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Important agenda for Umno divisions meeting this Sunday @mpkotabelud

Isn’t it wonderful when the passage of time – a mere two years down the road – proves you to have been absolutely correct?

~ ~ I told you so ~~

On 17 May 2013, I had blogged that Najib Razak’s exclamation of “Chinese tsunami” was factually correct and it was indeed true that Chinese voters had ditched the BN wholesale in the election which was held a week-plus earlier (May 5).

And I provided the data to support my finding.

Well, guess what?

In terms of Chinese sentiment – i.e. how the Chinese feel about the country and the government, the Merdeka Center public opinion survey results for the first quarter of 2015 are now a perfect match with the 2013 election mood.

Merdeka Najib Popularity

Green line Malays, red line Chinese

Asked if Malaysia was heading in the right direction, only 13 percent of the Chinese poll respondents said ‘Yes’ compared to only 54 percent of the Malay respondents. See line graph below:

  • Green – Malay
  • Yellow – Indian
  • Red – Chinese

So, a full 87 percent of the Chinese today think that Malaysia is on the wrong track. They fervently believe that a DAP-led Pakatan sitting in Putrajaya will be able to steer Malaysia in the right direction again.

This figure of 87 percent is in sync with the close to 90 percent of the Chinese who had voted for the opposition in GE13.

Merdeka Direction Country

You can see in the graph above how the Chinese-red line is hugging the bottom. An overwhelming majority of the Chinese are very negative and hugely dissatisfied with our country.

Compare also how far the Malay-green line is situated above the Chinese-red line.


Which group is perpetually going ape shit, I wonder?

9 out of 10 Chinese unhappy with Gomen

(and nothing can appease them, so please stop asking already – “Apa lagi Cina mahu?”)

Questioned next if they were happy with the Government, 52 percent of the Malay poll respondents replied ‘Yes’ compared to only 11 percent of the Chinese. See line graph below:

The opinion survey found that 89 percent of the Chinese today are unhappy and angry with the government – see question in the chart below.

Merdeka Center’s most recent poll results indicating that 89 percent of the Chinese are dissatisfied is a near perfect match to the oft-quoted figure of 90 percent Chinese support for Pakatan. Bingo!

Merdeka Perception Govt

Again you can see from the graph above how the Chinese-red line is rock bottom. Nine out of 10 Chinese are unhappy and angry with the government.

Observe the distance between the Malay-green line and the Chinese-red line.

The Merdeka Center survey was taken among 1,008 voters in peninsular Malaysia on 21-30 January this year. The respondents were sampled from all 12 states and comprised 60 percent Malay, 30 percent Chinese and 10 percent Indian, i.e. roughly mirroring the country’s ethnic composition in the peninsula.

Returning to 2013

Now let’s take a journey back in time to the election week of May 2013.

Recall how the Dapster evangelistas had gone ballistic at Najib Razak and accusing him of being a “RACIST!” for tagging ‘Chinese’ when he let slip the word “tsunami”.

Over the period of the last two years (from then until now), who has been “racist” really? Is it Najib or is it the Dapster evangelistas?



MCA and the J-Star were very much aware – in fact they knew almost immediately after the ballots were counted – that fully 90 percent of the Chinese vote went to the DAP and its Pakatan proxies.

J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai himself admitted it – in print – when he penned his newspaper column on 8 May 2013 headlined ‘GE13: Win them over, don’t blame them(full screenshot at bottom of page).

Chun Wai wrote:

“Yes, the fact is that 90% of the Chinese votes went to Pakatan, or more precisely the DAP. Foolish as it may seem, many of these voters believed they could change the Barisan government. They wanted to punish Umno …”

WCW 90 percent

Umno is a sucker for punishment alright

But then because Umno is such a Parti Paling Tidak Apa led by a clueless president, the MCA and the J-Star and their assorted Firsters soon realised that they could con the BN anchor party into believing instead that it was a kumbayah tsunami that hit the ruling coalition.

The J-Star even gave Kit Siang a prominent platform on 7 May 2013 (two days after polling) to proclaim that it was a “Malaysian tsunami“.

And then they lied and lied and kept propping up their lie – no lah, where got Chinese tsunami?


84 percent Malay support for Umno in Johor

Umno did far better in GE13 than it did in GE12. This proves that Umno had regained Malay support.

If the Malay votes had not returned to Umno in a big pendulum swing after being spooked (by the DAP mega rallies and ABU chest-thumping), we would have the Dapster family mafia comfortably ensconced in Putrajaya today.

This last minute swingback by the Malays, especially in Johor and Perak, was what saved the day for the BN.

The truth is that Malays were not a significant factor contributing to the tidal wave that sent MCA and the rest of the Chinese-based BN parties crashing. On the contrary, the Malays preserved Umno’s arse.

Indian votes had returned somewhat to the BN in 2013, following their earlier loss in 2008 due to the Makkal Sakti uprising. It was the mainly the Chinese and to a lesser extent the Christian electorate that caused the BN to lose the popular vote.

And for how long was Najib taunted “racist! racist! racist!” when he was only speaking the truth? The Firsters are such sneaky bastards.

Cina tak undi BN


I am truthful, factual and accurate

On the morning immediately after the election, i.e. 6 May 2013, I had blogged ‘GE13 proves that BN don’t need Chinese to form govt‘.

My posting nearly two years ago had also touched on the possibility of a PAS-Umno unity government. Now am I prescient or what?

And I was certainly correct to say that Umno would be able form the state government on its own … not that PPTA has much choice otherwise as, after all, MCA is delivering zilch.

This Umno-only formula has proved to be workable in Perak and Johor.



Dapster buta huruf tak reti baca

Despite only stating what the statistics clearly showed, I too was accused as being a “racist”.

Abdul Rahman Dahlan who had tweeted my blog posting came under fire from the DAP fanboys and was repeatedly pressed to say whether he endorsed my views.

A twit – someone who had moderated the Twitter promotion (live transmission) of Hannah Yeoh by The J-Star – refused to get off @mpkotabelud’s back but kept insisting that I was “racist”.

The 8th March So-Li-Da-Ri-Ti get-together

This Sunday, the 191 Umno divisions will be meeting to show their solidarity with the party president. Coincidentally, it is the seventh anniversary of GE12 where Umno under Abdullah Ahmad Badawi took a terrible beating.

A main item on their agenda should be a serious discussion about taking back the Malay-majority seats contested and lost by the MCA.

Allowing MCA to continue contesting these seats, e.g. Alor Setar, Padang Serai, Lumut, Bandar Tun Razak and Alor Gajah, is akin to handing them over to the opposition on a silver platter.

Another major discussion point must be about neutralizing Si Gunting Dalam Lipatan, which is owned by the MCA but controlled by the pro-DAP evangeliSTAR.

Stabbed by pen

Umno is tidak apa to allow itself to be stabbed in the back once (2008).

Umno is clueless to allow itself to be stabbed the second time (2013).

Umno has a death wish if it freely volunteers to be stabbed for the third time.

The third time will surely be final and fatal.

Stabbed by pen2

Click 2x to enlarge

Chun Wai 90 percent


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23 thoughts on “Important agenda for Umno divisions meeting this Sunday @mpkotabelud

  1. I believe that many people think that Malays have the “tidak apa” attitude, sabar, redha and all that. Yes, that’s very true; I myself am like that and am less prone to being argumentative when provoked. I bide my time. Many I have spoken too are like that.

    I wrote once there is simmering anger among the Malays. I still believe that this is growing by the day with the daily provocation from the other side. Talk to most of them and you’ll find out what the real sentiment is.

    We will still have open houses to celebrate annual festivals and welcome guests of whatever race and relgion to our homes. However, of late, there have been ocassions when Muslim welfare organisations in housing estates in Kuala Lumpur have organised their own celebrations without the participation of residents’ organisations which are mainly Chinese-dominated, pro-opposition and strident in making provocative statements. This didn’t use to be the case.

    However sabar the Malays are, there will come a point of no return.

    I know someone will respond by saying, “Bring it on”. Such bravado is unheplful as anyone who says that will be amongst the first to run and hide when things become uncomfortable. Rumah terbakar tikus lari.

    I’m appealing to all to be sensible. Translate all that moderation into something tangible as even the so-called champions of moderation make provocative statements (I guess you know who I mean). Otherwise there will only be either a lose-lose outcome or a win-lose one.

    Better stop here or I may end up writing a draft of a bad thesis.

    1. Ayah, the “neo-maoist prosperity evangelism” syncretism has eroded the classic Chinese civility and spiritual consciousness espoused in the Tao Te Ching. It doesn’t help when the establishment defines their GMM “moderation” along the lines of postmodern libertarianism instead of the perennial middle-way of true religion.


    2. Thanks for your patience, you are truly a great person of infinite patience. Meanwhile, others are fighting for what they believe in and if your “patience” is causing you so much discomfort, perhaps be true to yourself? In the meantime, I admire your great patient virtue and your great character. So noble.

    3. Helen,

      The who’s who in UMNO (UMNO Ketua Bahagian) can take the easy way. That is by pretending everything is OK in UMNO. They too can decide to face the problem now. That is to accept reality that Najib is testing Malay community to their limit.

      My advice is tackle the elephant in the room upright. Tackle it now. If they fail, they will have the angry Malay voters deciding for them in next election. And it is going to be very unpleasant.

      This is my suggestion for a quick short approach.

      Appoint one government spokeperson. I suggest get Dr Rais Yatim to help answering non stop slandering. Yesterday I read in yahoo about a survey on why Chinese distances themselves from Putrajaya(meaning from UMNO led government). As usual, PERKASA is blamed for being racist(meaning Chinese unfairly treated).

      Would it be nice for UMNO to answer back by telling Chinese why Malays nowadays find Chinese as race as racist. And make sure the reply is known. such as telling Malaysians there about Dr Rais’s reply on TV1, Tv2, TV3, Tv4, TV7.

      Or telling the public on Dr Rais’s reply to ever prolific writer, Kit Siang whom the forte is slandering UMNO.

      1. It’s indeed a good idea for Najib to appoint an official spokesman to answer the daily Dapster evangelista slander. And Rais Yatim will a good point man.

        You’re spot on, Shamshul, on both counts. Any way to get this suggestion to the higher ups?

        1. Helen,

          I can talk and talk until cows come home as goes the saying.

          What is needed is good common sense. And good common sense means you must reply to slandering or any allegation. So if Kit siang wrote and accusing UMNO as bullying MCA and Gerakan FOR AGREEING TO HUDUD, UMNO must reply by saying Kit Siang being the supremo in DAP too agrees to HUDUD by virtue of it(DAP) supporting PAS.

          And the person replying to Kit Siang or DAP or garbages from Rafizi, Mahfuz must be of some credential. . Answer point by point. And for God’s sake make sure to announce about the reply. I believe Dr Rais is the most suitable candidate.

          This is how to teach DAP.

          I already predicted that BN would have been rejected by Chinese on PRU13. i already warned my UMNO friends. I cautioned them to tell who’s who in UMNO that do not bre mistaken Chinese coming full force to Chinese mega dinner as a show of support. they come to eat. NOT TO VOTE FOR UMNO, BN, Najib, or MCA. Period.

          1. There is limited platform to reply them (Dapsters, evangelistas) where they congregate. You can respond in Utusan and TV3 but their audience don’t tune in to Malay media.

            I’ve already proven how Hannah Yeoh blanket blocks anyone who has a contrary opinion.

            It’s the same with their news portals. TMI especially is notorious for refusing to publish valid rebuttals.

            Plus the most important thing to remember is that you’re dealing with sneaky bastards for whom fitnah sudah menjadi darah daging. Kalau tak menipu and membohong, maka bukan evangelista nama mereka.

            1. Helen,

              “…their audience don’t…..”

              The thing with Chinese(mean no disrespect) is that they want associate with the winners. In last election, they “berpatah arang” with BN as they believed that UMNO will be rejected by Malays.

              Whether they want to watch TV3 or not, they must be told. start something. No need to be prim and proper. Just start rebutting their garbages. Gradually the response will attract attentions.

              BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, the effort will sooth the Malays. Now the malays are upset with Najib as they know Najib simply does not show effort in defending Malays, UMNO, islam.

              “apa yg susah nak jawab segala fitnah”.

                1. re: “Jesus said, ‘Don’t lie,’ in the Gospel of Thomas.

                  However the Pauline Trinitarian Christians reject the Gospel of Thomas.

                2. Helen,

                  “..Fitnah diaorang….”

                  Memang betul. Tapi bagaimana kita hadapinya. Itu sangat penting.

                  Mesej perlu dihantar kepada sekelian rakyat tentang hukuman yg menanti pada orang yg jaja mulut. Contoh seperti Tian Chua kata UMNO yg buat peristiwa serangan di Lahad Datu.

                  Jika saya jadi PM, terus saya tangkap dia. Tiada jaminan untuk dia. Duduklah dalam lokap sampai waktu bicara.

                  Bila Adam Adli anjur rakyat memberontak, terus tangkap. Tiada istilah “bail”. Duduk merengkok dalam lokap sampai waktu bicara.

                  Bila Guan Eng cabar Kerajaan persekutuan, dengan tubuh pasukan Polis simpanan, terus tangkap Guan Eng serta ADUN Sg Puyu yg jadi boss Polis haram ni. Memandangkan Kerajaan Pulau Pinang sudah tidak setia dengan Kerajaan Persekutuan, apa kata dakwa Guan Eng atas “berperang terhadap yg DiPertuan Agung’.


                  Sekarang cuba fikir. Jika Najib adalh Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang dan Guan Eng PM Malaysia. Dan Najib tubuhkan pasukan polis sendiri. Apa tindakn Guan Eng. Dan anda tahu Guan Eng ni tak boleh ditegur.


  2. Ayah’s comment :

    “We will still have open houses to celebrate annual festivals and welcome guests of whatever race and religion to our homes. However, of late, there have been occassions when Muslim welfare organisations in housing estates in Kuala Lumpur have organised their own celebrations without the participation of residents’ organisations which are mainly Chinese-dominated, pro-opposition and strident in making provocative statements. ”

    Very true indeed and it is happening. Melayus are losing their tolerance and patience. The Chinese are not viewed as friendly parties anymore. Many Melayus may/will disagree, to them go climb a rock or fly kites in the cut hills of Penang

    MCA/GERAKAN candidates may not find it easy the way their leaders are “bashing the govt” and moving into Malay Islamic territories.

    And Najib is one of the main culprits. The other being the one recently detained at His Majesty’s pleasure due to his proven, without a doubt, a crime committed .

    Raub, a Malay majority constituency was lost to DAP who fielded a has-been UMNO man. Najib must be brave and not give an inch to MCA/Gerakan to field their candidate or it will become the Oppo/DAP permanent seat just like any other DAP stronghold seats… Will Najib dare…

    The last GE was a Chinese tsunami but GE14 will tell us which way the wind blow. And PM dear, the Melayus are fed up of your arse-licking. Good riddance to bad leaders….even if BN need to lose the next GE…

    The oppo will retain whatever they have even if they field unsavoury candidates, those tainted with endless lies and tales and a bucketful of empty promises,

    Funny, it is the bloody Pakatan who promised the sun and the moon, even the stars (and of course The Star too) and Najib the BN govt delivered , just to win and extra 4-5 votes. Stupid ain’it and REALLY BODOH advisers to the PM, political or social

    And to the hypocrite Melayus, PUS ma included, may Allah guide you

  3. Alas ! UMNO ni jangan terlalu fedualistic Melayu akan jadi red Indian di tanah air nya sendiri ini kata-kata semangat yang pernah di ungkap oleh mantan PM Tun.

    Ayah kenapa mudah luntur kita pernah jadi muda semasa itu erti takut tiada ada dalam benak perjuangan bangsa apakah menggisi kermerdekaan selama 50 tahun boleh dicapai sesingkat minda Melayu yang dijajah selama 200 tahun.

    Langkawi dibangun lewat 200 tahun daripada P.Pinang yang dibuka Inggeris yang mana kerpercayaan peranakan warga Straits Settlement memisahkan daripada Persekutuan telah dapat disekat.

    Hari ini orang-orang ini ingin berbagga pula dengan keupayaan YM AL- Tunku. Kalau takut dilambung ombak jangan dirikan rumah di tepi pantai.

  4. Absolutely brilliant! Right on the dot. Continue your good analysis. If it pokes them where it hurts the most, so be it.

  5. RT ,satu artikel di dalamnya bertajuk ‘Opposition is necessary…but we wouldn’t vote for them ‘, pendapat yang di kongsi oleh majority rakyat Russia ( 1000 % setuju ) .

    Pembangkang terutama DAP masih mempunyai sikap ‘feudal mentality ‘iaitu ‘we the lord the master and they the common slave ‘.

    Anehnya system ini telah lama terhapus pada awal abad 20 apabila Maharaja China turun taktha , sistem yang kini tidak lagi di gunapakai oleh penduduk di tanah besar China tetapi masih segar di Malaysia dan Singapura .

    Kaum China ( pretty please ) jangan di sangka jika DAP merampas Putrajaya kehidupan anda akan “smooth sailing ‘ , pemerintahan mereka akan di penuhi anggota ‘ kerabat ‘ dan di buat macam rumah bapak mereka saja ?

    Mujurlah masih ramai lagi pemuda dan pemudi kaum China yang bijak pandai , sebagai contoh Ms Helen Ang yang sedar akan tipu muslihat mereka ini , berusaha bersunggu – sungguh dan secara ikhlas menjelas kedudukan prihal yang debenarnya kepada majority kaum China terutama ( to lower and middle class ), syabas !!!

    Orang Melayu ataupun UMNO bukanlah malaikat kami pun BANYAK kelemahannya tetapi ‘ we try and still trying our very best ‘.
    “Hidup maufakat membawa berkat “amalan kehidupan kita rakyat Malaysia.
    Ada keamanan wujudlah kemakmuran .

    1. re: “Kaum China ( pretty please ) jangan di sangka jika DAP merampas Putrajaya kehidupan anda akan “smooth sailing ‘ , pemerintahan mereka akan di penuhi anggota ‘ kerabat ‘ dan di buat macam rumah bapak mereka saja?”

      Di bawah ialah ‘Rumah Putih’ milik evangelista DAP David Nga Kor Ming. Dia MP Taiping dan Adun Pantai Remis (pegang dua jawatan serentak).

      Kerjaya sebagai seorang politikus evangelista DAP amat berbaloi dan lumayan.


  6. Sikit2 selit some sense into them!

    I was at the fever center Selayang recently. One Ahso was complaining non-stop “haiya mayak kambat lor” waiting hardly 1hr while her doter’s blood is being tested.

    Haiya Ahso, satu ringgit punya hal, lambat sikit tarak hal ma. Pigi private clinic test darah results lagi lambat. Lu check belapa mereka caj? Saya kawan pigi plivate hospital, dengue belapa hali saja bayat RM13K owh! Ini satu linggit punya hal, kasi sikit sabar ma…

    Then hubby turned to me and try to sweet talk medical charges in Taiwan and China still very cheap.

    Yalor mayak mulah… itu tambang mau pi, hotel sudah belapa libu. You banding dengan satu linggit!

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