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Should PAS take up Umno’s unity offer?

A Sin Chew editorial yesterday was headlined, ‘PAS drops the substance for the shadow‘.

Sin Chew said:

“Part of the reason for PAS’ political force expansion is because it gains votes from non-Muslims with the help of PKR and DAP. However, it now kicks away the ladder and presents the hudud law bill without caring about the interests of non-Muslims. PAS cares only about hudud law and it might cost it a heavy price in the next general election.”

(1) Sin Chew claims that PAS’s political representation has expanded due to non-Muslim votes gained through PKR and DAP.

(2) Sin Chew also claims that PAS’s hudud bill is an act of kicking away the ladder, i.e. not being grateful for the DAP help that took the Islamist party a few rungs higher.

(3) Sin Chew further claims that the Kelantan hudud move might cost PAS, and it will have to pay “a heavy price” i.e. the loss of non-Muslim votes, in the next GE

(4) Sin Chew believes that PAS participation in Pakatan is the “substance” whereas its push for hudud is chasing shadows.

The Sin Chew editorial is reflective of Cina cakap besar and Chinese empty threat. It also reflects how little the Chinese understand the Malay-Muslim mind.

But let’s look at the facts first.

Malaysian Elections 1999

The 1999 general election

See data box above.

PAS has always been a bigger party than the DAP. It is older too.

In GE10, PAS contested 62 Parliament seats and won 27. DAP contested 44 Parliament seats and won 10.

PAS contested a total of 236 state seats and won 98. DAP contested 86 state seats and won 11.

GE10 was not all that long ago. A mere 14 years separate GE10 and GE13.

Click to view

1999 Parliament Elections

1999 State Elections


Get this, okay?

Parliament seats 1999

PAS – 27
DAP – 10

State seats 1999

PAS – 98
DAP – 11

In 1999, DAP won 4 DUN seats each in Perak and Malacca, and one each in Penang, Selangor and Pahang.

1999 Karpal Singh Parliament

1999 Karpal Singh state

1999 Kit Siang Parliament

1999 Kit Siang state

Click to enlarge

Karpal and Kit Siang kicked out

In 1999, Karpal contested the Jelutong Parliament seat in Penang and lost to Gerakan’s Lee Kah Choon. He contested the Datuk Keramat Penang state seat and lost to Gerakan’s Lim Boo Chang.

Kit Siang contested the Bukit Bendera Parliament seat in Penang and lost to Gerakan’s Chia Kwang Chye. He contested the Kebun Bunga Penang state seat and lost to Gerakan’s Dr Teng Hock Nan.

However due to its runaway success in GE13, DAP has become so besar kepala in such a short time and quite forgetting the trashing it received a mere one-and-half decades ago.

And not only is the evangelical party bongkak bukan kepalang, it is also bullying PAS.

PAS kena buli

PAS not beholden to Chinese voters

In 1999, Hadi Awang won his Marang Parliament seat in Terengganu with a thumping majority of 12,700 votes. Hadi Awang also won his Terengganu state seat of Ru Rendang by a huge margin.

Nik Aziz strolled to an easy victory in his Chempaka DUN ward.

Contrary to what Sin Chew claimed, PAS did not “expand” its electoral influence under the Pakatan kahwin mutaah. The Chinese votes marginally gained by PAS in the semi-urban constituencies cannot offset the Malay votes that PAS lost in the Malay heartland.

Sin Chew is unable to hide its “balik kampung, tanam jagung” mentality in the paper’s over-estimation of DAP-Chinese clout and under-estimation of PAS’s Islamic priorities.

1999 Hadi Awang Parliament

1999 Hadi Awang state

1999 Nik Aziz

PAS’s performance slumped under Pakatan

In 1999, PAS had 27 seats in a 193-seat Parliament. Its share of Parliamentary representation was 13.9 percent.

In 2013, PAS won 21 seats in a 222-seat Parliament. Its share of Parliamentary representation is currently 9.46 percent.

Compared to its past performance, PAS has regressed. Its Faustian pact with the DAP has been a poor trade-off.

So what will PAS do now?


Najib is polished wheeler dealer but poor leader

Najib Razak made a Malay unity offer to Anwar Ibrahim after the last general election. That’s what PKR vice president Nurul Izzah Anwar told a ceramah crowd on Valentine’s Day. Anwar could become the deputy prime minister, konon.

See, ‘Najib offered Anwar DPM post after GE13‘ (Malaysiakini, 15 Feb 2015).

PKR sec-gen Rafizi Ramli has confirmed what Nurul revealed. Refer,

Well, it has been proven before that Najib is one willing to engage in hush-hush negotiations. How many Umno cabinet ministers were caught by surprise when Hindraf leader Waytha Moorthy was brought into the PMO, eh?

Anwat demo angry

Chinese dipping toes into Reformasi 2.0

The Chinese want ‘Ubah’. Having Anwar replace Muhyiddin as Najib’s deputy is one form of change, certainly.

And what do the Anwar supporters, who protested his jail sentence, really want?

They’re carrying “angry” placards. They’re angry at everything, even at a bus.

Anwat demo angry 1
PDRM conteng

Dapsters full of anger and hate

Ismail Sabri will be boycotting the Chinese New Year event held in his Bera constituency in Pahang.

The Agriculture Minister said, “I received tip-off that if I attend the CNY event, DAP supporters may attend too, some may throw objects (at me)”.

Do the delusional Dapsters believe that their continued hate and hypocrisy will not attract any backlash? More Ismail Sabris will simply emerge from Umno.

Lim Kit Siang Ismail Sabri

A PAS deputy prime minister

It appears that the negotiations between Anwar and Najib fell through. There is no Malay unity deal clinched between PKR and Umno.

PKR is, at least for the moment, sticking to its uneasy partnership with DAP.

Rafizi spilled the beans that Najib allegedly offered PKR the deputy prime ministership as well as four ministerial portfolios. PAS must drive a hard bargain and not settle for anything less from Najib.

PAS can take over the MCA ministries and MCA seats.


Is DAP no longer anti-Malay and anti-Islam?

Umno didoakan pecah perut oleh PAS. Dipohon Tuhan agar “K-O”.

Orang Umno sering dikafirkan dan disumpah oleh PAS. Tapi Umno rileks aje b’cos it is after all PPTA. Selamba sakan.

Surely by now PAS realises that DAP is ultra kiasu. PAS has barely scratched the surface in its treatment of DAP compared with how PAS has been treating Umno all this while.

Does PAS think that DAP will remain tidak apa, rileks and selamba if DAP were to be treated by PAS like how Umno is treated? (Think of what the Chinese employers do to Indonesian maids.)

The Chinese voters keep repeating that they know what to do come the next election. Does PAS know what to do?


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32 thoughts on “Should PAS take up Umno’s unity offer?

  1. Helen,

    I am not so sure about Najib’s offer the post of Deputy Prime Minister to Anwar. Knowing Anwar’s penchant in telling anything but the truth, I urge everyone not to believe it.

    As for Sin chew’s reporting, the truth is that PAS is losing more. I believe only recently PAS is willing to face reality that it is losing Malay votes to UMNO. Its association to PR or rather submission to DAP is too much for Malays to accept.

    Any Malay based parties( UMNO and PAS) must lock Malay votes in order to be relevant. PAS manages to spread its influence by getting almost all Chinese votes in areas where PAS contests against UMNO.

    But at a price. Last election shows Malays are in favour of UMNO in Malay areas.

    Sin Chew of course wants PAS to be in PR. Without PAS, of course, DAP will not be able to dethrone UMNO.

    1. re: “I am not so sure about Najib’s offer the post of Deputy Prime Minister to Anwar.”

      Ask Jusuf Kalla.

      1. Helen,

        Najib never asked Jusuf Kalla to mediate. It is Anwar who invited Jusuff to mediate. What is there to mediate for? There was no problem with regards to PRU13.

        Anwar himself was the problem. By asking Jusuff Kalla to mediate, Anwar gave the impression that Najib refused to accept election result.

        Najib , being a Malay, would not want to embarass Jusuff by telling bluntly that the latter’s service was not necessary. He entertained Jusuff kala and accorded respect to Jusuff. And that was simply being a character of a gracious host.

        Najib, though his position seems unchallenged in UMNO knows too well that UMNO will revolt against him should he offer the post to Anwar.

        UMNO has “berpatah arang berkerat rotan” with Anwar. Bringing Anwar in is a sure way to dethrone UMNO.

        1. re: “Anwar gave the impression that Najib refused to accept election result.”

          Which only goes to show that Najib – despite the hundreds of millions he pays to his media konsetan and punahsihat – was deftly outmaneuvered in the perception game – as has been the case in many other issues.

          Umno is just hopeless at its crafting its public image. It has a lot in its favour but doesn’t know how to burnish and highlight the assets – like the great statesmanship of party founder Dato’ Onn Jaafar as one example.

          Umno failed to milk the fact that it persuaded the Raja-Raja Melayu to grant citizenship to two million Chinese between 1952 and 1959, many of whom did not qualify.

          Umno largely kept silent about the role of the DAP is sparking May 13 and instead allowed the Firsters to seize the narrative and retell the story through their own spin.

          Most certainly Umno is more moderate and tolerant than the DAP but how come it is allowing The J-Star to get away with their smear campaign?

          We’ve seen how Hannah Yeoh blocked dozens (if not scores) of Twitter users on her timeline. Again Umno doesn’t highlight these exposés but instead allows the MCA’s treacherous Gunting Dalam Lipatan to promote the real tyrants.

            1. pas members has been indoctrinated to hate every single thing about umno.

              so these so called umno-pas unity remain a utopia to be fulfilled. to achieve unity, all level of members from both parties need to ‘berlapang dada’ and try to forgive and forget. which i doubt is happening at the moment.

              the unholy alliance is the only option for pas as they know it is very impossible to dismantle bn from the throne without help from third party.

              even on it’s own, pas rarely contest seats where majority are non bumis. so the power base for this islamist party still lie in malay dominated area. because they know in general, non bumis doesn’t find it acceptable to have pas as their representative be it on state or parliament level.

              1. It is part of the prophetic sunnah for us to be satisfied with what Allah Most High has destined for us, of His acts, though it be illness, disease, poverty, calamity, loss of intellect, and so forth; indeed, it is obligatory to be patient in experiencing these trials.

                But as for the acts of human beings which Allah has forbidden, such as unbelief (kafir) and misguidance (ghuluw), it is unlawful for us to rest content with them according to scholarly consensus (ijma‘), because to rest content with unbelief and acts of disobedience is itself unbelief and disobedience on our part.

                The preaching of express hatred for political adversaries is abject misguidance as far as religion is concerned, and the condemnation of other Muslims as unbelievers (takfir) is to transgress Islamic adab altogether.

                Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

          1. ‘Umno failed to milk the fact that it persuaded the Raja-Raja Melayu to grant citizenship to two million Chinese between 1952 and 1959, many of whom did not qualify.’

            The Malays need to milk more on this. I agree. But Malays being Malays. Apo nak dikato?

            But then again when someone finally does, ie, ISMA, tengok apa jadi kat Ustaz Zaik?

    1. I wrote the following on 15 Oct 2013 @

      How time flies!

      Kit Siang’s press release is titled ‘Johore a key battle ground for the vision of a Malaysian Dream as a unifying factor for all Malaysians and an antidote to the revival of extremist and intolerant racist politics in five months after 13GE’.

      Lim Sr and Jr are identical in this respect. Both have the habit of attaching long-winded headlines to their press releases.

      The father-and-son duo should take a leaf from Dr M whose last 10 blogs articles are crisply titled as follows: ‘Politicians vs journalists’, ‘Chin Peng’, ‘Regime change’, ‘The Rohingyas’, ‘Masa depan Umno’, ‘Fuel subsidy’, ‘Sunni and Syiah’, ‘Meroboh surau’, ‘Advice that will bankrupt the nation’ and ‘Water for Singapore’.

      All of Dr M’s articles have short titles.

      Compare the most recent press statement by Lim Guan Eng (yesterday) which is titled ‘The Special Screening Of “Tanda Putera” To Commemorate Malaysian Airlines (MAS) 41st Anniversary Celebrations Insults All MAS Customers Who Are Offended By The Lies That Is Not Only Historically Wrong But Also Racially Offensive And Derogatory’.


      1. Long winded. Every word capitalized, just like Jaden Smith’s tweets. Sounds like somebody who thinks too highly of themselves and oblivious to how annoying and dumb it is.

        PAS supporters won’t be able to handle the cognitive dissonance after decades of being indoctrinated against UMNO. UMNO and BN have always been the adversary, and must be brought down no matter what, This is probably the main reason why they partner with DAP and PKR.

        All this fears and objection to unity is just them(DAP) pushing PAS to obey the rest of the Pakatan(DAP). Because in their eyes PAS is only the maid.

    2. It’s the same when he speaks, isn’t it? I do believe he likes to listen to his voice. And when he writes those long title, I love it. I get the gist of it in the title and if it sounds interesting I will read, otherwise I’ll stop at the title and will still have an idea of what he wants to say.

      Personally, I don’t believe Anwar was offered any DPM position at all, probably mistook prison chair for DPM chair.

      I think it would be great if Pas and Umno were to get together and come to some agreement, some common goals so they can work together in (to use PM’s word) “so-li-da-ri-ti”. That would really send the Dapsters into a spin, and LKS will probably need a whole page just for the title of his write-up.

      But somehow I can’t see some of the Pas members going for it. It might interfere with their own personal interests.

  2. re : Ask Jusuf Kalla
    Promises mend to be broken so this man went broke his supporters becomes pathetic stunts stray ordeal affected rabis

  3. Well, everythings and happenings are too much for Anwar to shoulder and carry. Let him rest in Sg. Buloh Palace ! Otherwise he will kick the bucket like Karpal and Nik Aziz. Dengar kata Kit Siang will kick the drum soon……

    1. re: “Dengar kata Kit Siang will kick the drum soon……”

      Just your wishful thinking.

      Here’s the latest title of this blog posting today:

      “From Sodomy I to Sodomy II – Malaysia regressing to the darkness and repression 17 years ago when the country should be moving forward to greater freedom, justice, prosperity and confidence after the passage of almost two decades”

      Still as panjang lebar as usual, signalling that his health is as per normal ;)

      1. Wouldn’t be surprised if he outlives most of us here. The prettiest flowers are always picked for God’s garden right, so goes the saying. So, the ugliest of them all, the weed in fact, gets taken really late

      2. Helen,

        If i were Najib, this would be my reply:

        The one who is not changing is Mr Lim Kit Siang. For more than 40 years Kit Siang lorded DAP. And when he let go the office of Secretary General of DAP, he appointed himself as the Chairman and elevated the post to be more powerful than that of Secretary General.

        Malaysia has witnesses the retirement of Tunku, the passing of Tun Razak and also the retirement of subsequent 3 Prime ministers, Tun Hussein, Tun Dr Mahathir and Tun Abdullah. And Kit Siang still refuses to let go.

        Indonesia, our neighbour also witnessed the change of leadership. Suharto was toppled. Habibie resigned. So did Abdul Rahman Wahid and Megawati. Not to mention SBY. But Kit Siang is still there.

        Elsewhere, leaders retiring voluntarily. And when they retire, they do not have the habit of putting their sons or daughter in charge safe for some distant dictators.

        After decades of lecturing others to practices concept that is alien in DAP, maybe it is time too for Kit Siang to go.

      3. Kit Siang, the old Anti-Confucian Chin Peng loyalist has entered into an ideological vacuum where marxist atheism syncretizes with prosperity evangelism – the worst brew of east and west – and he is now shamelessly practicing “capitalist developers above people” pragmatics and also liberally indulging in lesbian and gay rights, also known as “same-sex marriages”.

        Sure, our Malaysia needs to move forward, but the nation can not afford to be burdened with an overloaded donkey braying sweet nothings at the head of the craving caravan.

            1. A legitimate question given the tribulations of our times. Since saudara islam1st refrains from replying pls allow me to forward this proclamation from the President of Religious Affairs in Turkey. I hope you understand Bahasa Melayu well enough to understand this fatwa of an excellent scholar of the majoritarian Ahl Sunnah wal Jamaah:


              “Prof Dr. Mehmet Görmez mengulas tentang terroris takfiri ISIS (Wahabi)”

              Sadly, takfiri dogma has been integral to our homegrown Islamist political party . . . in defiance of the centuries-old Malay universalist tradition of Islam and Sufism.

  4. Ms H. PAS should take up UMNO’s offer whatever this means.

    The State of Kelantan has been in socio-economic doldrums for many years. Its economy has been bolstered by Singapore interests in logging, etc in recent years. There seems to be more severe flooding in parts of the State due to climate change.

    The Rakyat has to be given a chance to be innovative, creative and productive.

    The Kelantanese are reputed to be good business people as good as anyone else. It is believed that the Kelantanese migrated to Singapore looking for manual jobs for many years. If socio-economic conditions are sound at home, why should they ?

    1. re: “There seems to be more severe flooding in parts of the State due to climate change.”


      1. Ms H. The recalcitrant PAS by not joining the mainstream of socio-economic developments has held back the progress of the State of Kelantan. There are many projects which could be implemented in this State for the benefit of the people if PAS comes out of its shell. These projects are not connected with logging.

    2. the problem is mr ED, kelantanese are complacent with the current scenario. they have no problem travelling to and fro every month from kl/penang/jb/Singapore to their respective kampong in Kelantan.

      as for the residents in Kelantan, they don’t mind being backwards as long as pas is in control of the state.

      I would say in terms of indoctrination, pas has achieved major success way before dap follow suit. furthermore, federal government have been developing much of the infrastructure of the state even though still under pas rules. so why bother?

  5. Suka bila Helen guna perkataan baru “konsetan”. Macam best jer bunyi.

    Najib Ah Gor the more he hold the office the more disaster he will bring to not only UMNO but Malaysia as a whole.

    People of Malaysia who love peach, harmony, tolerance will be effected too due to Najib Ah Gor stupid action. What “stupid action” I think you guy better find yourself.

  6. ‘It reminds one, added Lim, of the Chinese idiom of “mouthing blood to smear people”, a most despicable and dishonourable act by anyone’

    of course unker lim tau maa…dia selalu buat ini macam maa,,,

  7. ‘Think of what the Chinese employers do to Indonesian maids’

    Ketakutan Ismail Sabri boleh dikatakan berasas la kan?? I mean the old man nak jaga keselamatan diri maa. What so wrong with that? Only Cina can be kiasu meh???

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