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The Economist: Ex-premier “itching for Mr Najib to step down”

The Economist, an influential international business magazine in its latest report ‘Gathering steam‘ said, “Problems at a state investment fund are bad news for Malaysia’s prime minister” referring to 1MDB.

The London-based magazine also said:

“Mr Najib is probably more worried about criticism from within his own party, the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO). The fund has long attracted sniping from factions loyal to Mahathir Mohamad, a meddling former prime minister who is itching for Mr Najib to step down.”

DrM Claire
Tun with Sarawak Report editor

The Ides of March

The Umno warlords will meet in another two days.

They’re anticipated to pledge their loyalty to The Chief.

But surely even the most eternal optimist cannot really expect things to proceed “business as usual”.

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Easter Island

The Immortal … 100 years old and counting

Dr Mahathir had earlier in January this year given an exclusive interview to the Sarawak Report where he said that the 1MDB explanation is not something he could accept.

Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle Brown is quoted today as saying that Tun “remains very in touch” with the 1MDB developments and still has “many ears on the ground” (see Malaysiakini).

TunIn his blog Chedet more than half a year ago (Aug 2014), Dr M announced the withdrawal of his support from Najib selepas dok ‘menegur‘.

Thereafter Tun has underlined very openly a couple of times that the Umno president cum BN chairman no longer commands his allegiance. As recently as last month, Dr M commented that if he were presently the prime minister, he’d resign.

Odikal – buat apa hok bela lintah-lintah darat tu?

Someone in Umno has to undertake a Herculean labour and clean out the Augean stables – konsetan, punahsihat, TalentCorpse, Pemandu, “Moderates” and the rest of Najib’s gremlins keliling pinggang must be made to vacate the PMO if BN harbours any hope of retaining Putrajaya come GE14.

Rakyat marhaen yang ikat perut sudah begitu rimas dan muak dengan gelagat sang pemerintah yang masih berada di awang-awangan sambil melayan otak mereka yang di kepala lutut itu.


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Another head soon added to the guillotine basket?


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4 thoughts on “The Economist: Ex-premier “itching for Mr Najib to step down”

  1. Helen,

    What do expect these warlords to do when they meet on sunday, to ask Najib to kick out all those kon-sultan from PMO.

    As usual, comes the meeting, everyone of these warlords will start to pat each others back as if there is no issue at all and if there is any it is not as serious as it looks to be. Because comes GE14 they will worry whether they will the chosen candidate as the selection will be done by the top gun.

    The only way to get rid of these kon-sultan is to get rid of the UMNO Presiden and the people who can do it are the perwakilan at the next PAU as what had happened to Pak Dolah.

    Don’t you think so.

  2. Odikal must know that conscious human volition invariably incurs a karmic result that is appropriate to the nature of the motivation in choosing the particular action.

  3. Ms H. Has our beloved Malaysia built the biggest laundry machine in the World without realising it ? Can we make it to the Guiness Book of Records ?

  4. An audit of 1MDB is the right move for the PM. But how many of these ABU types will willingly accept the findings of the audit if the report does not find fault with the PM? It’ll be the AI trial results all over again.

    While I’ve always referenced articles from The Economist and other established well-respected names in journalism, I’ve been wary of any writings from that part of the world. After all they helped pushed the Iraq war agenda. So whenever the western media writes about other countries, I will read for info but I prefer to form my own opinion. News like this – – makes me question their agenda.

    Aside from that, some people who have the PM’s ears should ask him to review the status and number and what-not of all the consultants surrounding him. Just do the KPI, NKRA or whatever ABC thing that they always talk about. Into the third year since GE13, it’s the time to review and maybe reshuffle and bring in new professional faces into the cabinet and committees that he’s so fond of.

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