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Anwar’s political career over / the battle ahead for Isma

Tun pictured with Isma president Ustaz Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman Isma is holding the fort for Malays to simply be themselves – oghang Melayu. And for Malays not to have to be apologetic for being devoutpractising Muslims.

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Tun Zaik Isma

Tun Zaik Isma 1

(1) Dr Wan Azizah had made an appeal in her Facebook soliciting participants for the Anwar rally this afternoon.

(2) Her children “invite all Malaysians to come to the #KitaLawan rally tomorrow to show solidariti to our father, Anwar Ibrahim who is Malaysia’s Political Prisoner Number 1 and to all that has [sic] been a victim of injustice”.

(a) Very few Malaysians will bother turning up afterwards at Sogo because it’s clear that the rally is not “to defend the marginalized” as proclaimed by Nurul Nuha but only to further the vested interests of her father and family, and their PKR cronies.

(b) Anwar is not a “political prisoner”. He is somebody found guilty by the courts of committing a sex crime.

If the opposition still wish to insist that he’s innocent, then they must de-criminalize gay sex by compelling Parliament to UBAH the “archaic” sodomy law inherited from the British Christian colonialists.

(c) Neither is Anwar the “victim of injustice”. It is the public who are his ‘victims’ and have been hoodwinked by the Pakatan chameleon politicians.

If the opposition really want to promote Freedom and Equality, then here is the golden opportunity. After all, Pakatan enjoys LGBT support without having to actually deliver anything in return to this minority group.

This is characteristic of the relationship between Pakatan leaders and their followers. While the leadership enjoys the Money and the Glory, what the supporters get is a nice bedtime Story.

BELOW: Prosperous DAP Yang Berhormats in Parliament and the DUNs

hannah Her Royal Roundness1

Freedom & Equality

The PKR and DAP Yang Berhormats in Parliament and in the DUNs – which they overwhelmingly control such as Selangor and Penang – should move to repeal all the “archaic” laws that restrict sexual freedom so that lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders may enjoy their full civil liberties too. Pakatan YBs should also promote equality for the LGBTs in the eyes of the law, in tandem with social acceptance of their sexuality. Nah, ini baru boleh kata menegakkan kebebasan dan hak sama rata. But the oppo MPs and Aduns won’t do this, will they? And we know why … because the Malay electorate whose votes they’re fishing is still highly conservative. So ultimately, PKR and DAP politics is chameleon-like in nature and full of hypocrisy. At least the PAS politics of haramkan ni, haramkan tu and the Umno politics of gertak sini, gertak situ is more honest. They say what they mean, and they will do what they must to get they want. With PKR and DAP, mana ada? They say different sweet nothings to different audiences; they make empty promises and present false premises. And they just can’t stop lying all the time.

Rara Syefura Othman Kita Lawan DAP’s Rara (Syefura Othman – above) promoting the Anwar rally (3) Anwar is a spent force. He will remain in the prison hospital wing and given a “medically appropriate mattress” as demanded by his lawyers. And please give him a bottle of Ridsect too. Meanwhile, DAP has already moved on. Guan Eng does not support the Anwar rally despite the solidarity gestures made by his party youth wing Dapsy – see the ” 7.3.15 ” agitprop posters. BELOW: DAP’s Dyana Sofya and Yeo Bee Yin who is the Damansara Utama Adun Dyana Sofya Kita Lawan Yeo Bee Yin Kita Lawan (4) PAS will not be sending their legions of foot soldiers who traditionally make up the cannon fodder during any street demo. Without mobilization by the Islamist party, no big protest can take off. The Gospel of Prosperity crowd will be PRAYING for Anwar in the comfort of their condos. (Each meal Hannah Yeoh has, she thinks of Anwar’s meals in prison and her eyes well up with tears and she loses her appetite for food and this is good news wrt her diet plan.) An earlier small-scale protest calling for ‘Undur Najib’ following the Anwar sodomy verdict was frontlined by Rara and an ABU-er (boxed in red). Undur Najib ABU full Undur Najib ABU close up (5) So there you go.

(i) PKR remains preoccupied with the troubles of its ketum – a twice-convicted sodomite.

(ii) DAP is charging ahead with its Christian-vote agenda and preparing to make a sweep in Sarawak (state election coming up).

(iii) PAS is gearing up for a slugfest between its two infighting factions.

(iv) Umno remains preoccupied with troubles of its president who’s facing a crisis of confidence and whose popularity is plunging.

(v) MCA is charging ahead with its recover Chinese-vote agenda and risking a devastating blowback from the Umno rank and file.

(vi) MIC is in the midst of a slugfest between its two infighting factions.

Claps, claps, claps. Pakatan dan BN nih dua kali lima aje.

Ustazah Saleha Isma
Wanita Isma chief, Ustazah Saleha

Enter frame, Isma

My blog has been charting (following) the rise and rise of Isma from even before they broke into the national limelight. Now’s another milestone for this most vocal NGO. BELOW: It was Anwar who empowered the evangelistas AnwarIbrahim4

Isma is able to offer moral leadership

Anwar the charismatic, faux renaissance man is out of the picture and PKR does not have another Islamist of enough stature to step into his shoes. PAS ulamas have had their credibility dented and their influence eroded as a result of their energy-sapping dalliance with the DAP. Plus, the synergy that used to obtain inside PAS between the party’s ulama and professional classes is being lost due to the Erdogan/Pasma fallout with Majlis Syura and Dewan Ulama. It’s a no brainer that the contract-chasing, arrogant Umno politicians fail to inspire in the moral leadership department. We have at present a political lacuna, so it is a big chance for Isma to muscle in. Isma appears to be a 2-in-1 package, i.e. a blend of the professionals who at the same time possess the aura of lebai alim. BELOW: ‘KJ, thank you’

KJ's convoy -- see his SUV number plate
KJ’s convoy — see his SUV number plate ‘ KJ 10 Q ‘

DAP trying super hard to woo the Malays

The deal that DAP is offering the Melayu is a fake as Hannah Yeoh’s tudung. (Promo: ‘Dyana tikus makmal DAP yang GAGAL memenuhi kriteria MELAYU’ – today in So does Isma see the door thrown wide open or what?

Muka-muka Melayu DAP
Muka-muka Melayu DAP – Dyana & her boy-boy Zairil

I’ve remarked several times before that Isma is smarter and savvier than Umno. One crucial difference between Isma and Umno can be discerned from a comparison of the photos below.

Pemuda-pemudi Isma
Pemuda-pemudi Isma
KJ zumba Facebook
Ketua Pemuda Umno

Here’s a close up. KJ zumbah Khairy Jamaluddin: “Their methods may differ but Boko Haram and Isma occupy the same ideological spectrum” Khairy Jamaluddin: “About time. Presiden Isma disiasat bawah Akta Hasutan” Regina Lee (reginalah) Boko Haram Isma Twitter - Khairykj- About time. “@501Awani- ... 2014-05-10

Isma attacked because they pose existential threat

Isma has been demonized, misrepresented and had their statements twisted or had words put into their mouth which they did not say. Why is all this happening to Isma? Obviously because they’re the biggest threat to various quarters. BELOW: DAP’s Three Weird Sisters Melati_Dyana_Rara (1) Who joins Pemuda Umno? Ibdil #lifestyle, Azwan bro and the dimwits who offered free car wash as an Umno Youth gimmick during the Kajang by-election – when Selangor was under severe water rationing. The youth generation in Isma are miles ahead of Umno Youth in terms of social awareness, articulation of issues (whether political or Islamic) and commitment to volunteer fieldwork. With Umno, takde ongkos, tak gerak. ‘Tun M kongsi pengalaman 22 tahun tadbir negara dengan pimpinan Isma‘ (Ismaweb, 4 Feb 2015)

Tn-M-Berucap Isma
Tun as the chair of an Isma international event

(2) Why do the evangelistas regard Isma as their mortal enemy? Isma is the sole cohesive unit as well as the only one with clout that is taking on the evangelical Christian extremists. Umno, on the other hand, is a behemoth that cannot get itself to move, much less heave. Isma is not burdened with Umno’s mammoth weight and thus can function nimbly as a Light Strike Force. And Isma knows exactly how licik, ruthless and unscrupulous the DAP evangelista opponents are. Sebabnya Isma sendiri pun dah banyak kali dikenakan oleh The Malaysian Insider, The Malay Mail and The EvangeliSTAR and not to mention Pakatan’s NGO fronts. Malaysian

Alif, ba, ta

In fact, Umno is so sprawling that it takes light years for the grassroots to Morse code their complaints up to the HQ and even longer for the mother ship to transmit instructions to be carried out on the ground. Isma gained prominence because it has been at the forefront of addressing the anxieties of the Malays who feel besieged and bullied. We all know why the conservative Malays feel bullied and besieged. It’s because they’re daily assailed by the sneaky Dapster evangelistas and branded “racist” if they do not toe the Firster line (see poster above with the tagline “I am not a Malay. I am a Malaysian”). Isma is holding the fort for Malays to be Malays. And for Malays not to have to be apologetic for being devout practising Muslims. The next step is for Isma to change gear, floor the pedal and take the battle into enemy territory. Don’t bother to wait for Umno. The woolly mammoth cannot catch up. Related:

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Isma should strike out on their own


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18 thoughts on “Anwar’s political career over / the battle ahead for Isma

  1. “…..While the leadership enjoys the Money and the Glory, what the supporters get is a nice bedtime Story.”

    Salam sejahtera Sis. i like the above sentence…ha..ha..And not to mention the face of ulamak2 DAP as above. Macam pentingkan perut dan bawah perut saja mereka ini. Pemimpin2 UMNO pun kalau kita fokus pada perut, semua dapat PJK bila dah ada kuasa. Perut Jalan Kedepan.

  2. History testifies that when democracy is dusfunctional and the economy in dire straits, these have been times when the suffering people turn to hitherto ignored fringe political alternatives to the dysfunctional, self-serving, self-indulgent and decadent political mainstream.

    These alternatives may be of the far left or the far right or part of the military, but whatever, they are a highly disciplined, highly organised, lean and mean force with sharply focused and clearly defined objectives, and promise to address the pressing concerns of the majority of the suffering masses.

    Thus histrory testifies.

  3. Just wounder what happened to PERKASA , have been so quite after the last GE .

  4. ‘Meanwhile, DAP has already moved on.’

    DAP wants Anwar and PKR to rethinks DAP in Pakatan. Not to take them lightly. Anyway, LGE pun dah tau benda tu tak dapat sambutan, tu yang tak kalut nak join tu!

  5. ‘After all, Pakatan enjoys LGBT support without having to actually deliver anything in return to this minority group’

    PKTeik tentu kecewa dengan sikap acuh tak acuh Pakatan. [YouTube]


  6. ‘Isma appears to be a 2-in-1 package, i.e. a blend of the professionals who at the same time possess the aura of lebai alim.’

    Professional but unlike Pasma moderates wannabes. Lebai alim unlike Anwar Ibrahim ana-anta types!

  7. “I am not a Chinese. I am a Malaysian”

    But I speak Chinese only. I don’t speak the National Language like everyone else does!

  8. Anwar Ibrahim is not my father.
    Not her father too.

    Political prisoner number 1?

    I suppose if you repeat a lie enough times, plenty of idiots will believe it.

    I don’t know how many DAP and PAS ADUNs and MPs showed their faces today. Would be something to gauge their loyalty to Anwar with. The one who has tears when she eats thinking of Anwar, was she there?

    I sure hope Anwar would know about it and realize that his Pakatan allies is in SOLIDARITY in DESERTING him. Let him stew in it on his prison bed.

  9. Helen,

    I begin to notice ISMA when ISMA responded to Marina Mahathir’s allegation. What I notice is that for the first time, there are many young Malays who are proficient in English answering and defending Malay, islam. Marina finally “bertemu buku dengn ruas”.

  10. You guys should know the real ISMA and their history. You can ask and get the right info from few other MUSLIM NGOs about ISMA as well as from ahli ISMA sendiri yg jujur untuk ceritakan sejarah sebenar asal usul mereka.

    1. Since you’re an ex-ISMA, couldn’t you then be the one to enlighten us about the real ISMA?

      1. yes. couldnt you then be the one that enlighten us here because you are an ex? or is this an act of baling batu sembunyi tangan ?

        keep focus, and move on with your agenda. the evangelista is striking out now yet you still want to make people think bad about this organization.

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