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Food and drinks

Poor people can eat kangkung. No need to balik kampung tanam. Kangkung grows easily and you can even plant it in a bucket or styrofoam box in your garage.


For protein, you can go bargain hunting like our Prime Minister. If he is able to buy a whole chicken for only RM1, you are too.


However if you’re the PM’s main man in media …

hard liquor

… you can apparently afford to drink every night.

Previously, the Gomen paid Jewish-controlled company Apco RM76.8 million for a year (July 2009 to June 2010) of public relations work. It is believed that Apco’s contract was again renewed the following year.

Malaysiakini recently contacted the Prime Minister’s Office for its response to allegations that former Apco man Paul Stadlen had been hired in his personal capacity at a minimum fee of RM3 million per annum.

The PMO has not yet responded to the phone calls, email and text messages from Malaysiakini for clarification on Stadlen’s alleged multi-million contract, which reportedly includes an additional RM1.5 million for 1MDB-related assignments.


‘Now everybody can golf’ – read HERE

Chinese New Year is an occasion when the ordinary Chinese might spend a little bit more on special meals. However the extraordinary Chinese (i.e. the Anak Bangsa Malaysia Chinese) don’t need CNY to splurge on food. The Yahudi Yeohs eat and eat all the time.


Hannah Yeoh “craving for a cup of hot latte”

Recommended read: ‘Love or Respect?‘ in Anak Si Hamid

“Somehow for a cynical person like me, the use or rather the over-use of the word ‘love’ sounds phony, misplaced and worse of all, smacks of condescension.” – Maznoor Abd Hamid

“Second class citizens”, wor

Hannah Yeoh was “thinking of aglio olio [a spaghetti dish] from @thevanillaplace”. She appears to like Italian food as she waxed lyrical too over “roasted tomato pasta & their breakfast platter”.

Apart from Italian, her other favourite dishes are Indian – “brinjal masala and butter chicken”.

As she’s Colour Blind and Beyond Race, it is only natural for her to love food from all over the world, such as sushi, latte and whatnot. But not to worry, she still likes the local pisang goreng too.

Hannah Yeoh craving for goreng pisang

Hannah Craving for a cup of hot latte!

“Salivating” thinking about this and that food

One moment, she is “so craving for the real Penang char kuew teow”.

Next “craving for banana leaf rice + salted fish curry in Bukit Gasing”. Then “thinking of nasi paprik”. Or nyonya food. Or Line Clear nasi kandar.

Hannah Yeoh Salivating just thinking about them

Hannah settle for wan tan mee

And at 5.30am, Hannah Yeoh was “craving for nasi lemak ayam goreng with a lot of sambal”. How quintessentially Malaysian (claps claps claps!).

She was craving for Chee Cheong Fun but couldn’t find it and so settled for Wan Tan Mee.

When Hannah craved for rendang and couldn’t find anyone selling it on Hari Raya Puasa morning, she had to settle for dry Bak Kut Teh instead.

On CNY morning, one wonders what food she craves for and can’t find due to the Chinese cooks taking a holiday.

Hannah Yeoh yum

craving for Line Clear nasi kandar  yummy Sunday everyone

“Have a yummy Sunday everyone!”

And keep God in your thoughts on Sabbath too, ya.

“Cangkuk manis!! yum yum yum yum,” Hannah Yeoh cries, licking her chops.

There’s also that just heavenly “chocolate peanut butter cake” (uh-oh, how many pounds did she put on?)

Hannah Yeoh yum yum yum yum

The Tupperware Lady

Aside from stuffing herself with porky fries, Hannah Yeoh is a carnivorous chicken eater – going for “fried chicken, baked chicken & roast chicken” and “chicken wine”.

Not content with sit-down meals, she even pesters her friends to tapau – be it assam laksa lah, sotong masala lah, durian lah, whatever lah … hence no wonder lah she can’t seem to keep the weight off.

Hannah Yeoh  Air Hitam assam laksa

Hannah tahpau the sotong masala

People who live to eat

And it shows!

Malaysia is a good place for people like Hannah as we’ve got a wider variety of food choices than Tasmania. And we have 24-hour eateries as well – which is excellent for Jerusubangites who eat all the time and around the clock.

Clearly, the DAP evangelistas are living proof of the Gospel of Prosperity that they preach. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t be surprised if this year, just as in the years past, these oppressed Christians continue whinging how they’re such a persecuted minority.

See, ‘A fine example of Christian love and compassion

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh – as Speaker she’s seated in the front row – is set to enjoy a prosperous new year, just like her DAP Yang Berhormat colleagues (pix montage)


hannah Her Royal Roundness1


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18 thoughts on “Food and drinks

  1. Carving for nasi lemak ,with spices ayam goreng with a lots of sambal belacan .
    Oh ! , thinking of Anuar ,wish he got nasi lemak too ,for breakfirst .

    1. Oh dear, what a dilemma. It’s CNY festive season and time for Chinese to celebrate.

      But poor Madame Speaker says that her eyes well up with tears when she thinks about Anwar’s meals in prison.

      Will she lose her appetite for all the CNY goodies and cookies, and cry for Anwar or will she eat, drink and be merry Yam Seng!?


      1. She is not thinking, but THANKING Anwar as without Anwar’s stupidity and shenanigans, she would not be what she is today.

        Anwar created havoc, dividing Muslims, Malays and Malaysian and DAP saw a window of opportunity. And now Madamme speaker (Dolby and whatever else) can more afford dishes from all over the world, Birkin bags included.

        Ya madamme speaker, make hay while the sunshine. It may rain sometime, if not soon.

        Ms HA, Gong Xi Fa Cai…..wishing you the best all year round and entertain us with your well researched, whacking top and bottom, left and right, back and front just and in jest….

        1. His food craze twitter is indeed prove that malaysia is abundant of food. People here normally will die or suffer from food intake. Not the other way round. Wonder what is so oppressive about malaysia that she preach daily.

  2. Helen, here’s wishing a happy and prosperous New Year. May this year bring prosperity and success in all that you do and peace in your heart. And more eye-opening and thought-provoking postings.

  3. Happy New Year Helen. May the Year of the Goat bring you good health, happiness and prosperity. May it also help you stave off the acrimony of the Dapsters.

  4. Gong Xi Fa Cai, Helen! Best wishes for the new lunar year!.

    Better watch out for flash floods today and the next few days as Madam Speaker’s tears gush out in torrents thinking of Dear Leader while she gorges on lap cheong, aap, siew yoke etc.

    If she doesn’t watch out, she’ll end up looking like Jabba the Hutt.

    Someone should remind her that gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins in the Bible.

  5. Wonder if she’s half decent in kitchen when it comes to food prep?

    Anyways, wishing you a happy Chinese New Year Helen. May the year ahead be a good & fulfilling one for you.

    One wish of ours that won’t come to fruition this year would be that DAP loses their fanbase. That said, no harm in trying to chip away at their supposed invincibility

    1. Mr Hannah should consider himself lucky if wifey boils him an egg. Hope their maid is treated with decency.

      Wrt the DAP fanbase, the Chinese component could go up to 95 percent. Likewise an increase in the Christian component.

      As for the Malay targets, see

      The PPTA is clueless and hopeless. Since there is an Umno leadership vacuum, Nature – which abhors big empty spaces – will fill the gap with Isma and its ilk.



      1. Postscript:

        I believe there is an inverse correlation between her cooking skills and her food intake.

        The less time she spends in the kitchen, the more time she spends craving for various food every other hour.

        Thus her desperate drive-about in Subang Jaya in the wee hours of the morning … and settling for “dry bkt (Bak Kut teh)” … hardly comes as a surprise.

  6. Hi, Helen. Hao jiu bu jian. :)
    Zhu nin gong xi fa cai. Xin nian kuai le. Wan shi ru yi. Ma dao cheng gong. :)

    I find this post hilarious because I didn’t realise that HY’s Twitter posts are centred a lot on food – craving here, craving there. This is what happens when she makes fun of others – you know, with the Big Mama and all that. I think she is cursed. lol

    1. Yes, missed ya.

      re: “I think she is cursed.”

      I think so. Look at her chins. At least Rosmah has the excuse of being over 60 (twice Hannah’s age). It’s karma – what goes around comes around.

  7. “”’I find this post hilarious because I didn’t realise that HY’s Twitter posts are centred a lot on food”‘

    This should be expected from a mentality challenged person like herself.

    What else would she answer in her tweets? When people request clarification on her so called statements , block..

    She can only stand in front of a pre organized group of people to speak ie church, dap , pkr, students.

    So what else to tweet? Lies , food and more food , not to mention fashion…we all remember the famous the “‘ my favourite place to shop in Little India Klang”‘ crap..

    And her legions that follow her, gives her a sense of artificial superiority but in the true sense it exposes the true dumb broad she is.

  8. Re Masnoor’s quote: It’s true, they bandy the word “love” around so often, it cheapens the meaning.

    Another word I notice they like to use is “brother” especially in referring to Malays – “my Muslim brother” .. ever wonder why they never say my Taoist brother? Or my Orang Asal brother?

    1. And if we’re sceptical of their brotherliness and love, then we’re accused of being “divisive”.

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