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Najib’s Akujanji lagi


Below is a photo of the much touted Malay Unity event last night. The participants were in the midst of saying their prayers, so the photo must have been taken around 7.30pm. The event schedule was as follows:

  • 6.00pm: Arrival of invited guests
  • 6.20pm: Arrival of VIPs, Malay leaders

Hence by Maghrib, the event can be considered as to have been well on the way. And there you have it – the crowd, or rather, lack of.

Perpaduan Isma Maghrib
Isma pix

Malam mesra mahasiswa-mahasiswi

Putra Stadium in Bulit Jalil has a seating capacity of 13,000 and can accommodate an additional 3,000 people.

National news agency Bernama put those present yesterday to be in the “thousands” (ribuan) but did not pin down a number. An estimate of 8,000-10,000 was given by photoblogger legend Minaq Jinggo. He saw mostly young faces (students).

The organizers had targeted 20,000 but the turnout was abysmally distant from their lofty ambition. TMI reported that the attendance was 5,000.

Perpaduan UiTM minaq jinggo

Selagi ada bulan dan bintang, wadah terus diperjuangkan

Najib had urgently wanted a stage whereby he could burnish his Malay defender credentials. So Malay students were bussed to the venue as UiTM was one of the co-organizers. “Veterans” showed up too.

Cousin Hishammuddin was there beside him, as were a few other Umno ministers including Ismail Sabri Yaakob. Hisham forgot to bring his keris though.

Hisham Perpaduan

Begitu hambar sekali acara semalam

Even the CNY celebration hosted by Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong yesterday at his Teluk Intan constituency attracted a far bigger crowd. Bernama said Mah’s open house at the Leaning Tower drew 20,000 visitors.

The coverage by Utusan of the Malay Unity gathering can only be described as lukewarm. Photos of the event did not even merit a place among the five Gambar Pilihan in the paper’s online version today.

A pale imitation of the Umno general assembly, there were the usual cries of “Hidup Melayu!” dan “Allahuakbar”. You can count on the raucous PAU, in comparison, to muster a more genuine Melayu pekat spirit.

Perpaduan Najib minaq jinggo

TV station awards night, more like

Where were Perkasa? Pekida? Isma? It was supposed to be a “Malay Unity” show of force after all.

Oh well. In any case, there were patriotic dances, flashy lasers and fireworks (video projections) – or in other words, entertainment gimmickry – to make up for the lack of semangat.

Minaq Jinggo nailed it when he described the proceedings as “perjalanan majlis lebih mirip kepada majlis anugerah yang biasa diadakan oleh stesen-stesen TV”.

Laser perpaduan

ABOVE: Going with the bulan-dan-bintang cosmos theme at the Malay Unity show

Waad, what?

Najib & Co. recited a seven-point waad (is this an Arabic word?) Whatever, but it means janji luhur.

The amanat sounds like the kind of mumbo-jumbo which Idris Jala’s Pemandu boys might cook up, except that the waad is framed in bahasa Arabelayu with a sprinkling of borrowed English words such as “globalisasi”, “geopolitik”, “kompetitif”, “teknologi” and “futuristik”.

If it was me that had to read out the long and meandering pledge, I’d feel like a complete idiot. (You can read the ‘Warkah waad misi Melayu abad ke-21′ in all its glory at MyKMU, the Umno supporters club website.)

Perpaduan dance

ABOVE: Okay, futuristic 21st century globalized Malays quite explains the special effects dance

Kesian kat Awang Selamat 

No wonder the Malay nationalists at Utusan were hard pressed to angle the weak story. The onerous demands that are made on the “Umno mouthpiece” can sometimes really tax the editors’ creativity.

The Prime Minister’s Office is splashing a whole lot of MONEY in order to salvage Najib’s fast-sinking image. This is akin to plugging the leaky Titanic with rubber patches.

Our government spending is on 1MDB, Pemandu, TalentCorpse, konsetan, punahsihat and RM1,200 hairdos (okay this one is Najib’s personal household expenditure) but not reaching the poor people who need financial aid.

Kerbau dipegang pada talinya, manusia dipegang pada janjinya

Sayangnya kata Najib tidak dikota.

On 14 Sept 2013, Najib launched the Bumiputera Economic Empowerment Programme (BEEP) at the Dewan Agung Tunku Canselor in UiTM, Shah Alam. Guess what he said at UiTM on the eve of Malaysia Day two years ago?

Drumroll …

“kepada orang-orang Melayu dan Bumiputera, usahlah berbimbang-bimbang dan bergundah-gundah, kerana selagi ada bulan dan bintang selagi hayat dikandung badan survival Melayu dan Bumiputera tetap menjadi keutamaan dan pelita perjuangan kita sampai bila-bila.”

Yeah, the same moon-and-stars story but this man makes promises he simply doesn’t keep. His last Bumiputera Economic Empowerment plan rolled out in 2013 promised billions in programmes for the Malays. Have we heard anything from the beneficiaries so far?

Pie-in-the-sky promises

When there’s a shadow you reach for the sun..

When there is love then you look for the one..

..and for the promises there is the sky

..and for the heavens are those who can fly

Enya sky stars

From Bissau to Palau – in the shade of Avalon

From Fiji to Tiree and the isles of Ebony

From Peru to Cebu hear the power of Babylon

From Bali to Cali – far beneath the coral sea

Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up, up adieu ohh (x3)

enya orinocco flow


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29 thoughts on “Najib’s Akujanji lagi

  1. where UMNO member of 3 Million out of which only 20,000 required to attend? Where are they?

    Where Noh Omar the Selangor UMNO Chief and KL chief (I don’t know who he is or Is there is? If this was organized by PAS 20,000 people petik jaru saya berpuluh bas tba.

    A big LAUGH to UMNO and call to UMNO PLEASE LA WAKE UP!

  2. Cik Helen apa yang ternampak ucapan itu melalui teks saja dia dah tak larat dan tak mau berlebih-lebih takut dicap racis patut la your blog icon Tun’s ungkapan ‘ if I were PM today I’d quit or yang mana betoi PM of today

  3. being a pekan born I really want najib 2 succeed but d altantuya n d 1MDB expose is really haunting me. if the link 2 najib can b proven beyond any reasonable doubt than I can safely say that his days r numbered. if cbt is also proven than jail time is also almost certain.

    if I heard it correctly, tun m has suggested that a thorough investigation b conducted 2 ascertain how d monies hv been spent. heard also tun m will b back in d country by d second week of march. cant wait 4 his take on d 1MDB issue.

    I hv mentioned in several blogs that his greatest miscalculation is 2 marry d second time. well, some say it is fated.

    interesting times r ahead of us.

  4. ‘Hisham forgot to bring his keris though.’

    Helen, don’t bother asking about the keris. I’m sure he brought his bunga tucked somewhere.

  5. ‘The amanat sounds like the kind of mumbo-jumbo which Idris Jala’s Pemandu boys might cook up’

    Haha Helen, I bet so too. The Pathfinder guy!

  6. ‘TMI reported that the attendance was 5,000.’

    Some had reported 6000 dan some 10000. Even if it is 10000, it only shows that it was way below the target. It shows the Malays had boycotted ahjirgor- the gendang cina PM! The event was a failure. The Waad pun in my opinion was vague and kurang ikhlas, leaving some lubang untuk dolak-dalik later.

    I personally tak pegi because the event was hijacked by the PM and its PMO apparatus to score some points.

    Najib memang desperate sanggup forego National level CNY event kat Teluk Intan and sent the Malay 1st PM to be instead. But Melayu tak akan lupa his gendang cina act.

    1. Apa yang penting bagi si Najib ni ialah persepsi. Dalam keadaan dirinya kini telah ditolak bulat2 oleh orang melayu, dia masih mahu menunjukkan bahawa dialah konon2nya tu pejuang melayu sebenar.

      Sebab itu dia mengarahkan TPM menghadiri rumah terbuka CNY diteluk intan dan dia pula terhegeh2 buat perhimpuan perpaduan ntah apa tu…

      Dia nak persepsi orang ramai (sasarannya melayu kamponglah tu) supaya melihat dia sebagai pejuang melayu manakala bakal penggantinya itu sebagai seorang yg menyokong cina.

      Korang tahulah siapa yang aturkan benda2 ni semua kalau bukan para punahsihat pelingkup yg semakin boncit perut disekelilingnya tu. Dia cuma melakonkan sahaja mengikut skrip yg disediakan. Akai dia korang sendiri tau la ada kat mana…

  7. As long as you have the current bunch of 25 or so nincompoops running UMNO, UMNOs going to be in the boon docks soon.

    Razak, Hussien, Mahathir fought for the malays, can that be said for the last to PMs and their yes men. As long as $$$ is currency for UMNO that will be the motivating factor not politics, not malay, not rakyat.

    The sad thing about it is there are Malays out there that care in thru sense of UMNO and malays who want to better things. But these are the ppl that that the UMNO of the day see as a threat.

    For them its their own cycle, own continuity.

  8. ‘borrowed English words such as “globalisasi”, “geopolitik”, “kompetitif”, “teknologi” and “futuristik”’.

    transformasi, glokal?

    ‘survival Melayu dan Bumiputera tetap menjadi keutamaan’

    jgn cakap saja tapi tak bikin. declare saja nilai 1 unit asb sekarang rm3.80, bukan payah pun. bila sampai ‘hari april bodoh’, rm1.00 hanya bernilai rm0.94.

    61.2 o you who believe, why do you say what you do not do?
    61.3 most abominable in the sight of god is that you say what you do not do.

    kalau tak boleh bikin, just shut up.

    1. re: “transformasi, glokal?”

      “globalisasi”, “geopolitik”, “kompetitif”, “teknologi” and “futuristik”’ were the words used in the pledge (waad). You can click on the MyKMU link to read.

  9. Najib aku janji again? kah…kah…kah…he thinks he can foll everyone with his stupid words lest he forgets that action speaks louder than words.

    We have seen, we are seeing and will continue to see how Najib will continue to neglect the malays(except his cronies) and will continue to worship the chinese.

  10. Good morning Helen
    I think the perhimpunan is to make maysians forget bout the price of fuel going up.


  11. ibarat ayam berkokok atas pagar…tapi ekornya bergelumang tahi!
    itulah PM Najib…. yang masih seperti ayam…. berkokok atas pagar (pagar diibaratkan kedudukan tingginya selaku PM), sayangnya ekornya (bermaksud sejarahnya atau rekodnya) bergelumang tahi (buruk benar)…..!

    jumlah yang hadir pada perhimpunan berkenaan sepatutnya mendatangkan sedar kepada beliau bahawa ianya teramat kecil dibandingkan dengan tajuk dan aspirasi perhimpunan, teramat kecil dalam meraikan seorang yang diberi gelar PM selaku ketua atau pemimpin umat melayu….

    benarlah kata Tun M… kalaulah saya PM pada hari ini, lebih elok saya berhenti!

    bila PM najib nak berhenti?

  12. Helen,

    All this talk about the NEED for Malay political unity is hot air.

    Almost all Malays share the same views when it comes to (1) the continued existence of the special position of the Bumiputeras and (2) the continued preeminence of Islam in the Federation.

    That IS Malay political unity. It has existed, still exists, and will continue to exist for the coming generations.

    There is no way a Federal Government can be formed without the majority support of the Malay community — it’s a demographic and electoral impossibility.

    And none of our politicians, of any race or party, dare to remove Articles 11 or 153.

    That means there’s no real threat to the status quo — whether it’s affirmative action in favor of the Malays and other Bumiputeras or the position of Islam in the country.

    The only thing that doesn’t exist is UMNO-PAS unity. And that’s not necessary for the furtherance of the Malay agenda!

    So the situation isn’t as dire for the Malays as they think it is, but at the same time, it’s even worse for the Malaysian Firsters than they fear.

    1. re: “Almost all Malays share the same views when it comes to (1) the continued existence of the special position of the Bumiputeras”

      Why do you want a Special Position?

      1. I assume you mean personally?

        There are two different issues here. Do I want the special position for myself? No, because I am fortunate enough and privileged enough to not need it.

        Do I think other Bumiputeras should have it? If they want it, or they need it, then they should have it. No questions asked.

        I’m for whatever keeps the peace amongst Malaysians in the least intrusive, least coercive, and above all else, the least violent way possible.

        There are many effective ways of preventing inter-racial strife.

        On one bloody extreme, it’s the creation of a homogenous nation through genocide, ethnic cleansing and forced migration. The Nazis tried this is in the 1930s and 1940s. The Serbs, Bosnians, and Croats tried this in the 1990s. So did the Hutus.

        Closer to home, the Vietnamese did this on a smaller scale after the fall of Saigon. And even closer, and on an even lesser scale, look at the assimilation approach taken by the Indonesians.

        Then there’s the approach taken by the British and our nation’s founders, who did not seek to create a homogenous nation at all.

        We can consider the Federation of Malaysia as a grand experiment in nation-building: is it possible to create a heterogenous nation that is stable?

        What do you think our history after Merdeka — after May 13! — would have been like without the special position?

        Nation-states rarely fail because of the presence of a resentful minority. It’s the presence of a resentful majority that is destabilizing.

        Look at Rhodesia under Ian Smith. Iraq under Saddam and Syria under Assad. Hell, look at China under the Manchus.

        South Africa had the good fortune of avoiding the same fate — but then they had giants like Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, and F.W. de Klerk!

        I look at the special position as a bulwark that keeps us safe from that nasty fate. Or, to paraphrase the Christians: there but for the grace of the special position, we go.

        And that’s why I want the special position!

        1. re: “It’s the presence of a resentful majority that is destabilizing.”

          You’ve hit the nail on the head.

          re: “I look at the special position as a bulwark that keeps us safe from that nasty fate.”

          We can look at this from the other end of the telescope too. It is the Malay special position which is the bulwark keeping Chinese safe from that nasty fate (amok), no?

          1. RE: “We can look at this from the other end of the telescope too.”

            No. I don’t look at it from that POV at all. That is the logic of thuggery and extortion — “you should be grateful to us for not killing you.”

            The “nasty fate” is internecine strife — where all sides lose, and winning just means you lose a little less than your opponent.

            1. Internecine strife in other countries effectively means civil war and in war, people inevitably get killed.

  13. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it – George Santayana (Reason in Common Sense)

    Melayu mudah lupa – Tun Mahathir Mohamad (Poem PAU’01)

    Exit, stage left!

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