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Dodgy Podgy porky and pie @syahredzan

Updated 1.40pm

For Syahredzan Johan’s info, one of my readers told us that he got blocked by Hannah Yeoh for asking about the 40k Bangladeshis. See

He had only been in the @hannahyeoh Twitter timeline 4-5 months tops before he got blocked. And he’s not not even an avid user of Twitter.

re Syahredzan’s column today – ‘Blocking someone on social media‘ (The Star, 23 Feb 2015)

Syahredzan should also know that those who were blocked by Hannah were not “abusive”. Puhleez lah. Tan Sri Fong Chan Onn – a gentleman – was blocked by her.

So now other Twitter users are blocked by Hannah from even “mention”ing her is it? Just goes to show the kind of tyranny that the DAP will exercise if they ever come to federal power, heaven forbid.

Syahredzan FoS

Mamase  the balls

Mamase  the truth

Helen Ang: It depends on the individual and the context.

If we’re talking about Hannah Yeoh, then I’d agree with Mamase’s statement.

She’s the DAP SuperCyber Bully who just doesn’t have the balls and can’t handle the truth when people react to her bullying.


With the DAP evangelistas, it’s a one-way traffic. When they bully, it’s democracy and freedom of speech. When you fight back, you’re a racist, extremist, bigot, hater and tyrant.

There are DAP evangelista politicians who use their state power, party machinery and ample resources to silence critics.

Individuals who stand up to them also risk being lynched by the unhinged mob that is the DAP evangelista cult following.

HannahTwitter TEH

“[Social media] has also brought about new ways to offend, insult, annoy, attack, harass and harm other people.” – Syahredzan Johan

Yup, like how Hannah and a former Star-NUJ (National Union of Journalists) chairman offended, insulted, annoyed, attacked and harassed Rosmah Mansor.

Hannah Yeoh: “which big mama?”

Teh Eng Hock aka Mr Regina Lee: “Take a guess. Biggest of them all”

Hannah Yeoh: “hu hu hu”

“All the ladies in sarees are melting under the sun” – Teh Eng Hock complaining that Rosmah was more than an hour late to the assignment he was covering as a J-Star reporter (then).


Tell lies about those who do right

Dapster evangelistas banyak raja dan ratu kelentong fitnah.

18 Let the lying lips be put to silence; which speak grievous things proudly and contemptuously against the righteous.

The above verse Psalm 31:18-20 is taken from the KJV Bible and is the King James Version old English.

In modern day English, the verse reads:

Those evil people brag
    and tell lies about those who do right.
They are so proud now,
    but their lying lips will be silent.

New English is simpler and easier to understand  :)

The above Psalm 31:18 was highlighted by Capt Rahmat in his tweet a few days ago.

Capt Rahmat  podgy ADUN

hannah yeoh gemuk
Hannah Yeoh eats “for charity” – see her T-shirt

Hannah Yeoh claims that her eyes well up with tears each time she thinks of poor prisoner-of-conscience Anwar having to eat prison food.

Dodgy Podgy porky and pie
Thinkin’ of Anwar makes her cry
When tweeters try to have their say
Hannah blocks to chase them away
Hannah block

Dozens of Twitter users blocked by Hannah Yeoh

Scores of Twitter users have complained that Hannah Yeoh blocked them from her timeline because she “cant handle the truth“.

cant handle the truth

@choonhann: “now is @hannahyeoh turn to block me. Really sad about DAP. why can’t you open to criticisms?”

@yakuza_nam: @hannahyeoh @cmlimguaneng @limkitsiang got 1 popular move. BLOCK when kalah argue”

@fongchanonn: “tweeting for few wks only n got block by @hannahyeoh n @teresakok @tonypua”

@DrKowCheongWei: “Anybody ask @hannahyeoh why she @block tilianker?”

ti lian ker blocked

“Told u she will block you, so prima donna Hannah..”

azizisafar photo

@azizisafar: “dah kena block dengan Ratu Twitter @hannahyeoh”

@Rasbima: “Virus dlm PR – blok apa sja yg tk suka dengar @hannahyeoh saya pun tanya soalan sama tapi block saya juga!”

@KhanOfWar: “@azizisafar  @hannahyeoh saya pun tanya soalan sama tapi block saya juga!”

@zulpanjangnkb: “Aku pun tak boleh follow dia, first time kena block juga kot”

Kalai block sop


Cakap tak serupa bikin

“You block followers who question you but you preach open dialogue. Give us a break” – Rashid Nawem

@kisahntauladan: “hannah yeoh block me. DAP MP for sbg jaya, is this the leadership pakatan is offering to people”

@choows: “ya, @hannahyeoh shd block @CKGord from SubangJAYA like how she blocked him on TwitterJAYA.”

@CKGord: “Don’t like him, block him lor, like she always does. @hannahyeoh @tankengliang”

Hannah Yeoh sekali lagi sekat

@IzwanRosleDin: “DAP like Hannah Yeoh, Teresa Kok always block people who criticise them on Twitter. I never heard of any BN doing that.”

@Armand_PJU: “Sama lar, Anuwar, Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Hannah Yeoh Semua Block Aku, Kata Freedom Of Expression Puit T”

Hannah Yeoh nafi peluk Islam

@satD“I wonder y @hannahyeoh suddenly block me today?”

@kerismalaya: @hannahyeoh why u block me??”

@qamarzai: “Confirm! Hari ini Rafizi dan Hannah Yeoh dh block aku”

@tunfaisal: “Hannah yeoh 2 penakut, blok twitter aku”

choonhann blocked cant argue

@AlaramKalai:@hannahyeoh BLOCKED ME ! PTUIHH”

@IrkZick: “@hannahyeoh ni tak suka pengundi Subang buat aduan tak puas hati pd dia servis dlm twitter, dia akan block”

@AbdArshad:@jasonleong Klu @hannahyeoh block u maksud dia mmg guilty as charged!!”

@dhanyaraam:@hannahyeoh WHY DID YOU BLOCK ME whn I questiond you?”

dhanyaraam blocked deleted


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

18 thoughts on “Dodgy Podgy porky and pie @syahredzan

  1. Agaknya dia tanya “Which Big Mama?” sebab dia terasa, kut? Maklumlah dia digelar Mama Dapster dan dia tahu dia dah menjalani tumbesaran mendadak sejak jadi Adun.

    1. Havent this chinese woman Hannah Yeoh Tsuan saw how Anwar Ibrahim treated the poor chinese woman in the sex video? The chinese woman was obviously paid. which woman in the right mind would have sex with a bisexual and convicted sodomist?

      Wan Azizah? hahaha…one in a million.

      Does DAP condone perdagangan manusia perempuan cina? Doesnt she cried thinking of the chinese woman disgust as she raced to the toilet to spit out his cum?

      Funny Chinese…dont even love her own chinese woman…

    1. re: “Also, these people, even though they are essentially public officers, should be able to exercise the option of blocking some users who are abusive to them. This should have nothing to do with freedom of speech and expression.”

      That’s not true wrt Hannah Yeoh. She blocked Tan Sri Fong Chan Ong and Datuk Ti Lian Ker. These two MCA stalwarts are hardly “abusive”.

      They got blocked because she only likes to hear praise.

      Neither is Tun Faisal (Umno former UMB boss) and Azizi Safar “abusive”. Azizi is the BN Penang co-ordinator who got blocked by Hannah for asking if she was the culprit caught on CCTV Facebooking when the assembly was in session. That time she was not yet Speaker.

      All their timelines are open to public scrutiny and anyone can check and judge how they’ve conducted themselves, unlike Hannah who DELETES her tweets when she’s found out.

      1. The tweets I’ve copypasted above are linked to their urls.

        Syahredzan can check out the circumstances each under which Hannah blocked them all.

        1. Yeah, but I was wondering if he had Hannah and your articles in mind when writing that.

          He can be vague and non specific to avoid people attention to who or what he’s really talking about, but I see which side of the fence he’s on when he regurgitates the usual buzzwords like ‘good governance, openness and transparency’ that DAP loves to preach on others but fail to practice.

          Maybe I’m biased or just wrong, but every time I see and hear those words what comes to my mind is DAP talking down on others when they don’t even have the high ground with their party practices.

          Maybe somebody should ask him who is he talking about and what is his beef in defending what that person did.

          1. Yup, Syahredzan’s article is talking about my expose on Hannah and her blocking alright. His Twitter timeline and exchanges indicates this to be so.

            About his being non-specific, well, I’m a persona non grata at the J-Star in any case. Since he writes for that Nest of ‘Moderates’, it’s obvious which side of the fence he’s on.

            Yeah, agree that that DAP buzzwords spoil our lunch, your list plus “divisiveness” (puke).

            ‘Transparency’ and ‘Accountability’? Hah.

            DAP have already acknowledged that they will interfere with the judiciary.




  2. You ni Helen.. Kan dulu dia event manager. Kena la think of happy happy positive things on how to attract the masses, who will give more support…. klo business, more money la..

    The 3 monkeys, see, hear and speak no evil… hehehe

    One lady a complete stranger was waiting with me and started the Anw Sodomy case. Waduh mak oooi, mata liar trying to impress me. Laju hujah2 dia macam lawyer. Anyway since I am a mum with young boys.. I also followed the case and told her am very relieved, happy wth the facts brought fwd by our dear TS Shafie, facts and evidence.

    Then she became hysterical.. Najib, Attantuya, Clouds accompanying late Nik Aziz, cows and sharizat, mahadir, Rosmah.. all clumped macam cakar ayam..

    Told her, hey we are discussing specifically on the recent sodomy case… what has the others got to do with Anwar and Saiful? Pisahkan la satu2 topic.. kalau you nak masak kari apasal guna bahan masak lemak?

    Haiya… these Pakatan people. Karut betoi.

    1. re: “Kena la think of happy happy positive things on how to attract the masses”

      The masses are given plenty of J-Juice. Drink and be happy.

      1. HY kept blocking others at her speed must not be coming out of love but hate, kan Helen?

        Or could that be the ‘love, love, love’ they are actually promoting all this while??

  3. Hannah is just merely following the example set by Grandpa DAP – LKS. He also did and does the same thing in his blog & FB. The moment you challenge him, he blocks you. The Dapsters only want adoring and unquestioning worshippers.

    BTW, our high class and righteous rolly polly Speaker again displays her highly selective brand of justice.

    A Selangor state assemblyman, responding to reports of photos circulating that allegedly showed a man resembling him gambling, says he needs recall the incident. “I am still recalling where and when the photos are taken,” he said, without confirming the authenticity of the photos. “For now, I can’t say the photos are not real, I have to recall,” he added.

    Meanwhile, state Speaker Hannah Yeoh has refused to comment on whether action would be taken against a state representative for engaging in immoral activities.

    The alleged ADUN in question is the DAP rep from Balakong and his picture can be found here. Hardly the act of the party that claims to be “clean and righteous”.

    1. Like how she bashed “BN politicians” for adultery but sheds tears for Anwar and his meals in prison.

    2. Reading the link above, it appears as if DAP disapprove of its members from playing cards, even if it doesn’t involve money. How many actually gamble during CNY? I know it’s a tradition of us at home.

      So, what sort of freedom does DAP fight for? Going to the extent of prohibiting gambling. What’s next? No alcohol or pork?

  4. The Lego song and movie is the best theme song for DAP [YouTube]

    You must sing and march to the tune and not question. Usr stupid phrases like awesome in your tweet.

    This is my Indian friends’ observation of Evagenlistas

  5. Just goes to show the kind of tyranny that the DAP will exercise if they ever come to federal power, heaven forbid.

    God forbid too for they will bring their stupidity to Putlajaya nanti…ish!

    If our varsities world class, why so few Aussies, Europeans enrolled here, asks DAP – See more at:

    Haiya, the world revolves around aussies sama europeans saja ke DAP?

    Is DAP anti-Asians? Whites wannabe? Looking down on the Africans and the Mid-easterns studying at our Unis???

    DAP ada krisis identiti ka??

    My kawan cakap, the aussies sama europeans tak datang blajar sini Uni sebab tak ada ‘babi on the go’ maa, macam kat Singapork!

    Betoi ka DAP??

    Itu saya kawan cakap maa, dia suka makan daging babi salai dekat kedai ais krim baskin-robbins..

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