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Are they playing sepak takraw?

To serve, one sepak takraw player on the right side of the court throws the ball to his teammate standing in the middle, who then kicks the ball up and over the net.

On Feb 23, PKR’s Selayang MP William Leong wrote:

“Justice is not a cloistered virtue; she must be allowed to suffer the scrutiny and respectful, even though outspoken, comments of ordinary men”, quoting Lord Atkin. (source: Malaysiakini)

William is pushing a Free Anwar campaign and calling upon the public to widely criticize the Federal Court judgment on ketum’s sodomy case.

On Feb 24, Eric Paulsen the Liberty Lawyer wrote:

“Justice is not a cloistered virtue and the verdict to sentence the leader of the opposition to five years’ imprisonment for an archaic and widely discredited charge certainly must attract public scrutiny and condemnation in any democratic state, and Malaysia is no exception.” (source: Malaysiakini)

Eric is urging the judiciary to be open to the public criticisms on ketum’s sodomy case.

It does seem as if William lambung, and the next day Eric sambut itu bola.


Needless to say, PKR and Lawyers for Liberty have a close relationship.

LFL was co-founded by Eric together with N. Surendran and Latheefa Koya. The former is PKR vice-president while the latter is a PKR supreme council member.

Although Eric is portrayed as an NGO man, he nonetheless echoes the words and ideas of the opposition politicians. (I do wish he would try to employ more original thought and critical thinking.)

Eric is a member of the Anwar loyar team as well, together with Surendran, Latheefa and another LFL-er Michelle Yesudas. Very incestuous.

Would I be wrong to surmise that the ‘Liberty’ demanded by his group of lawyers is something out of the PKR playbook?

Are the NGOs fronting for the political parties?

The two pictures below are of the Negaraku and Bersih NGOs. Asyik recycle muka-muka yang sama aje.

Then there is Aliran in Penang whose relationship with the DAP can be characterized by the third picture below.

These NGOs are far from politically neutral. It’s time they stopped pretending that they’re non-partisan.



Aliran member with Guan


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16 thoughts on “Are they playing sepak takraw?

  1. They appear to be separate, unconnected and independent. They are however mutually guarded and integrated both in purpose and undeclared agenda. This is no longer inconspicuous

    Just like in sepak takraw I serve to tekong and he slams hard so that the takraw will crush the opponent. If not, when I receive the return ball, I will anchore-float it nicely for my co player to make a kill.

    Of course they are in a team… as agent or instrument for change to alter everything about this country. Regretably, not done in the right or even lawful manner.

  2. On Feb 23, PKR’s Selayang MP William Leong wrote:
    “Justice is not a cloistered virtue; she must be allowed to suffer the scrutiny and respectful, even though outspoken, comments of ordinary men”

    Hey Bill, if your anus was scrutinized 4 cm into its passage and the deputy prime minister’s sperm was discovered cloistering there, you wouldn’t be disrespectful for admitting he squirted into you would it? Would you be outspoken if you demanded justice for suffering his compulsion upon you, which ordinarily free men should be exempt from?

  3. they want to woo fencesitters of course. endless political feud has widen the fencesitters segment as day goes by. it is not too far to say that fencesitters will be the deciding factor for next election.

    pakatan has started the ball rolling. wonder if umno is still sleeping….

  4. Lawyers For Liberty?

    More like Lawyers For Libertines.

    ooohhh, Malaysian law punishes sodomites, so archaic, so old fashioned. Maybe you should get your pakatan lawmakers together and propose new laws to legalize sodomy then, especially among men, have a good discussion with your PAS fellows in pakatan. Anwar can teleconference from his jail cell like Sirul.

    Widely discredited? Is that how you’re supposed to win court cases now? Discredited by whom? Foreign LGBTs?

    Leader of the opposition?All those people in Pakatan, and Anwar Ibrahim’s your leader? Why don’t the public scrutinize this Anwar then? Why didn’t he let himself be scrutinized in court?

  5. You know, I’ve yet to read one single person amongst all these Anwar freedom fighters say outright, openly “Let’s abolish the sodomy law”. They call the law archaic, outdated, colonial-leaving and whatnot, tapi kenapa tak berani minta dimansuhkan saja Undang-undang berkaitan liwat?

    Mungkin mereka jangka mereka tak akan menang, tapi kalau tak dicuba bagaimana nak tahu? Jadi tak apalah, biarlah mereka komen dan berhujah ke langit, sebenarnya mereka bising sahaja tetapi tak berani bertindak menghapuskan undang-undang lapuk itu kerana mereka tahu itu adalah langkah yang akan menghentikan perjalanan mereka ke Putrajaya.

    1. I agree with you. Anwar’s lawyers who are LGBT supporters should advocate for the “archaic” sodomy law to be repealed.

      However Eric Paulsen inexplicably takes the opposite stance – see his tweet slamming Zaid Ibrahim who rightly (in the ketum context) called for decriminalization of gay sex.

      They practise the same duplicity with regard to the anti-proselytization enactments. If the Christians want so much to use kalimah Allah, then as a first step, their Pakatan Aduns should move a motion to amend the enactments in those DUNs they control with over 2/3 majority in Penang and Selangor.

      But like you say, “mereka tahu itu adalah langkah yang akan menghentikan perjalanan mereka ke Putrajaya” and so the double dealing YBs engage in doublespeak with their opposing Chinese/Christian and Malay/Muslim audiences. Sneaky bastards.

      1. These people are in denial. “Insinuating guilt”? The man was found guilty. Zaid was not insinuating, Zaid accepted the decision of the courts, and that makes him a more upstanding lawyer than the rest of the crowd.

        1. Particularly when the complainant (Zaid’s attacker) is in the Anwar legal team and thus has a vested interest.

        1. Or what happened to Anwar’s relationship with his then lawyers Zul Noordin and Zainur Zakaria.

  6. If only Tun M would divulge the contents of Wan Azizah’s 18-page letter to the public. That will end all the stupidity of the PR idiots!

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