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How to have unity with PAS if Najib suing Harakah?

Updated (4.00pm):

This is an important news item – ‘Sarawak DAP to file motion to make Dayak a race‘ (Malaysiakini, 25 Feb 2105)

Soooo SNEAKY … ini antara helah DAP untuk memecah-belahkan bumiputera. Umno masih tidur lena.

Original posting:

The biggest hope in order to help keep the BN Titanic afloat is Malay unity and this means weaning PAS away from Pakatan and winning the Islamist party over to the BN.

However Umno president Najib Razak has just sued the PAS newspaper Harakah, according to news reports. His lawyers delivered a letter of demand to Harakah managing director Dr Rosli Yaakub yesterday.

See ‘Najib takes legal action against Harakah for reproducing NYT article‘ (The Rakyat Post, 26 Feb 2015)

He initiated defamation proceedings against the PAS party organ for linking 1Malaysia Development Bhd to Riza Aziz, his stepson. The Harakah Feb 19 article is titled ‘Dana 1MDB biayai syarikat filem Riza Aziz? (Bhg 2)‘.

Harakah’s piece, which is said by Najib to be libelous, had rehashed info from The New York Times’ Feb 8 exposé on rich Penang playboy Jho Low (pictured below with Najib’s stepson).

Riza, Joey Macfarland, Jho Low and Mathew McConaughey
Riza Aziz, Joey McFarland, Jho Low and Mathew McConaughey

Rosmah ni banyak masalah

The Harakah article about Rosmah Mansor’s filmmaker son is Najib’s personal problem. It is not Umno’s problem.

1MDB is Najib’s pet project. It is not Umno’s contract. Yet the party is made to suffer for the shortcomings of its weak leader – the most lembik president Umno has ever had to date.

Through Najib’s action of suing the PAS paper, chances of perpaduan ummah being achieved must surely be affected to some degree. Imagine if Hadi Awang were to sue Utusan but at the same time PAS invite Umno to sit down for unity talks.

At this juncture, Umno desperately needs a leader who is able to swing the unity move with PAS – say like Tengku Razaleigh who’s a Kelantanese and has longstanding cordial ties with Umno’s bitter rival.

Sadly Umno has Najib, whose wife does not meet with the approval of many Malay opposition followerssee ‘Ada baiknya Mahathir juga tegur Rosmah‘ (Harakah, 9 Oct 2014).

Rosmah jam tangan 1

Rosmelda is wearing a green baju kebaya. Her selendang is green. The handbag on her lap is green. Her jade bracelet is green. Even her watch strap is green!

Who wants to bet that her shoes are green too? How many pairs of designer shoes does she have, by the way?

BN is blue lah!

Click to listen cute song ‘BLUE, da be dee, da be die’

Eiffel 65 blue

Umno directionless, led by clueless, nanti jadilah doofus

There’s going to be a gathering for “Malay empowerment” tomorrow (Sat.) where a 20k turnout is anticipated at the Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil, KL.

The event is organized by the Malay Consultative Council with the cooperation of UiTM, Mara, DBP, Jakim, Teraju and BTN under an umbrella body called Gerakan Perpaduan Melayu Mahawangsa.

It looks like an intended show of Malay strength although the organizers are taking care to stress that their gathering “has nothing to do with politics and racism”.

I doubt this denial will allay the concern of many Chinese, especially should the rally be able to attract the expected 20,000 participants. After all, the Malays themselves were spooked too by the DAP mega rallies in Johor during the May 2013 election campaign.

Malaysiakini pix of DAP’s mega rally in Johor 


History of Sultan Sulaiman Club in Kampung Baru

Looking further back in history, recall that Umno had planned a mammoth rally for 1 Nov 1987 but it did not take place ultimately since Ops Lalang was carried out on Oct 27 as a preemptive measure.

The planned Umno rally, scuppered at the height of Sino-Malay tensions in 1987, was similarly also “meant to be [a] show of strength and force”, going by Lim Kit Siang’s recollection. To cool the temperatures, then IGP Hanif Omar had called for any rallies, demos and public meetings – which might have been interpreted as racial in character – to be cancelled.

Today one generation has passed since that mass crackdown which saw Kit Siang and many of his DAP colleagues detained under ISA. Oh well, Melayu mudah lupa while the Chinese prefer to be in denial, and thus it should not be surprising to hear the tribal drums beating again because both races do not learn from history.

  • Ops Lalang to present  –  18 years
  • May 13 to Ops Lalang  –  28 years
  • Anti-Malayan Union to May 13  –  23 years

When the rally organizer, Gerakan Perpaduan Melayu Mahawangsa, choose to invoke the historical anti-Malayan Union protests, it hints at Melayu Bangkit!

Malay Consultative Council sec-gen Hasan Mad was quoted by Bernama as saying the gathering tomorrow would be akin to the initiative taken by Malay NGOs at the Sultan Sulaiman Club, Kampung Baru in March 1946.

1946, of course, was the year of the Malay uprising to oppose the British federation plan that granted Malayan citizenship to non-Malays on relatively liberal terms. Among the slogans chanted and placards carried in the anti-Malayan Union protests were “Hidup Melayu”, “Malaya for Malays” and “Tanah Melayu hak Melayu”.

Anti-Malayan Union (1946): “Tanah Melayu hak Melayu”

Malayan Union 1946

Isma (2014): “Bumi ini bumi Melayu Islam”


Dulu lain, kini lain (dulu Dato’ Onn, kini Dato’ Seri Najib)

It was only two generations ago that the Malays were stirred to oppose the absorption of aliens by this country.

MCC sec-gen Hasan Mad electing now to evoke the “Malaya for Malays” spirit of 1946 can hardly be of reassurance to the jittery 10 percent BN Chinese as, by extension, the slogan implies that “Malaya is not for non-Malays”.

Now here’s another interesting bit from a follow-up news report in the Malay Mail yesterday. Hasan explained that the event was moved by NGOs as a “non-political” drive for Malay unity. He also observed that the only avenue in the past for Malays to hold such an assembly had been through Umno.


Sang Saka: Bendera merah putih Umno – parti yang lupa warisan sejarah sendiri

Apparently things have changed – ‘Ubah’ – in our present day. Malays no longer have to depend on Umno anymore to do the legwork or get things done.

Gerakan Perpaduan Melayu Mahawangsa seems to be doing this rally quite independent of, and indeed bypassing Umno.

So is the parti Melayu diminishing in relevance? Is it because Umno has so obviously lost the plot that the Malay NGOs are necessarily striking out on their own?

Umno warlords had better pay heed. The Malay NGOs are rising again like in 1946 and they might not need your party, since they’re quite capable of moving on their own (like with tomorrow’s rally). And if Najib and Rosmelda sink the Titanic, you all will go down with the ship.


Is hudud the glue to bind Umno and PAS together?

The MCA is duri dalam daging and its media Si Gunting Dalam Lipatan.

MCA’s recent press statements

Feb 25:Who’s responsible for hudud’

“Our MCA has remained consistent in opposing hudud law …” – Ti Lian Ker, MCA presidential council member

“Let me remind Kit Siang that the respective President of MCA, Gerakan, SUPP and LDP had on 17 April 2014 issued a joint press statement objecting against PAS’ proposal. … the numero uno of our party has already raised opposition to PAS’ hudud plan.

“Kit Siang is obnoxious and dishonest to the public. He should be held responsible for misleading non-Muslims that PAS have abandoned hudud for a welfare state. He had, via DAP, lulled voters into trusting that PAS has abandoned their pursuit for a welfare state and Buku Jingga which is a farce. DAP national organising secretary Anthony Loke had once said that ‘there is nothing to fear on hudud if one does not break the law’.

“The Rakyat or history will judge him for contributing to UBAH of Malaysia from a multiracial, multicultural, multilingual, etc nation under Tunku Abdul Rahman and the Alliance to BN towards a Satu Bangsa, Satu Bahasa and Satu Negara path in 1969.

“Now after GE13, Kit Siang has successfully forced the Prime Minister to soften the 1Malaysia approach to a more extreme right path as a result of giving in to the pressure by PAS which is more assertive and vocal after GE13.” – Ti Lian Ker, MCA religious harmony bureau chairman

Hannah Yeoh religious harmony rep from MCA

Kesian kat @tilianker, dah lah sudah kena block dengan @hannahyeoh, ni diperli lagi

Umno yang masuk meminang, PAS boleh tarik harga

MCA’s Datuk Ti is correct that it is PAS who will “dictate the national politics in their stride”.

The power equation is that Umno needs PAS for its survival. PAS, on the other hand, does not need Umno because as PAS has reiterated time and again, their raison d’etre is demi menegakkan syiar Islam dan bukannya untuk memuas hawa nafsu atau mendapat habuan dunia.

DAP’s mercenary evangelista leaders peddling their Gospel of Prosperity will never be able to understand this aspect of the PAS mindset.

gunting star dalam lipatan

MCA: “DAP is fully responsible for hudud”

More MCA press statements

Feb 25:Lim Kit Siang’s ostrich behavior in handling the hudud issue’

“Lim is famous for playing blame games.” – Chai Kim Sen, MCA publicity bureau chairman

“This is again proven when he blamed the hudud controversies on MCA and Barisan Nasional, whereas it is well known that it was DAP who had persuaded the Chinese to support PAS, thereby enabling the Islamist party to develop into what it is today; a party confident enough to push through the amendments to the Syariah Criminal Code II Enactment in March, and to table a Private Member’s Bill on hudud in parliament later on.”

Datuk Chai is right to conclude that it is PAS that is “stubbornly calling the shots now” and all DAP can do is to “put a gag order on its members to prevent them from speaking their minds on this”.


Feb 26: ‘Face the reality, Kit Siang’

Lim may “go down in the history as an abettor, if not engineer, for the implementation of hudud in this country”. – Yoo Wei How, MCA national organizing secretary

“We are saddened to note that the only DAP leader who dared to clearly state his objection against hudud law was none other than the late Karpal Singh whereas the party’s most powerful duo, namely its party advisor Lim Kit Siang and his son Guan Eng can at best play hide and seek and pretend to be in the dark over PAS’ intention and ambition to implement hudud.

“PAS Secretary-General Mustafa Ali recently revealed the junior Lim’s consent over the setting up of a joint committee on hudud between the Kelantan and Federal governments. Lim never denies but always avoids touching on the issue.”

Datuk Yoo called DAP a “window dressing” that deliberately misled the Chinese into believing that PAS had abandoned its original goal. He is too polite. I’d use much, much harsher words to describe the evangelical DAP’s treachery and betrayal of the Chinese community.


Is Umno willing to pay the dowry?

I do not think Umno wants hudud. But hudud is inevitably the mas kahwin that PAS will demand.

Terengganu is under Umno.

MCA has got further press statements on recent developments in the conservative East Coast state.

Feb 25: ‘Terengganu state govt should reconsider punitive proposal for Friday prayers’

“The state administration should take into consideration that our nation is multi-racial and multi-religion …” – Toh Chin Yaw, MCA Terengganu state liaison committee chairman

“MCA Terengganu urges the Terengganu state administration to study and reconsider the appropriateness and consequences of its proposal to transport Muslim men who fail to attend Friday prayers in a funeral hearse as a punishment.”

Terengganu is the best checked-and-balanced state where BN and PAS are almost equally strong


Feb 26: ‘Parading men in hearses as punishment can be misconstrued as ISIS cages tactic’

“… we should respect the departed and their next-of-kin in not misusing these vehicles [hearses] for such a derogatory procession.” – Koo Chin Nam, MCA syariah law & policy implementation special task force deputy chairman

“In fact, this proposal immediately connects with images of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)’s tyranny whereby these terrorists had paraded captives in cages, the first known being the Jordanian pilot who was doused with petrol before being set ablaze.

“The next known ISIS video being that of 17 orange-clad abducted and shackled Peshmerga fighters, each accompanied with an ISIS captor taunting them while being paraded in cages on top of pickup trucks through Kirkuk, in northwest Iraq where onlookers jeered and taunted the prisoners during the grim procession.”

Datuk Koo has spoken up above on “humanitarian grounds”. The DAP is as silent as a church mouse. Its silence is telling.


ABOVE: Gan Ping Sieu bermanja with the typical MCA supporters but warga mas will only comprise a small segment of the GE14 voter demography

Feb 27: ‘Voicing caution on the proposal by the Terengganu state government’

Gan Ping Sieu, MCA syariah law & policy implementation special task force chairman

 “Punishment by shaming the non-prayers attendees via funeral hearse street procession will appear to be excessive to non-Muslims and may even paint a picture of a Taliban-style implementation of religious laws in our country.

“It would also be seen as some kind of equivalence to the punishments by ‘public shaming’ during the era of the European Christian Dark Age or the Chinese Cultural Revolution in the 1960s.”

Aiyoo Gan Ping Sieu. Takkan lu tak tau?

The evangelistas in the DAP are indeed taking their party into the Christian Dark Age. As one example, their Lady of Jerusubang threw big Christian stones at the BN adulterers. Methinks she directed her hail of stones at your party ex-president lah.

(And mind you, your party paper the Nest of Evangelistas is her No.1 cheerleader in the media world. TQVM MCA.)

The J-Star tweeted 10 times Hannah Yeoh’s appointment as Speaker in the span of a single day; they got tweet or not MCA leaders so excitedly?

Click to enlarge


Oh, I must also mention this yah –

Yup, Mr Gan Ping Sieu, the DAP cadre red beanies are indeed like Mao’s Red Guards terrorizing the countryside. They’ve been mercilessly attacking us (the 10 percent Chinese who voted BN in GE13) and your party-owned media has aided, abetted and promoted the DAP evangelistas.

MCA got swept away by the tsunami because your media stabbed you and stabbed the BN in the back.


Kan awal-awal lagi saya dah bagi tau?

So it’s like this folks.

The evangelical DAP 2.0 betrayed the Chinese because their leaders are GREEDY Gold-and-self-Glory Seekers who thump the Gospel to fish for votes.

Former DAP Johor deputy chairman Norman Fernandez has told DAP national leaders to stop feigning their righteous indignation against PAS.

“Today what I warned DAP has come true,” he said in a press statement on 24 Dec 2014. Norman holds the DAP accountable as “the midwife that helped deliver the PAS hudud”.

nga kor ming rumah

Evangelista David Nga Kor Ming’s opulent ‘White House’ – he has threatened bloggers who publish photos of his palatial residence and wants to press charge for “invasion of privacy”, konon

Ya lor. DAP are the Super Cyber Bullies.

(Quickly go apply to be a DAP Yang Berhormat and you can probably get rich quickly too. But must learn to always “block, block, block” negative info from reaching the public.)

DAP convinced the Chinese that hudud is “belakang kira” 

According to Norman, DAP has been tirelessly doing the sales pitch for PAS in order to downplay the fears of non-Muslims. It was the self-professed secular party that misled and convinced the Chinese that hudud was no longer the PAS agenda.

“DAP took on the role of apologist for PAS,” explains Fernandez.

Calling DAP “a party unashamedly drunk for power”, he says hoodwinking and deceiving the non-Muslim electorate is a matter of “belakang kira” with DAP leaders as long as they can satisfy their “lust for power”.


As for the MCA

Stabbed by penThey’re fighting hudud tooth and nail but have been consistently accused by the DAP as “anti-Islam”.

MCA is caught between two stools.

Malays who are taken in by the DAP’s claim that MCA is anti-Islam won’t want to vote the BN Chinese party any more in the next election. Moreover, the MCA statements – like the ones reproduced above – are also seen by the Malays as interfering in Islam.

In a nutshell, MCA is in a lose-lose situation. Dan ia sudah jatuh lalu ditimpa tangga pula. The MCA’s Nest of Evangelista media was very helpful to the DAP’s election campaign, so padan muka lah MCA ditinggalkan sebagai parti “7-Eleven” (tujuh kerusi Parlimen, 11 kerusi DUN).

The J-Star is still most DAP friendly and its newsroom is covertly hostile to the MCA leadership.

MCA is as directionless, clueless and doofus as the PPTA … urm, actually, even more so. At least Utusan backs up Umno to the hilt unlike the Scissorati mengunting dan mencucuk which has left the BN’s poor back lacerated and bleeding.

DAP Subang Jaya glory to glory

Hannah Kevin Strength

@hannahyeoh’s tweet – see above – to City Harvest Church Subang Jaya pastor Kevin Loo hoping that he will “grow fr strength to strength as u lead a generation of young Msians in transforming this land”

Eh, “transforming” this land from what to what, hah? From a Muslim country to their vision of Tanah Malaysian First?

During the last general election, some BN Christian leaders in the two Borneo states suffered shocking defeats.

Upko President Bernard Dompok lost his Penampang Parliament seat in Sabah – where he was the incumbent – to a PKR greenhorn by a whopping majority of 10,216 votes.

In GE13, PBS deputy president Johnity Maximus Ongkili scraped through on a majority of 842 votes in his Kota Marudu Parliament seat which has a 92 percent pribumi and four percent Malay electorate. In GE12, his majority had been a comfortable 4,198 votes.

In the Kadazandusun heartland of Keningau, the Huguan Siou Joseph Pairin Kitingan saw his share of the total registered voters drop from 41.0 percent in 2008 to 36.2 percent in 2013.

In Sarawak, the DAP won five Parliament seats in 2013 when they only had one in 2008. DAP wrested the following Sarawak Parliament seats – Stampin, Sarikei, Lanang, Sibu (lost in 2008, but won in 2010 by-election) and Miri (PKR) from BN while retaining Kuching. In Sabah, the DAP won Sandakan and retained Kota Kinabalu.


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43 thoughts on “How to have unity with PAS if Najib suing Harakah?

  1. Helen,

    The sentiments of Malays community is quite difficult to gauge. While Chinese are dead set against UMNO, the Malays send a mixed signal.

    They realise that no other Malay based party can match UMNO in term of strength and clout. At the same time, they are repeatedly provoked by Najib who is clueless to Malays aspirations.

    While they realise oppositions attack Rosmah to whack Najib, they too understand Rosmah is different from wives of previous Prime ministers.

    Having all of the above in equation, Malays too are not sure about PAS. While they support PAS intention on hudud, they realise on many occasions PAS kowtowed to DAP. While they understand PAS is needed to keep UMNO in check, they are fearful as PAS becomes an ally of DAP who wages war on Malays.

    NAJIB’s image

    Najib is perceived as detached from Malay masses. And he is really detached. Najib is seen as reaping the good name of his father, Tun Razak. Yet he seems to be in hurry to destroy whatever affection Malays have on Tun Razak.

    Many of my relatives come from Teluk Air tawar, Pulau Pinang. The constituency is UMNO bastion. There is a RMAF base in Teluk Air tawar. The Malays in Teluk Air Tawar are dead set against developing the base (meaning construct pricey building to be inhabited by non Malays).

    Yet Najib administration wants to proceed. UMNO Penang rejected the plan. I predict Teluk Air Tawar will be lost forever. UMNO will likely to lose the seat.

    That is one example of Najib looking down on the very people who defend his government.

    1. re: “While Chinese are dead set against Umno”

      Then what has MCA been doing the last decade? They’ve got the resources and the machinery but they allowed the DAP a free hand for the DAP to brainwash Chinese into rabid fanatics who shriek “ABU! ABU! ABU!”

      re: “That is one example of Najib looking down on the very people who defend his government.”

      Sama le dengan MCA yang membiar aje media petualangnya asyik jilat bontot DAP.

      1. Helen ,

        There is a way to teach MCA. UMNO must let MCA contest in Chinese areas only. Places like Kulim, Alor Gajah, Alor Setar, Tanjong Piai, Kuantan must be contested by UMNO itself.

        UMNO must have realised by now that at the most defining moment in PRU13, MCA members voted Kit Siang in Gelang Patah. MCA is “gunting dalam lipatan”.

        Malays no longer want non Malay representing them in Malay areas. What happened in Parit Yani and Alor Setar should be eye opener to UMNO.

      2. Helen,

        Malays have given up hope on any sincere partnership with Chinese in politics.

        I notice lately many Malays told me they feel it was a mistake for Raja raja Melayu to grant citizenships to Chinese at eve of Merdeka.

        1. The government shouldn’t have granted complete amnesty to the Malayan Communist Party cadres who had claimed to surrender, without monitoring and re-educating them the rest of their lives.

          These Red Guards are anti-traditionalist atheistic individuals of the Maoist chauvinist mould who will go to the grave with their version of Chinese culture – materialistic predation, social class realpolitik.

  2. re: “PAS Secretary-General Mustafa Ali recently revealed the junior Lim’s consent over the setting up of a joint committee on hudud between the Kelantan and Federal governments. Lim never denies but always avoids touching on the issue.”

    The slaughter’s name is Jihadi John, born in Kuwait and grew up in London. The Law wants him in maximum security isolation for the rest of his life. By the way, they murder other Muslims too, for your information.

    1. re: “By the way, they murder other Muslims too, for your information.”

      I know.

      Just like the Bintang Tiga slaughtered more fellow Chinese than they killed Malays.

  3. I’m no lawyer, but how can Harakah be sued when they are just reporting on something that is said by NYT? If anything, he should sue NYT. Won’t be the first SE Asian leader to sue some western media outfit.

    Or maybe Harakah is implying some conclusion that is falsely gleaned from the article? Well I guess everyone have to see NYT article to find out, eh? Let’s repost the link once again.

    If anything, it’s way more damaging not only for him but also the entire country. Which is read by more people worldwide? Harakah or NYT?

    You couldn’t blame Harakah for believing what is reported in NYT and putting it into Malay for its readers, could you? It’s a matter of political interest on the national level.

    I certainly became more disgusted at our PM after reading that NYT piece. Never mind the article obvious biases. Anwar’s verdict must have disappointed the writer very much.

    Isn’t Harakah controlled by the Anwar leaning people? This plus BN not contesting Cempaka, plus Mat Sabu’s recorded phone call, I believe somebody is trying to force the 2 factions in PAS to duke it out and establish the winner.

    IMO nobody important in PAS is interested in Malay unity, but recent developments will or have scared DAP and PKR to force the PASMA faction into higher gear and overthrow the old guard. I have no idea how this will end though.

    1. re: “how can Harakah be sued when they are just reporting on something that is said by NYT?”

      If it appears in Harakah, they can be sued. That’s why I don’t like commenters to simply repost chain mail rumours in my blog. I can be held liable.

      re: “If anything, it’s way more damaging not only for him but also the entire country. Which is read by more people worldwide? Harakah or NYT?”

      I also wonder why police arrested Arul but Ambiga remains untouchable. See,

      re: “plus BN not contesting Cempaka”

      Wise decision for the sake of potential Malay unity.

      re: “somebody is trying to force the 2 factions in PAS to duke it out and establish the winner”

      DAP pumping money into Pasma, according to Unspinners.

      I believe the party members are with the ulama faction. The Erdogans/Anwarinas have been overhyped by the oppo media and misleading the Dapster evangelistas into believing that the PAS Christian lovers like Mujahid & Gang are stronger than they actually are.

      Same situation arising from the Dapster cyberterrorism. They machine gun anyone who tries to put in a contrary view whether in the online news portals or social media.

      End result: The Chinese have trapped themselves in their own echo chamber with only the evangelista POVs going round and round without any other dissenting opinion being permitted. That’s how they got the unhinged 90:10.

      re: “I have no idea how this will end though.”

      Some form of Malay unity still. It will happen.

    2. Anonymous,

      “which is read by more people worldwide?…..”

      But Harakah is distributed locally. In this case, I agree with Najib. Take bull by its horn.

      Suing Harakah will not derail any semblance of truce between UMNO and PAS. Do realise that PAS top leadership too does not see eye to eye with Harakah.

      By suing Najib is zeroing on the alleged slander by Harakah. Harakah said 1MDB funds Najib’s step son. Harakah better make sure what he said is the truth. Suing will show signal that Najib, UMNO do response. People tend to be more careful after that.

      As for PASMA, no doubt it is LOVED by DAP. We must understand this DAP loves those Malays rejected by Malays themselves. Picture Hadi and his deputy. Now in your heart says who is more wise, honest, respected and accepted by Malays. Hadi or Mohd Sabu?

      Mohd Sabu is actually a reject item in Malay politics. He is more known as a jerk, popular but not respected or trusted. He lost in 3 consecutive elections as Malay voters can read his character. He is of course much loved by DAP.

        1. Helen,

          Yup. MCA never tries to recover the star from DAP. MCA is actually a DAP in BN.

          That is why I am very happy if UMNO kicks MCA out. After all, UMNO will get back those Malay seats generously given to MCA. BESIDES, the last election shows that UMNO still prevail without Chinese votes.

          What worries me is that UMNO is still clueless when DAP tries to determine how a Malay Muslim should think. DAP glorifies those Malays whom the Malays never held in high regards.

      1. It’s libel, not slander. Both articles can be read online.

        Besides, this doesn’t concern UMNO. He said that it’s done to protect his family. Not UMNO. This whole 1MDB thing sounds like a disaster in the making, pray that this doesn’t drag BN and the country down with it.

        Yes, after that people tend to be more careful. As in sneakier. Also shows that letting the foreign media do the dirty work is always a good tactic.

        Why settle for local expose when you can talk to foreign press and petition White House and other international bodies without threat to you?

        As for PAS, well, I’ll just wait and see who wins that one. The ones who think they are using other people might end up being the one used.

  4. “”Sarawak DAP to file motion to make ‘Dayak’ a race””‘

    How Hannah Yeoh, according to you no more race definition.
    What happend to your glorified bangsar malaysia.

    Damm hypocrites !

  5. ‘Is it because Umno has so obviously lost the plot that the Malay NGOs are necessarily striking out on their own?’

    this is not so Helen. Not yet. But Malay NGOs are here to stay. Vibrant as ever, with or without UMNO!

    1. Islam1st,

      Malays NGOs serve as reminders to UMNO and to some extent PAS that both are not indispensable.

  6. ‘“In fact, this proposal immediately connects with images of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)’s tyranny whereby these terrorists had paraded captives in cages, the first known being the Jordanian pilot who was doused with petrol before being set ablaze.’

    Statement kurang ajar and unwarranted daripada MCA. ABC!

    1. I agree with you that MCA’s comparison of T’ganu with the Isis cages and being burnt alive is excessive.

      However the idea of parading the men in hearses is a horrible punishment, nonetheless. Where did the Terengganu authorities get their idea from?

      1. tak puasa… biarlah Helen, dia orang nak buat kat orang Muslim kat Terengganu. Kan demokrasi. Kalau depa marah nanti pakat undi DAP dan MCA orang ganu…kan bagus tu Ti Lian Ker??

        This is Muslim affairs, it has got nothing to do with MCA nor DAP!

        1. Thaipusam at Batu Caves is a Hindu affair which has got nothing to do with Islam but Muslims also comment.

          In fact, the Perkasa Youth chief wanted to determine which direction the door of a Hindu temple should face. He wanted wanted the temple entrance to face Banting instead of Putrajaya. Now that’s interference.

          1. Helen, the Tokong sebesar-besar alam, satu dunia boleh tengok, bukannya ada pun kat kampung Melayu tu..tapi rata-rata orang Melayu buat bodoh saja.

            Cina bakar mercun sampai nak terbakar rumah, bising jangan cakap la, tu belum lagi sampah sarap kalau bakar duit, rumah, kereta, baju, kasut, bersepah kat tepi jalan…

            Tapi Melayu buat bodo tutup sebelah mata, tutup mulut rapat….

            Apa lagi Cina mahu?


            1. You were talking about non-interference in T’ganu Muslim affairs.

              What connection has “Apa Cina mahu” – Malaysian Chinese billionaires (@ Forbes) got to with the issue of different religionists keeping their noses out of the faith practices of others?

              1. ‘ T’ganu Muslim affairs.’

                Islam Agama Persekutuan bawah YDP Agong. DYMM Sultan for each negeri yang bersultan governs Islam in their states. MCA dan DAP celah mana pulak nak mai masuk campur ni?

                Depa lebih besar daripada YDP Agong dengan DYMM Sultans ka?

                Other religion kena in peace dan harmoni dengan Islam, Agama Persekutuan. Kalau tak in peace dan harmoni macam mana?

                Tu yang ada Malays buat statement tu, MALAYsia what Helen, you can’t escape the Malays can you?

                1. re: “DYMM Sultan for each negeri yang bersultan governs Islam in their states.”

                  Are you saying the Sultan approved the punishment?

                  Is the penalty of being paraded in a hearse prescribed anywhere in the Quran or Hadith? Since you appear to be defending it, perhaps you could site the authority (verse or Hadith) in support.

                  1. Helen,

                    “is the penalty…..”

                    No. It is not described in Quran or Hadith. What Quran says is the reminder on adherence to guidelines on “aurat”. Quran also describes rewards in hereafter for those who obey and punishment for those disobeying.

                    How to implement depends on wisdom of those administering the place. In short, Islam is flexible on ways to implement. Of course local situation does matter. Implementing islamic law in Saudi Arabia or Oman are much easier as compared to Malaysia BECAUSE the former countries are almost 100% Muslims when it comes to citizens.

                    It may surprise you that the move is not objected . Who among muslims would want to object move when the objective is in line with islamic teaching. AFTER all, parading in hearse are for repeated offenders only.

                    WAIT until fasting season and you will read that many states declare they will parade those Muslim men caught eating in public.

                    1. Yes, I do recall reading about the parading in hearses of those who didn’t puasa.

                      This latest though is for the ‘offenders’ caught skipping sembahyang jemaah.

                  2. Tak la Helen, kalau Sultan pun tak tegur, MCA lagi apa hal? Itu la maksud saya. Kerajaan T nak latih rakyatnya, yang undi diaorang, tapi cara tu, we all can argue sampai esok Helen, tapi itu hak the Malays kat T yang decide. Don’t you think?

      2. Helen

        “…a horrible punishment”.

        PRECISELY. That is the whole idea. Who in the right mind would want to be paraded in as hearse? The idea is to remind Muslims that one day they (and everybody) will die. Malay call it “supaya insaf”.

        Actually what Trengganu plans to do is an eye opener, Without having to proclaim to the world or accuses anybody, Trengganu shows that implementing syariah can be done step by step in harmonious manner.

        The irony of it is that I was told kelantan is “abuzz” with Tengganu’s move. It shows that a genuine desire to change can be done without rhetorics.

        AS FOR MCA’s objection, who cares hoot on MCA.

        1. Shamshul,

          What is the source – boleh tolong petik ayat atau hadis – which is the authority for the punishment?

          1. Helen,

            Source on parading in hearse? Quran or hadith did not mention anything about parading in hearse.

            But the requirement to cover your aurat is in Chapter Nisa in Quran. Nisa means Woman in A rabic.

  7. ‘Eh, “transforming” this land from what to what, hah? From a Muslim country to their vision of Tanah Malaysian First?’

    Helen, you are too kind. You know ‘transforming’ to what la, sure you know one!

  8. ‘A few more Christian bumiputera seats could well change hands in the next election if BN continues to allow the DAP evangelistas to agitate on the kalimah Allah issue.’

    For sure. Memang MO geng pakatan pun!

  9. That Rosli Yaakob of Harakah is of Anwarinas. Years when the Bersih campaigns were pulling people from PAS, PKR and DAP to demonstrate in KL, PAS communication machinery and popular media was hijacked by Anwarinas.

    Now, with no more Nik Aziz to support them as before as well as their actual Tok Guru or the Sahibus Samahah Turki Mufti behind the bar, the Anwarinas is facing extinction. They are still fighting hard though.

    Nowadays, when one says he a PAS member, the next question to ask is which faction he is supporting.

    So which PAS you mention to have unity with UMNO?

  10. “”’How to implement depends on wisdom of those administering the place. In short, Islam is flexible on ways to implement”‘

    Flexible meaning what, just created out of whim and fancy?

    Or ciplak from somewhere else and implement it here.

    Flexible the word used here, so if there are 100 situations you have 100 way.

    1. Beastofburden,

      Flexible means Islam allows creativity while implementing as long as the islamic guidelines are adhered to.

      Flexible too means the wisdom is not limited to Mat Salleh only.

  11. my observation is very simple. the urban n semi urban malays, due 2 multiple sources of information, hv /are beginning 2 know n form a perception (negative) of rosmah’s/najib’s immediate family.

    no matter how much d ‘govt’ backed media try 2 spin n portray a positive persona, it is not working very well. I think harakah is gaining acceptance/popularity in d rural areas (I m just guessing) n this is d last bastion of solid malay support that najib /umno has. if u kill d messenger, d message will not b spread . that’s exactly what najib is doing.

    that is d reason why najib is not so much bothered what nyt ; rafizi or pua r saying abt 1MDB. things r getting clearer by d day n its just a matter of time when efforts 2 conceal will b fruitless.

    I m pretty sure arul kanda is having a tough time in trying 2 balance d books. if he decides 2 abandon ship, than we know that 1MDB is entering its final phase. lets wait n see.

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