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Annie’s bad habit and the need for her to see the bigger picture

I’m writing this for blogger Annie in the hope that she understands what is at stake for all of us.

Annie blogged ‘Megalomaniac editor who made me pity Rosmah‘ (3 March 2015) because she was

  • “just pissed that [Rosmah] was being so terribly vilified”
  • “can’t stand the sight of someone suffering such bullying”
  • “someone who is being attacked by so many people and powerless to fight back”
  • “comfort that they were not suffering alone” – ref. ‘My bad habit’
  • “the way Terence [Fernandez] wrote about her in that article was so malicious and petty that I felt pity for the woman”
  • “[Terence] so full of himself that he believes he is God the All Mighty and can thrash another human being that way”

HannahTwitter TEH

(1) “So terribly vilified”

Let’s have some perspective here.

The Dapsters always say the meanest things about Tun but most will leave Dr Siti Hasmah alone. It’s remarkable that she had been First Lady for 22 long years (!) without any taint of controversy ever being attached to her. Salute.

Endon Mahmood, Siti Hasmah’s successor, did not attract much flak either. Neither does Noorainee Abdul Rahman who is the wife of Muhyiddin Yassin.

So is the problem Rosmah or is it her detractors?

Siti Hasmah
Siti Hasmah

(2) “Suffering such bullying”

Should Rosmah be regarded as suffering here?

When her latest hair-raising scandal broke, the thought that crossed my mind was that Malaysia has an Imelda of our own. We still remember what happened in the Philippines, don’t we? The wild extravagance of their First Lady was one of the factors that precipitated the toppling of the Marcos regime.

If anything, it is Umno that suffers and BN who are Rosmelda’s victims. The Umno warlords will sink together with the Titanic when BN loses the next general election.

Lest we forget, the BN vote bank is the working class, the urban poor and the rural folks. Some of us can only afford to eat one meal a day, Annie.

Diamonds and pearls
Dripping in diamonds and pearls

Rosmah’s callous, oblivious spending is alienating BN voters and bleeding support for the ruling party.

And how not when her hubby is telling the public that kangkung is an affordable vegetable and furthermore if we care to shop around, we might find chicken sold for only one ringgit a whole bird.

The BN cannot depend forever on the rural weightage and malapportionment of Parliamentary constituencies to stay in power. Already its share of the popular vote is only 47 percent. This may drop to 43 percent in GE14, and some more by GE15. Then how?

“Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes”

Hannah Yeoh's Prada, Betty Chew's Gucci and Rosmelda's Birkin
Hannah Yeoh’s Prada, Betty Chew’s Gucci and Rosmelda’s Birkin

(3) “Attacked by so many people”

The kiasu opposition will do anything and will stop at nothing to win … as if you didn’t know, Annie.

Our First Couple are being slammed not only by Pakatan but by pro-establishment people too and this should be a cause for worry. The problem is obviously ‘them’ – the Mr & Mrs – since there is now a crisis of confidence within their own ranks and family members (Tun Razak’s sons).

The ABU-ABU-ABU screamers want nothing better than to baca talqin untuk Umno. Mereka sudah lepas kuburkan MCA.

Well, Rosmelda is Najib’s Achilles heel. In war, the enemy will of course target the weakest link. It is a tactical move and need not even be anything personal, petty or malicious.

rosmah jet

(4) “Powerless to fight back”

Rich people fly in their private jet. Poor people can’t even afford a plane ticket. The rich are powerful, the poor are powerless.

Is Rosmah powerless, really, and unable to fight back?

She’s a part of the Prime Minister’s office, you know. She has a pink room in the PMO website. Her Permata project is getting a hundreds-of-million ringgit budget from the Prime Minister’s Department.

rosmah fanThe PM is the most powerful man in the country and has plenty of aide-de-camps. Rosmelda has her ADCs too. Hardly a damsel in distress lah this Mak Datin.

Lagipun Annie memang dah tahu dah berapa banyaknya belanja yang dihabiskan untuk upah si konsetan, punahsihat dan team media PMO.

Has it slipped your mind already how viciously Kadir Jasin and Zam were attacked by them when the two Tokoh Wartawan Negara complained about Najib’s pasukan perang saraf screwing up?

If Rosmelda is getting a ton of bad press, it is because her far from “moderate” behaviour is indefensible. The spin by Ahmad Maslan and Najib cybertroopers on her actual admission is limper than three-day-old kangkung.

We won’t be poking our noses into her business should the lavish expenditure be by the Puan Sri wife of a tycoon. However Mrs Najib is the wife of  IPM  who is preaching “Moderation” to us and distributing BR1M handouts to 7.2 million recipients.

Hannah Yeoh Rosmah Mansor
Rosmah, Hannah and their double chins

(5) “Comfort that they were not suffering alone”

Annie, once again – Rosmelda is not the victim here, okay. The cost of one of her least expensive Birkin handbags alone can feed a family of five for an entire year.

Now why do you want to “fight” for her? Why not fight for those living under the poverty line? Or gelandangan? The cost of one of her pair of designer shoes can put a roof over the head of the many homeless who are sleeping on our city five-foot-ways.

Rosmelda will very soon be swanning around as the chatelaine at her daughter’s wedding. After observing the VVIP high society event, do please come back and tell me how and in what way FLOM is “suffering”, yah.


(6) “Felt pity for the woman”

The woman is likely to be one of the major causes for the 47 percent BN voters losing our country to the 53 percent opposition voters.

When that happens, this – below – is going to be the outcome.

Perak Menteri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin flanked by DAP evangelista worlords Ngeh and Nga

Lim Guan Eng

The “failed accountant” will be our next Finance Minister should Pakatan come to power.

The non-practising-lawyer turned Event Manager turned DAP pentecostal politician will be our next Minister of Religion.

It’s quite right that we cannot have an overtly Chinese government. While we don’t expect the DAP to take centrestage by hogging the post of Prime Minister, nonetheless they will be the puppet masters.

Dyana and the Lims

Do you recall how Kit Siang and Tony Pua snatched the mic away from Dyana Sofya at her press conference? It was either because they did not feel she was capable of answering the question or they were not confident of any response that might be forthcoming in her own words.

But that is how the DAP will be in control. Not the frontmen but as the ones pulling the strings of the awek cun and pliable Malays who act as window dressing .

Zairil Khir Johari, DAP Bukit Bendera MP

Muka Melayu DAP, atas

(7) “[Terence] believes he is God the All Mighty”

No, Terence was just being sneaky. His piece of writing can only be described as clever. After all, he inserted the caveat that he was talking about Evita (Eva Peron).

Thus Terence has covered himself with “plausible deniability”. And this kind of sneakiness is what the BN is up against.

If Malaysia was a level-playing field, DAP will eat Umno alive. Not because they’re better but because the conniving chameleons in the opposition are so cunning that the parti Melayu can never match up.

mpkotabelud only way

Unless you have no concern that BN might lose GE14, then you have to aware that there is no room to be maudlin. Rosmelda is a liability, as is MCA.

Realise that the opposition is a lean, mean fighting machine. And damned sneaky.

No quarter given and no love lost – they are the mailed glove



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96 thoughts on “Annie’s bad habit and the need for her to see the bigger picture

  1. I contrast the politicking and you screw me-I screw you mentality among Malaysian politicians (both BN and Oppo) with the debate that is going on in Singapore’s Parliament about the city-state’s Budget 2015.

    Both the PAP and the Oppo MPs there make sober speeches, leavened with sound logic and reasoning…and what they say in their Parliament makes a lot of sense.

    Like that a country cannot live beyond it’s means.

    Between Malaysia and Singapore, which country do you think foreign investors will take more seriously?

    That’s the Malaysian tragedy – that the more capable and qualified politicians are being drowned out in the cacophony of those wanting to score political points, regardless of the consequences.

    1. It is the Chinese immigrant stock that adopts the dog-eat-dog, “survival of the fittest” ethos. The Malays are berserah, redha, terima yang seadanya.

      The Chinese practise the Gospel of Prosperity in this world. The Malays think of akhirat dan bertaubat, and how fitnah satu dosa besar. The Chinese evangelistas have the will-do-whatever-it-takes attitude.

      The Chinese are industrious, resilient, resourceful, innovative – which are all positive traits but if taken to extremes, can become kiasu-ness.

      The Malays, I find (from moderating tens of thousands of comments in my blog) are more willing to bertolak ansur and they don’t insist on having the last word or on winning the argument. Also tak berdendam sangat.

      As for the Chinese, pls read

      CSL has already left politics but the Dapsters are still bashing his son Tee Yong (a Deputy Minister) for his father’s sin.

      It’s been my experience that BN supporters are more sober and BN politicians are more measured in their speech and more restrained in their actions.

      DAP evangelista politicians are sneaky bastards.

      1. ADD

        The word I missed was TAKWA. Orang Islam bertakwa kepada Allah. It imposes boundaries (sempadan) on the behaviour of the Malays.

        With the Chinese, I’ve highlighted instances of What Kind of People … unfathomable how a human being can perpetrate such calculated malice against another human being, e.g. the fitnah against MCA’s Chew Mei Fun during the Kajang by-election campaign.

        MCA people are much nicer than DAP. I do not harbour any animus against MCA. I just want them off the chess board so that the battle lines are clear – fight one-on-one, the biggest party against the second biggest party.

        1. All well and good, Helen.

          But ultimately it is about Malaysia’s “resilience” and “survivability” in a world where the global headwinds are strong and capricious.

          I am sure that you are keeping tabs on economic and political developments in the immediate neighbourhood, in the region and in Malaysia’s major trading partners and sources of investments.

          In these uncertain times, the country needs the best hands and the best team at the helm of the ship.

          The questions are whether those at the helm are (a) the best possible team available (b) whether they are doing the best job that they can and (c) how adept and nimble they are in navigating treacherous waters and capricious headwinds?

          I don’t see precious little in the current political “circus” that is cause for optimism with regard to (a), (b) and (c).

          And it’s nothing to do if one is Malay, Chinese, Indian, Eurasian or “others”, much as you would like us to believe it is.

          1. “There’s a huge trust deficit between the communities”, see Faizal’s comment @ 2015/03/04 at 2:39 am.

            The Malays don’t trust us (Chinese) anymore.

            Look who is behind the wheeling-dealing, money-making schemes in 1MDB. The fiasco only reaffirms the racial stereotype. And the fler is a Penangite some more.

            1. Ah, yes – who, exactly, is “behind the wheeling-dealing, money-making schemes in 1MDB”?

              Are we to believe all the stuff in the Sarawak Report, for instance?

              And, in the case of 1MDB, where does the buck stop? With it’s Board of Directors? With MOF who is it’s ultimate owner? With the Cabinet, if they were privy to the goings-on in 1MDB?

              And, if someone sold someone else the concept and idea of 1MDB, who, then, is more responsible for it – the one who sold the concept and idea, or the one who bought the same?

              And it is not about “racial stereotypes”, is it?

              1. Let’s wait for the disclosures to unravel.

                This may torpedo the YAB Dato’ Seri.

                re: “if someone sold someone else the concept and idea of 1MDB, who, then, is more responsible for it – the one who sold the concept and idea, or the one who bought the same?”

                The con artiste and the sucker. Credit to neither.

            2. ‘Look who is behind the wheeling-dealing, money-making schemes in 1MDB. The fiasco only reaffirms the racial stereotype. And the fler is a Penangite some more.’

              I say it again, apa lagi Cina mahu?

          2. What you say makes much sense but you did not mention either BN or Pakatan in your comments above.

            So my question is:- Which party grouping do you see will do a better job of the economy – BN, Pakatan, both or neither?

          3. ‘In these uncertain times, the country needs the best hands and the best team at the helm of the ship.’

            Ahh, here we go again? Brace yourself people…

            1. Like DAP’s Segambut MP, evangelista Lim Lip Eng, who said that if a Pakatan guy were in charge of the search and rescue, they would be able to locate the missing MH370 in a jiffy.

            2. And your point being?

              Perhaps you can enlighten us mundanes who you think would be “the best hands and the best team at the helm of the ship”?

              Instead of mouthing off with smart-alecky comments like “here we go again….”.

        2. I do wonder how long the ducks (chalk) and chickens (cheese) can continue to live together in this country anymore given both have different aspirations.

            1. Lebanon or maybe we’ll continue to kick the can down the road until the Chinese population has declined to an insignificant number whereby they’re no longer considered a “threat” to the rest. I’m an eternal optimist and hope for the later. I also hope I’m already in my coffin by then ;)

              1. China is not fighting the Muslim world. China did not invade Iraq nor bomb Afghanistan nor interfere in Syria. It was the Christian “In God We Trust” country of Uncle Sam which launched a so-called War On Terror.

                The Chinese folk religions are not at war with Islam. It is Christianity that has got its millennial bitter rivalry with Islam. Crusades. Perang Jihad.

                As long as the DAP is being led by the evangelistas, and the majority of the Chinese still choose DAP to lead them, then a clash is on the horizon.

                The Chinese will reap what the DAP has sowed.

    2. I see you point and the toxicity of the Malaysia politics is nauseating. The civilised manner the Singapore budget is being debated owes much to the British style of gentlemen democracy.

      However, not all matured democracies behave in such cultured manner. The US politics for instance is a snake pit.

      The problem with Malaysian politics is that it used to be more or less civilised until DAP brought in the Taiwan style street politics and evangelista-style propaganda warfare. This changed the entire Malaysian political scene and brought it to the sewers.

      This was not helped by the alternative media which operates as a propaganda arm of Pakatan by breaking every rules of ethical journalism.

      1. I would suggest that a publication like Utusan Malaysia or a website like Malaysiakini would have the book thrown at them in Singapore.

        That’s the difference. The Singapore government takes a hard line and makes no apologies for strictly enforcing racial and religious harmony in the republic.

        Whereas in Malaysia it is more like an unruly free-for-all where the media’s “success” seems to be judged by the stridency of their views and the “take no prisoners” approach to journalistic ethics.

        1. re: “take no prisoners” approach to journalistic ethics

          The Malaysian Insider
          is the worst offender. On the eve of the Umno party election, they deliberately ran a false story that Mukhriz Mahathir (who was contesting a key Vice President slot) was doing money politics.

          TMI is worse than gutter.

          1. You forgot to mention their latest tactic of using quotes Pro-Pakatan analysts and PR leaders as news. They will say for example “Analysts say Malaysia is doomed” and use LKS, Tony, Rafizi, LGE or the usual BN-critics as sources.

            It seems like Malay Mail also picked on this habit.

            1. Thanks for the reminder Calvin. Yeah, scumbag TMI is leader of the pack in employing this method.

              re: “It seems like Malay Mail also picked on this habit.”

              The MM team are former TMI people who exodus there following Leslie and his sister Joan Lau.

        2. Agree, such rowdy journalism would not been tolerated in Singapore. To be fair, UM is not all bad as the Pakatoons tend to portray it. Of course there are writers who tend to take aggressive position especially in defending the Malay agenda but on the overall they are reasonable newspaper and do not resort to wild wild west style of journalism practiced by their internet-based peers.

          Although I don’t subscribe to Mkini or their views, I tend to think that they have contributed positively to the development of Malaysian democracy by offering Malaysians an alternative to the official media. And this led to greater media freedom and made BN govt more responsible and accountable. Such dissenting voices are needed to ensure check and balance.

          However the others such as Malaysian Insider, Malaysian Chronicle, etc are truly vile portals who subscribe to any journalistic ethics at all by printing down right lies and break every rules in the book. Malay Mail Online has some journalists who obviously carried the same lack of ethical principles from the previous employment.

          1. re: “there are writers who tend to take aggressive position especially in defending the Malay agenda but on the overall they are reasonable newspaper and do not resort to wild wild west style of journalism practiced by their internet-based peers”


            re: “Although I don’t subscribe to Mkini or their views, I tend to think that they have contributed positively to the development of Malaysian democracy by offering Malaysians an alternative to the official media.”

            Setuju. Mereka perintis. Juga mKini kurang dok spin ala kaedah “berani buat” yang sering dijalankan TMI. (Bab Malaysia Chronicle tak yah sebut, geli.)

            re: “However the others such as Malaysian Insider, Malaysian Chronicle, etc are truly vile portals who subscribe to any journalistic ethics at all by printing down right lies and break every rules in the book.”

            Setuju x3

            re: “Malay Mail Online has some journalists who obviously carried the same lack of ethical principles from the previous employment.”

            Geng Anak Bangsar Malaysia.

            A question for you to update us please. If I’m in the 10 percent Chinese, you’re in the how many percent Indian and how have things been in recent days and what’s the direction?


            The problem with Najib is that he has given a walkover and allowed the opposition (DAP & PKR) to thoroughly control the English media.

            His administration forgets that the views of the foreign correspondents, op-ed writers (Bloomberg, WSJ, etc), wire agencies are shaped by the conversations going on in English and not in bahasa Melayu. Thus the international pressure and negative perception of the government.

            If he does not regain control of the media – and most particularly the Gunting Dalam Lipatan – then his regime will continue to be undermined through their black propaganda.

  2. Good post and defense! Takes some time and practice to see the total picture, mostly. Grateful you able to do it, and with some gusto.

  3. The picture of Nizar is so classic. It should be archive in the museum as a symbol of leadership puppetry. A leader with a clueless look flank by 2 advisers flattery look.

    1. Video PC Dyana of DAP flanked by Kit Siang yang kemudiaan merampas mic from her, trying to explain herself pun patut simpan kat muzium sebagai simbol ‘leadership puppetry’.

  4. Whatever you may say i can tell you that the Malays urban or rural eduated or not will not be stupid to hand over this country to the Dapsters. Especially now that the pengkianat aljuburi is in the Sungai Buloh palace the pakatoons are soon goone.

    They are now like ikan di daratan dok kelupor, gasping for air. Soon they will die

      1. I was planning to reply, but the level of your ignorance about global realities is astounding, if it weren’t so sad.

        You ask: “Apa lagi Cina mahu”?

        I could very well posit “Apa lagi orang Melayu mahu?”or “Apa lagi orang India mahu?” or “Apa lagi orang Serani mahu?”, couldn’t I?

  5. A well argued series of points Helen.

    My gut feeling based upon my observations of political moves is that there are more fierce attacks against Najib coming from within UMNO that from the opposition precisely out of fear of losing the next GE, especially now with inflation, the impending GST, economic hardships and so forth which impact upon UMNO’s cor constituency of the “working class, the urban poor and the rural folks. Some of us can only afford to eat one meal a day” as you pointed out to Annie.

    If Utusan Malaysia’s about one million applicants for 10,000 police vacancies is true, then this reflects very badly on the employment opportunities for school leavers.

    “Sejuta calon 
mohon sertai PDRM”

    There is nothing wrong with joining the police but that such a huge number applied for 10,000 police vacancies strongly suggests a serious deficit of employment opportunities for school leavers and youth in other areas and industries.

    Meanwhile, one look at the counterpoints quoted in the Malaysian Insider article below, you can see the starry-eyed idealism of the pro-Pakatoons who sho no real concerns for working class, urban poor and rural folks.

    “Campaign to oust top cop likely to fizzle out amid economic fears, say analysts”

    In this earlier article, they show their greater concern over freedom of speech, which reveals the true nature of these wannabe management, yuppie NGO-types.

    “Campaign on to remove top cop over freedom of speech abuses”

    Even that arty-farty theatrical lefty type amongst them no longer expresses much concern for the working class, urban and rural poor today when he was in the forefront of the student protests over the plight of squatters in Tasek Utara and the small holders in Baling.

    I guess the plight of the workers, the poor and the rural folk are passe in the cyber-enabled world of today where their stuggle is waged from iPhones, iPads and Android devices on Facebook, Twitter, WhatApp, Google Plus and other cyber battlegrounds and where privacy of one’s data and online anonymity, freedom of speech and freedom of the press are the latest chic, hip hype and happening issues to be discussed in the “hallowed halls” of big name international franchise cafe’s whilst sipping lattes and ice blends priced way beyond the means of most workers, urban poor and rural folk.

    Thus is their long march to the Dicatatorship of the Yuppietariat.

    1. Why don’t you post about the hundreds of Malaysians who trek across the Causeway daily to work in Singapore?

      I use the word “trek” advisedly, because the daily morning gridlock of buses at the JB CIQ checkpoint forces these people to hoof it on foot across the Causeway to the Woodlands checkpoint. How “third world” is this? And yet there’s not a peep from the Johor stats government or the Federal government about this.

      Why are these Malaysians undergoing daily hardships to work in Singapore? Are jobs not plentiful (and well-paid) in Johor and the rest of the country? Or could it be the strength of the Singapore Dollar against the Ringgit?

      I referred previously to regional and global headwinds and an uncertain macroeconomic environment that could prove problematic for Malaysia’s export industries, attracting foreign investments and investors and generating the hundreds and thousands of good jobs that are needed to grow the economy, move higher up the value chain and power a consumption-driven economy.

      As Singapore labour chief Lim Swee Say said in the Singapore Parliament during the ongoing debate on Budget 2015, it is better to grow the economy and revenue than having to balance future budgets by cutting back on spending.

      That is the type of sober discourse and rational and logical thinking that we Malaysians should demand from our politicians and ministers (at state and federal levels) and the Cabinet, instead of the endless grandstanding and politicking.

      But who is holding these people to account?

        1. I think that it’s going viral.

          I have already seen it posted on Facebook.

          And it is hard to argue with the statistics, such as they are.

          It doesn’t help when ministers like Idris Jusoh make outlandish claims (in Idris’s case, about Malaysian universities), only to be ridiculed in the social media.

          1. The stranglehold of the social media by the Chinese is a double-edged sword.

            Senjata akan makan tuan because it insulates and isolates the agitators (Dapster evangelistas) in their own echo chamber.

            1. Good riddance, they were never here anyway…

              ‘In an interview with an ethnic Chinese Malaysian student there, Putrajaya’s use of the Sedition Act to silence critics and the recent jailing of opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim were signs for the student, Michael, that Malaysia would not welcome those who thought differently.

              “One of the biggest things in Australia is freedom to express our opinions. We don’t get into trouble for it, but the Malaysian government will sentence you under some ridiculous law because you said something that goes against them,” the student was quoted as saying.

              Ethnic Chinese have long made up the bulk of Malaysian-born residents in Australia – at 154,000 in 2014 according to the Australia Bureau of Data, said The Edge Review.
              – See more at:

              Apa lagi Cina mahu?

        2. You may also wish to check out the report (“Asian-Americans will soon be wealthiest group in America “) by Cass Sunstein on the Bloomberg website.

          Quotes from the report:

          “A new study from the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis shows that as most people assume, education is a key to both mobility and to the accumulation of wealth. But another important factor is economic decision-making. And when it comes to financial prudence, whites and Asian-Americans appear to be doing a lot better than Hispanics and African-Americans.”

          “From 1989 to 2013, the median wealth of white families stayed essentially constant, rising (in inflation-adjusted dollars from US$130,132 to US$134,008…

          “The biggest advance by far was made by Asian-American families, who experienced an increase from US$64,165 to US$94,440 (including a significant spike since 2010. For most of the past two decades, their median income has been higher than that of whites and, if current trends continue, their median wealth will soon be higher, too….

          “What accounts for this? Since 1989, Asian-Americans have enjoyed an explosive growth in educational attainment.

          “In 2013, 65 per cent of Asian-Americans aged 35 to 39 had a four-year college degree – compared with 42 per cent for whites, 26 per cent for African-Americans and 16 per cent for Hispanics. Over time, these differences are bound to produce increases in both income and wealth.

          “Hispanics and African-Americans have much less wealth than whites and Asian-Americans – 90 per cent less….. Hispanics and African-Americans earn 40 per cent less than whites and Asian-Americans do…..

          “And at every level of education, Asian-Americans show much better financial health than African-Americans and Hispanics. Holding income constant, they have managed to do relatively well in both saving money and avoiding debt.”

          The report concludes:

          “While education matters to income and intergenerational mobility, economic well-being also depends on people’s financial decisions, which can enable them to accumulate wealth. Reducing inequality – and promoting what former governor Jeb Bush calls a “right to rise” is in significant part a matter of helping people to improve those decisions.”

          Much of what is in that report is relevant in the Malaysian context.

        3. They don’t because of bad politicians and policies but because they can afford too. Politicians and politics in the US is far worse and toxic while Singapore is hardly the paragon of democracy.

      1. The answer is simple. Singapore is a First World country and the salary they can offer is significantly more than what is being paid locally.

        I don’t see why the Johor or the Federal govt wants to complain as 90% of these workers are low skilled employees. Thus is this a win-win solution for both Singapore and Malaysia. Not only that the workers bring in foreign money, by staying in JB, they also help the local business. Of course they are willing to undergo hardship as staying in Singapore is not an option because the prohibitive cost of living in Singapore.

        I agree that the debate of Singapore Budget 2015 has been sober (certainly being an election budget is a factor) but using Lim Swee Say is not apt since he’s just another PAP MP thus he’s expected to play the role of a cheerleader of PAP’s policies.

        1. re: “As Singapore labour chief Lim Swee Say said in the Singapore Parliament during the ongoing debate on Budget 2015, it is better to grow the economy and revenue than having to balance future budgets by cutting back on spending.
          That is the type of sober discourse and rational and logical thinking that we Malaysians should demand from our politicians and ministers (at state and federal levels) and the Cabinet, instead of the endless grandstanding and politicking.
          But who is holding these people to account?”

          It is this kind of heartless “money mind” rhetoric over the last two decades that many Singaporeans are decrying these days. While the Malaysian working in Singapore has it good at $1-to-RM2.6, many Singaporeans are labouring under very heavy personal economic constraints with regards to housing and medical care affordability. Cars with their super exorbitant costs have been ruled out for most people for a long time, and public transport doesn’t come cheap. Now the CPF retirement funds people have been made to understand are not really ours after all! Read all about it from your grandstand seat, sir:

      2. Yes. I love it when people point to Singapore and say, “We should be like them!”

        The Singapore Government, from Parliament to the civil service, is dominated by the ethnic majority. The economy is dominated by the ethnic majority. Singapore politics is dominated by the ethnic majority. Singapore culture reflects the the culture of the ethnic majority.

        It’s the same in the U.S., the United Kingdom, and almost all of Europe. Oh, and in China too.

        So maybe, just maybe, that’s why we in Bolehland are still struggling along.

        1. And all of this has been bad for Singapore?

          Yes, there are Singaporeans who have migrated to greener pastures and “less stressful” environments. Nobody is standing in their way, certainly not the Singapore government.

          So, what are you trying to say? That Malaysian culture should “reflect the culture of the ethnic majority”? That’s perfectly reasonable, if other cultures are also accorded their places under the Malaysian sun.

          After all, the Almighty created the sun to shine on all of His creation, did He not?

          Emphasis on “all”.

          1. RE: “And all of this has been bad for Singapore?”

            No, it’s been good for Singapore. They didn’t waste their time with one-upmanship. LKY said, to paraphrase your quoted playwright, “A pox on both your races.”

            He damned the Chinese, the Malays, and the Indians — and went banana instead.

            RE: “Nobody is standing in their way, certainly not the Singapore government.”

            Neither is the Malaysian government. (Talent Corpse aside.)

            RE: “That’s perfectly reasonable, if other cultures are also accorded their places under the Malaysian sun.”

            This is the kind of statement which is eminently reasonable on the face of it, and yet ends up causing so much grief.

            The issue isn’t whether we all get a place. Of course we all do!

            The issue is who sits at the head of the table? Is it a long table, where there is an order of precedence — or a round table, where all have equal say?

            Is it fair for the culture of a MINORITY to be given EQUAL standing to that of the MAJORITY?

            Think of it this way. I’m hosting an inter-faith dinner. Five of my guests are Muslims. Three of my guests are Christian. One is Jain. And one is hardcore Orthodox Jew.

            Do I prepare as many kosher dishes as halal dishes? What about vegetarian dishes — is it all going to be vegetarian? What if I serve Bah Kut Teh — is it going to be the real deal?

            What happens when the expression of a minority culture is at odds with the values of the majority culture? Look at Brunei and their restrictions on lion dances.

            Yup. They got a place in the sun. A SMALL place.

    2. The Yuppietariat with their ultra-kiasu wing, their Dapster cadres, and their evangelista vanguard. They have, hands down, won the war in cyberspace.

      But they’ve lost the wider struggle.

      How many Malays who support UMNO are actually blind to UMNO’s “vile, evil and wicked” ways?

      The ultra-kiasu, the Dapsters, the evangelistas talk about ABU as the lesser of two evils. And they are blind to the fact that the Malays who still support UMNO, do so because UMNO IS the lesser of two evils!

      They think they are so damn smart, that they are able to hide their contempt for the special position and for the position of Islam in the Federation.

      You want to talk about stereotypes? What about the stereotype of Malays and “kiasan?”

      You think that a community that is, frankly, notorious for perli and sindir (see the comments sections in sites like Beautiful Nara) can’t see through the ultra-kiasu-Dapster-evangelista sandiwara?

      Look at the comments!

      Vince YPK:
      “Why some Malaysian Malays are so easily confused over little things i.e. a book, a song, a dance , a type of exercise, dressing of a women, a type of movie … over their willpower & faith & self weakness, of their own religion ???!!!
      Now I am confused why some of them are so easily confused !!??!!
      What if some of them were given ” Fifty Shades of Gray” instead ??”

      “What is there to be angry about? To be confused you must admit that you are stupid and unable to reason. Quran is distributed freely so why complain?”

      The Malays who go to university, work white-collar jobs, live in the city — the very same urban, “liberal” Malays who are seen as the PR fixed deposit — you think they can’t see the hatred and contempt, not just for “UMNO Malays” but for Malays in general?

      These Yuppietariats live by the freedom of speech, and they will be buried by the way they exercise that same freedom.

      1. re: “the special position”

        Every race in the world will want to preserve what makes them specially/uniquely who they are. The French exalt their French language, the Germans speak German, the Koreans speak Korean, the Thais speak Thai and so on.

        Similarly they cherish their culture, customs, cuisine.

        Not too long ago, there was an uproar in New York when an Islamic Centre had wanted to erect their building near or in the vicinity of the site of the Twin Towers collapse (9/11 attack). In the USA and despite its many freedoms, you still have to pay due deference to Christianity.

        The Tokugawa Shogunate slaughtered tens of thousands of Christians and then proceeded to seal Japan’s borders to keep out the Jesuit missionaries because Christianity would have inexorably altered the country’s national identity and the very essence one of being Japanese (ethical sensibilities).

        In Malay-sia, which was Malay-a, which was Tanah Melayu, it’s understandable that the definitive population wants to maintain BM as our national language, Islam as the religion of the federation and have Malay customs at the core of national life. Because these three aspects are the cornerstone of the Malay identity.

        This is no different than with Germany, which is currently worried about the rise of Islam due to its immigrant population and thus sparking the Pegida demos. Or from France – try claiming a French nationality but dissing the language and see what happens.

        Malaysia’s minority races who are of immigrant stock – if they’re so adamantly against any form of assimilation – should at least make some effort at integration and at the very, very least even if they can’t integrate (to their own peril), they should learn to respect the pillars of our Federal Constitution – Articles 3, 152, monarchy etc.

        Ini tak.

        Instead the Dapsters show nothing but contempt for local content, and their evangelista handlers desire to supplant Islam with their evangelical Christianity. On top of all this, they conduct themselves wearing the most brazen, double face.

        Tak tahu lagi apo nak dikato.

        1. Yes. It’s integrate, assimilate, or migrate. Or, keep your head down, get with the program, or GTFO.

          And this, to be clear, is with regards to inter-community relations in the Peninsular.

          Migration incurs high personal and financial cost. Assimilation incurs an astronomically high personal cost. Adopting a new culture, and let’s face it, a new religion.

          Or integrate. Accept the fact that when it comes to matters that affect all Malaysians — employment prospects, rising cost of living, quality of life, the environment — your voice is just as loud as everyone else’s.

          But when it comes to community-specific things — like language (SMJK!), religion (kalimah), culture (stupid Malay comedies vs stupid Chinese comedies, Rock Kapak vs Mando-pop) — you’re going to have to take a back seat.

          The best example would be the Punjabi community. They are an integral part of our social fabric. They’re non-Malays and non-Muslims. Yet, look at the state of Malay-Punjabi relations.

          The Hindus are probably the second-best example. By and large, the Malay community gets along with the Hindus. Sometimes we get flare ups. Inter-communal violence, like Kampung Medan. Temple disputes like in Putrajaya. But it is still nowhere near as toxic as Sino-Malay relations.

          HINDRAF, after all, were willing to give BN a chance. (Of course, BN stabbed them in the back… but what do you expect? ABU!)

          Oh, and learning to respect the integral pillars of our Constitution — that IS integration.

        2. “Malaysia’s minority races who are of immigrant stock – if they’re so adamantly against any form of assimilation – should at least make some effort at integration …”

          From my observation, the new immigrants (Bangladeshi, Nepalese, Indian etc) are making much greater effort to integrate than the 3rd or 4th generation Cina.

          I want to share what I saw today. I accompanied a nephew to MyEG for driving license computerised testing. The young Cinas outnumbered the others 9 to 1. There were two older Cina who were driving instructors. The administrator at the counter was Malay. The poor woman had a hard time communicating with the young Cina. She had to ask the older Cinas to translate for her. There were two Pakistani-looking foreigners and they communicated with the administrator in Malay easily. Even the old Cina was getting upset with the young ones for not understanding at all what was being asked by the admin.

          And I sat there and wished Muhyiddin was there so he could see WTF is wrong with the SJK education and also for Najib to observe so he will realized there is something very wrong with the nation when the just-out-of-school young do not know how to communicate with the majority.

          1. When will Malaysians resolve this never ending farce? Could any nation on earth fault the Malays for implementing a unified national curriculum with due considerations for the minority Chinese, English and Tamil subjects.

        3. ‘Malaysia’s minority races who are of immigrant stock’

          Kita tahu you Cina, tak payah nak jerit2 la. Kita tahu. Kita sedar. Kalau you cakap Melayu macam Pang Chin Fei pun kita tahu you Cina. Ridhuan Tee pun kita tahu dia Cina. Tak payah nak jerit-jerit kata ‘Aku Cina’ thus aku cakap Hua Yi sahaja, bak kut teh all year round, Naga all the way… kita tahu la

    1. I need to clarify my phrasing.

      An overtly Chinese administration will not happen at federal level, just as it did not happen in Perak 2008 even when DAP was the top performer, simply because Pakatan will have to keep up appearances for the sake of the Malay demography.

      When I said it’s “quite right”, I meant that the arrangement for the Chinese YBs to take a step back (just like how Selangor doesn’t have a DAP Menteri Besar either despite PKR being the smallest party in Pakatan) will have to be adhered to.

      On top of that, the DAP will carry out their tudung, puasa and “Insyaallah” charades.

      1. I concur…DAP’s strategy has changed since 2008 just when the era of DAP 3.0 aka the Evangelista Era began. As I wrote sometime back, if DAP 1.0 was symbolized by the fearless tiger, the DAP 3.0 is represented by the Biawak which speaks with a forked tongue and changes colours at will.

        DAP 3.0 knows that it is not possible for them to become the head of the nation. But they also know that they don’t have to be the head to control the country. They have demonstrated that in Perak when they installed a puppet MB whose string was pulled by the Nga-Ngeh Axis.

        They have changed their strategy again after 2010 after they realised that their partners in PKR and PAS are sometimes not so easy to manipulate. As such, they tried to recruit Malays directly including the Royals. The recent forays into recruiting awek cuns have been a resounding success even though they lost the by-election at Teluk Intan.

        The whole objective behind Sekolah Demokrasi is to create a Malay cell to provide DAP with a resemblance of multi-racialism and to attract Malays. This strategy, you recall, is quite similar to PKM’s Regimen 10. And more recently, this strategy is very much similar to the tactics employed by evangelist churches.

        But I believe that more facets about DAP strategy in attracting Malays will be unveiled soon. Some of my PKR friends in the know, say that they are quite concerned about DAP’s work on getting more Malays in and they also revealed that there is a huge program to do so but DAP is refusing to divulge that to PKR and PAS. They are afraid that sooner or later, PKR and DAP will be targeting the same people to recruit. This means in the near future, DAP can do away without PKR and PAS.

        1. ‘The recent forays into recruiting awek cuns’

          Dilabel ‘pelacur politik’, wanita takut ceburi politik, kata aktivis DAP – See more at:

          Well with kawan dalam DAP macam Dyana, could we blame the people et al, Rara?

          Dyana Sofya of exploiting her body to solicit funds.

          Read more:

      2. Hopeless puppet masters.

        Dyana. She lost.
        Nizar. Maybe he was a puppet. But he’s irrelevant now.
        Selangor. Did they get their way? The kalimah ban is still in effect. PKNS and the Chinese deputy? Who ended up getting the top job?

        It doesn’t matter how many “awek cun” they dangle out. Frankly, it doesn’t even matter how many Malay DAP candidates are fielded, or how many win.

        The grassroots, the Malay electorate itself, is conservative — and will continue to get even more conservative.

        The DAP YBs who win in the Malay heartland (not like Zairil lah!) will have to uphold the Malay agenda — Islam and the special position. If they don’t, they’ll be one-termers.

        The Malay conservatives will win either way. DAP Malay politicians? They’ll be Malaysian Firsters in name only… pakai lambang roket, tapi pegang keris dalam selimut.

        I don’t think the DAP top cadre are stupid. They know they can’t be the new UMNO. The most they can be is the new MCA in Putrajaya.

        It’s about having a seat at the big table, like MCA and Gerakan had. Like SUPP had in Sarawak. Then they get access to a small piece of the lucre.

        How to be puppet masters when the puppet is a 800-pound silverback: the Malay supra-majority in sheer population size, the judiciary, the security services, and the civil service.

        But DAP talks big, because that’s the only way to win the hearts and minds of their supporters.

        Like how Obama said “Yes, we can” when he actually meant, “Yes, we can… keep doing things the same way.”

        1. re: “800-pound silverback”


          The evangelical leadership of the DAP has long-term subversion as an objective. Fruits within reach, cross example, Ahok the Chinese Christian governor of Jakarta. Indonesia is Christianizing. Today South Korea and Nigeria are Christian-majority countries – sudah berjaya di’ubah’.

          The evangelistas are going strong in Singapore and China will have the world’s largest Christian population (in absolute number, not as a percentage) in the matter of a couple of decades. The Malaysian chapter is banking on the China millennium to uphold and further their cause.

          Look how the DAP is trying to pry the Dayaks away from the bumiputera. The ‘Beyond Race’ party claims that they’re colour blind and that they object to ethnic categorization in our official forms. But in Sarawak, they are demanding that ‘Dayak’ be added to the Race box.

          The War on Terror in the Middle East is geopolitics but there is also an element of the Christian fundamentalist agenda, vis-a-vis the vote of the Republican Congress.

          On our home front, the Chinese will not take over. Buddhists and Taoists do not harbour an ambition to rule the country. However the Christian triumphalists with their messianic fervour do. They believe they’re the Chosen Ones, the salt of the Earth and they want to establish their Kingdom of God so that Malaysia will be a “righteous nation”.

          In short, they’re a menace to Malaysia as the Malays know it.

          1. RE: “Look how the DAP is trying to pry the Dayaks away from the bumiputera.”

            Yes. By all means, they are welcome to try.

            Reminds me of some pepatah or other about a small animal hitching a ride on a crocodile’s back.

            They may make common cause on the basis of a shared religion. So, get some of the Dayaks on their side when it comes to the position of Islam.

            But what about affirmative action? You think the Dayaks are willing to give up Article 153? When the Sarawak economy is controlled by an ethnic minority?

            Thing is, the Muslim Malay and the Christian Dayak are much closer in terms of culture, history (similar legacies of colonization) and most importantly, TEMPERAMENT.

            And it amuses me to think of this in light of sentiments like “Sarawak For Sarawakians” and SSKM. You think the Dayaks are willing to trade PENINSULAR Malay overlords for PENINSULAR Chinese overlords?

            So who knows, maybe the Dayaks will pull a fast one on DAP. Use DAP to fend off Ketuanan Melayu, then kick DAP out for being yet another SEMANJUNG busybody.

            I’d pay good money to watch that!

            1. I like that…that “the Sarawak economy is controlled by an ethnic minority”.

              Cue the “bogeyman” again to make us whimper in our sleep…lol.

              Where was the Sarawak CM & state government when this “economic usurpation” took place?

              Sleeping on the job or simply “syiok sendiri”?

              And it seems to me that both Umno and DAP are the ” Semananjung busybodies” as far as Sarawakians are concerned.

              In the words of a playwright – “a pox on both your houses”.

              1. I’m not afraid of that bogeyman. I see it for what it is, a trick of the light, a story to frighten little children.

                And I think you share the same sentiment.

                Unfortunately, the fearful outnumber the fearless. So I don’t think it’s wise to dismiss that fear out of hand.

        2. ‘But DAP talks big, because that’s the only way to win the hearts and minds of their supporters.’

          The kiasu, mahu-mahu-mahu all the way types!

  6. ‘Not the frontmen but as the ones pulling the strings of the awek cun and pliable Malays who act as window dressing’ .

    Dan menjadi makanan some ‘Melayu’ DAP!

      1. Baru bangun tidur tapi siap bergincu (lip gloss) dan lukis bulu kening, hebat.

  7. ‘The Malays are berserah, redha, terima yang seadanya.’

    Thus the terima gaji rendah etc. The Cinas simply won’t understand all this. Their forefather jalan jauh-jauh for better living, wages etc. The Malays had other issues in mind and heart.

    1. re: “The Cinas simply won’t understand all this.”

      I understand.

      And I don’t agree with the materialistic pursuit when it comes at the cost of casting aside values (like how the DAP has been conducting its march to Putrajaya).

      I don’t see why people need to have so many possessions and belongings. To me, less means less clutter. Minimalism makes life a whole lot simpler.

  8. ‘The Chinese are industrious, resilient, resourceful, innovative’

    The Malays, the descendants of Seri Bijaya maritime empire surely shares those traits too, kan Helen? I mean these people had the sea before them, to begin with, can they simply sit idle, do nothing and wait for the ikan to lompat into their belang, for food?

    And what about their far flung expeditions, to as far as the far east of the Pacific Ocean?

    ‘Before such European settlements, the Malays were the only people dispersed across the vast oceans. The Malays are a racial stock with immense internal diversities, distributed across two-thirds of the southern hemisphere from the huge island of Madagascar in the far west of the Indian Ocean to the little Easter Island in the far east of the Pacific Ocean.’

    1. Urm, the alizul headline you cited said “founded by WOMEN“.

      So I can presume the industrious, resilient, resourceful, innovative women were either Minangkabau like Rosmah Mansor or Kelantanese.

      How about we let Azalina Othman become the president of Umno? She’s tougher than you-know-who.

      1. “founded by WOMEN“.

        Yang tu mostly cakap pasal Madagasacar jje, Helen…

        Helen, Muhyiddin-Malay 1st with a soon to be Cina menantu-Yassin kan ada?? He is tough too.

    2. “Seri Bijaya” (sic)? Surely, you meant “Sri Vijaya”, right?

      I thought that the Chinese, the Phoenicians and the Carthaginians were the ones who embarked on the great sea voyages?

      You are not claiming that the Aztecs, Incas and Mayans are of Malay stock, are you? Or the aborigines of Australia, the Maoris of New Zealand or the Inuits of Canada?

      Anyway, what is the point that you are trying to make here?

      And fast forward to this day and age, to this region and the realities therein. How is anything you post of relevance, eh?

      1. Obviously, The Rithmatist does not know history and geography or ethnography either.

        1. The Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang?

          Where’s your outrage about that, eh?

          Or what Putin’s Russia is doing to the Muslim Chechens?

          Or the hardliners aligned to Modi’s BJP and their treatment of Muslims (and Christians) in India?

          Never mind the fact that Muslim refugees make a beeline for Europe (Christian) or to Australia or the US (“infidel country” ).

          No comments about these facts?

  9. Hi helen. Sometimes peeps kena jadi Mr Spock – get roasted for the good of the many.

    In our local context, berundur is proof enough. Tak salah pon suffer, probably lagi terok because when you choose to walk away, it’s not like biting your tongue. It is more like stripping, lumur misan lebah kat badan, tie yourself to pokok mengkudu for all the kerengga to feast on you. And then take a petrol shower and pelekat api bakar diri.

    Hard to swallow your pride and become invisible, especially coz the labels came at a time when folks don’t think twice about maki hamun those in a more respected position. Not depan muka of course.

    i too rasa kesian for the lashings. But not too kesian coz the ‘you asked for it’ factor.

    So, abu sudah, ubah sudah, ini kalilah pon dah habis. Next ? Target of convenience lah. paint two bulls-eye on the first couple and fire away. What’s missing is a catchy slogan.

    Here’s to a mature society.

    Sorry for membebel.

    1. re: “Target of convenience lah. Paint two bulls-eye on the first couple and fire away.”

      There is the sanctity of the PM’s office to be preserved. Najib failed to preserve the sanctity of his office. Compare with the dignity during his father Tun Razak’s time.

      All of the disrespect shown below happened earlier. The person stuffing the kangkung is the Adun for Machang Bubuk.

      Najib allowed the Dapster evangelistas to get away with their biaDAP on top of the worst kind of fitnah against practically everybody, including against his own wife and his late father. Many of us have been victims of the Bintang Lima cyber terrorism because our PM is lembik.

      He allowed them to spread their reign of terror just like the Bintang Tiga did during Darurat. The B3 used rifles to shoot. The B5 are using the Internet to character assassinate. Najib did not put a stop to them.



      1. Perhaps the PM or Mrs PM can visit and have teh tarik with those dudes. Casually pull out and show them the pictures and ask ‘why ?’

        Civility behind the keyboard and when out of sight has degraded. Maybe 4-eye meetings work.

        1. Okay, Mr and Mrs Najib must take Mandarin tuition first to facilitate communication.

          See orangkampung’s comment @ March 5, 2015 at 9:59 pm,

          “… there is something very wrong with the nation when the just-out-of-school young do not know how to communicate with the majority.”

  10. Today’s front page report in the Singapore Straits Times: “Najib orders review of 1MDB, but govt says no wrongdoing”.

    And on page A30 of the same paper, another report “Beleaguered 1MDB faces further setbacks”.

    Seems to me that the 1MDB issue is already being played up outside Malaysia.

    And the Singapore S T is not the type of paper that simply “gasak buta” and publishes stuff willy nilly.

    Especially if the said reports are not anonymously written, but carry the name and email address of the reporter.

    1. Actually ST’s position has changed for a while now. They used to stick with official / print media news but somehow along the way they have been reporting the nonsense that being churned out my the pro-Pakatan portals and even unknown bloggers.

      The accusation vs IMDB by SR would not been carried out by any respectable media as the charges are clearly defamatory and made by an organization that is not known for balanced or truthful reporting.

      The same trend is also apparent by the New Paper too, if you notice.

      1. If this had happened in Singapore, Temasek or GIC would have had no hesitation in suing for defamation and slander.

        You claim that the Singapore ST has been reporting “nonsense”. Have the targets of these “nonsensical” reports ever sought to bring the paper to task, either by factual rebuttals or by using applicable laws?

        After all, if you feel that you have been unfairly targetted by “nonsensical” reports, it is up to you to robustly defend yourself.

        Has this been done?

        1. Okay-okay-okay. Singapore the greatest! Hail Singapore. Singapore ada semi porn Grey! Singapore the greatest! This home, truly. ABU all the way!

          1. It’s very gracious of you to admit that “Singapore the greatest(sic)”.

            No wonder so many Malaysians (including Malays dll) are doing the cari makan bit in Singapore. Have they been “seduced” by the strong Singapore Dollar into abandoning their maruah and being conned into conduct unbecoming?

            It’s a pity that you aren’t able to harangue these itinerant Malaysians to have some pride and come back to work in Malaysia.

            I suspect that you will be shown the finger if you have the temerity to do so…

            Incidentally the “Fifty Shades of Gray” movie is being screened “uncut” in Singapore with a R21 rating. I wonder how many Malaysians have watched the movie already (including those who should really know better)?

  11. I would like to know why the Chinese in Malaysia loved to gives themself names like “Fanny” Limms, “Dick”son of Yeoes or “Stain-“ly-Tais ah?

    Shits…… might as well call themselfs Pan###, Lanchi## or Karat, which I think are more appropriate for them…..

    Bodoh Punya orang………
    Maybe they are grooming to be Peodophiles.
    Don believe me ahh?
    Then go Google and key in Church/Peodophile and you will know what I mean…..

  12. too bad rosmah tak lawa. a pretty face goes a looong way in charming the masses, even if she’s diamond encrusted mak datin to the core.

    (word has it that Taib’s young wife is the same way, but isn’t bitched on too much because, well. she’s young and pretty XD)

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