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60 Zunar T-shirts for the cost of Rosmah’s designer hairdo

I have a copy of Zunar’s earlier book Cartoon-O-Phobia featuring Rosmah Mansor on the cover as well as the T-shirt.

For the price of Rosmah’s hairstyling – which is reportedly RM1,200 per pop – I can buy 60 more Zunar T-shirts (RM20 each).

Zunar Rosmah 1

Malaysians will further be wondering whether the police were justified to seize Zunar’s collection of new cartoons compiled under the title Ros in Kangkong Land as well as to charge our country’s top satirical cartoonist for sedition.

Some bloggers, such as Syed Akbar Ali, today hit Rosmah straight in the face over the exorbitant cost of her hairdo. See ‘RM1,200 for hairdo when minimum wage is RM900‘ (Malaysiakini, 24 Feb 2015)

Hannah Yeoh however chose instead to SNIPE at Rosmah.

Zunar Rosmah 1

Madame Speaker is extra careful these days after her “hu hu hu” previously at Rosmah’s size, and she appears to have deleted her “big mama” tweet (hence the importance of screen capture to preserve ‘evidence’).

Yesterday Hannah tweeted an indirect potshot at Rosmah: “I wonder if the PM’s PR department is working overtime tonight”.

Slick, eh? Just shows the sneaky way in which the evangelistas operate.

@hannahyeoh sniping

@hannahyeoh hair already out of the bag

Sneaky, conniving kind of people

I despise their sneakiness. That’s why I said ‘@syahredzan and his type are the reason I reject Pakatan‘.

Syahredzan’s article, I’m fairly certain, was in response to my expose on Hannah’s serial Twitter blocks. I deduce this from the exchanges in his Twitter timeline.

I’ve no quarrel with blocking per se if the circumstances warrant it. The blocking done by Hannah and some of her DAP colleagues is indefensible though. Hence Syahredzan’s skewed article – given the Hannah backdrop – leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

hannah mouth

Mouthing ‘Love’ but instilling Hate

Among the 53 percent anti-BN voters, there are those who are sceptical, derisive and hostile at my refusal to support Pakatan.

If you’re wondering how I can vote BN, well, for me the end game is simple. I just do not want the evangelistas to sit in Putrajaya. That’s it – the bottomline.

Despite the urban legend that it is only “bodoh”, poor people and rural folks who vote BN –  read ‘The Star thinks Malays are stupid‘ to get the gist of Dapsterthink –  I did indeed pangkah dacing on 5 May 2013.

And this in spite of the fact that 90 percent of my fellow Chinese had thrown their lot with the opposition.

WCW 90 percent

Chun Wai: “They wanted to punish Umno”

J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai wrote in his newspaper column ‘GE13: Win them over, don’t blame them‘ on 8 May 2013:

“Yes, the fact is that 90% of the Chinese votes went to Pakatan, or more precisely the DAP. Foolish as it may seem, many of these voters believed they could change the Barisan government. They wanted to punish Umno …”

Immediately after polling day, the EvangeliSTARs were already fully aware that 90 percent of the Chinese vote went to the DAP and its proxies. Chun Wai himself admitted it – in print – in the shock of finding the BN undefeated.

You can see how sneaky they are – these Firsters / “Moderates” / Bangsar Malaysians – who then backpedalled and tried to recast the election results as NOT being a Chinese tsunami but instead a Malaysian tsunami or urban tsunami.

Najib is too CLUELESS … everybody except him saw the big wave coming

PM thinks Chun Wai lurrves him?

They’re the Bintang Lima

I voted BN because I despise the sneakiness of the other side, and view the DAP’s two-faced evangelista leadership as grotesque.

HypocrisyI do not condone the amoral misrepresentation, disinformation, misinformation and outright slander of their opponents that have characterized the evangelical party’s climb to power.

It is evangelistas that have destroyed trust and goodwill.

We, as a society, have always been willing to accept things at face value (bersangka baik), which is to say having a general expectation that people will be truthful.

But after having seen the Pakatan smear campaigns and outrageous fitnah, you’re left wondering what kind of kiasu clan can deliberately concoct such vicious and vile lies just to win the fight.



Now the problem is …

Nonetheless I’m afraid that Najib Razak – and his wife, his konsetan keliling pinggang, punahsihat-punahsihat and the hordes of expensive hangers-on preying on the PM’s office – will cause the BN to lose the next election. Then my nightmare of DAP grabbing power will come true.

Please bear in mind that in GE13, the ruling party ran a presidential-style campaign banking on Najib’s personal popularity.

Even the MCA piggybacked on Najib – see their election bus panel ad.

MCA bus

Najib’s popularity sinking by the day

I’m aware that Najib’s position in Umno is secure and unassailable. But he’s no longer as popular with the public as he was in the preceding years.

Yes, it’s true that Najib can dig in his heels as Umno president. And Umno as well shall remain the biggest individual party in Parliament easily. But still, BN may possibly lose the election.

If BN is no longer the federal government post-2018, then the Umno warlords and bigwigs – I hope – will keep in mind that they too are going to fall off the gravy train. That is unless they jump ship like some MCA leaders did post-2008.

“I am speaking on behalf of housewives.” – Rosmah Mansor


BN’s Titanic may sink too

Najib’s 1Malaysia has already crashed and burned. Even his ‘Moderation’ agenda has been hijacked by the evangelistas.

Rosmah is highly unpopular, not just among the non-Malays but among the Malays too, especially the younger crowd in the urban areas who are wired.

Very soon it’ll not just be the Chinese who want to punish Umno but the Malays as well. So Umno had better think of how to haul themselves out from the hole they’re digging ever deeper and deeper.

The voter demography of 47 percent who are like me is shrinking by the day.

The opposing 53 percent electorate may not even realise how SNEAKY Pakatan is and even if they do, they might decide that sneakiness is something they can live with compared with the FLOM’s RM1,200 branded hair.


Click 2x to enlarge – Chun Wai’s J-Star column, “[The Chinese] wanted to punish Umno …”

Chun Wai 90 percent


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

18 thoughts on “60 Zunar T-shirts for the cost of Rosmah’s designer hairdo

  1. I’m no fan of RM but I do not condone personal attacks on her. I find that totally uncivilised and if a Muslim does it, I find that shameful.

    I ave always found RM to be articulate and quite intelligent in her speeches, so that speaking on behalf of housewives speech was, to put it mildly, surprising.

    I don’t think she read that thoroughly before she made that speech. Someone should have pointed out to her before that some people do not even spend RM1000 on haircuts in their lifetime let alone per session. Some punahsihat should roll for that major blunder.

    But on the sneaky side of the divide, I’ve been following that PG1 parking issue. If this had happened, I would have said “karma” –

    It didn’t and I expected an apology, but typical of all Dapsters, the man came out with excuses and some of his supporters actually stood up for him. That is mind-boggling. The man was wrong. His employee did wrong but the buck stops with the boss. He should have apologised humbly.

    If you as the CM cannot behave in a civil manner and show the highest standards, then I’m not surprise at the sneakiness and arrogance of the whole Dapster group. That episode to me highlights the essence of DAP.

    1. (1) Rosmah’s RM1,200 hairdressing bill is very damaging, considering the BN voter demography. It’s true that it is the working class that vote for BN while the middle and professional classes vote for Pakatan. RM1.2k is a month’s salary for some of the poorer BN voters.

      (2) I should imagine that RM1.2k is a lot of money too in the economically more backward states and vis-a-vis, say, a coastal fisherman’s income.

      (3) I don’t normally – in fact, very rarely – blog about Rosmah but this time, her cluelessness leaves me aghast. I can just imagine how much capital the oppo are going to make of this in the wake of her “diamond ring” and Birkin handbags reputation, deserved or otherwise.

      (4) The man is a conniving bastard.

      (5) His supporters are unhinged. That’s why I will still NOT vote for DAP in GE14.

      Nonetheless, the BN must buck up or else my nightmare – Hannah Yeoh as Minister of Religion and her pals Tony and Rafizi and Dr “Insyallah” Ong in the 2018 cabinet – will come true.

      It wasn’t all that long ago that Rosmah was implicated for her jetsetting and shopping while half our country was under water.

      I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of her getting into another scrape again not too long into the future. Dah lah the other side so slick and sneaky, the BN side pula is a continuous stream of public relations disasters. Face palm!

  2. Helen,

    The biggest problem in BN is Najib. He adopts the attitude of indifferent of the very people who defend his government.

    By the way why there is first day issue on Chinese New Year and followed by panda stamps. Why no issuance of stamps on Hari Raya or 40th anniversary of Sultan of selangor; consent on transfer of Kuala Lumpur to Federal Government.

      1. helen,

        PR may exaggerate on Rosmah. But there is no denying that she is viewed unfavourably by general public.

        Wife of previous PMs were treated more deferentially. We never heard people mocking Tun Sharifah Rodziah or Tun Dr Siti Hasmah or even Abdullah Badawi’s wife. Bear in mind Abdullah Badawi too was severely insulted. But PR spared his wife.

        1. re: “But there is no denying that she is viewed unfavourably by general public.”

          When I talk to ordinary Malays, I ask. Never met anyone who liked her.

          1. And I find the reason nobody likes her (RM) is because

            1. she is too visible (It usually goes (Tun) Siti Hasmah dulu tak pernah pun ikut semua ke SEMUA tempat or TSH dulu tak ada pun banyak keluar tv); and

            2. everyone has heard of one or two stories about her that are generally a spinoff from the Pakatan rumor mills.

            Umno should know we can usually find Harakah rather than Utusan at the kampung warung.

            1. Someone noted that at her age, Rosmah would have to colour her hair at least twice a month b’cos otherwise the grey roots would show. So the cost of her haircare in terms of dyeing alone could be RM2,400 monthly. This is excluding hair care products.

              Then she mentioned that her tailoring fee is RM500 (presumably per baju kurung).

              Our minimum wage is RM900. Loose lips sink ships. Hers are torpedoing the BN Titanic.

              Already the BN situation is precarious 47:53 and fate hinging on the uncertain PAS developments.

              Having a BN chairman’s wife whom nobody likes further tilts the disadvantage. The Umno Supreme Council should take a firm stand and compel her to dive under the radar.

                1. The PMO communications team (or one egotistical member) has tak pasal-pasal aggravated the Razak sons as well as sparked the totally unnecessary polemics about the 2nd PM.

                  So may I have your opinion pls? Do you think Najib is the best general to lead BN into GE14 what with his baggage (Rosmah, konsetan, 1MDB, Pemandu et al)?

                  1. I thought he was the wrong choice when Sleeping Beauty stepped down, why would I think he’ll be right for GE14?

                    I have always thought that Najib was an “accident” in politic, you know like an “unplanned” child.

                    He is too nice, too decent to be able to make some tough and “dirty” decisions and his wife has always come off (to me) like Siput Sarawak. She can be the nicest person in the room but she just gives off that “I’m-a-bitch vibe”, so definitely a handicap.

                    There’s not many in the senior class of UMNO that I like. I can respect Mustapa Mohamed, Anifah Aman (alright BN) and Abdul Rahman Dahlan who are in cabinet.

                    I’m ambivalent on Muhyiddin, HH and Zahid. From Umno AMT, let’s see – Dr Asyraf Dusuki and Prof Ibrahim Abu Shah, watched them speak, read some of their opinions, and I can relate. MB Perak and YB Shamsul Nasarah from Lenggong, mainly because from my homestate and Zambry’s not bad.

                    Why is Mukhriz not in AMT, because I think he is a better person than KJ, but maybe not a better politician. The rest, some I do not like or respect, some are dubious and some definitely have overshot their “use-by” date.

                    And now that I’ve listed them down, there’s not much light at the end of tunnel, is there?

  3. Najip appear unchallenged in UMNO, the whole UMNO vote does not make Najib, the PM.

    Malays are getting restless by the days, if Chinese tsunami didn’t change Najib and its UMNO boldness, the Malay tsunami will do, and it’s very much assured.

  4. “Najib’s 1Malaysia has already crashed and burned. Even his ‘Moderation’ agenda has been hijacked by the evangelistas.”

    My beloved teacher taught us that instead of focusing on an Islamic state, we should rather be more concerned with the state of Islam in our hearts and minds. But surely super-expensive hairdos are not the way the muslimah are supposed to moderate their personal desire for beauty, especially leaders who by their public behaviour often set a precedent for the commoners – ini maksudnya menjaga aurat diri sendiri.

  5. Dear Aunty Helen,

    It will make much more sense if Rosmah just wear tudung, in fact she must do so as a Muslim lady. Tudungs cost less than what she has to pay for a hairdos and it’ll be better because there will be less chemicals used. Good for her health and reputation.

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