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Anwar is … yucky, urgh

A large segment of the pro-establishment public looks at Anwar Ibrahim as an unsavoury sexual predator.

For me personally, the ‘China Doll’ tape was the tipping point that made me come around to the view that Anwar is … well, just plain yucky.

Malaysia appears to be split into two – those who believe Anwar is innocent and those who reckon he is guilty. Among Anwar’s staunchest supporters is Madame Speaker Hannah Yeoh.


Hannah the Anwar acolyte

Her brand of evangelical politics is as hateful as Kit Siang’s and as full of guile as Anwar’s.

One of the things Anwar and Hannah have in common is their propensity to block Twitter users who ask them uncomfortable questions.

Reconciliation between the political divide is impossible because no contrary viewpoint is permitted to be let slip through to the Pakatan followers. Without being able to hear the other side of the story, the opposition diehards will remain forever brainwashed.

Pakatan leaders, apparatchiks, operatives and troops patrol the information borders very tightly. The scores of Twitter users blocked by @hannahyeoh is evidence of such cyberterrorism.

Scores of Twitter users have complained that Hannah Yeoh blocked them from her timeline because she “cant handle the truth“.

hannah yeoh yg block twit sape saje yg dia x suka

Kalai block sop

Anwar & Hannah, birds of a feather

@Rasbima:Virus dlm PR – blok apa sja yg tk suka dengar @hannahyeoh saya pun tanya soalan sama tapi block saya juga!”

@choonhann: “now is @hannahyeoh turn to block me. Really sad about DAP. why can’t you open to criticisms?”

@tunfaisal: “Hannah yeoh 2 penakut, blok twitter aku”

@yakuza_nam: @hannahyeoh @cmlimguaneng @limkitsiang got 1 popular move. BLOCK when kalah argue”

@fongchanonn: “tweeting for few wks only n got block by @hannahyeoh n @teresakok @tonypua”

@DrKowCheongWei: “Anybody ask @hannahyeoh why she @block tilianker?”

“Told u she will block you, so prima donna Hannah..”

zeehan blocked

“You block followers who question you but you preach open dialogue. Give us a break”

@kisahntauladan: “hannah yeoh block me. DAP MP for sbg jaya, is this the leadership pakatan is offering to people”

@choows: “ya, @hannahyeoh shd block @CKGord from SubangJAYA like how she blocked him on TwitterJAYA.”

@CKGord: “Don’t like him, block him lor, like she always does. @hannahyeoh @tankengliang”

@hangtuah2020: “reps like @hannahyeoh @tengchangkhim who talk abt freedom but block people who question them non stop r hypocrites n cowards”

@Armand_PJU: “Sama lar, Anuwar, Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Hannah Yeoh Semua Block Aku, Kata Freedom Of Expression Puit T”


GREED is the word

@IzwanRosleDin: “DAP like Hannah Yeoh, Teresa Kok always block people who criticise them on Twitter. I never heard of any BN doing that.”

(Hannah Yeoh is also always eating, eating, eating – see HERE)

New year, new handbag

@eddydaud: “i think @hannahyeoh sudah block sama kamu semua lah. She busy budget planning next yr new pay”

@satD“I wonder y @hannahyeoh suddenly block me today?”

@qamarzai: “Confirm! Hari ini Rafizi dan Hannah Yeoh dh block aku”

@AlaramKalai:@hannahyeoh BLOCKED ME ! PTUIHH”

@AbdArshad:@jasonleong Klu @hannahyeoh block u maksud dia mmg guilty as charged!!”

azizisafar photo

Twitter Queen: His head on the chopping block, I command

@azizisafar: “dah kena block dengan Ratu Twitter @hannahyeoh”

(Note: Penang BN coordinator Azizi Safar believes he was blocked by Hannah Yeoh for his tweet above asking about her Facebook-Twitter activities when the Dewan was in session)

@KhanOfWar: “@azizisafar  @hannahyeoh saya pun tanya soalan sama tapi block saya juga!”

@zulpanjangnkb: “Aku pun tak boleh follow dia, first time kena block juga kot”

@dhanyaraam:@hannahyeoh WHY DID YOU BLOCK ME whn I questiond you?”

@kerismalaya: @hannahyeoh why u block me??”

@IrkZick: “@hannahyeoh ni tak suka pengundi Subang buat aduan tak puas hati pd dia servis dlm twitter, dia akan block”

@Safariladira: @hannahyeoh, Y do you block @jezlai? Said the people have democracy, if democracy is not like that… ADUN is not afraid of people’s right!”

@VenkatesRao: @jezlai when she can block, I’m sure she’s not interested to listen as well.@hannahyeoh


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

9 thoughts on “Anwar is … yucky, urgh

  1. For power and money some of these Kapiaq people throw their moral values inside the longkang. While hubby takes the banggap Melayu to bars, karaoke n prostitution dens, at the very same time the wife sweetly entertain the innocent spouses and kids shopping giving them yummy meals.

    Memang kurang ajar, for money and power jahat macam iblis…pelesit2 kapiaq yg berkeliaran atas muka bumi ini.

    Macam la Tembam and LKSiang are so sure and very confident that Anwar is innocent? Tengok Karpal udah le..

  2. Helen! Do not critic or even touch her! She is very kind and loving person! I repeat do not say bad things about her! I love her for her kindness! I dream of her!

    You can talk about her hangbags! or tudung! or baju kurung but not her nighties! We know her pretending and her acting. But dont talk bad about her! Oh yeah do continue talking on her hangbags it kind of fun . The more the merrier.

    Gong Xi Fa Chai to you Helen and your readers and DAP’S errr they celebrate ka? Do evangelista celebrate CNY?

    1. Helen,

      I read in FB that finally Tun revealed the content of the letter written by Dr Wan Azizah to him when Anwar was DPM

  3. Happy New Year to Helen and the rest while blogging don’t ever forget to terus sedar kan our those colour blind how peace so meaningful to this beloved country.

  4. Yeah,,,not buying the bit that they don’t believe that Anwar didn’t sodomize part.
    Need to hear them say and swear on whatever religion or god they profess that they believe Anwar didn’t sodomize.

    BTW, happy new year, may this one is better than the last.

  5. Dearest Helen,

    Happy Chinese New Year to you and yr family, may god bless you for your love (in yr writings) for the well being of our country.

    Keep on writing. Dengan harapan mereka yang tak sedaq diri akan bangun dari mimpi mereka and realise what a blessed country Malaysia is.

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