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Shooters caught (Dog shot 3 times, tied to railway tracks to be run over by train)

The culprits who confessed after being caught on CCTV

Darnell Devlin
From left: Kenny Bell, 21, Natwan Callaway, Darnell Devlin & Bobby Hollinger

They have been charged with aggravated animal cruelty and will appear in court next month.

“Investigators released new details about the crime after the teen’s arrest on Wednesday. They say Hollinger threw the dog into the woods and fired at her. The dog then ran back home and sat injured on the front porch. The teens allegedly caught her and brought her back to the tracks and then tied her to the tracks where Callaway allegedly shot her several times.” (Source: WFLA)

Updated: 24 March 2015

This happened in Tampa, Florida two days ago and is all over the world news.

(1) Someone tied the pitbull mix – which is about one to two years old – to the railway tracks with a belt.


(2) The person had shot the animal thrice – twice in the neck and once above the right shoulder.

(3) Then he/she left it there bleeding and strapped tightly to the tracks, to be run over by an oncoming train.

Cabela Map

(4) Members of the public who heard the gunshots called the police (three separate phone calls).

(5) Three cops found the dog in the nick of time as a train was approaching. They stopped the train.

(6) Two officers rescued the young dog and rushed it to a veterinary emergency centre.


(7) Doctors operated on the dog after its condition sufficiently stabilized.

(8) Its front right leg was full of bullet fragments and broken from shoulder to elbow. At first the vets thought that the leg might need to be amputated but the surgeon judged that it could be saved by putting in pins.

(9) The Tampa police have named the female dog Cabela.

Cabela x-ray

10. “Really, after everything that this dog has gone through … she’s the sweetest,” Dr Jamie Davidson told CNN. “I mean she’s not angry with people. She’s not growling. She’s been really really good.”

Source: Tampa Police Department Facebook and various news outlets

The moral of the story

(1) Some people are capable of doing anything.

(2) We’re not obligated to be nice to everybody.

(3) There’s no need, for instance, to extend any love-love-loving thoughts to the person who tied Cabela to the tracks.

Sometimes people just deserve to get back what they dish out.


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2 thoughts on “Shooters caught (Dog shot 3 times, tied to railway tracks to be run over by train)

  1. ‘Sometimes people just deserve to get back what they dish out.’

    Damned right. That would-be dog murderer should end up the same way – minus the cops and vet.

    Just a doggie story to share.

    There’s this huge, muscular brute of rotty/pit-bull/T-Rex/dunnowhat of a lone streetfighter/playboy (complete with harem) at this place I frequent and with whom I became close friends with.

    Well, yesterday, all of a sudden I see him trotting around miles away from where he’s supposed to be – and looking lost.

    I stop my “superbike” at the traffic light and watch this ugly mug trot by and I wonder why he looks so familiar but 3 cars away, he suddenly turns around, spots me, gapes his megalodon jaw full of fangs open and bounds after me.

    He jumps up on me repeatedly and I nearly fall off my bike. It’s chaos! Women scream and other bikers run red lights, thinking I’m being attacked.

    But he’s whimpering and delirious with joy at seeing me and he sounds like he’s saying help me, I’m lost! And he’s so excited he keeps jumping up on my bike again and again.

    The lights turn green and I’m still trying to pacify him. I try riding my bike past the lights so that I can stop safely but he panics and jumps at me repeatedly. Susah!

    Finally, I pull into a closed gateway and he begins to settle down. He looks so relieved. I call my son and he comes with the car sometime later. People cross the street when they see what’s sitting at my feet. We drive him to lunch (chicken rice and mineral water) and then take him home to base.

    Later in the evening I visit him again and he is still overjoyed to see me. More grateful than any human can ever be.

    And for that, I know he’ll forever be my loyal friend.

    How could anyone do what he did to the Tampa dog?!

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