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UPDATED: This person plagiarized my writing! and Jonathan Smith’s as well

This person calling himself ‘Iskandar Mohamad’ plagiarized from author Jonathan Smith as well who had written the I-files about Anwar, see

Jonathan Smith (JS) wrote: “He would gladly tell anyone who would listen how those 13 May riots in 1969 had radicalised him. He would speak of how far-left revolutionaries inspired him – of how his heroes Herbert Marcuse, Frantz Fanon, Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara would teach him that the old social order must be overthrown. Even violently. He spoke of the ‘wretched of the earth,’ as Fanon put it. He left his audiences in no doubt that he was the man to overturn everything. He was The Rebel.”

Iskandar Mohamad wrote: “The May 13 riots in 1969 radicalized him and he spoke of how far-left revolutionaries inspired him including his heroes such as Herbert Marcuse, Frantz Fanon, Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara from whom he learnt that the old social order must be overthrown, even if via violence. Undoubtedly, he made no apologies that he was the rebel with a cause.”

JS: “But these last two subjects suggested that he had found his core, and his first important peer acceptance, with the Wahhabi missionaries. With them, and with those who fell in with them, he would share the inspiration he drew from Abul Ala Maududi and Sayyid Qutb. These were heroes.”

IM: “Decades ago, he admired and sympathised with extremists such as Abul Ala Maududi and Sayyid Qutb – the radicals who founded Jamaat-e- Islami in Pakistan and inspired al Qaeda, respectively.”

JS: “He embraced men who would call for violent revolution to overthrow the existing social and political order to be replaced with a world of sharia law, who would reject over one thousand years of peaceful Islamic thought and learning as corrupt and decadent.”

IM: “This is the Anwar whom many never knew existed for he embraced men who would call for violent revolution to overthrow the existing social and political order to be replaced with a world of syariah law.”

JS: “You have to understand how he was before. Quiet, calm, easy-going. All of a sudden, he’s carrying a Koran everywhere.”

JS: “Anwar turned into some kind of fanatic at the time. And he had been relaxed, lah, before. What a crazy world it was.”

IM: “As a teenager who hated radiacalism, Anwar Ibrahim was pretty ordinary until he went to Universiti Malaya. From a quiet, calm, and easy-going young man, he became a religious fanatic and things came to a head when he became President of  “Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar Islam Malaysia”,  a radical Muslim student organisation.”

Updated: 11.05pm

JS: “When he launched his ill-timed and ill-fated coup attempt, he not only missed by a handful of years his one chance to be Prime Minister, he also remained firmly in Mahathir’s own shadow.”

JS: “For all of his determination and drive, Anwar has always stood in others’ shadow, schemed there, planned there, but never moved from there. Perhaps the most damning part of this truth is that it is entirely Anwar’s fault.”

IM: “Despite his dogged determination and drive, Anwar never really made it. He plotted, schemed, planned but never moved out from the shadows of TDM and DS Najib. The most damning fact is that it is entirely Anwar’s fault.”

Jonathan Smith’s conclusion @

Nothing, but NOTHING! in Iskandar Mohamad’s piece is his own. Not even the pseudonym. And I already have a fairly good guess as to who the culprit is – someone being paid a lot of money for his ‘work’.

Original posting

Dear blog readers,

Please note that my blog might soon come under attack just like how Apanama’s poll three days ago on the Prime Minister’s popularity rating had been intermittently blocked.

I suspect he (the plagiarist) is one of the ‘consultants’ – perhaps contracted from outside – with links to the PMO media team.

Going by the name ‘Iskandar Mohamad’ (which I believe is a fake name), this political operative copypasted my paragraphs and is passing them off as his own work.

‘Iskandar Mohamad’ also started a blog not long ago which carried no older material (content) except the recent few articles attributed to his name in defence of the Najib administration and viciously attacking the PM’s critics, which have been published severally in the online portals.

I wrote on an articled titled ‘Anwar cannot be the cure for our politics as he was its chiefest poison‘ on 16 Feb 2015.

In my widely read blog posting, I’d said: “Anwar allowed himself to be co-opted into Umno in 1982. In doing so, he betrayed the cause of Abim.”

‘Iskandar Mohamad’ (IM) in his article published today in Malaysia Today wrote: “In 1982, Mahathir convinced Anwar to join Umno thus betraying the cause of Abim.”

Below is a side-by-side comparison, you can judge for yourself

Helen Ang (HA) wrote in my same article: “[Quoting Dr Mahathir] But he joined Umno because he foresaw no future for PAS. There was no way PAS could ever make him prime minister.” (Asiaweek interview, 26 Jan 2001). Anwar does not ‘fight for the country’. He is serving himself and his own over-weaning ambition.”

IM wrote: “Contrary to what many believe, Anwar does not “fight for the country”. Top priority is elevating himself and pursuing his lifelong ambition to be PM.”

HA: “After Zahid Hamidi attacked Dr M at the Umno Youth general assembly in June 1998, Dr M counter attacked by revealing the names of those cronies who benefited from the NEP nepotism. Prominent in the list were members of Anwar’s family.”

HA: “In the 16 years that Anwar was rising up the Umno ranks until he was a heartbeat away from the very pinnacle, he made no changes for the better from the inside. On the contrary, it was he who poisoned Umno’s well through expanding and entrenching the culture of patronage and money politics.”

IM: “During the 16 years that Anwar was rising up the Umno ranks, he made no positive changes but promoted the culture of patronage and money politics. In fact, his family members benefited from NEP nepotism.”

HA: “It was Abim’s Yayasan Anda dakwah undergrads who popularized the wearing of tudung litup in our university campuses.”

IM: “Anwar’s ‘notable’ achievements include how he: * popularized the use of tudung litup in university campuses via Yayasan Anda dakwah undergraduates”

HA: Role of English – Anwar was the Malay language nationalist who downgraded the use of English. As Education Minister, he renamed the national language Bahasa Melayu. It was Bahasa Malaysia previously.”

IM: ” *downgraded the use of English  *renamed the national language Bahasa Melayu.”

HA: Vernacular school – Anwar precipitated a crisis and Ops Lalang by sending non-Mandarin speakers as senior assistants to the SRJK (C).”

IM: “*precipitated a crisis by sending non-Mandarin speakers as senior assistants to the SRJK (C).”

HA: “He did nothing towards a repeal of the ISA, OSA, Emergency Ordinance or Sedition Act. Nor did he roll back the restrictions imposed by the Societies Act and the UUCA.”

IM: “He made no attempt to repeal  the ISA, OSA, Emergency Ordinance or Sedition Act when he was in the Cabinet. He also did not roll back the restrictions imposed by the Societies Act and the UUCA.”

HA: “Apart from the Education portfolio in his earlier career, Anwar handled the Finance Ministry right up till his sacking. So, what education policies are there to show of Anwar’s that have benefited our country? Which financial policy formulated by Anwar has had a lasting and positive impact on our economy?”

IM: “In his capacity as Education Minister and Finance Minister, he left behind no achievement as a legacy.”

HA: “The ironic contradiction – Dapster embrace of Anwar as saviour and their damning of Umno, both in the same breath – invokes the split personality of his Chinese supporters as much as that of Anwar as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.”

IM: “Malaysians have been duped into think Anwar is the political saviour. Anwar seems to be jinxed with two ironies.”

HA: “Yup, the two of them go back a long way and that’s why Dr M brought Anwar into Umno in 1982 – after a mere one year following his ascension as Prime Minister.”

IM: “The man who brought him into UMNO and helped him rise to the number two position in Cabinet, is also the man who triggered his downfall – Tun Dr. Mahathir.”

HA: “The Dapsters hate Tun with a vengeance but seemingly forget that Anwar had been a close associate of Dr M for decades. In fact, the doctor even gave drafts of his The Malay Dilemma manuscript for Anwar to preview.”

IM: “Both of them had forged such a close friendship that Anwar was give the privilege of previewing ‘The Malay Dilemma’ manuscript.”

HA: “It was actually Karpal who denounced in Parliament the homosexual activities of Anwar (see Hansard @ Oct 22 and Dec 18, 1997). ”

IM: “Karpal Singh, who denounced in Parliament the homosexual activities of Anwar (see Hansard Oct 22 and Dec 18, 1997) was also the one who defended him till his untimely demise.”

What kind of people!

More than half of ‘Iskandar Mohamad’s’ article has been plagiarized from my work.

Again, I reiterate my strong suspicion that he is one of the ‘consultants’ – perhaps contracted from outside – with links to the PMO media team.

Is this the calibre of the people defending the prime minister? (I’m referring to past articles by this so-called ‘Iskandar Mohamad’) and attacking Kadir Jasin (‘Iskandar Mohamad’ had been biadab to Datuk Kadir, and belittling him)

Is this the kind of ethics practised by the defenders of Najib Razak?

I’m disgusted!

Gopal me Anwar

Note: My article had been republished by Gopal Raj Kumar in his blog

Gopal reproduced it under the headline ‘Anwar: Blow by Blow’ with my permission on the same day 16 Feb 2015.

There is his and other blogger records (HERE) which prove that the passages cited above are my original work published more than a fortnight ago.

Our Prime Minister is really, truly clueless to allow all these unethical shenanigans to take place right under his nose.


Tick, tock, tick, tock … Najib’s days are numbered

Iskandar Mohamad plagiarized


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43 thoughts on “UPDATED: This person plagiarized my writing! and Jonathan Smith’s as well

  1. Maybe he graduated from a malaysian uni? Remember it’s not plagiarism, it’s flattery.

    1. Don’t think he graduated from Malaysian uni and don’t think he’s a “bangang” cybertrooper.

      I strongly suspect he’s youngish and one of the PM’s media ‘consultants’ with experience abroad like KJ’s set.

      As far as I’m aware, his writings (coming to my notice) only appeared very recently after the so-called Mahathir bloggers discarded their kid gloves and openly condemned Najib. He has been very vicious in his putdowns of the old timers like AKJ and Zam, as I’ve mentioned above.

      1. Oh dear, i read the MT article too. He at least learn how to quote the original source and call it a review rather than publishing it as his own original product.

        And please, DO NOT undermine malaysian uni. There are many unis here IPTS and IPTAs and as far as plagiarism is concerned, my UNI is very stringent!

        1. Manal,

          To quote is when you take a passage in toto, and of course, attribute.

          This guy xerox-ed a lot of our phrases and sentences wholesale but at the same time also modified some and rearranged the sequence of the paragraphs as well as mixed and matched (splicing).

          It is definitely plagiarism.

    2. ‘Maybe he graduated from a malaysian uni? Remember it’s not plagiarism, it’s flattery.’

      taking potshot at local uni nampak…lu ada baca ke tak baca?

      1-Hari ini, kolumnis majalah berpengaruh Time, Fareed Zakaria yang banyak bercakap tentang pendekatan politik barat, terutamanya Amerika Syarikat di Timur Tengah (banyak perkara lain juga sebenarnya, tetapi penulisan awal beliau dilihat sebagai bernuansakan pandangan kiri muslim, kerana beliau lahir muslim di India, lesen untuk kritikal terhadap Islam tanpa di label white supremacist islamophobes-fikir, agen barat), memohon maaf secara terbuka kerana dituduh memplagiat artikel seorang penulis majalah New Yorker, Jill Lepore berkenaan dengan pengawalan senjata api. Fareed Zakaria yang juga editor at large majalah Time dan pengacara CNN, dalam permohonan maafnya menyatakan kekesalan kerana terdapat persamaan beberapa para dalam artikel tulisan beliau dengan artikel penulis wanita tersebut.

      2-Sekitar 125 penuntut Universiti Harvard sedang disiasat berhubung kesalahan menipu – skandal salah laku terbesar membabitkan pusat pengajian tersohor itu.

  2. ADD

    re: “the recent few articles attributed to his name in defence of the Najib administration and viciously attacking the PM’s critics”

    mostly in defence of Najib Razak personally


    I might soon come under other forms of personal attack (character assassination) such as was suffered by Kadir Jasin and Zainuddin Maidin not too long ago vis-a-vis their criticisms of Najib’s propaganda and “perang saraf” team.

    1. My dear Ketam Batu, I’ve been doing all my writing pro bono only because of my beliefs (call it perjuangan if you like).

      I’m sincere in what I say, and I appreciate the equally sincere input by my regular commenters who help to enrich my understanding and widen my worldview.

      That’s the reward – cyber companionship – which I get as obviously I cannot discuss these things that I pen in my blog within my social circle (the 90 percent Chinese DAP supporters) because they hate Umno.

      You have also been firing nasty shots at me in the past although you’ve never lied or made up any false stories about me.

      While I might fume at ‘him’, I’m saddened by the sniping made by pro-opposition people like you who follow my blog – for years – to read my VOLUNTEER! writings and yet tergamak begitu bersangka buruk to snipe at me just because I’m against your side of the political divide.

  3. O oo that’s why when i read the article i thought i’ve read it somewhere else before

    1. Please spread the word.

      I’ve had this thought for sometime now. The people surrounding you-know-who are dangerous and a menace.

      All the blowback against ‘him’ (the person) has come about mostly because of what his hangers on and underlings are doing, and of which he’s very likely unaware of.

      It’s like how Rasputin brought down the last tsar of Russia. Bukan sang raja yang jahat tetapi ia penasihat-penasihat rapatnya.

      1. ‘Bukan sang raja yang jahat tetapi ia penasihat-penasihat rapatnya.’

        Apparently Nik Abduh had said the same thing about his late father and his punahsihat2!

        ‘Justeru fahami ini bahawa ‘Unity Government’ yang ditolak ayahanda adalah jenis kerajaan yang difahamkan kepadanya oleh pembantu – pembantu ayahanda yang berpakaian serba tahu. Mereka seronok untuk melaga -lagakan di antara TGNA dan TGHH.

        Mereka menyangka mereka telah melakukan kebaikan, sedang telah sesatlah segala usaha mereka di sisi tuhan. Semoga Allah membalasi mereka dengan kejahatan yang mereka lakukan!’

        1. re: “Semoga Allah membalasi mereka dengan kejahatan yang mereka lakukan!”


  4. Hey Helen. What you write that about me Iskandar Mohamad. I m just a blogger. How dare you say its plagiarism err pssst..can you further explain what that ‘alien’ word means.

    I admire Helen formt he day you start blogging till now so I copy bit by bit lah… hey Helen don’t lah mad. You know I kamcing with PMO so let it be la..

    Hey Helen don’t get mad la.. hey who I am ah?? ooppps I fogot?? Helen can you help me? Who am I? Who I am? Who am I? Who I am? I am Who? Am I who? 1 am or 2 pm?

    I don’t know Help… oopppp sorry now I remember I am Kuman.. ha ha… Have nice day..Just kidding.

  5. Helen dear,
    Check out Dr Novandri’s blog (Dr MiM)…”Pendedahan tenting altar belakang Anwar”… it seemed that he has similar sentences like your original article, except it was translated into Malay. He did not quote his sources… despicable…

    1. Thanks Kak Mar.

      I believe the article in English could have been translated by FMT.

      I’ve noticed that FMT does that – giving value add – because the same English version would also have already been sent and published by its rivals.

  6. wow, lagu ni pun ada ka? selain kaki ciplak, boleh kita panggil dia learner-cyber pirate tak?

    yg pelik ialah hujan tak turun & ribut pun tak dilaporkan oleh jabatan kaji cuaca, tiba2 keluar cerita pak syeikh yg orang kampong dah lama dah tau.

    samada kerja budak2 nakal atau pun silap makan ubat. i can only sympathize with you. cheers!

    1. ‘Iskandar Mohamad’ also plagiarized Jonathan Smith who wrote the I-Files about Anwar. See my updated copy above.

  7. Kak Helen,

    I think this article fairly well presents the position of Islamic scholarship on the issue of plagiarism. It is unjustifiable and therefore a moral transgression.

    The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “He who credits himself with what was not given to him is like one who wears a double cloak of deception.” [Ibn `Abd al-Barr, Jâmi` al-Tahsîl (1/98)]

    1. Thanks Chris.

      The plagiarism of our writings affects me and Jonathan Smith.

      But the calibre of Najib’s defenders and public relations people affect the whole country. This person is a scumbag.

      Scumbags are prominent in trying to elevate and defend the prime minister’s reputation.

      The people surrounding Najib must be exposed to public scrutiny. I hope the VVIPs who have the means and capacity to do exactly this will please Just Do It and save our country. Consider this my SOS.

      1. The thing is, these people are so brazen and believe themselves to be invincible as to be able to get away with it.

        That’s how Jho Low’s character comes across as well, from reading the many reports about him – semua benda berani buat.

      2. Have you got the wrong person Kak?

        With regards to “movement for moderation” campaign, Imam Ghazali once said: “Half of disbelief in God in the world is constituted by people who make religion seem ugly due to their bad conduct and ignorance … verily the soul becomes accustomed to what you accustom it to. That is to say what you at first burden the soul with, becomes second nature to it eventually.”

  8. Apa mungkin he is one big fan of your blog? Sampai dah bole mimic your every word and sentence?

    Kalau dia ni working under somebody, nampak gaya kaki pak angguk.

  9. It is the worst form of misappropriation. Theft. Theft of intellectual property of theft of something very personal to the victim. Stealing the product of one’s intellect then passing it off as your own, is also a manifestation of a bankrupt mind. A mind without the capacity to perform a natural function as to think.

    Often one would laugh off such a situation with the clinched “imitation is the highest form of flattery”. This goes beyond imitation. This is theft it is plagiarism is also an insult to all of us who read.

    Perhaps Helen you should after making sure of our sources that you have the culprit., name them.

    This blog like a few others is much more than reading. It is in a way a public service. An unpaid public service..

  10. On the other hand and on a closer reading of the re publication of the article, the publisher of Malaysia Today carries some liability and responsibility for allowing the plagiarism to go unchecked on his blog.

    It occurred once before with generous helpings of excerpts of an article published on the GRK blog being republished as the work of the owner of the blog. I say so because there was not even a cursory acknowledgement of attribution of authorship to the source.

  11. Must be the gelagat anwar bloggers. They are now jealous of lim san see and going after him. Who does not know it is dato akmal mokhles

  12. Nothing new lah, Helen. People have no shame these days.

    Remember that Gunting columnist who pasted a whole article from a British magazine in her column and when outed, the illustrious moderate Gunting just buat dunno and swept everything under the carpet?

    What for then for the Gunting to demand “transparency” etc when it doesn’t adhere to these principles when it involves itself?

    Even CNN suspended Fareed Zakaria for plagiarism. I checked the article. If I recall correctly, it was for ONE paragraph on a factoid.

    We have a lot of pseuds and posers, the king of whom is languishing in a certain place reading Shakespeare.

  13. When I read his article in MT, I was about to comment on his writing. But then I decided not to.

    But what I see is the incoherence of his point. He seems to jump from one main event to another main event ignoring the more important events in between.

    For example, he wrote about 1969 radical day that transformed him and then jumped to 1982 where he became UMNO. But hen the period of 1969 to 1982 was one of the most important part of Anwar life where he became a student activist, being ISAed, started ABIM, Pas and the betrayal.

    There are many more incoherence in his writing which shows that the content is being extracted (or rather copied) from many sources. While it is not wrong to extract points from other writings, but if you only extract the textual point and not the actual point, readers can see how these texts do fit well with each other.

    1. This ‘Iskandar Mohamad’ has been defending the PM in the media.

      No wonder the PMO public relations is such a mess.


      Pak Kadir said:

      “Di manakah dan apakah peranan penasihat media, komunikasi, perang saraf dan pereka imej Mohd Najib yang begitu ramai dan tergolong di dalamnya seorang penasihat orang putih yang dicamkan sebagai Paul Stadlen.

      Sejak akhir-akhir Stadlen menjadi bahan berita sensasi media atas talian kerana gaya hidupnya.

      “Apakah semua ini ciri-ciri sokong membawa rebah dan harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi atau, lebih teruk daripada itu, ia berupa petanda bahawa Perdana Menteri sedang kehilangan jalan cerita (plot)?”

      In other words, Najib has lost the plot.

  14. Ms H. I like to make a general statement. ‘ There are many copy-cats in this country.’ Once I made a bid for a Government Agency. Within one week, the Treasury received 7 other bids exactly like my proposal, including one from the Chairman who was my friend !

  15. I’ve just unsubcribed from “u-know-who”‘s blog last week. Purposely chose the comment box so that i could write a dear john jibby bye2 bullet-pointing his cluelessness as to his failed policies & inability to control ‘domestic’ matters. Dont think it could get past pmo though, but its worth the try.

    Had i know of this plagarist (clueless simpleton really, no original ideas) was actually being paid by “you-know-who”, i would have endeavoured to add another comment box instead.

  16. Madam,

    I wish to offer my sincerest apologies to you and stand corrected. I honestly had no intention to plagiarize. Kindly allow me to explain.

    I am an old grandpa who writes irregularly. Of late, I have been saddened by recent developments and the last article I wrote, was the first time I did not backlink. You can see my previous posts to verify this statement. I always cite sources.

    For the record, I wish to confirm I am no consultant hired by anyone. The irregularity of my writings attest to the fact that I write whenever I feel strongly about certain issues.

    On Sunday, I was very upset about the 1MDB news and to distract myself from the shocking news and implications if it were true, I spent Sunday reading on Anwar.

    By the time I finished reading and writing, my notes were over 1200 words and I finished shortening it to 683 words on my handphone at abt 1am.

    The next morning I checked again and was of two minds if i should backlink to JS as it might unleash a can of worms in an already delicate ambiance. Against that frane of mind, I also overlooked backlinking to your site not intentionally but a genuine oversight.

    Please accept my sincere apologies and I hope you can find space in your heart to forgive a forgetful grandpa.

    For the record, my post If Tun Mahathir was plagiarized by the blogger TMI alleges was engaged by Jho Low. I can forward to you the complaint i wrote to wordpress. That itself is evidence that I write for myself and not at the behest of PMO or anyone.

    I am sincere in my apology and have written to editors of portals who carried my posts.

    This will never happen again.

    Once again, my deepest and sincerest apologies.


    1. I don’t see the link between your claim of being upset about 1MDB but then deciding to write the history of Anwar (two unrelated topics) as plagiarized from my & J.Smith’s writing.

      And you sound very young to be claiming to be a “forgetful old grandpa”. In fact, your previous diatribes against Datuk Kadir Kasin sounded very young and cocky.

      re: “i should backlink to JS as it might unleash a can of worms in an already delicate ambiance. Against that frane of mind, I also overlooked backlinking to your site not intentionally but a genuine oversight.”

      You can try explaining about your “delicate ambiance” personally to Mr Jonathan Smith.

  17. You tell one lie the you find yourself having to invent another 500 lies to cover up the first. Be bold have the courage and come out with a sincere apology and walk away from it.

    Getting caught with your pants down from time to time is not a cardinal sin or the end of the world. Getting you proverbials ‘sliced off’ and your reputation crushed (well whatever is left of it) from standing exposed too long like a possum caught in the spotlight is what will get you truly undone.

    1. Dear Miss Helen

      When reading the supposedly sincere apology from “Iskandar Mohamad” above, a certain malay verse come to mind:

      “Siakap senohong, gelama ikan duri
      Bercakap bohong, lama lama jadi pencuri.”

      Although in his case I think he did it backward..Truly these people are losing their plots. Running around like headless cikens.

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