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Najib unfit to preach moderation when ‘housewife’ Rosmah is EXTREME in her upkeep

The “moderation” plank pitched by our Prime Minister is a cruel joke.

His wife Rosmelda must have thousands of dresses. Please do a Google image search. In each photo she’s wearing a different expensive dress.

She has told us that her tailoring fee is RM500 per baju kurung and that does not yet count the cost of the cloth/material.

And then, her countless handbags are perfectly colour-coordinated to her clothes.

The picture below was reproduced in the New York Times recently, by the way

Rosmah pink handbag

birkin fuchsia

(This crocodile skin Hermes Birkin handbag retails at a jaw-dropping price.)

From the photo montage – ‘How many handbags does she need?‘ – it looks like Rosmelda has several of these crocodile skin ones and also a separate collection of leather handbags in, or resembling, the Birkin design.

I’ll bet her branded shoes are shelved wall-to-wall too. If her dresses are in the thousands, how many pairs of shoes then in order to perfectly colour coordinate, eh? If you’ll go back to my previous posting, you can see that her match-up between dress and handbag is not just by colour but nailed down to precise colour tone.

Rosmah jam tangan 2

Rosmelda’s watches appear to be diamond encrusted.

And we mustn’t forget her bling-blings – the rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces. Now don’t tell us that the wife of the PM with “legacy family assets” is wearing mere costume jewellery. I must take it that the rocks decorating the person of Rosmelda are the real McCoy.

The New York Times recently (8 Feb 2015) reported :

The prime minister’s office said, “Neither any money spent on travel, nor any jewelry purchases, nor the alleged contents of any safes are unusual for a person of the prime minister’s position, responsibilities and legacy family assets.”

So PMO is saying that Najib can well afford the out-of-this-world cost of Rosmelda’s hair-to-toe beauty therapy. But it still doesn’t take away from the jarring note between the Moderation he preaches and the extreme spending of his shopaholic wife.

How dare the PM preach moderation and tell us that the price of kangkung is affordable when his spouse – who describes herself as a “housewife” – is so immoderate in her # lifestyle.

Najib’s ‘moderation’ campaign should go into the rubbish bin where it belongs.


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42 thoughts on “Najib unfit to preach moderation when ‘housewife’ Rosmah is EXTREME in her upkeep

  1. I think even the most hardcore of UMNO fans secretly admit that she is a PR nightmare to them, let alone those who are near the fence.

    Don’t know what else to say. Always give more bola tanggung for people to smash Najib. I am starting to get suspicious that she might be closet PR fan.

    1. Masih segar diingatan dikala sibangang tu masih TPM waktu tu dan dia berkata bahawa rakyat must change their lifestyles to deal with inflation (due to higher global commodities price).

  2. Masa shopping beli barang2 hiasan diri just fikirkan sikit masih ramai rakyat Malaysia earning below RM1K, some even having to feed 5kids with this monthly pay.

    Kapiaq2 zaman dulu depa kambuih bawa bersama kelengkapan ini dalam kubuq depa tapi kita Islam sekadar masuk kubur berbalut dengan kain putih aje.

    1. Real wealthy ppl mcm w.buffet lead a simple lifestyle je – rumah pun sederhana. Ini tidak, udah ler mcm reban ayam bergerak, perangai boros mcm …….

  3. Moderation is that mode of living whereby the individual soul traverses the journey of life consciously adopting the middle way between extremes, in all the experiences and challenges it has to face.

    1. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

      Counsels of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. may benefit some of us:

      * “When you see a person who has been given more than you in money and beauty, look at those who have been given less.”

      * “Allah does not look at your appearance or your possessions; but He looks at your heart and your deeds.”

      * “If you do not feel ashamed of anything, then you can do whatever you like.”

      * “The seeking of knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim.”

      * “Who are the learned? Those who practice what they know.”

      * “Conduct yourself in this world, as if you are here to stay forever; prepare for eternity as if you have to die tomorrow.”

      [Therefore, “moderate” your own desires and actions accordingly]

  4. Reminds me of Marcos’s wife Imelda. Those days, she was in the Mining industry’s – It’s mine. its mine. All’s mine.

  5. Helen.
    A good article but in a bad taste.
    I think let her collects as many precious items as possible and wear as many as she likes while she is still a PM’s First Lady.
    Maybe later when she is no more a PM’s First Lady, she will decide to auctions all those items for charities. She will knows by then that nobody cares what she wears and what she does at that time because she won’t be in the limelight anymore.
    Maybe she knows that PM is happy at her glamorous style, that’s why she is in an upfront with fashions. We all all ladies want to be like her if they could, but there is one First Lady not two.

    1. Sorry Helen,
      Last sentence should read
      “We all know that all ladies want to be like her if they could, but there is only one First Lady and not two”.

      1. Not at all. I don’t want handbags (I don’t use handbags either) and I don’t wear any jewellery.

        Ananda Krishnan’s only son is a monk. He lives in a forest monastery in northeast Thailand even though he was brought up in London and speaks beautiful English.

        Not everyone “nak ni, nak tu”, “mengidam makan ni, makan tu” like the ‘First Lady’ and the first lady Speaker.

        1. Same here Helen. When a friend asked me to meet at Poh Kong, I was wondering why at a Chinese restaurant.

          Anyway just hope dah tua2 yg ghairah macam ni nanti tak mengidap dementia. Silap2 laminate all their stock certs, house and land grants, banks and credit cards semua gantung kat leher esp bila depa pi ke majlis kenduri kawin. Bahaya tau!

        2. Helen, I can tell you that you’re an outlier here. I can wager with you that if you ask 10 out of 10 women out there if they love handbags or not, you’ll get a resounding “yes”.

          Same with shoes and clothes. They’ll keep buying and buying even though they have a lot of stuffs collecting dust. All these disorders are hallmark of a woman, lol!

          1. I don’t go shopping for shoes or clothes either. I don’t buy new stuff and what I have, I’m trying to clear out.

            I’m an outlier in most things. I read Malay blogs and books on Islam. I listen to metal. I write about politics (and don’t blog topics of interest to women). I visit Kajang prison.

            And I voted BN.

            Given all of my many ‘outlier’ness, I wonder why the Dapster evangelistas still insist on attributing sinister motives to my critical attitude wrt the DAP.

        3. Helen ..You sudah infringe on Rosmah punya Private Life and preferences. Itu dia punya hal sebab semua belanja datang dari Najib. Kalau Najib nak shower dia dengan gold and diamonds itu Najib punya hal So its not right of you to comment on such matters.

          Sometimes to get a good leader we need to accept the minor negatives that comes with it. Unless of course you do not think Najib is a good leader of which he will label you as Blogger Bangang.

    2. She can buy and wear whatever she likes. Nobody complains when the socialite wives of the Tan Sri tycoons dress up to the nines.

      However her four brothers-in-law have a problem with the PMO saying that her lavish spending is financed by “legacy family assets” as if Tun Razak had left a fortune to his son Najib.

      I too have a problem when her husband as our PM tells us that we can buy a whole chicken for only RM1 and that kangkung is cheap, and tries to teach the rakyat to be moderate.

      If she doesn’t want criticism, then she should keep away from the public eye.

      1. Agree. What a bangang statement, like how many housewives are ever like her? How many isteri PM kita ada? Sorang ja kut???

        Helen, please remind me, how much are they paying the consultants again?? And budak-budak PTD ni apasal bangang sangat??!

    3. sabbas48…very sorry but your comments are as stupid as can be! can’t you see the moral of Helen’s article?

      it’s about the PM’s wife living an outrageously and scandalously opulent lifestyle, with questionable sources of wealth. She should be called The First B**** Of Malaysia!

  6. rosmah appears to be the Achilles heel of najib and umno bn.

    never in the history of our nation a prime minister’s wife is widely hated than rosmah. the problem with rosmah is she is a typical datin portrayed in dramas and films. she ought to know that people especially the lower income bracket despise flaunty datins so much.

    she must also remember that she’s the wife of the prime minister. not some wife to a datuk businessman. because politic is always about perception and najib + rosmah always take the wrong way.

    1. The big, big problem is that the BN vote bank comprises of poorer people, the working class and the rural folks.

      Her antics might bleed BN votes to the point of defeat.

      1. helen,

        With due respect to Najib, i think it is time for him to remind his wife that he(Najib) is the PM and not Rosmah.

        Najib won the election, not Rosmah. Najib is the head of government, not Rosmah. as such she better remember her place as wife of the head of government and nothing more.

        Wives of previous PMs did not become a burden to their husbands. I remember PAS said many nasty things to Dr M but they spared Tun Dr Siti Hasmah. Even when people insulted Tun Abdullah, they have the courtesy to spare his wife, Endon.

        Why? Because these ladies did not try to outshine their husbands. these ladies know their places as wives. What is there to outshine the husband when you have already been accorded respect as the wive of a head of government.

        AT THE SAME TIME we too must remember there are a lot of garbages said about Rosmah. She was accused [deleted]. And someone lied by showing non existent head line of Utusan supposely saying Rosmah said she saves money to buy the RM24 million ring.

        YET NAJIB DID NOT ACT. Yet AG did not find it necessary to bring this person to court.

        WE certainly need a new AG. TOGETHER with a new PM. Najib is bringing UMNO down.

        1. precisely shamsul. rosmah act as if she’s part of the cabinet. and the funny part is some ministers treat her like a deputy prime minister II, or maybe higher.

          giving her accolades and asking her to officiate an official government ceremony. it’s like saying if you ass kiss rosmah then you’ll get favour from the PM himself.

          hope she gets the cue from what happened to her former colleague, Leila bin Ali when people gets pissed off.

  7. “‘With due respect to Najib, i think it is time for him to remind his wife that he(Najib) is the PM and not Rosmah.””

    You really think so?

    Do you think she cares?

    As for due respect for Najib that flew out the window a long long time ago.

  8. najib is not only unfit to preach moderation, he’s not fit for anything at all. anything for the good of the country or even himself.

    And en shamshul anuar…najib is not only bringing umno down, the country too! have we seen a leader as pathetic as najib?

  9. Helen,

    The only two plausible explanations of NYT article on family inheritance, the inheritance is from Kak Ros’s family or Riza Aziz own biological father. Since the rest of PM Najib brothers has denied that their father left any material inheritances (which I strongly believed),PMO now must come clean on the family legacy assets. That will end the speculation on “ayahanda” (PM Najib fond of using this in his reference to his father) unexplained wealths.

    Otherwise, the rest of the brothers must skip PM Najib’s daughter wedding as a matter of principle. I am sure they are strong in mathematics. They can easily computes their family legacy assets, their brother’s salaries and their sister in law’s legacy assets. Which one is being used to fund the receptions? Or there are other source of wealths?

  10. Let it be. She has the $$$$. Her Son is superrich., let her talk the way she talk that’s her style.

    Be proud of her as she ahemm the first acclaimed First Lady of Malaysia. Leave her in her own world. She uses her own money so let it be.E verything has a start and an end.

    She beautiful, cute, stylist, versatile, a very sharp ‘chin’ phew wittt…

    1. me presume its necessary in compulsion not cought in the act of interference with the inlaw brothers dia kena buat sesuatu atau dekelarasi harta sebelum dan setelah the husband assume as PM darpadai terpalit as of the act a conflict in interest and also not to forget her involvement in permata tentu memerlukan lots of funds demi kemasahalahan dan kebaikan manusia itu tidak salah jika ia menggunakan pendapatan sendiri untuk dirinya tetapi tidak lah samapai ke tahap mencurigakan almaklum banyak yang dengki daripada yang memuji don’t you think so

  11. How Dare You!!
    Go Eat Kangkung and Leave her Well Alone!
    She Deserve all the Money She Can get…PM’s Wife

  12. Helen,

    Satu lagi article oleh Helen yang “santai dan komedi” tapi penuh api. Berani Najib ajar rakyat makan kangkung sedangkan bini dia bermewah2. Please la all UMNO member kick this clueless PM & especially his super rich wife out of Putrajaya/Sri Perdana.

  13. UMNO peope are embarrassedd by Rosmelda. Ask the ex ministers of what happened when they missed Rosmelda birthday party.

  14. Latest news that PDRM is going to use a data driven model to compute how much a policeman should have in terms of wealth and assets based on his pay and seniority.

    Why not apply that to all public figures? If she is of independent financial means then she can spend however she likes.

    But I think Najib is operating under the aristocratic maxim of never explain, never complain. Unfortunately, he forgot he’s also an elected official , who is open to public scrutiny.

    By the way, seems that the going rate for hair and makeup house call is upwards of RM800 per session .. ask any new bride. Maybe RM1200 is not that far off . . Just saying.

  15. Kawan saya saorang datin suka pada all the glitters katanya kalau dia pakai barang fake atau barang factory reject semua orang sangka real dan mahal dia diam ajelah supaya orang tak kata dia cheapskate.

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