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How many handbags does she need?

In my posting yesterday, I asked what do Rosmah and Dodgy Podgy have in common besides their mutual love for branded handbags?

Answer: Their height and weight.

Hannah Yeoh Rosmah Mansor
Rosmah, Hannah and their double chins

hannah pendek

You can clearly see Hannah Yeoh’s short stature when she’s posed as the ample filling between the two slim sandwich slices, Dyana Sofya and Rara Othman.

Aah yes, and the handbag fetish. In the group photo below of the DAP evangelistas, Hannah Yeoh is carrying the biggest handbag among all the ladies present.

The size of their handbags corresponds with the size of the women carrying it. (You might also have noticed that skinny celebrities are usually photographed clutching the thinnest of purses.)

The need to show off hair-raisingly expensive, big-sized designer accessories is often evident in the Johnny-Come-Lately carpetbagger type.

Do you see any of the other women's handbags loudly screaming for attention?     VIP orang besar mesti bawa beg besar ... Do you see any of the other women's handbags loudly screaming for attention?

Rosmah handbags

Rosmah’s handbags in the montage above all appear to be the mostly of a similar Birkin design, only in many different colours.

At least one thing though, Kak Ros does not bother to fake spirituality and go hallelujah, hallelujah and hosanna! to justify her self indulgence. If she were to wear tudung like Hannah, then the need for her hair colouring might conceivably be reduced too.

Our materialistic VIPs and YBs are alarmingly out of touch with the masses they talk down to and whom they regard as stupid or easily duped.

Lately it also feels as if the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting overly ostentatious. This kind of callous, oblivious behaviour on the part of the rich is a sure-fire trigger for the kind of social upheaval recently typified by the Arab Spring.

BELOW: TalentCorp held their event in the Marriott, Melbourne, as well as Hilton and other 5-star hotels


Talent Corp targetting Chinese

ABOVE: TalentCorp have yet to show us their report card on what kind of people they have brought back from where (Tasmania?) at the cost of hundreds of millions in budget

“The world has enough for everyone’s need but not enough for everyone’s greed” is a famous quote attributed to Gandhi.

Najib Razak’s time in office has been the most recklessly extravagant and wasteful in the entire history of our country and nothing to show for all the spending.

The profligacy of his administration is no longer acceptable.

Furthermore, the behaviour of the Prime Minister’s Office public relations is becoming too intolerable. Do you know that Rosmah has her own pink room in the PMO website where she is designated the First Lady of Malaysia when there has never been any such official title?

(‘First Lady’ is not mentioned nor supported by our Federal Constitution. As well, the “first lady Speaker” – never has any state Speaker, not even the Yang DiPertua Dewan Rakyat, been so forward in manipulating his position for cheap and crass publicity.)

Her Royal Roundness

Bloated Prime Minister’s Office (PMO)

There are10 full Ministers in the PMO: Idris Jala, Wee Ka Siong, Mah Siew Keong, Jamil Khir Baharom, Shahidan Kassim, Joseph Kurup, Joseph Entulu, Paul Low, Nancy Shukri and Abdul Wahid Omar.

The PM’s Department is XXL and overweight.

The PMO communication team and overpaid media consultants have been a cause of shock and horror to former Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin and veteran newsman A. Kadir Jasin.

Even Najib’s own brothers have taken umbrage at something alleged to have originated from the PMO about their late father’s legacy and imputed wealth.

In short, the Umno president cum BN chairman who is our clueless prime minister is an incipient train wreck waiting to be derailed. I do not see any signs that this man is capable of doing a course correction.


Najib unfit to preach moderation when ‘housewife’ Rosmah is EXTREME in her upkeep


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15 thoughts on “How many handbags does she need?

  1. You forgot about the First Lady of Penang and her love of handbags and pendants too.
    We in the north too need some glamour too – like Evita Peron.

  2. Oh My Prada! They could pass as sisters in the first pic. No wonder she asked which Big Mama on her tweet.

  3. Mdm. Hannah is neither a learned religious cleric nor an accomplished stateswoman.

    She navigates slyly between ethnicities, vainly searching for the land of her fabled race – the prospered postmodern anak malaysia – powering herself with a range of ethnic cuisines and feel good Sunday pop concerts that have everything to do with worldly economics.

  4. Enormous mess will build up or come about due to handbags-addiction maniacs, who cannot be satisfied with a nice chicken and a good loaf of bread. Most people pay RM 15 pkg for ikan kembong; insufficient for the entire family…and here one handbag for one time use only @ thousands of ringgit. Am I not fair for feeling this way? Fortunaltely, I am a man.

    1. Cheapest leather $10,000 (that’s US dollars), crocodile skin $60,000. In ringgit, that’ll be RM36,000 to RM216,000 each bag.

  5. You can probably ask hannah about it 1st hand at a public forum this Sunday. She’ll be at Blue Wave Hotel, JB for “An Afternoon With Hannah Yeoh”. Don’t know if she’ll answer sensitive questions tho,’

    1. re: “Don’t know if she’ll answer sensitive questions tho”

      B- L- O- C- K

      The kind of money they’re pouting into these self-promotion exercises.

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