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Opinion survey

The battery on the left has the Energizer Bunny as its mascot.

The battery on the right has the Duracell Bunny as its mascot.

Energizer Rabbit Duracell Bunny

Both bunnies carry a little drum.

They beat on it … on and on and on … because their battery can last forever.

There’s actually not much difference between the two brands and their rabbits.


The picture on top shows the PM being accosted by Lim Guan Eng.

The picture at the bottom shows the PM being accosted by Wong Chun Wai.

tionglai najib

Guan Eng and Chun Wai are both wearing Chinese shirts that are almost identical in colour.

There’s really very little difference between Chun Wai and Guan Eng.

That’s why some of you say that reading The J-Star is like reading The Rocket. Both papers promote Hannah Yeoh extensively – see my other posting earlier today.

Tun Najib

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BELOW: The MCA president is telling the BN chairman that his Chinese party has one million members.

Someone should tell the BN chairman that 900,000 of the MCA members voted for the opposition.

MCA president Liow Tiong Lai whispers in Najib's ear

Take a little time

Please provide your input for my survey.

Tell me in what ways you think MCA and DAP are alike.

Or are they different in any/many way(s) and whether significantly or slightly?

Bonus track

(The late) Gary Moore – among the world’s best rock guitarists – playing Take a Little Time.

I like the song.

Take a little time Gary Moore


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15 thoughts on “Opinion survey

  1. Pendapat saya, kaum pribumi dan bumiputra telah terpanggil until menilai semula pandangan mereka terhadap kaum-kaum lain yang bermestautin di Malaysia sejak pilihanraya yang terakhir.

    Ramai yang ingin kepastian samada kaum-kaum INI merupakan bangsa cina dan India yang hanya tinggal di Malaysia ATAU mereka mahu mejadi orang Malaysia BERKETURUNAN cina dan India.

  2. What actually is Barisan National’s political ideology ? What are they fighting for all these years, really ? Barisan Nasional has turned itself into a big NGO, consisting of many small NGOs. It’s members are not brought together by political ideology. They vow to win votes through SERVING THE PEOPLE.

    So they reap what they sow. The people are treating the Barisan Nasional government like their maid, their gardener and their driver. You vowed to serve the people, so you serve. They shit everywhere and anywhere they like, it’s the government’s duty to clean it, because you vowed to SERVE THE PEOPLE.

    The Pakatoons, on the other hand, are like a bunch of spoilt little children. They said they are the tax payers. They deserved the best, they said. Why can’t the country be like Singapore, like Taiwan, like paradise on earth? Forgetting that they are really the biggest problem the country must eliminate before it could become any better.

    1. re: “Forgetting that they [Pakatoons] are really the biggest problem the country must eliminate …”

      Then we must remind Najib / Muhyiddin / Zahid etc.

    2. Mati azi. For your information, in Singapore the Ruler (1959-2015) imposes the Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System on the citizens through Apparatchiks bolstered by the CPF-HDB-Quit Rent & Assessment-Income Tax-GST-COE-Traffic Taxes-Water Conservation Tax-Public Utilities-Free Subsidized Malaysian Water-Judiciary-Military manned by foreigners. In Malaysia, we practise the Free Malaysian Style Democracy with Capitalistic Characteristics since 1957. This discovery was made only in 2014. In Singapore, there is nothing wrong with the digits only the System which has gone toxic. In Malaysia, our free democratic System is reliable and tested. It is the digits that constantly become recalcitrant when they adopt the failed MONEY MONEY MONEY Policies of Singapore which is now known internationally as the RICH CUBA WITHOUT THE HAVANAS BUT THE BANANAS. Please do not be brainwashed on Singapore or Taiwan which are worse than us. The moment our beloved Malaysia returns to NORMAL OR NORMALCY, we fly like a rocket unlike the limpid rocket which hung on a flag for 49 years doing nothing.

      1. Another “Singapore basher” enters the fray….

        I wonder how many Malaysian Malays (see, I am being politically incorrect by being race-specific here) are working in the “RICH CUBA….) as unskilled, semi-skilled or skilled labour?

        And how many more are looking for jobs in that “CUBA” (anything also jadi, lah).

        See, here’s a dirty little secret that the Malaysian government is not keen to play up – that many, many Malaysians (of all races) are either working in Singapore or looking for work in Singapore.

        So much for the “RICH CUBA” epithet.

        Because it is working in the “RICH CUBA” that allows these Malaysians to support their wives and families back in Malaysia.

        So, let’s hear it for the “BANANAS”. They are providing jobs to desperate Malaysians.

        And if that sticks in your craw….well, too bad.

  3. Ms H. Seeing is believing. Do these gents qualify as ‘ APPLE POLISHERS’ or ‘ GREAT DEFENDERS OF THE RAKYAT.?’ Where are the standards, ethics, propriety, self-esteem, probity, transparency, non-conflict of interests, rule of law etc ?

  4. Helen,
    samada MCA atau DAP, mereka ini sebenarnya 2 in 1.
    pada saya, masyarakat cina di Malaysia menggunakan serampang dua mata dalam berpolitik.
    matlamat cuma satu iaitu demi survival ‘bangsa cina’.
    demi survival, mereka mempunyai kelompok dalam BN (MCA) dan satu lagi di luar BN (DAP).
    ini bukanlah taktik baru sebaliknya taktik yang sudah lama diguna-pakai.

    kalau ada sesiapa yang masih percaya dua parti ini ada perbezaan, itu cuma luarannya saja…..

    malang sekali, apabila yang percaya mereka berbeza ialah pemimpin Melayu yang tidak mendapat satu pun undi mereka….!

  5. Sis Helen, Gary’s Moore ‘Still like the blues” or ‘Over the hill and far away’ pun cantik jugak

  6. Kita serupa itu satu lagi lagu dari Zainal Headwind
    Kupasan menarik politics of the same clot jangan salah tafsir blood clot itu boleh bawa maut.
    This chinese politics is confined to Penang saja and to the Malays politician chinese to them is the deciding factor and also for economics gain because the Malays politicians believe that the Chinese cannot be the prime factor of this country though with their multiple grand designed like what said Helen sat close proximity as the battery’s life

  7. I thought that Nicol David was the person originally tagged as “the Duracell Bunny”?

    In her case, it was a well-deserved compliment for her tireless work ethic, unflagging energy on the squash courts, good sportsmanship and consummate professionalism.

    I am sure you have good reasons for being similarly complimentary to DS Najib, Tun Dr M, LGE, WCW and other notables!

    I would prefer, though, that the tag remained with Nicol.

    Who, in my opinion, exemplifies the best of Malaysia, being (a) female (b) a member of a minority community (Eurasian) (c) a walking advertisement for hard work and meritocracy.

  8. Morning Helen, next April 26 i will retire from the Service after serving 38 years. While in the service, not even once i hint my political belief to others. Sometime while in the service i felt very sad and humiliated with politicians which abuse their rights and position when we faced them in public…we being called dogs, bastards etc but we remained quite because we got families to look after and feed.

    Now, on my opinion regarding these two political parties, One party is aiming to kill the the other party because they’re looking for the Chinese votes in order to gain position and by having position , they have the power. Once they had gained position and power, they start bargaining for wealth for their own benefit or their supporters and friends.

    I had attended a few state meetings in State of …. That particular state was once ruled by PR and now by BN. I had saw and heard this particular EXCO stressed that entertainments should not be disturb because its cater for the non-muslim and what was transpired was not penned into minutes of the meeting. Since i had quite a numbers of friends i found out this particular guy was sponsored by the few tauke (these tauke were members from both parties)

    My conclusion is those guys in the upper echelon of both parties were harbouring the same vision…..that is to become rich and having the same motto ‘you rub my back and i rub your back’. During my schooldays back in 60s and 70s..we Malay and Chinese during primary days – sekolah melayu (later on during secondary days the Indians joined in) used to had a good times, we scolded and cursed each others without being labeled racist or extremists because that the Northern styles…but not now.

    I had a neighbour, an old aunty about 75-80 years (Chinese lady), we had a good relationship. This lady stayed alone and being visited by her daughter daily. After 3 years, i knew the families of this aunty, either they came from Penang, KL, Taiping or SP. I had my respect toward them and they pay the same respect toward me and my family. We said these politicians make our life and our relationship miserable.

    We had few bad apples in the baskets…..these apples should be dispose. Thanks.

  9. The bid problem is not that MCA or DAP have good batteries, but that UMNO forgets to change the battery, ever!

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