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Pakatan people, what kind they are

Regular readers will recall that I’ve blogged previously about the conditions in jail and the treatment of Uthayakumar in Kajang prison, gleaned from my monthly visits to him.

There is a related Malaysiakini story today and Dr Suresh’s comment below is pinched from ‘Hindraf members in fear of sedition dragnet‘.

It hints at what kind of people the Dapsters are.

Dr Suresh Kumar

“I remember vividly, Uthayakumar complained about the inhuman treatment of him and other inmates several times while he was under detention. Through his wife, the complain[t]s, a cry for help were published in malaysiakini. Many commentators, accused him of seeking VIP treatment and called on him to stop complaining instead of speaking up for him and the other inmates. How heartless some people can be. Even here, you can see for yourself, how many commentators care to comment. Yet, we don’t fail to talk about human rights, humanity, freedom of expression, freedom to protest, free speech, etc,. I suppose the aforementioned freedom and human rights are only reserved for those who agree with their worldview or for those who support their favourite politicians. If not, then you do not deserve human rights and other freedoms that is part and parcel of a democracy!!! Sigh.”


Uthaya prison

Excerpt from interview with Uthaya upon his release:

The dipper refers to the gayong used to fill water to wash oneself with after using the toilet.

“When there is a shortage of food trays, wardens dump food into the dipper, from which inmates will eat from with their bare hands, even those with scabs on their hands.”

Uthayakumar said once, he even saw a prisoner vomit in the dipper. – Malaysiakini, 23 Oct 2014


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One thought on “Pakatan people, what kind they are

  1. An interesting observation Helen. It is no different to the “outrage” expressed by the opposition on the death of Teoh Beng Hock which was the subject of a royal commission of inquiry and speculation treated as fact. They even went to the extent of spending money they dug out of the pockets of their fanatical supporters to bring in a discredited foreigner in Thai ‘forensics’ doctor Ponthip to strut her stuff before a gullible media.

    Pornthip you will recall joined Gobind Singh Deo in misleading the commission and the coroner in the hearing into Teoh Beng Hocks death. (She admitted to misleading the coroner in order that in her own words “they would re open the matter later”).

    But when it came to a lowly Kugan they paid lip service and they did nothing. A policeman was arrested, charged with his murder with others also charged with aiding and abetting in the same murder.

    Nothing more has been heard since. He was no cause celebre because he was probably a Hindraf supporter or worse still he was Tamil.

    Shamelessly there are Tamils like Ambiga Sreenivasan the caste ridden caste conscious Amah who ought to be herself caste out into the wilderness, who did nothing who continue to do nothing and who treat human life according to its race, caste and political affiliations.

    What happened to Kugan will eventually visit all of these Indian and so called “Christian” seekers of freedom and democracy. Because they have created a precedent by which they too will be treated when their times come. And that time is here.

    Anwar may be made to eat out of a dung bowl. There can be nothing wrong with that I suppose because for the members of Hindraf (Whatever my differences with them) eating out of a dung bowl was not a crime, not a moral crime, not a breach of their human rights, not a moral offence worth taking to the streets for.

    As the French Empress said during the French Revolution “Let them eat cake”, we say “Let them eat dung” Anwar included.

    Shame on Mrs Muniandy (Hannah Yeoh) shame on her husband. It often makes me wonder what Indian boys think they have become once they marry a Chinese girl.

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