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Adakah Ismail Sabri telah benar-benar memboikot acara sambutan CNY?

‘Ismail Sabri cipta sejarah menteri pertama tidak mahu hadir perayaan Tahun Baru Cina’

Ismail Sabri cipta sejarah menteri pertama tidak mahu hadir perayaan Tahun Baru Cina


MCA mengiklan di Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini front page


BAWAH: Hannah Yeoh (DAP) dan Elizabeth Wong (PKR) bersama evangelista Lee Hwa Beng, iaitu bekas Adun MCA

Lee, yang merupakan Adun tiga-penggal Subang Jaya sehingga 2008, sekarang berlagak “lagi DAP dari DAP”. Apapun, dia sudah dipecat oleh partinya.

Hannah, Elizabeth and Lee Hwa Beng, the MCA former 3-term Adun for Subang Jaya


‘DAP asks MCA to link up and force apology from Ismail Sabri‘ (The Malay Mail, 9 Feb 2015)

Baik BN ambil balik kerusi-kerusi majoriti pengundi Melayu yang diserahkan kepada MCA untuk bertanding.


Kawasan-kawasan Melayu MCA tu boleh bagi kat PAS nanti.

DUN Chempaka permulaan “kerajaan perpaduan” Umno-PAS, kata Muafakat‘ (Antarapos, 20 Feb 2015)

Muafakat DUN Chempaka

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22 thoughts on “Adakah Ismail Sabri telah benar-benar memboikot acara sambutan CNY?

  1. Re: Baik BN ambil balik kerusi-kerusi yang majoriti Melayu yang di serahkan kepada MCA untuk bertanding

    Cik Helen tunggu sampai kucing bertanduk le

  2. under the present circumstances I think it was a wise move on d part of sabri . untoward incident can lead to uncontrolled n explosive situation. he has made his remarks of regret (apology). let things cool down first instead of aggravating the situation.

    I was an eye witness to the may 13 1969 incident and I pray to almighty GOD that it does not happen again.

    sabri can always text his friends and wish them a happy and prosperous Chinese new year. good Chinese moderates will understand.

    1. re: “a wise move on d part of sabri”

      It’s a watershed, like Kit Siang said. Berpatah arang berkerat rotan … with the no-show of Umno at MCA auspicious function, a mental barrier has been breached wrt to kelangsungan semangat setiakawan.

      re: “I was an eye witness to the may 13 1969 incident”

      The evangelista agitators today are two generations removed from the event. They think the old fogies ,) sorry yah, are only telling grandfather stories to scaremonger.

      My family was living that year in Setapak, the epicentre of the riot. My parents were eyewitnesses too but they didn’t talk about it to us (the kids/me). At most, they let slip a hushed word or two.

      My mom’s recollection – I’m being frank as I believe you’re intelligent and sensitive enough to discuss this – the Malays were violent and crazed. That’s the traumatic memory seen from Chinese eyes.

      Tun Razak’s administration adopted the ‘ambil yang jernih, buang yang keruh’ approach and sang the Ali-Ah Chong-Arumugam muhibbah song thereafter. So much so that later generations came to believe the rosy picture painted by the lagu BN.

      Chinese, like my family (incl. older siblings) chose to bury their recall. Perhaps this attitude on both sides of the racial divide helped the recovery process but the wound has never really healed. And now the DAP is picking at the scab.

      I only began reading the May 13 literature more seriously a couple of years ago – the NOC report and the books, articles. One thing stuck me: The Dapsters today are behaving exactly like the DAP-Gerakan-Labour Chinese in 1969, down to the “balik kampung tanam jagung” and “bodoh” taunts.

      I was shocked to see, for the first time, b&w photos of the funeral procession of Lim Soon Seng (the Teoh Beng Hock of his time) on 9 May 1969, on the eve of the May 10 polling day.

      It was mammoth and the protesters were carrying banners that said ” 血債血還 “: A debt of blood will be repaid with blood.
      (To me, the first actualization of big demo was Bersih.) There’s a lot that we’ve been ignorant of.

      I suppose the decision to sweep May 13 under the carpet was taken by Perikatan with the best of intentions. At this juncture of our politics, however, it may be a mistake to keep the causes of the race riots under wraps.

      We should learn and know about May 13 as otherwise history will repeat itself.

      The diabolical distortions and misrepresentations by the DAP about what happened is downright dangerous. The behaviour of the Dapster evangelistas even more so. Older Malays realize this but the 90 percent Chinese are living obliviously in their own ethnic bubble.

      1. well d epicenter was kampong baru. my house was hardly 100 mtrs from dt harun idris’s (Selangor MB) official residence.

        may last yr I wrote a short article entitled ‘memperingati mei 69’ n published it thru Eddy’s blog ‘just my thoughts’. if u hv d time pls read it.

        1. Yes, Eddy’s blog is my staple reading and I’d read your article last year,

          re: “well d epicenter was kampong baru”

          :) I was putting my own family experience centrestage, evidently. The chink in a writer’s armour (the tendency to personalize events).

          Setapak was the first flashpoint though,

      2. Helen,

        Actually Perikatan, later BN did not try to sweep May 13 under the carpet. Rather, it is the manifestation of malay mentality.

        “Cerita lama buat apa dikenang lagi”. it means let us move forward. With communist raging in our forests and Indochina in devastating war, perhaps it was a wise move.

        UNFORTUNATELY, Tun Razak forgot that while UMNO embraces the culture of “forgive and forget”, DAP takes the opposite stand. Within Chinese community, the DAP version is more accepted. DAP painted Tun Razak as guilty trying to force Tunku to resign.

        as Tun Razak passed away in 1976, and nobody wants to challenge it, Chinese tend to believe the version. in 1985 while in UitM preparatory class, I often bought my stationary from a shop owned by a Chinese. He often said about Tun Razak creating may 13.

        One day while telling DAP version to my american professor, he was challenged by one elderly Malay who happened to be in his shop buying something.

        “what happened to Chinese procession that provoked the Malays in heart of Kg Baru? Who killed the Malays who were at the cinemas?”He asked. the Chinese shopkeeper was dumbfounded.

        In northern Malay accent he said “Hang jangan lupa pula bagi tau macam celaka Kit siang perangai dia”. Turning to me, he said “DAP yg mula semua ni. Depa masuk Kg Baru tunjuk penyapu pada melayu”.

        Later as a bachelor I used to live in Kg baru. As I previously mentioned Malay elders said the same thing, being the witness of this defining monent of Mlaysian’s history.

        I never fail to notice that every time my Chinese friend opened their big mouth ad blame UMNO as racist and Tun razak on May 13, they never fail to be
        dumbfounded” when I told them off on the provocative Chinese procession right in heart of Kg baru”.

        ONE THING THAT I LEARN that one must be firm, blunt with DAP worshippers, FOR THEY LOVE TO SLANDER.

        1. re: “Rather, it is the manifestation of malay mentality. ‘Cerita lama buat apa dikenang lagi’.”

          I’m aware and I understand.

          re: “DAP worshippers, FOR THEY LOVE TO SLANDER”

          Kasi sepak terajang diorang.

          1. helen,

            Among Malays, due to Islamic influence, the willingness to be merciful and magnaminous is much cherished traits.

            As such, UMNO while being dominant and can form the government WITHOUT CHINESE after 2013 still take the softer approach of not wanting to blame the Chinese. Najib still tries to find a reason to give ministerial post to MCA. Election in Teluk intan was viewed as a good reason to appoint MCA into Cabinet.

            UMNO still find it necessary to let MCA contest in malay areas. This will not happen in other countries on this planet.

            In many other countries, proof of intransigence by a state against paramount leader( such as openly telling the world that they did not recognise election result or proudly telling the world on alleged impending change of government on Sept 16 2008) ARE ENOUGH TO MAKE the paramount leader sending troops in.

            Looking at DAP, I understand why sultan Mahmud sentenced
            sula” against Kitol and Mendeliar.

            1. re: “Najib still tries to find a reason to give ministerial post to MCA.”

              It could have been Tun and his nostalgia that prodded Najib.


  3. Galak PAS bertanding di kerusi pengundi majoriti Melayu di mana MCA letak calonnya. Itu lagi bagus, kan?

  4. May 13 is History and lesson learned. Another one Sept 16 gone with the wind lesson learned too. But DAP big headed elephants never leaned a thing or two, just acting like rhino, keep charging front , back , left and right and forgot what goes up will come down.

    Their rocket ! Malay DAP’s, what are you doing there especially ex UMNO who is now kipas-sing’ lLKS and gangs buttocks! Sorry for this comment just feel bored with all the political nonsense DAP is always rights, Ubah Kali ini, UMNO is RACIST and so on.

    All is UMNO fault even may 13, Sept 16 etc etc, nothing is DAP fault but always forgot one finger pointing toward you others are pointing back to you.

    MAlaysia opposition politic have not matured and not professional , it a LOW CLASS politics, African are better!. Ask dAP what dou you think and all they can say is UMNO RACIST, UMNO RACIST what else thay can say??

    DAP cant even differentiate between a JUDGEMENT by LAW and political conspiracy, and they want to occupied Putra Jaya when they once labeled is as NO BE IFITS to the RAKYAT, CORRUPTION and still remember their best allies PAS we will GADAI PUTRA JAYA when we FORM THE GOVERMENT is move to KLANTAN?? This all piss me of.

    1. ‘UMNO is RACIST’

      La ni depa guna UMNO kurang dah sikit banyak guna BN pulak, sebab ramai orang Melayu dah sedaq UMNO is a codename for Melayu. Dah backfired, tu yang lani tukar BN pulak tu!

  5. I don’t know why but nowadays whenever I look at LKS’s pic or read his post, jatuh kesian pula.

    Bukan apa, he must be feeling his days are numbered so he must make the most of it, causing trouble. Bukan apa, it must be difficult to see all your contemporaries leaving, Karpal, Nik Aziz. Don’t they say bad news come in threes?

      1. Helen,

        In general, Malays begin to realise that Anwar is guilty in this case (Anwar vs Saiful). Which is why there is no commotion when Anwar was sentenced to 5 year jail term.

        No doubt there are scores who see Anwar as a “saviour”. There are vocal but a tiny minority among Malay community. With PAS distances itself from Anwar, the latter is left without much support among Malays.

        BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, the Anwar’ saga shows power shift in PKR. Azmin as MB is now the supremo in PKR.

        1. re: “the latter is left without much support among Malays”

          Takpe. Yang bukan Melayu sedia pegang lilin bagi Anwar.

          1. Re: tak pa yang bukan Melayu sedia pegang lilin bagi Anwar

            Nak buat camna yang masih terbelengu macam Melayu Penang ni apa yang ada, talian hayat PKR pun dah jadi gone case

          2. helen,

            “bukan melayu sedia pegang lilin…..”

            Untuk berapa lama? Itu yg saya nak tengok.

            1. If they light candles long enough and often enough, Anwar can acquire tokong status. Jadi keramat lah. A stream of punters will come and ask for 4-ekor numbers.

              1. Helen,

                The thing about Anwar is that he often thinks of minute details that people tend to overlook but overlook the very basic thing that matters that others wold not have ignored.

                Anwar overlooked the very people whom must support him in order to win election. the Malays. He looked down on the Malays and their understanding on effect of swearing in Allah’s name.

                Initially Malays were sympatetics towards him. But over the years, people begin to feel tired hearing the same allegation again and again.

                Anwar is no longer a material factor in politics.

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