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One clueless moment … captured on film

See how MCA president Liow Tiong Lai clasps his hand.

Below are examples of Najib’s favourite evangelista advisor Wong Chun Wai as well as Lim Guan Eng and Jackie Chan doing the same.

Najib gong xi

guan eng

chun wai

Jackie Chan

Najib gong xi 1

Uh-uh. That’s not the way … Najib still doesn’t get it.

Rosmah is clasping yet another handbag.

Btw, methinks she wears each of her expensive baju in public only one time. She has THOUSANDS of dresses, going by Google image search. Has anybody ever come across her being pictured twice in the same outfit?

rosmah handbag

Below is an historic Kodak moment.

The Umno division chiefs pledge their support to the party president after the solidarity meeting earlier today.

Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin is not in the photo though.

solidariti najib


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13 thoughts on “One clueless moment … captured on film

  1. Wonder how much that ‘Solidariti Bersama Presiden UMNO’ flyer cost the rakyat, though. More ‘input’ to kaki-bodek aka cronies?

  2. If only full endorsement from ketua2 bahagain (pun intended) can be translated into votes…

  3. And here we go again. Didn’t they have something similar for TDM and Tun Ghaffar right before they kick Ghaffar out and replaced him with Anwar? Didn’t they have a similar rally to show support for Pak Lah before he was kicked out? So, if I were the PM, I’d be very afraid.


    A story is told of a man who approached three workers who were doing the same job. “What are you doing?” he asked each one of them separately and got different answers.

    “I am cutting the stones,” replied the first. “I am earning my livehood,” replied the second. “I am building the Community Hall,” replied the third.

    Each of the three workers saw himself linked to a different purpose, so each one was to that extent different from the others, although all were engaged in the same task.

    Our two hands with which we work are in no sense different from the hands of any other person. The value of what we do depends upon the quality of the inner purpose in our heart with which we do our work.

    Eventually, the man who was questioning the workers about their work, claimed all the credit for himself as the benefactor of the people.

    1. re: “The value of what we do depends upon the quality of the inner purpose in our heart with which we do our work.”


      re: “Eventually, the man who was questioning the workers about their work, claimed all the credit for himself as the benefactor of the people.”


  5. Tersengeh lebar Najib mendapat sokongan semua ketua bahagian. Tapi dia tidak sedar tidak ada gunanya kalau hanya mendapat ‘full support’ dari 190 ketua bahagian UMNO sekiranya rakyat di luar malah grass root UMNO sendiri mula tidak menyokongnya. Lagi pun UMNO bukan kuat sangat seperti dulu! UMNO seolah olah kapal Titanic yang hampir karam!

    Memang betullah dia ‘clueless’ Masih boleh dia tersengeh lebar walaupun sokongan terhadapnya sudah jelas jatuh merundum. Saya takut nanti bila dia sudah jatuh terungkur, dia masih clueless, “What had hits him!”

  6. 1. tangan kiri diatas tangan kanan atau the other way round, which one that ought to be? (is lge left-handed?) as for najib, i don’t fault him for what he did, becos the hand gesture would tantamount to worshipping.

    2. why did ah jib gor invite only the division chiefs? since the voting power has been extended to branches’ representatives. this gave me the impression that the chiefs are still in full control of the branches. mana suara akar umbi? semua ini hanya taik lembu jantan.

    1. re: “the hand gesture would tantamount to worshipping”

      As far as I’m aware, the gesture is not Chinese ‘worshipping’.

      1. yes, i know that, is a sign of respect macam jepun tunduk2 tapi boleh letak gaharu tak in between the hands & then goncang2?

          1. pada suatu ketika dulu pak syeikh tunduk2 memberi penghormatan kepada satu jenazah (tak ingat dah sapa), dia dihentam gila2 even until today. all these gestures will be purposely misunderstood and used as a tool to hentam opposite sides. politik katakan.

            if najib were to follow according to way that the 3 gentlemen did, ayman pun tak kisah. ini budaya kaum tiongkok which has nothing to do with ‘akidah’ which certain quarters are fond of saying.

            saya rehat kes saya.

            1. The root cause is racial mistrust, like Syed Azmi’s good-intentioned ‘Touch a Dog’ event blowing up in his face.

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