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Anwar has lost weight already

Each meal that Hannah Yeoh has, she thinks of Anwar Ibrahim’s meals in prison and her eyes well up with tears.


Hannah Yeoh my eyes well up with tears

But yesterday’s meal was an exception – see her Instagram below. No tears, leh, and she looks like she is enjoying her finger licking’ good food.

Oh-uh, this is setting back the diet plan.

She must remember to cry buckets her next meal thinking about poor Anwar in prison and thus reduce her appetite and food intake.

Hannah Yeoh kuat makan

Anwar needs his wheelchair as predicted

Only a couple of days ago, Irma, a reader of this blog, had mused @ 2015/02/12 at 9:01 pm:

“Anyway, wonder when we’ll see the re-emergence of Anwar’s neck brace and wheelchair.”

And voila!

Today’s report in Sinar Harian – ‘Anwar mengadu sakit belakang

Aside from back pain, Nurul Izzah also said that her daddy has lost weight.

Anwar sakit belakang

Chin up, Anwar

Your supporters are holding candlelight vigils for you so that you’ll stay strong.

Now what Puan Speaker must do is also to show SO-LI-DA-RI-TI with Anwar.

Like Jack and Rose in Titanic – “you jump, I jump”.

Anwar “kehilangan berat badan”, Hannah kehilangan berat badan juga … je suis Anwar.

BELOW: Hannah seated front row with the VVIPs at Azmin’s swearing in



Hannah Yeoh: “A mockery of our democratic institution”


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33 thoughts on “Anwar has lost weight already

  1. i also saw a video of bomoh destroying two hantu rayas [with coconuts, limes and a golf stick [no joke, sumpah!] that were sent to kill anwar in sg buluh.

    guess msians do not have to worry about being short of entertainment even when he’s put away. :)

        1. Perhaps madam speaker could drink coconut water to dissolve her pig fats.
          I’m so sad how many pigs need to be sacrificed to quench the pangs to madam.

      1. Er, is this the same Raja Bomoh who said that he and his team could locate MH370? He made Malaysia a global laughing stock so I’m not surprise if he’s doing the same thing just to get attention.

        I can see that in the video that he’s using the same props. JAKIM, JAWI etc. please do something about this guy rather than issuing hollow threats to Muslim girls who hugged K-Pop boy bands. Budak2 nk buli sangat, at last JAWI cannot do anything at all, satu spesis dgn JAIS. Drama je lebih.

        N.B. On another note, this Raja Bomoh also threaten to “tampar Khairy Jamaluddin macam tampar buaya”. I found that to be most amusing, at least he got balls.


  2. AI baru beberapa hari dah “kelihatan kehilangan berat badan.” Sg Buloh Prison should publish their diet preparation for AI. Maybe I can follow. I’ve been trying to lose weight for a while now, trying this and that diet plan.

    1. Kena pasang CCTV sekali … tengok cara makan; manalah tau … makan dalam keadaan menonggeng atau meniarap ke. Baru lengkap documentary and documentation …. complete le diet programme tu.

      1. Kat sini pun bro EVLee ada komen. What a small world…
        Anwar boleh buat buku diet buku lepas ni dan Anwar juga akan boleh jadi hos untuk program “The Big Loser”.

  3. Ok to be fair, back pain can be triggered by psychological factors like stress. And believe me, walking can be near impossible.

    But yeah, drama queen tactics …

    1. The One Whose Heart is Always Aching and Breaking, and eyes tearing, pun tumpang drama jugak.

      1. Alamak Boss Helen ni … saya baru ambil ‘late lunch’. Terbaca pulak … rasa macam nak … uuwweekkk.

        1. She only cries when she thinks about Anwar’s prison meals, kot?

          But she forgot to cry in yesterday’s selfie, when she was eating whatever it is (porky fries?) between her fingers.

  4. minta maaf ! why are we still giving space to this anwar. there will be a lot more nonsense that will come out as a result of his incarceration. the person that will continue to make him relevant will of course be nurul. they can deny all they want but it will not alter the fact that her father is a serial sodomite and it will be recorded as such in our political annals.

    may I offer a plea here that we try n forget this ‘keluarga 69’.

    what is more urgent and pressing now is to let the public be aware about the 1MDB wheeling and dealings that has shown some semblance of monies not being managed professionally.

    the chairman of PAC has indicated that it should be investigated thoroughly so that any sign of malpractices can be remedied and the culprits be charged.

    1. re: “why are we still giving space to this Anwar?”

      ‘Cos women readers are interested in his diet programme and Madame Speaker could do with Anwar as her motivational figure for weight loss.

      1. I still maintain my prediction that this woman yeoh will be history soon. Dap and her politics of deception will soon be rejected by the masses. there is no sincerity in their coliation.

        tuan guru hj haron din and tuan guru hj hadi have always been supporting each other. I am eagerly waiting for haron din to give his first official political statement as acting musyridul am of Pas. one thing is certain that he has no time for the racist party Dap.

      2. He is going to be 70 soon… dah mula kecut la badan, a natural process. Dok dlm jail he will hv all the time to reflect, klo memang jahat this will begin to haunt him sleepless everynight..

        Prison food? There are millions living outside who are surviving on nasi berulam kangkong! I can bet dalam prison they have at least 4meals a day.. belajar bersyukur la..

  5. To be fair to him, I am a sufferer of slipped disc and I understand very well how the back pain will occur. For people like us, I have gone through bad situation and recovered about 85% (according to doc, there is no 100% recovery for slipped disc).

    For us, bed is a very sensitive matter. If we change bed, or sleep in hard surface, our back pain will appear. If not taken care it will spread to become worse.

    Even I have slipped disc and has been in bad situation (almost on wheel chair) before, that doesn’t mean I am totally in wheel chair. After my 85% recover, I can still do certain type of sport, especially those that are less physically and less jumping. I am now very much into Tennis as this is the only physically sport I can do. I was an avid basketball, volleyball and badminton player, but I have to gave them up.

    So, in the case of Anwar back pain, some how or rather I believe he does have some issue. It is very much like what I have gone through.

    1. Didn’t hear him complaining when they were marching to Putrajaya. He was even in Indian dress and doing Indian dance.

  6. re: Tuan Guru Hj. Harun Din and Tuan Guru Hj. Hadi Awang both are supporting each other and able to perceive too

    True they are also a thorn among the roses of the pakatan hopefully tell pray they are in good health cause in PAS itself are a friction among PASMA and though NGO’s the fact that this group received moral support as well as cash of one million from the pakatan Penang state gov.

    1. the ulama group in PAS will definitely have an upper after the demise of tuan guru nik Aziz. not that nik Aziz loved the dap and pkr but more so because he hated umno so much that he would work with anybody that share his feeling of enmity.

      if pasma decide to break away and form their own party, they will surely lose their ‘pants’. Dap knows this and that is why they are soft paddling or more so back paddling now. they have come up with an appeal that the spirit of consensus be maintained. unfortunately their understanding of concensus is to ‘agree not to agree’. —– hypocrites. !!!!!

      it is very interesting to see what is in store in Selangor a few weeks from now. it is not that far fetch to think that t sri Khalid might be asked to mengadap and take over the reins once again. after all to a lot of people and pkr aduns feel he has done a relatively good job and his rapport with the palace is excellent.

  7. Just wait. The medical “ailments” will worsen each day, then the family will demand he be treated in Germany (as we all know according to these anti-government types, everything local is lauyah, everything foreign is bagus).

    Pressure will be put on Najib who, being spineless and always eager to please his detractors, will allow Anwar to go abroad for treatment. And cabut lah our hero! Sure won’t come back.

    I really hope there’s CCTV monitoring his cell. This guy is the liar personified!

    1. I’m a Vulcan like Mr Spock. My mind is logical, analytical and clinical. And I’m almost always right.

      1. So am I. I am descendent of the Peking Man. I can think. I am super allergic to holy water. My skin will itch is there is holy water 100 feet away.

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