Najib adopted a concilitiary attitude towards the Chinese but after the massive Chinese swing to the DAP and increased votes for UMNO in the elections, coupld with the trading of racially and religiously sensitive statements and actions, there has been a widening divide especially between Malays and Chinese, Christians and Muslims.

                Mention of 1Malaysia toned down greatly since the outcome of that elections.

                There has definitely been an “ubah” (change) since the 2014 GE but it is a change for the worse, not for the better and I fear that it could blow up nastily one day.

                For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction and the way things are heading, it does not look good.

                The likes of Alvin and Vivien cannot post something like that “Selamat Buka Puasa” picture of them eating bak kut teh without expecting not to incur the anger of many many Muslims and a subsequent backlash.

                1. re: “some key members of Parti Sosialis Malaysia and PKR, which made me wonder whether Suaram influences these parties through them”

                  They’ve a symbiotic relationship.

                  re: “I have no issue with a human rights organisation per se but when it openly admits to having taken funding from the likes of the National Endowment for Democracy, I am very concerned.”

                  What’s wrong with NED, aside from being American?

                  re: “Mention of 1Malaysia toned down greatly since the outcome of that elections.”

                  Must check to see if Najib is still faithfully wearing his 1Malaysia lapel pin.

                  re: “I fear that it could blow up nastily one day”


                  re: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction and the way things are heading, it does not look good.”

                  I’m waiting to see what is the equal and opposite reaction to the pompous ass J-Star screaming “racist”, “bigot” and “extremist”.

                  re: “The likes of Alvin and Vivien cannot post something like that “Selamat Buka Puasa” picture of them eating bak kut teh without expecting not to incur the anger of many many Muslims and a subsequent backlash.”

                  Worse than Alvivi are the Firsters who had insisted that the BKT could have been halal chicken meat.

  7. You don’t have to follow her tweet using an account. Her tweets are on public domain. The same with David Nga, OKM. David Nga’s FB too is on public domain.

    1. I read her tweets over the Internet.

      The difference is people with Twitter accounts can reply to her timeline.

      Do you have a Twitter, Mulan? If you do, you could pay her a visit (nudge-nudge, wink-wink) and we can see how long you last :)

  8. OK betul.

    Rodziah Ismail
    ‏@Rodziah_Ismail Bila Kes rogol berlaku.. Kenapa wanita shj d persalahkan?

    Tapi kalau lelaki yang kena rogol (seperti satu kes yang baru diputuskan di mahkamah), lelaki mangsa rogol disalahkan dan dituduh oleh segelintar (sebenarnya gelintir yang sangat ramai) di media social.

    Mana keAdilAn Puan Rokiah, Puan Chong?
    Ada yang (orang politik) yang menangis setiap kali makan untuk lelaki perogol. Pelik?

  9. Syahredzan Johan today defended the right to block & unfriend on social media saying that such acts aren’t against freedom of speech. Strange that BN don’t practice that in the 1st place no?

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