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Free Anwar – another Christian con

1. First off, Anwar Ibrahim ain’t no “prisoner of conscience”, okay. If you must attach the label ‘prisoner’ on him, then we ought to say he’s chained to his voracious sexual appetite.

Anwar supersonik

2. Secondly, about that pitch for sympathy saying Anwar is being “forced to sleep with a spinal injury on the cold hard floor of Sungai Buloh prison with mosquitoes feeding on him”, well, I pity the mosquitoes. Hope the insects don’t fall sick from blood contamination.

31,821 mosquitoes ‘liked’ his Facebook – click to view

Anwar Ibrahim - Facebook 2015

As for the claim by Selayang MP William Leong that Anwar is forced to sleep “on the cold hard floor” … hey, wasn’t it just last week that his lawyers were complaining he was only being given a “two-inch thick foam mattress“? YB William should check his facts.

And the Drama Minggu Ini about the “spinal injury”… roll my eyes. Kan dia mampu berjoget and siap gelek-gelek lagi?

Anwar menari

Anwar menari1

3. William Leong penned a 3,100-word screed on ‘Free Anwar’ that was published yesterday by the usual pro-oppo media outlets. I shall refer to the Feb 23 TMI version.

YB William wrote that Anwar is a victim of injustice and “aiming to free him will spur us to win”. He equates freeing Anwar to freeing Malaysia.

I believe it’s the other way around actually. Our country is better off without the Anwar toxin.

And although William Leong said that Anwar’s imprisonment is a “suffering he has to endure for another five years”, alas that’s sadly not true. Our most famous sex convict is likely to get a remission on his jail sentence and let out after three-plus years or so.

4. William outlined four challenges to carry Pakatan to victory.

But before we delve further into that, let’s have a laugh first – “Anwar dedicated himself to the fight against oppression, corruption, inequality and injustice,” according to William.

Kelakar, kucing bertanduk nanti.

laughing cat

5. William trotted out the usual opposition tropes, which are frankly, beginning to bore me to death – stale as they are.

He said, “They want to keep us apart, separated and divided. They ask the young to sacrifice for their race while they reap the profits from the discord sown.”

William is slamming the unnamed “they” / them / those people who don’t “think and act as Malaysians” whom he accuses of keeping the races “apart, separated and divided”.

There he goes on the Malaysian Firster train. The English-speaking Christians want to define WHO and WHAT is rightly Malaysian, and send to the gulags those who do not fit their bill.

Umno parti pelbagai kaum
Zambry Abdul Kadir

It is the DAP that is most race obsessed and colour conscious.

Umno elevated the man in the photo above to be their Perak Menteri Besar.

DAP, on the other hand – ref. Taiping MP, the evangelista David Nga Kor Ming – called Zambry “hitam metalik” and “haram jadah”.

Mamaks were termed “Melayu celup kopi” by the editor of Buletin Mutiara, i.e. the Penang state fortnightly newspaper, in his Tinta Pengarang column (April 1-15, 2012).

Now who’s the racist, you tell me.


How the DAP delegates voted racially at their party election – click to enlarge bar chart

It is the evangelical party that is reaping “the profits from the discord sown”. And let me say this unequivocally: It is going to be a sad, sad harvest for the Chinese community from all the hate that the DAP has planted.


(Note: YB William of Selayang is PKR but he’s a Christian.)

6. William listed the social media as the first challenge in the quest to free Anwar and gain Putrajaya. He highlighted that social media had toppled dictators in the Arab Spring and the Orange Revolution in Ukraine.

Facebook and Twitter are the most powerful tools for mobilizing dissent through having people echo the Pakatan political opinions.

Hannah block
Hannah Yeoh blocks Twitter users

But the funny thing is that William has accused the other side of always trying “to censor, intimidate and spread disinformation”.

Hullo, hullo, three fingers pointing back at yourself, ya!

6. William complained that Shafee Abdullah wants Christopher Leong and Ambiga Sreenevasan to be charged for contempt on their remarks about the Anwar court judgment.

Yeah, I wanna know too. How come Ambiga remains unmolested whereas PSM’s Arul is being investigated for sedition when both essentially expressed the same thoughts?

Ambiga RT Fahmi Disgrace

William wants criticisms of the Federal Court judgment to continue so that “injustice can be corrected and public confidence restored in the administration of justice” and for the foreign countries, agencies and organizations to continue their critical onslaught.

He wants everybody to forward, pass on and share the criticisms on Anwar’s case – which can be found all over the Internet – with their families, friends and colleagues.

Yup, we know that’s how Pakatan operates, by instigating and inciting, and that’s how they acquired their success in the 2008 and 2013 elections.

The widespread influence of social media, controlled by Pakatan

Umcedel Social Media
Umcedel 2013 survey

7. William frames the second challenge as:

“…the fear of futility. It is the fear that there is nothing one man or one woman can do against the array of forces – money, machinery and media – at the disposal of those we are up against.”

Here I’m tempted to agree with him because that’s what I feel. After all, I’m operating this blog as one woman without funding, any institutional backing or resources other than my own time and effort.

Pakatan has a stranglehold on the Chinese and English online and social media

Yup, I’m up against the power of the state (I live in Selangor which is ruled by Pakatan) which has at its disposal an array of forces – money, machinery, media and a malicious mob of fanatical followers.

“Whenever I tweet something critical on Pakatan politicians, I have to deal with idiot supporters, never happens when I do same for BN pols” – Dzirhan Mahadzir

My experience is basically the same as Dzirhan’s, with the exception of a couple of low blows from political operatives whom I suspect to be KJ’s boys.

Other than that, the BN politicians and their supporters are generally nowhere near as ultra kiasu as the Pakatan pollies and their attack dogs.

Hannah  joceline and helen

8. Talking about the USA, William said that “America elected a president based on the content of his character and not the colour of his skin”.

Yes, but although Obama is an ethnic minority, he speaks English (the language of the majority). And he’s a Christian (the religion of the majority). Would he have been elected Prez if he had been a Muslim?

Going by the Obama example of total assimilation, then our best colour-blind minority candidate from among Malaysians – i.e. whose skin is not warna sawo matang – would be Ridhuan Tee. He speaks Malay (the language of the majority). And he’s a Muslim (the religion of the majority).

staircase 2
Pakatan taking people nowhere

9. William listed the third challenge as the danger of inertia, the lack of resolute commitment. He alluded to the struggles of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.

Aiyoyo, comparing Anwar to Gandhi, King and Mandela?

“We are now at the cross-roads, it is the time for choosing”, said William.

Thanks for the reminder. I choose to reject Pakatan and its revolting evangelical leadership.

staircase 6
Pakatan path hitting a brick wall

10. William listed the fourth challenge as the lack of moral courage. “Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues and the wrath of society.”

So true.

That’s why many among the 90 percent of Chinese voters lack of the conviction to brave the disapproval of fellow Chinese (who can be very feral in their anti-Umno zeal), the censure of their colleagues and church mates who are rabidly pro-DAP, and the wrath of urban society in which being anti-government is trendy and the flavour of the month.

angry mob

What a lot of angry Chinese – 78 percent!

march 2014 poll report.pdf angry BN
Merdeka Center opinion poll March 2014

William wrote:

They fan the flame of emotions, suspicions, and hatred, they chained the unsuspecting and uninformed by playing on their fears of race and religion; they do this because this is the only choice for those who reject calm reason and rational acts of minds free to the demands of justice.”

Oooh, “they” again. Once more making accusations and getting three fingers pointing back.

  1. Who is fanning the flame of emotions?
  2. Who is sowing suspicions?
  3. Who is fomenting hatred?
  4. Who is duping the uninformed?
  5. Who is rejecting calm reason?
  6. Who is being irrational?

My blog readers can figure it out for themselves.

staircase 1

Pakatan does not offer any door

William’s appeal: “The door to freedom and equality is right before us. One final push is all that is needed. One final effort will break open the door. One final rally and we will be there.”

Hahaha. Very few people are showing up at your Anwar rallies lah, YB.

staircase 4

Stairs that do not lead to door

Not only do you want to break the door, you’re tearing the house down.

You all (Christians) scratch Anwar’s back because he has scratched your back by empowering the evangelistas.

But the ride is coming to an end. Pakatan is hitting their head against the ceiling.

staircase 5

Pakatan followers are left precariously hanging in the air. The Pakatan stairway is a surreal dead end

staircase 3


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

31 thoughts on “Free Anwar – another Christian con

  1. Hannah Yeoh has neither capacity or ability to deal with responses. She attended the University of Tasmania where inbreds (according to Australians) thrive on their history of the genocide against aboriginal Australians.

    To be able to properly respond is top be a listener. She is not and neither is her party. They will dictate but not listen. Why is she not Mrs. Muniandy? Why Yeah?? is she not married to Muniandy?

    With that sort of education, open book exams and a tutor who was very very cooperative in assisting Yeoh cross the line, it is no wonder she is unable to independently respond to anyone when alone. Hannah Yeoh has the benefit of a large team who even assist her with her spelling. her grammar is well………..Hannah Yeoh DAP quality.

    1. It is natural for a cina amoy kahwin anneh to be racially conscious. No insult intended. Not calling herself Mrs. Muniandy must have special reason behind it.

      1. He’s the one who is usually known as Mr Hannah Yeoh. That’s why their kid was registered as Chinese and not Indian.

    2. That’s a cheap shot at Tasmania and its university. It has many alumni who are great contributors to society.

      1. Like who and which society and what contributions have they made? I am merely quoting Australians about Tasmanians and my own knowledge of that institution. To be fair very few Australian Universities are more than degree factories these days.

        Since I arrived in Australia in the 1970’s there has been an unrelenting claim that each of the major universities had discovered a cure for cancer. Te propaganda goes on unabated. Yet if one takes a close look at the statistics people who suffer from some cancers live for a time. The majority of them die from it.

        University of Tasmania like many other Australian tertiary institutions refused entry of aboriginal students for a very long time till the late Gough Whitlam threw the white Australia policy into the garbage heap of history. Together with it he gave recognition and universal franchise to the Aboriginals. That was 1971.

        Malaysia was more democratic then then the Australians are now. So whats cheap about that shot I took at Hannah Yeoh’s old university?

        the woman struggles with concepts of right and wrong good from bad and relies on the unscientific backing of divinity to advance her causes. How academic intellectual independent and free can that be?

    1. ‘One final rally will march for freedom lost’

      The guy had MENGHASUT the country to run amok against the gomen nih??? Nampak sangat!

  2. Zairil Khir Johari says Malaysian univeristies are not world class meaning lousy.

    “There is no way Malaysian universities are on par with the British, German and Australian universities when the national institutions are only attracting foreign students from developing countries, says Bukit Bendera MP Zairil Khir Johari.”

    OK. Then it must be true. Didn’t some stupid Malaysian professor from MMU graduate him?
    “Sebelum itu, beliau telah mengaji di Universiti Multimedia di Cyberjaya dimana beliau telah menerima ijazah Sarjana Muda (Kepujian) dalam Kejuruteraan Sistem Maklumat.”

    I wonder which stupid parent of his sent him to the low class MMU.
    Chris tembak pistol, bullet kena dinding, lantun balik….

      1. Nasib baik Zaitun Industry dah tak ada lagi (?) kalau tidak boleh saman ciplak trademark logo Zaitun. Kalau nak tipu dan perdayakan melayu, semuanya jadi halal.

        1. Eh, what happened to the Zaitun business? But in a way twisted, ‘cos Zaitun was a Chinese Muslim company.

          1. Was bought by a chinese company same as sos cili lingham but diferent company bought la. Kicap tamin however by an indian. All these tbc because thats what i heard. Welcome to msia

    1. Shit, this guy from MMU? No offense, but many Malaysians who cannot qualify for public U go to private U like MMU. So Zairil, if you say public U has no quality, then you probably graduate from the worse.

      And then, if you look at his qualification, he studied Kejuruteraan Sistem Maklumat. But when in London, he studied School of Oriental and African Studies.

      There is no connection at all from Information Engineering to Oriental and African Studies. Also switching from Engineering to Art is really funny. It shows that either you are a drop out from the Engineering field who cannot cope with the technical aspect of the field or you were forced to study Engineering when you were undergrad, end up having no interest in the field.

      1. re: “either you are a drop out from the Engineering field who cannot cope with the technical aspect of the field or you were forced to study Engineering when you were undergrad, end up having no interest in the field”

        Like somebody who studied law in Tasmania, then became an Event Manager but found it more and most lucrative to be a preacher-politician.

      2. If I were to go to School of Oriental and African Studies, could I do thesis on the similarity Malay and Chinese culture? Or traits for a Chinese to become a Malay.

        1. Hmmm. Is this article true or did the North Koreans hack it to sex up our university rankings?

          “Five Malaysian universities have made the top 400 in the prestigious QS World University Ranking 2014 survey. ”
          I thought Zairil said that our universities are so no standard.

          “There is no way Malaysian universities are on par with the British, German and Australian universities when the national institutions are only attracting foreign students from developing countries, says Bukit Bendera MP Zairil Khir Johari.”

          Aiyo. Who is right? Zairil or QS? Or MalaysiaInsider and Malaysiakini putar belit kot

          1. Let us apply our critical thinking skills in this and every matter. Truth is arrived at by means of disciplined, logical, and appropriate modes of thinking and perceiving.


    2. I remember the girl friend also insulted the institution that she came from? Wow, same kind of ungrateful treacherous lot, no wonder could form the same political party.

  3. The problem with Pakatoon leaders is that they tend to use bombastic words without understanding the meanings.

    The word prisoner of conscience is a wrong word to be used on Anwar. According to Peter Beneson who coined the word it means “Any person who is physically restrained (by imprisonment or otherwise) from expressing (in any form of words or symbols) any opinion which he honestly holds and which does not advocate or condone personal violence. We also exclude those people who have conspired with a foreign government to overthrow their own”.

    So as you can see, Anwar is no way can be described as a POC. I would suggest POOL – Prisoner Of Overwhelming Lust – as a more apt description.

  4. Tapi ramai juga orang yang “adventurous” yang sanggup bayar untuk tidur atas tilam dua inci di lantai. [pix]

    Helen, I am tired of people calling Anwar tahanan politik. He is a criminal, found guilty for a criminal act under the laws of the country. If we were in Saudi (since suddenly everyone seems to claim Arabic as their language) his head would be separated from his body (and it doesn’t matter which head, ok).

    Let’s get one thing straight. Obama won not because of “the content of his character” but BECAUSE he’s black, The blacks, hispanic and every minority group came out to support him because he is black.
    The democrats support him because they know he can win.

    There’s only one way for DAP to win and that is to put Ridhuan Tee and people like him, yang ada janggut, pakai jubah dan kopiah dan mulakan ucapan dengan Bismillah in the majority Malay areas as candidates. Then maybe, you can fool the Malays into thinking that DAP stands for Malays and Islam.

    The YB wants a “Spring” in this country? Well the only spring that can unite the people is halal SPRING rolls. Revolution does not work when people are quite busy with their daily lives. Malaysia is almost fully employed, compared to the Arab countries with high unemployment. Malaysia is a land of plenty. You just need to get up off your butts and you wouldn’t starve to death.

    The YB thinks the Firsters are willing to risk their Pradas and Guccis and Jimmy Choos and latte macchiato and Just Heavenly desserts for a “spring”? But of course not! He’s trying to whip up the frenzy of the “stupid” malays to do the job for him. Well, good luck with that because there are a lot more sane and educated Malays that he hasn’t met.

    1. re: “but BECAUSE he’s black. The blacks, hispanic and every minority group came out to support him because he is black”

      The voting pattern bears this out. Obama received 96 percent of the black votes, according to exit polls. This trend is very similar to the DAP and their Chinese support base. It reflects an uber colour consciousness, and not the contrary.

      The Chinese Christian DAP supporters are the biggest bullshitters to wax lyrical about Bangsa Malaysia.

    2. Can imagine Juburi’s private part “spring” to life at public shower time? That’s the spring-time he desires the most mah, hehehehe … then the mosquitoes sure attack succulent one lah. But don’t know whether he got access to shower his love or not in Sg. Buloh?

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