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Will Najib save himself through hudud hook-up?

We’re a mere fortnight away from the historic sitting of the state assembly in Kelantan on March 18 to table the hudud amendment bill.

And hudud is just the lever to pry the Islamist party away from its coalition partner DAP. Despite their earlier charade of being Islam-friendly, DAP is dead set against this law under Islam for meting out capital and corporal punishment .

Needless to say, it is to Umno’s best interest – if not the BN’s very survival – for PAS to leave Pakatan.

And thus Umno is, apparently, prepared to support the Kelantan hudud bill. This move will open the door for the co-operation between Umno and PAS at state level.

Tun Razak and Asri Muda

In his article today ‘Formula perpaduan PAS-Umno telah ditemui‘, chief editor of Merdeka Online Tuan Haji Al-Azharri Siddiq Kamuni wrote that a unity government will allow PAS to maintain its Islamic identity and core struggle without any further need to beg and plead with the DAP.

“Umno with its strong position and as the leading [party] in BN does not have any problem in supporting the implementation of hudud law in Kelantan”, said Al-Azharri.

He reminds us that the unity format has already a precedent in 1973 when a co-operation was forged between Tun Razak and PAS president Asri Muda during their meeting which was held overseas. Upon their return to the country, PAS was brought into the BN.

Najib Kelantan
Najib with Kelantan Menteri Besar Ahmad Yaakob, Umno Kelantan chief Mustapha Mohamed and de facto federal minister of religion in charge of Islam, Jamil Khir Baharom

Will Najib be able to pull off what his father succeeded in doing?

More interestingly, Al-Azharri reveals that the federal government has already prepared “complete facilities” for the Kelantan state government to carry out hudud law.

Muslim unity in, first, Kelantan will circumvent the objections of the DAP which has been a “thorn in the flesh” to PAS, in addition to serving as the pioneering step towards unity in the federal government, Al-Azharri believes.

Following the current development, whether PAS elects to be outside Pakatan or sign up as an associate member of the BN or remain independent is up to the Islamist party, he added, but what is paramount is that the whole ummah is most eager for hudud law to happen.

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18 thoughts on “Will Najib save himself through hudud hook-up?

  1. “Will Najib be able to pull off what his father succeeded in doing?”

    No. His father had never had to deal with PASma – PAS’ Christian, LGBT and anything goes friendly unit of PAS or everything is not awesome PKR and of course DAP.

    1. (1) Pasma is not as strong as the oppo English media portrays it to be. TMI and the rest of the J’s have just been hyping up Mujahid et al.

      (2) When they split – and the crunch might well come when the hudud bill is brought to Parliament – the ulamas will keep PAS while the Erdogans will have to leave to form their new party. They will be like Semangat 46.

      (3) As for PKR – Azmin has no charisma despite his good looks. Nurul has both but Azmin will block her further rise.

      (4) DAP is going all out for the native Christian vote and they may succeed if they manage to stir up enough hate – which is, after all, their speciality. Then we will see Sabah & Sarawak rocked with issues like secession and the rescinding of Islam as the religion of Sabah.

      Fishing the Dayak vote will see DAP posturing as even more Christian in East Malaysia and at the same time Islam-friendly in the peninsula. Their schizophrenic Jekyll & Hyde persona might cause a spontaneous combustion.

  2. So Dap can form an alliance with MCA or the later become a corpse tak gitu cause Dap will stage a walk out when the bill are table in parliament apabila masa nya tiba nanti caya lu

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      1. LOL, Mulan. I pun terikut-ikut you. What’s the relevance of Hannah to this page?

        She forgot to bring her tudung to Johor?

        1. “She forgot to bring her tudung to Johor?”

          Must not speculate. Nantee dia lepot police.

  4. Comment by Michael Dee (former South-east Asia CEO of Morgan Stanley and former senior managing director at Temasek Holdings) about the challenges facing incoming Standard Chartered Bank chief executive Bill Winters: “Standard Chartered was a collection of fiefdoms, run by warlords and overseen by princes…”.

    Doesn’t that remind one of Umno, DAP, MIC and MCA?

    Maybe what these political parties need is Malaysian equivalents of Bill Winters….with just one mandate: to review everything and to change things.

      1. Deadbeats, for one. Stupid policies, for another. The endless politicking, for yet another.

        1. ‘What do you want to be changed?’

          Helen, ask me, ask me?!

          Stupid pendatangs with not so stupid pendatangs….can or not??

          1. “stupid pendatangs with not so stupid pendatangs” are worse than deadbeats, political sycophants, warlords, grandstanding politicians, rent seekers…well, you get my drift, don’t you?

            Oh, yes – add in “clueless IS supporters” too, please!

  5. Even the press in Myammar is speculating the life cycle of Ajib-ko. (Thanks to my Indian friend for highlighting)

    “Things are so bad that last week the UMNO-owned newspaper, Utusan Malaysia, carried an outrageous editorial that tried to exonerate Najib and shift the blame elsewhere.

    It failed, of course, because it was arguing against facts that indicate to all Malaysians that Najib is steadily sinking into the treacly pit of corruption and maladministration into which he has plunged his country.

    If you think this is over the top, just consider a few of the more damning indictments against the PM and his band of gangsters, cheats and philanderers.”


    1. Dear Keris, saja nak sembang2 kat sini, itupun kalau dapat permisi dari Ms. Helen

      hudud literally means limits or boundaries. sebagai contoh, kita memandu dilebuhraya plus yg menghadkan kelajuan kenderaan pada 110km/jam, memandu lebih dari had itu menjadi kesalahan, tapi kelajuan pada had atau kurang, kita tak kena saman. jadi dalam hal hukum sebat sebanyak 80 kali & 100 kali, i. bolehkah bilangan sebatan itu dikurangkan? ii. apakah jenis alat yg digunakan untuk sebatan? iii. sebatan dibuat sekali gus atau beransur2 over a period of time?.

      anyway, let them table it which is to me only an academic exercise becos the the big boss is the malaysia constitution.

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