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Anwar Diet Plan: Buang 15kg dalam tiga hari

Tatkala musim perayaan Tahun Baru Bangsa Malaysia ini, takut-takut ada Anak Bangsa Malaysia tamak haloba yang dok lantak hidangan masakan Malaysia yang memang sedap-sedap tu.

Anwar kurus diet plan

hannah yeoh gemuk

Hannah Yeoh ate for charity

Baiknya hati srikandi DAP ini

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rakus Hannah Yeoh

re: “She love chicken”

Like Anwar, she loves gullible little fools and eats them for breakfast.


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6 thoughts on “Anwar Diet Plan: Buang 15kg dalam tiga hari

  1. wow! I want to enrol in this programme la Helen. where do I sign up?

    it’s getting harder to lose weight as your age grows by. if anwar who is his 60s can lost 15kg in 3 days, imagine how much I in my 30s can lose in the same length of day.

    maybe 30 kg? been struggling to lose weight eventhough with all the exercises and food refraining method.

  2. New year is here.
    Don’t wish me 恭喜发财 (Gong Xi Fa Cai). I am not a business person. If you go to the coffee shop especially Char Koay Teow, prices have increased even though petrol and electricity are on the way down. 所有价格上涨. Harga semua naik, In fact they traders are collecting the GST early (even before the launch) for fun in Penang.
    Only the business people, PBA and all pro DAP developers would 发财. Definitely 生意兴隆.

    Just wish me 身体健康 (Good health)

    To Kak Helen 身体健康, 万石如意 (All dreams come true).

  3. Dear Aunty Helen,

    As we all know, the oppositions are lobbying the US to force our country to free Anwar fronm prison. They even made a petition to the White House asking the US to take action, claiming Anwar is a political prisoner. Again they are asking foreign power to interfere in our country’s affairs.

    I do not want Malaysia to end up like Egypt, Tunisia and others.

    Since Aunty Helen has lots of viewers, can Aunty please kindly help to promote a petition to the White House telling the US to leave us alone and to respect the sovereignty of our country? I wrote about it here:

    Thanks, Aunty Helen. :D

  4. Ini yg dikatakan “makan hati ulam jantung”. Nature has its ways, you just cannot beat it la..

    If yr heart is dirty and full of hate air muka tak tenang. Kulit muka jadi macam Tembam.. tak smooth and radiant.. Buat ka macam mana pon.. nature has its ways.

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