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Shafee roadshow should proceed

Pakatan, particularly the DAP, and their media propagandists are hellbent on scuttling the Umno Youth-backed roadshow featuring lead prosecutor in the Anwar sodomy case, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah.

If the opposition is so dead set against an idea, then you know that the project is beneficial to the BN.

And these ultra licik oppo people are now appealing to the Malay sense of nicety – “usah nak aibkan Anwar lagi, jagalah hati keluarganya”, pujuk dema.

Well, that’s rich coming from guttersnipes. Look at how they susahkan Najib’s family, extending the harassment to his children and even stepchildren as well as the unconscionable fitnah that they fabricate about Rosmah.

Pakatan are currently making a circus out of Sirul’s impending revelations on the Altantuya case. This being so, there’s no reason for BN to don velvet gloves; certainly not when Pakatan are wearing knuckledusters.

BN must always remember this: Your opponents be streetfighters who are worse than Ah Long enforcers.

For too long the BN has allowed Pakatan to seize the narrative and control public perception. Too many people have bought into the opposition’s lies already. It’s time to put a stop to their cloud cuckoo stories.

Tan Sri Shafee has himself become a target of their slander. Hence the roadshow is a platform for him to clear the air. Is this roadshow necessary? Yes, the long-drawn sodomy case has been shrouded in spin and as you’re aware, Pakatan people are the master spinmeisters.

If Umno does not start fighting back now, BN will lose GE14. Ini satu kepastian.

Fight fire with fire

There are times when it is utterly justified to fight fire with fire. The climate in our country today expressly requires the raging fire to be fought with fire.


“Perhaps the only thing that can control a forest fire is fire itself”

Backburning technique: “It might seem counter intuitive cut to light a fire to put out a fire but this method’s used quite regularly. The theory is that you burn up all the fuel in the fire’s path and this cuts off its advance.”

Fighting fire with fire

Fire as a renewing force

3:05: “But a fire started by natural causes is actually very beneficial. It will get rid of years of accumulated debris from forests and act as an ecologically renewing force by creating the right conditions for some seeds to germinate. Now that might not be of any comfort for somebody whose possessions and home face destruction but through years of trying to suppress natural fires, humans have largely served to make them worse.”

hit below the belt Cc @hannahyeoh

Spot on, YB

Abdul Rahman Dahlan is absolutely correct.

“PR likes to act like a spoiled brat. They like to hit below the belt and then claim high moral ground.” Cc @hannahyeoh

The only recourse is to hit back, harder.

Go, go, go! @mpkotabelud!

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31 thoughts on “Shafee roadshow should proceed

  1. Helen,

    One of the tactics commonly used by PR supporters is that the more UMNO criticizes Anwar, the more support Anwar will receive from the Malays.

    In crude language they want to mock insult, slander UMNO, Najib and expect Najib, UMNO not to respond. Some not so smart UMNO leaders took the bait.

    What UMNO needs is to take bull by its horn. UMNO should help Shafiee to go around the country telling about Anwar. No need for other UMNO leaders to explain. Let Shafiee explain even the juicy details on Anwar’s intimate details with Saiful.

    It is necessary as FB is full with PR supporters slandering UMNO, Najib on Anwar’s inprisonment. So as a response, why not let Shafie
    hold a dialogue with rakyat in Pandan( the very constituent held by Rafizi). invite Rafizi. Let us see how he can deny details from Shafie.

    Let us what questions Rafizi has on Shafiee.

    1. re: “the more support Anwar will receive from the Malays”

      This is not 1998. Malay support for Anwar has already plateaued.

      Anwar has been fishing for Christian and non-Malay support and hence his appearance in church that day and telling the flock that he read the Bible every other day in prison.

      Anwar is useful to the DAP. That’s why DAP lah yang paling kuat meroyan kat Jelajah Shafee tu.

      Nurul Izzah is the only one of the family who may get some public sympathy. BN has little to lose with the roadshow. It has more to lose by dropping the roadshow.

      1. Helen,

        Anwar and those who fee he is “anugerah tuhan” refuses to see that at height of PR popularity(right before PRU13), Malay support to PR is less than 40%.

        I believe now the figure is much lower. Those supporting Anwar mainly are the non Malays as Anwar is the key to dethrone UMNO.

        UMNO MUST LEARN THE LESSON. there is no need to be merciful or nice with these “communists” and heartless capitalists. When UMNO became the most senior partner in BN Penang after PRU 1990, DAP appealed to Tun that a Chinese be appointed as Penang CM.

        Tun obliged. And the very same guy, Kit Siang day in day out accuses UMNO as racist. DAP instead is racist to its core.

        So, UMNO must use its power to its maximun. No more Mr Nice Guy. Help Shafiee to reach the remotest corner of Malaysia. let shafiee tell Malaysians on Anwar’s sordid sexual exploit. No need to feel guilty.

        1. re: “Anwar is the key to dethrone Umno”

          Do you think Azmin has charisma?

          I believe Nurul would appeal to a wide cross section of the oppo crowd but I don’t reckon the PAS ulamas will be able to accept her leadership.

          1. Helen,

            Previously Anwar was the best bet for PR to bring down UMNO. It seemed possible before last election.

            But now many are disillusioned with PR. It was proven that Anwar lied with regards to his nonsensical claim on phantom Bangladeshi voters. Not to mention that Rafizi earned royal rebuke for wasting money, time on ill advised move to out Khalid.

            Azmin may have the charisma(partly due to powerful position as MB). But most Malays I believe already lose trust with much as PR tries to deny, Anwar has lost credibility. Juicy details by Shafie is very damaging. Also facing a problem is PAS.

            UMNO;s charitable act during flood season recently was an eye opener. MB of kelantan is no Nik Aziz. He does realize that he has to be friendly with UMNO. No reason to fight UMNO as UMNO agrees to technical committee studying Hudud.

            The one that I believe still command popularity among Chinese is DAP. But not to worry. UMNO has proven it can prevail without Chinese support.

            I am more worried with Najib’s ill advised moves such as trying so hard to abolish sedition act or accepting rejected politician like Saifudin. These acts irritate the Malays.

            I pray someone will put some sense into Najib. The worse thing to do is waging war againsts Malays. for a start PLEASE DO NOT DEVELOP THE AIR BASE IN BUTTERWORTH. The Malays are dead set against it.

            1. re: “The one that I believe still command popularity among Chinese is DAP.”

              So our future is to be DAP vs Umno = Chinese vs Malay + Christians vs Muslims.

              1. Helen,

                Precisely. Chinese are often praised as practical people. They were dead set against independence but went along as they realised independence was certain.

                They at one time not too long ago believe in making alliance with the largest of malay based political party(UMNO). And they were rewarded with ministerial posts.

                But they too sometimes gamble and they lost. They “berpatah arang” with UMNO on last election. But to their surprise, UMNO prevail.

                They may want to remember that generosity is not ever lasting. For if they still continue to entirely reject UMNO in next election, they will find themselves again outside the very government they want to topple. UMNO in last election has proven that it still rules without Chinese support.

                And No UMNO Ministers will be lenient to them as they(UMNO mInisters) will have to face irate malays. They(UMNO leaders) will be deemed as “morons” for believing Chinese again. Even Najib will not dare to help again for his position will be challenged if he makes the mistakes again.

                The choice is on Chinese hand. If they are willing to destroy their future just to perpetuate DAP, that is their choice.

                1. But in last election they were the most non practical people. They believe Anwars letter stating that he will pass over the PM post to LGE!!!! So if anything befall them then don’t blame anyone.

  2. I sincerely believe that anwar is a serial sodomite. all parties (including) the family must accept this unfortunate fact.

    I am a father n my kids were once anwar children’s classmates. I empathies wth the children and the grand children who r caught in between. for their sake all parties must stop.

    this appeal is especially directed 2 anwar (and family) n his supporters. I m quite sure if they were to stop in their attempts to convince the rakyak of anwar’s innocence, the other side will reciprocate.

    1. The problem is the other side never stopped. Look at wan azizah. How she behaved at the press conferences when Anwar ran to the Turkish embassy or when she said she had the omega watch! Totally disgusting behaviour!

      1. A good woman would have divorced him. A weak woman would be too ashamed to face the public. A bad woman would collude with him for public favour.

        1. in early 2014 I made a personal plea 2 azizah to seriously consider leaving her own legacy by being d catalyst for malay unity.

          I dare suggest this because we saved her while she was a student in Ireland. she wld not hv been able 2 marry anwar n by extension become n icon to Malaysian women (especially d malays) .

          1. The leader of the Family Crony party which takes over electoral office by Fiat to be a catalyst for Malay unity?

            How did you save her in Ireland and what does it have to do with their public political behaviour together?

            Can you please save Malaysia from the demons of guile and hatred?

            1. pls read my short article that I wrote early last yr which was published in Eddy’s blog ‘just my thoughts’ entitled “rayuan khas utk dtn sri wan azizah”.

  3. Why is there no mention of 1MDB?

    If Tun Dr Mahathir, Tun Daim Zainuddin and Datuk Kadir Jasin have all publicly criticized 1MDB and it’s murky finances, have they been misinformed or are they genuinely concerned about the whole kit and caboodle?

    What better way to divert the rakyat’s attention away from the travails of 1MDB than by creating all manner of “diversionary” activities?

    Dare we say that this series of “road shows” is one such “diversionary” activity?

    Why bother about accounts and hard financial details when it’s so much more fun (and less intellectually challenging) to be titillated by sexual escapades (especially of the deviant variety)?

    It must be the whiff of “forbidden fruit” that attracts the indignant “moral zealots”….hahaha.

    1. (1) Nobody’s stopping Tony or Rafizi from conducting their own roadshows on “the whole [1MDB] kit and caboodle”.

      (2) It is PKR-DAP who are the past masters at “creating all manner of ‘diversionary’ activities” and Umno has indeed been successfully punk’d by them (several times that I can recall). Fail to deliver ‘Ubah’ “ini kali lah” in the general election, blame blackout and Bangladeshis. Lost the Anwar sodomy case, blame the Federal Court judges.

      (3) re: “it’s so much more fun (and less intellectually challenging) to be titillated by sexual escapades (especially of the deviant variety)?”

      Then why did Anugerah Tuhan obligingly provide the peep show? Kalu tak buat apa-apa, orang takkan cakap.

  4. Apparently the road show move is not legally barred nor bound by any form of prohibition. Hence, it can proceed. Actually, those who have not raised their formal objections publicly, in terms of number, I mean is extensively huge as compared to the few voices such as Christhoper Leong, Ambiga, Kit Siang ( whose vested interest not disputable ) and company.

    In this context silence by large majority of the citizens give a clear signal of acceptance. The difference to be correctly judged is between Wilful lie and deceptions vs Truthfulness. Simple, I pick the road show.

  5. Totally agreed. This is the time to really hit them back. TS Shafee is the most appropriate person as he has details of the entire case. That’s why they are scared of him. Every single details are at TS Shafee fingertips. He also has the credibility, intelligence and professionalism.

    1. TS Shafee has every detail pertaining to the case. He is not easily perturbed nor immediately shaken by poor quality ridicule, mockery or sarcasm from or by the opposing groups. He is an authority in this affair…whose leadership and guidance, we cant be without. Otherwise..there’ll be nothing but threats of legal suits. Nah kalau nak saman, samanlah Shafee.

      1. ‘He is not easily perturbed nor immediately shaken by poor quality ridicule, mockery or sarcasm from or by the opposing groups.’

        I don’t think they berani to slander him pun, to begin with…

    2. In this case, Abe Lincoln would be on the side of Tan Sri Shafee :

      “No client ever had money enough to bribe my conscience or to stop its utterance against wrong, and oppression. My conscience is my own – my Creator’s – not man’s. I shall never sink the rights of mankind to the malice, wrong, or avarice of another’s wishes, though those wishes come to me in the relation of client and attorney . . . let every man remember that to violate the law, is to trample on the blood of his father, and to tear the charter of his own, and his children’s liberty.”

      1. I’d agree with you Chris.

        Saiful has sworn on the Quran, as has Najib. Shafee is willing to swear in Mecca.

        Only Anwar refuses to swear – even in the Permatang Pauh surau.

        1. “Some people have passed away but their character has kept them alive; others are alive but alas their characters have killed them. Your nafs (Ego) – if you do not keep it busy with truth then it will preoccupy you with falsehoods. Were this world to be sold at the market I would not purchase it for a loaf of bread, for all the troubles it holds”. – Imam Shafi’i

  6. It appears as if Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan is the only on taking the bull by the horns. He’s one of the few UMNO leaders who argue their case well & still remaining classy.

    He’s definitely one to watch for the future. Let’s hope when the time comes, he may be elevated to the top positions in UMNO & by extension, the government, if BN manage to hold on to that. And having met him personally, he’s down to earth & is brimming with enthusiasm.

    He would normally have the last word when engaging people like Teresa Kok, Tony Pua, OKM, Hannah etc. Goes on to show even with all the hot air, the bunch ain’t all that intelligent after all.

  7. ‘And these ultra licik oppo people are now appealing to the Malay sense of nicety – “usah nak aibkan Anwar lagi, jagalah hati keluarganya”, pujuk dema.

    Well, that’s rich coming from guttersnipes.’

    Tepat sekali!

    ‘If Umno does not start fighting back now, BN will lose GE14. Ini satu kepastian.’


    ‘Backburning technique: “It might seem counter intuitive cut to light a fire to put out a fire but this method’s used quite regularly. The theory is that you burn up all the fuel in the fire’s path and this cuts off its advance.”

    BN should have fired the clueless mat saleh already and pay you the millions instead. Seriously, if they haven’t already that is?!

    ‘Go, go, go! @mpkotabelud!’

    Credit must go to KJ as well, don’t you think Helen?

    Anyway, you deserved another song… [YouTube]

    nota tambahan:

    Masa depa semua nak buat roadshow nak galvanize reformasi 2.0, satu negara, in disguise of keadilan untuk semua rakyat dan melawan gst, depa kutuk dan hina judiciary, boleh pulak?

    Bila Shafee, jawab, depa semua terkangkang tak boleh jawab, pastu nak suruh semua orang diam. Kononnya hina makhamah BS dsb.

    Memang hipokrit papan atas!

    1. re: “BN should have fired the clueless mat saleh already and pay you the millions instead. Seriously, if they haven’t already that is?!”

      Not a single sen, and they won’t b’cos I keep saying that the BN chairman is clueless.

      re: “Credit must go to KJ as well, don’t you think Helen?”

      KJ has got his own ambitions and self-serving agenda. See,

      1. ‘KJ has got his own ambitions and self-serving agenda’

        Biasalah Helen, politik. Anyway, this is one, I think we need to support. For greater good. Rakyat need to know anwar and his antics if they haven’t already.

        Awek Beng Hock tuduh UMNO bunuh jantan dia, pusing satu Malaya, DAP tak mau kata apa ka? Siap jaja lagi.


  8. They have now recruited former Ambassador to Malaysia John R Mallot to post his analysis of the Anwar decision on the web (not on any reputable publication because no publication of any repute would have his idea of analysis published unless they have the right exclusive right to edit it to ribbons for sense and sensibility).

    This is the same John R Mallot who in India in 1995 denied his country’s client state Pakistan was a haven for terrorism, was supporting the Taleban, was directing and financing terrorist attacks against the state of India via Kashmir and other regional states, till his director Robert Gates the then head of the CIA intervened on receipt of first hand intelligence produced to him by the Indians. Gates publicly corrected Mallot by asking Pakistan directly (whilst Gates was still in the sub continent) to cease support for the Lakshar – I- Toiba a group that would a few years later be implicated in providing support for the 9/11 attacks. Khaled Sheik Mohammed was provided safe houses by Lakshar-I-Toiba and the ISS who were themselves recipient of American military and defence aid.

    This is the same man who called Kashmiri terrorists from the Pakistani side “freedom fighters and democrats” and “all of Kashmir disputed territory”, a phrase coined by the Pakistani ISS and the Kashmiri terrorist groups.

    In much the same way he refers to Anwar and his band of merry men as Democrats and freedom loving people. If I were Anwar I would have thrown up on hearing the comparison. But I am not Anwar and neither are most Malaysians who rejected him at the ballot box the last time round.

    Of course there is nothing linguistically wrong in saying all of Kashmir is disputed territory. It is as true as saying (but for more valid political reasons) that all of the American continent is disputed territory which it is and is an undeniable truth.

    Australia is also in this sense disputed territory. The Aboriginal people of Australia have rightfully asserted that white settlement in Australia is in fact white occupation of their land. And that seminal land rights case Mabo (and the other The Wik People) proves that point.

    Getting back to this “credible” former US ambassador to Malaysia, his ideas of freedom, justice, law and order which Anwar, Ambiga and their supporters have adopted are similar to his and that of the Taleban’s and other terrorist groups like the Lakshar-I-Toiba. They are all conceived and born out of the same political womb of this man. Camp Langley Virginia and all it controls.

    Dogs on a leash the lot of them.

  9. It appears that a supporter of PR is trying to silence TS Shafee by lodging complaint that TS Shafee is committing an offence under seksyen 36 Enakmen Jenayah Syariah Selangor. (

    In essence, he is alleging that TS Shafee is slandering Anwar of sodoming Saiful when TS Shafee does not have 4 witnesses to support his slander.

    I personally think it will not become a case because TS Shafee is not doing a new accusation. His statements are in context with the judgement of just concluded Sodomy case in which the written judgement documents are available in public record.

    May be he is genuine in is intention, but I doubt it because this guy was caught on record planning to topple the Royal Institution and he said he have short, medium and long time strategies for it.

    I feel that this exercise is to make this into a court case and silence TS Shafee from speaking about Sodomy case. Winning or losing seems to be a second thought. Silencing TS Shafee is in itself a win.

    1. Four trustfull witness is a requirement in Hudud. If there are circumstantial evidence you can use ta’zil, where the ruler decide the punishment. So they are playing with gods rule.

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