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Beaten on head with mop stick by beautician

Last week on Feb 10, the magistrate’s court in Hong Kong found a former beautician guilty on 18 counts of abusing her maid Erwiana Sulistyaningsih.

Erwiana had described to the court how her employer Law Wan-tung shoved a metal vacuum cleaner tube into her mouth and twisted it, causing her lips to bleed.

Law also hit Erwiana on the head with a mop handle which resulted in a swelling of the brain from the repeated blows.


Deja vu

It was only less than a fortnight ago that two creepy Christians from a banned evangelical cult were executed by China authorities for killing a woman in a McDonald’s restaurant.

Zhang Fan and Zhang Lidong – a father and daughter in Zhaoyuan city, Shandong – had hit the victim on the head with a mop stick after accusing her of being “evil”, more HERE.

Erwiana’s injuries include burns from being scalded with boiling water, several broken teeth and a broken nose  

Erwiana Sulistyaningsih

In the business of beauty but ugly behaviour

Former beautician Law Wan-tung had punched, slapped, kicked and beaten her domestic helper to a point that the 22-year-old Indonesian fell unconscious.

In her testimony, Erwiana said she was often starved on top of being forced to work 20 hours a day and only allowed to sleep from 1 pm to 5 pm on the floor.

See ‘Employer only gave Erwiana one bottle of water a day to cut down on toilet breaks, court hears‘ (South China Morning Post, 10 Dec 2014)

When Erwiana’s wounds oozed blood and puss, the employer complained that the maid stained her carpet.

Law Wan-tung

ABOVE: Law Wan-tung sobbed as the judge read out the court verdict

BELOW: Malaysian Yim Pek Ha sobbing at her guilty sentence

Yim Pek Ha

Yim, a former air stewardess, had scalded her Indonesian maid Nirmala Bonat with boiling water and a hot iron as well as inflicted other horrific abuse.

Malaysian employers who have been charged and/or convicted by the court previously for maid abuse (and in some cases causing death) are: Serene Ong Su Ping, Fong Kong Meng, Teoh Ching Yen, Soh Chew Tong, Chin Chui Ling, Hau Yuan Tyng, Yap Sow Li, Cheah Lai Mooi, Tan Mong Huwai and Eng Lay Sang – case details HERE and HERE.

Love is all around in Penang and KL

In her column on Valentine’s Day, Karina Bahrin (pix below) talked about the kind of people who are – most unfortunately –  less than beautiful.

KarinaKarina wrote in her article ‘The ugly Malaysians‘ (The Ant Daily, 14 Feb 2014) that “cosmopolitan Malaysians who live in the cities have become a very ugly lot … particularly [those] from KL or Penang”.

“What has become of our manners and culture of being honest, considerate and tolerant?” she asks.

Karina also wonders if everything is to be “seen as a fight for the survival of the fittest, fairness be damned? Has corruption become such a norm that it is now acceptable to steal and cheat and lie?”

betty chew gucci

FLOP: First Lady Of Penang and her beautiful branded handbag

Winning the rat race

To sum up: For Karina Bahrin, ugly Malaysians are the Darwinian-fittest group who toss aside any notion fairness in their bid for survival, and who are biadab (without ‘adab’ or manners), dishonest, inconsiderate and intolerant, and who steal, cheat and lie.

So who are they, these ugly Malaysians?

“The cul­prits,” Karina says, “don’t come from small villages. They come from KL and Penang, our two largest cities.”

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh carrying the biggest, loveliest handbag of all

Do you see any of the other women's handbags loudly screaming for attention?     VIP orang besar mesti bawa beg besar ... Do you see any of the other women's handbags loudly screaming for attention?

Note: Just as the size of a snail’s shell is proportionate to the snail – think Siput Babi – it also looks as if the size of a woman’s handbag is also proportionate to its owner and her income

Sneaky city slickers

Karina has observed that the ugliest Malaysians come from KL and Penang.

Here are some basic facts about the two states – Penang is the Northern Republic of Kiasu Island, ruled by the DAP.

It chief minister Lim Guan Eng has proclaimed that “Penang rejects racists, extremists and liars”.

In other words, the honest CM is a paragon of anti-racism and anti-extremism while it is other people who are bad (racists, extremists and liars) and must “leave Penang alone to enjoy its religious harmony”.

Penang rejects racists extremists

KL is similarly DAP-dominated. The Parliament seats in KL are:

1. Kepong
2. Segambut
3. Bukit Bintang
4. Seputeh
5. Cheras

1. Batu
2. Wangsa Maju
3. Lembah Pantai
4. Bandar Tun Razak

1. Setiawangsa
2. Titiwangsa

Out of the 11 current MPs in KL, seven are Chinese – five from DAP and two from PKR (i.e. Tian Chua and Tan Kee Kwong who’s ex-Gerakan).

Click to enlarge


As a matter of interest, Penang and KL are the two states with the highest percentage of Chinese population. Johor comes third.

Chinese make up 45.6 percent of the population in Penang while they’re 43.2 percent in KL.

hannah yeoh gemuk

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who’s the most beautiful Malaysian of all?

Karina Bahrin reckons that Malaysians have misplaced our moral compass. She is stumped at how some us – especially those in Penang and KL – can turn so ugly and wants to know, “Have we lost our minds or have we lost our conscience?”

Karina is being too pessimistic. Instead we must have faith that Goodness and Light shall ultimately triumph over the EVIL and WICKED.


Preachers of divisiveness – bad, Bad, BAD & ugly too!

The J-Star‘s one-time acting group editor June Wong believes that to save our country, we only need to vote in the right leaders.

June wrote in her article ‘Ruling multiracial Malaysia‘: “I will support leaders who are strong and courageous to stand firm against those who preach hate and divisiveness and punish them appropriately, regardless of who these hate-mongers are.”

Her highly enlightened opinion on the scrouge of hate-mongers is shared by her EvangeliSTAR colleagues, with the J-Star editorials urging moderate Malaysians to stand up against the “hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses”.


Beauty is beyond race

The most beautiful Malaysians are colour blind. They do not spew hate, they’re not divisive, and they’re not race-obsessed ignoramuses. They are the Firsters who live in Penang and KL.

These are the beautiful Malaysians who are bravely standing up against the extremists and the race and religion bigots – see J-Star billboard above.

Anak Bangsa Beautiful Hannah Yeoh believes that “true love narrows the differences”.

Our country can be beautiful again once all the racists are “taught how to love” – see her tweet below.



‘Subang Jaya and the Chinese named Hannah Yeoh’ in



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15 thoughts on “Beaten on head with mop stick by beautician

  1. ‘It chief minister Lim Guan Eng has proclaimed that “Penang rejects racists, extremists and liars”.’

    Penangites oso suka the guy who can tell them that they are actually 2nd, 3rd & 4th class bangsa, they made him a chief minister, kan Guan Eng?

  2. Damn, Helen! I spewed my morning coffee. That’s a lot of shocking pictures. That last one almost cause a heart attack.

      1. HY, of course.

        The Erwiana pictures are horrifically representative of a small group of people who seem to have loss their humanity. It’s not just of the Chinese race but comes in people of all colors and natinality. They seem to believe that they are superior to all forms of life. You find them being cruel to not just maids, whom they treat as indentured robotic slaves, but also towards cats, dogs and other animals.

        1. Very distressing …

          … the ill-treatment of cats, dogs and other animals as well as Hannah Yeoh’s shocking pictures.

  3. These are symptoms of the nouveau riche, people who have just tasted wealth and power over humbler people from poorer countries, such as their maids.

    They are no different from the North American plantation owners who abused, mistreated and tortured their Black slaves.

    Many white North Americans are descended from poor or persecuted people who could not make it in their own country and migrated to a better life in the “New World”.

    1. re: “These are symptoms of the nouveau riche, people who have just tasted wealth and power over humbler people”

      These nouveau riche and newly powerful carpetbaggers become very garang.

  4. Kak Helen,

    Maybe Erwiana’s employer was “provoked” by her. It’s impossible for the employer in such a civilised, caring society to do such horrible thing to her maid. Maybe the employer was provoked.

    Just like how 58-year old Khoo Kok Ann was suggested to have been “provoked” by a female motorist, which led Khoo to spat on the lady’s windscreen and broke her wiper. Yep, it was suggested by some people that Khoo “was provoked”.

    Kiki is different. Kiki, a hijab wearing Malay motorist was simply a “road bully” and a “monster”. Period.

    Ever wonder why some people can fight for their “rights” and “being bullied” but when other people do the same thing they’re being negatively labelled as “racist”, “extremist”, “low-class” and “bullies”?

    Dangerous Views, Divisive Ideas.


  5. I really like you photo from ymlee of Hannah.
    She eats for Charity II.

    She eats for anything. Period.

  6. Re: “Malaysian employers who have been charged and/or convicted by the court previously for maid abuse ( in some cases causing death) are: Serene Ong Su Ping, Fong Kong Meng, Teoh Ching Yen, Soh Chew Tong, Chin Chui Ling, Hau Yuan Tyng, Yap Sow Li, Cheah Lai Mooi, Tan Mong Huwai and Eng Lay Sang)

    le see pai lang, siao ah lian, ter naow

  7. Money is the enabler. If the attitude is bad, the personality is violent , the money only magnifies it.

  8. Manalah Presiden Jokowi tidak ‘naik angin’ sampai memanggil Menteri Tenaganya untuk menghentikan penghantaran pembantu rumah keluar negara. Bagi negara kita Malaysia memang memerlukan pembantu rumah kerana ramai golongan wanita yang keluar bekerja.

    Bagi penduduk Malaysia terutama Melayu Islam, kami memang lebih selesa mengambil pembantu rumah Indonesia daripada Filipina, Thailand, Bangladesh, malah Kemboja juga.

    Kalau benar benar dilaksanakan oleh Jokowi, ini merupakan berita buruk bagi keluarga Melayu Islam. Sungguh pun begitu saya memahami perasaan Jokowi yang menganggap perbuatan mendera pembantu rumah sebagai menjatuhkan maruah dan harga diri mereka.

    Oleh yang demikian, kenapa tidak dibuat situasi menang menang. Buat perjanjian yang betul ‘binding’ dengan negara/majikan yang memerlukan pembantu rumah. Golongan yang dikenalpasti sering mendera pembantu rumah Indonesia jangan diberi peluang mengambil maid dari Indonesia, biar mereka ambil dari negara lain seperti Cina, Filipina, Bangladesh atau negara negara lain.

    Indonesia pun tidak boleh terlalu emosional. Selagi mereka belum mampu menyedia peluang pekerjaan kepada semua rakyatnya, selagi itu lah mereka akan pergi keluar negara untuk mencari rezeki. Tidak secara halal, mereka akan lakukan secara haram. Secara haram lagi bahaya!

    Setiap bulan saya akan membawa bibik saya ke IME untuk mengirim wang ke kampungnya. Di situ ramai warga Indonesia dan Bangla mengirim wang ke negara masing masing. Sambil mengeleng gelengkan kepala, dalam hati saya berkata, berapa banyaknya wang Malaysia yang mengalir ke luar !.

    Itu tidak termasuk wang yang disimpannya dalam bank. Wang ini juga bakal dibawanya pulang.

    Memang saya menggalakkan bibik menyimpan wang di bank supaya kalau dia pulang ke negara asal nanti tidak dengan tangan kosong sebagai mana dia mula datang!

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