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Tun on GST: “If you charge more taxes, we will not vote for you next time, okay”

The DAP Member of Parliament for Bakri and the tongkang pecah style he speaks our national language – cringe. And he says ‘Nothin’ Paduka Chew (what a way to make an apology!)

Tun: “It is for the people to respond”

And we will.

Dr Mahathir [0:45]:

“I think it is for the people to respond. If they feel that this is a burden upon them, they can tell the government, please don’t charge any more taxes. If you charge more taxes, we will not vote for you next time, okay.”

And for your listening pleasure

My need-to-take-a-break song, for regular readers of this blog.

Song lyrics HERE.

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7 thoughts on “Tun on GST: “If you charge more taxes, we will not vote for you next time, okay”

    1. Or to put it another way, Dapsters think and talk and act like their leaders. Dua kali lima.

      Yet some of them can insist that it is “unnatural” for Helen Ang as a Chinese to refuse to support the DAP.

  1. Ms H. As I have always said the best way to treat the law-abiding Chinese is to be like the British in British Malaya, the Straits Settlements and Hong Kong – leave them alone and let them do their own thing.

    The Chinese were productive, hard-working and not a squeak of unfair treatment by the British on their favourite sport of making money. Or the Government could be obstinate like the ancient Emperors of old China or its present authoritarian Government or the godless Ultra Communistic Singapore, chopped off a few heads, figuratively speaking.

    The more taxes levied on the populace have never worked to the advantage of the ruling Government in a period 2003-2015 of a dearth of innovation, creativity and vision.

  2. Nothing Chew Mai Fun shood sue de ass of the Barkery Em Pee off. Dun aksep seempli eny epilogi.

    Translation for non Hockien readers
    Dating Chew Mei Fun should sue the arse of the Bakri MP off. Don’t accept simply any apology.

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