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Jemuan / Update: Jamuan kahwin 6-bintang anak Rosmelda

Kata Tun Mahathir hari ini (4 Apr 2015): “… saya lihat prestasi dia buruk lagi dari Pak Lah”.

Tapi ‘dia’ yang prestasinya tu lagi buruk dari Pak Lah masih ada hati nak tuduh orang lain sebagai “jemuan”.

Pasca-GST, harga makanan ruji dan barangan asas dapur naik mencanak.

Nampak gaya golongan marhaen harus makan ikan masin aje. Ikan sardin dalam tin pun dah tak mampu beli.

Muka kesian …





Dikemaskini: 4 April 2015

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By tomorrow morning – which is very shortly – the hudud amendment bill would have sailed through the Kelantan state assembly like a breeze.

There are 45 Aduns in the Kelantan DUN. Every single one of them is Muslim.

PAS alone has 32 Aduns. Hence the Islamist party commands more than a two-thirds (71%) majority in the Dewan and will be able to comfortably approve the motion – viz. Kelantan Syariah Criminal Code (II) Enactment (1993) (Amended) – on its own.

Kelantan DUN 2015

DAP promoted ‘PAS for All’

And PAS would like Hudud for All … eventually.

Before the DAP turned on PAS president Hadi Awang not too long ago, their Dapsters were most enthusiastic over hudud. They gleefully anticipated that many Umno crooks would soon have their thieving hands chopped off.

DAP national organizing secretary Anthony Loke (below) reassured the Chinese, saying that they have nothing to fear. One need only be afraid of hudud if he were a criminal, chided Anthony.

Anthony Loke

Anthony Loke: “DAP will defend Islam”

Date Statement Media
3/8/2012 Lim Guan Eng promised that Pakatan common policy never touch on hudud; said MCA and Gerakan fears are baseless Sin Chew
17/8/2012 Lim Kit Siang promised that Islamic state, hudud have never been Pakatan policy Sin Chew
28/8/2012 Liew Chin Tong assured that hudud will need green light by all three Pakatan parties before approval China Press
29/8/2012 Pakatan denied that hudud will be implemented if they won GE13 Sin Chew
29/8/2012 PAS denied that it would seek to amend Constitution if Pakatan took Putrajaya China Press
21/9/2012 Kit Siang swore that hudud is impossible as Muslim MPs are fewer than two thirds Sin Chew
29/11/2012 Guan Eng guaranteed that PAS would not impose hudud on non-Muslims China Press
29/11/2012 Ditto Sin Chew

DAP’s evangelista “Insya Allah” MP for Serdang, Ong Kian Ming

Seven generations of Chinese beholden to DAP’s Christians

MCA Syariah Law & Policy Implementation special task force deputy chairman Koo Chin Nam in his press  statement today cautioned that examples around the world show hudud law will ultimately bring about a theocratic state.

Hannah black tudung litup
Hannah Yeoh

Koo highlighted that the constitution of Pakistan was amended on 9 Oct 1998 making it that the Quran should prevail in the event of a conflict between secular constitutional provisions and religious diktats.

Choo Wei Sern, secretary to the MCA president, is appalled that Lim Kit Siang is still attempting to shift the blame to MCA and Gerakan when it is PAS that is going to implement hudud, and in a Pakatan state too.

(It is typical DAP modus operandi to putar belit dan tuding jari. Takkan lah En. Choo masih tak reti.)

Choo complained that the DAP prefers to cover up its own duplicity in the matter rather than try to stop PAS.

(Actually, the DAP is far more sneaky. Its evangelistas have been going around accusing MCA and Gerakan of being “anti-Islam”.)


Hannah Yeoh fat gemuk
Face of the Gospel of Prosperity

The two-faced, double dealing DAP

There is no reason for the DAP to complain about the PAS hudud move.

It is after all the DAP-led administration in Penang that introduced the slogan ‘Amar makruf nahi mungkar’ and the Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng himself who endorsed Islamic fiqh through his emulation of the Caliph Umar Abdul Aziz style of governance.

The DAP evangelista YBs are very much steeped in the spirit of Islamic addin (covering all spheres of life, including law).

They’ve been quoting ayat-ayat Quran, citing Hadith, freely dropping Islamic invocations like “Insya Allah” on top of joining the Ramadan fast and cooking (empty pot of) bubur lambuk in the surau.

Madame Speaker has put on SO MUCH WEIGHT in such a short time

“Menjual diri mereka kepada syaitan”

Nurul Izzah Anwar said in Parliament a few days ago (10 March 2015):

“Dalam tunduk akur kepada kehendak telunjuk tuan-tuan politik, hakim-hakim menjadi rakan jenayah pembunuhan kebebasan dan integriti badan kehakiman. Mereka menjual diri mereka kepada syaitan, memperdagangkan nurani mereka demi pulangan kebendaan, kedudukan dan jaminan jawatan”.

HannahSpeakerThe PKR vice president has piled a heap of accusations on our Federal Court justices.

Will the 90 percent Chinese who are rabid DAP supporters also be willing to chew on a line of questioning in the vein of what Nurul has alleged?

Who is materialistic?

Who has been complicit in taking Malaysia in the direction detrimental to non-Malay and non-Muslim interests?

Who is  enjoying the power, position and perks of office?

Who has sold her soul to the devil in order to bask in the Glory and enjoy the Gold while carrying Prada handbags?


The Devil Wears Prada, no?


Pelesit politik

Politics is indeed lucrative. The Selangor Speaker approved a salary for herself almost equivalent to that of the prime minister.

Again, what was Nurul Izzah yammering on about? “… memperdagangkan nurani mereka demi pulangan kebendaan, kedudukan dan jaminan jawatan”.

Yeah, we do love the self-righteous and exalted language employed by the Pakatan people and their politicians. Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Hannah Dont say I am Muslim

Chinese community will reap what the DAP sowed

“Jemuan” is Kedah dialect for ‘amat jahat’.

But of course it is impossible for the Dapsters to even entertain the thought (heaven forbid!) that their DAP evangelistas are anything but pure goodness and light.

Tomorrow with the tabling of hudud, the complexion of our country will change forever. Once the hudud passes, things will never be the same again.


The Golden Rule: What goes around will come around

What will happen after tomorrow? Answer: Reality will bite.

The Chinese will realise that hudud is here to stay – thanks to the DAP’s politics of expediency. And it will affect the Chinese, sooner rather than later.

But doubtless the Jerusubang preachers will continue to ply their sheeple with copious amounts of J-Juice.

The Dapsters (intoxicated by the DAP holy water) will step up their insult of Muslims. The evangelistas will intensify their attacks against Islam. The anti-Malay racism and Islamophobia true colours can no longer be hidden behind smiling hypocrisy.

In fact, you can expect an outburst tomorrow following the vote in the Kelantan DUN.

Thereafter, the law of physics – Newton’s Third Law of Motion – will take its course.


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27 thoughts on “Jemuan / Update: Jamuan kahwin 6-bintang anak Rosmelda

    1. byk yg keliru psl HUDUD ya. pls read this :

      ….”Thus, it is possible to understand the punishment for thieves in three alternative ways, (1) cutting off their hands, or (2) cutting or marking their hands, or (3) cutting their means to steal, or cutting their hands from committing the crime. It is up to the society to choose one of these meanings or a combination of them depending on the severity of the crime and their ability to enforce the penalty.”

      thank you

    2. YO GUYS: sick that people don’t want to really appreciate what hudud is all about; its so simple, actually. You did, you kena, there’s a slightest doubt (which the hakim must inquire & korek) off you go; you committed, then hakim must ask why the fook you did that? if the reason is very good, off you go or you kena ta’zir (varies with no clear precedent, mind you). IF NOT, why not we apply China’s laws, instead? SIMPLE isn’t it? ha ha ha

  1. I have made d prediction that if harun din is confirmed as d next spiritual leader of pas, than pr will shortly b history. m not surprised if an understanding is forged in Selangor between umno n pas.

    assmin n d dap mafias wil lose their hold on power. tsk may come back as d mb. I pray that this wil happen. Insha’Allah.

    1. Wishful thinking, but I do pray too, that it will happen even in a million years to come.. :)

  2. “the slogan ‘Amar makruf nahi mungkar’ and the Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng himself who endorsed Islamic fiqh through his emulation of the Caliph Umar Abdul Aziz style of governance.

    The DAP evangelista YBs are very much steeped in the spirit of Islamic addin (covering all spheres of life, including law).”

    Seperti menepuk air dalam kuali.

  3. Helen,

    What you have written shines with divinely lights through which the evils in human disguise can no longer hide.

    There aren’t many who can write like you. Thank you.

    ED (Encik Duck)

  4. ‘The Chinese will realise that hudud is here to stay – thanks to the DAP’s politics of expediency.’

    Yup thanks to DAP indeed. Their brand of politics can’t be giving them the competitive edge all the time, can it? And it should not always be that way too. Politic is all about opportunity, kan..tanya sama DAP?

    1. Good. If the current common law system cannot cure the ills of thr Chinese like gambling, piracy, drunkedness etc then God’s law brought down since Moses should prevail.

      If man cannot take them to task then God will.

      1. ‘If man cannot take them to task then God will.’

        Absolutely Mulan.

        ‘God’s law brought down since Moses should prevail.’

        Islam is not a new religion. So there no such thing that predates Islam. I agree with you Mulan, semua Nabi yang diutuskan membawa ajaran tauhid yang sama, Nabi Isa pun tidak turun untuk membawa agama baru.

    2. Too early to conclude that hudud is here to stay. Will it be approved by the Kelantan state legislative assembly? Even if yes, will it be properly enforced or just remained on paper? Hudud required the federal law to be amended accordingly and the relevant authorities cooperate to enforce Hudud. Gerakan already file a summon to challenge the constitutionality of the Hudud bill.

      1. re: “Will it be approved by the Kelantan state legislative assembly?”

        Yes, already tabled and will be passed shortly. PAS has more than 2/3 majority and all the Umno Aduns have pledged support.

        re: “Even if yes, will it be properly enforced or just remained on paper? Hudud required the federal law to be amended accordingly and the relevant authorities cooperate to enforce Hudud.”

        The Deputy Menteri Besar of Kelantan believes they will be able to corral enough numbers in Parliament later.

        re: “the relevant authorities cooperate to enforce Hudud”

        Umno cooperating. The de facto Minister of Religion / Islam, i.e. Jamil Khir Baharom all for it. Jakim can enforce.

        re: “Gerakan already file a summon to challenge the constitutionality of the Hudud bill.”

        MCA also preparing to do the same. It indicates that both parties believe that the bill will pass into law.

        1. The Hudud Enactment 1993 all the while was as good as ‘on paper’ with no enforcement. Even with the support of UMNO at Parliament level, will there be sufficient MPs to support any amendment to the FedCon? Ultimately, the Hudud bill needs to pass the constitutionality test. We shall wait and see.

          1. 1993 was 22 years ago. Coincidentally, 22 years is the duration of Dr Mahathir’s premiership. Things change a lot in 22 years.

            Before Dr M there was no Putrajaya. Today we have a new administrative capital.

            Two decades ago before 2013, we did not have the 90 percent Chinese unity under the DAP.

            And in 1993, there wasn’t the Muslim unity. Yesterday at the Kelantan state assembly, the Umno spokesman – who was shedding tears when proclaiming his devotion to usaha untuk menegakkan syiar Islam – sounded more Pak Lebai than even PAS.

            What is developing now (as an equal and opposite reaction to the 90 percent Chinese rallying under the DAP evangelista banner) is that the Muslims are beginning to unite under the banner of Islam.

            1. Back in 1993, UMNO and BN were much stronger than the current state. Yet no hudud is implemented at both Federal and State levels (states controlled by BN). I doubt hudud will ever be implemented in Kelantan this time. Too much hurdles. It has cleared one so far, i.e. the approval at Kelantan DUN. Next is Parliament. We shall see.

              1. re: “Back in 1993, UMNO and BN were much stronger than the current state. Yet no hudud is implemented at both Federal and State levels (states controlled by BN).”

                It is precisely because Dr M was strong that he never resorted to using hudud as the glue for Muslim unity – a unity which Najib now needs because BN under him has lost non-Malay and non-Muslim support.

                In fact, if you were to read Mohd Sayuti Omar (a PAS and veteran journo):

                “Mahathir semasa jadi PM telah menghantar surat memberi peringatan kepada kerajaan Kelantan agar tidak melaksanakan hukum hudud kerana bagi Mahathir enakemen hudud Pas itu tidak adil.

                “Sejajar dengan araman itu diterjemahkan, sekiranya kerajaan melaksanakan juga hukum hudud menyebabkan satu keburukan mungkin berlaku kepada kerajaan Kelantan. Apa yang diterjemahkan pada masa itu ialah, kononnya Mahathir akan mengambil tindakan sehingga meMAGARANkan kerajaan Kelantan dan tindakan ini merugikan perjuangan Pas.”


                When Umno and MCA were strong, there was never a real push for Islamic state. Our country concentrated on development, on building the tallest Twin Towers in the world, on F1, on Multimedia Super Corridor.

                Now MCA is dead and Najib is weak, and it is because of the weakness of the Umno president that the idea of hudud is being entertained.

                The politics of religion is the province of PAS and DAP. Hanya itu modal politik mereka. They brand Umno and BN as “wicked” and “evil”. That’s not secular talk. That’s being religiously judgmental.

                1. ‘Now MCA is dead’

                  Terima kasih kepada 90% Cina yang menolak MCA dan Gerakan. Lepas ini orang-orang Melayu/Muslim pula patut tolak MCA total!

          2. ‘Ultimately, the Hudud bill needs to pass the constitutionality test.’

            No lah it doesn’t.

            Despite views that hudud is unconstitutional, lawyers confirmed today that PAS would not need to amend the Federal Constitution to enforce the strict Islamic criminal law in Kelantan. – See more at:


            PAS only needs a simple parliamentary majority to amend the Shariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965 to allow Kelantan to carry out hudud laws, a scenario that may become a reality since its archrivals Umno had said it would back the move.

            Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Yaakob said pursuing such option would force his government to drop its aim of expanding the Shariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965’s jurisdiction to cover six hudud offences, but added that PAS is willing to make some sacrifices to ensure its hudud agenda succeeds.

            “If we cannot cover all, perhaps four would be enough..we can try and implement the (Kelantan) Shariah Criminal Code II 1993 later,” he said in his winding up speech during the tabling of the hudud bill here this morning.

            A backing of a simple majority in the Dewan Rakyat means the Shariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965 can be amended to expand its jurisdiction to mete out hudud punishments on four offences ― adultery, aspostasy, alcohol consumption and false accusation of adultery.

            Kelantan government officials, including Ahmad, had said that such option would be preferable since the other ― expanding the Shariah courts powers to cover six hudud offences instead of four ― requires amendments to the Federal Constitution.
            – See more at:

            canon, what do you think the Jawatankuasa Hudud between Putrajaya and Kelantan had been doing all this while?

  5. Actually what is wrong with hudud and the implementation to non-Muslims. Nothing.

    The current common law system from the UK included the elements of canon law (Christian law) and Roman Law. The non Muslims who object to hudud say that hudud cannot be implemented in a multi religious country.

    However 60.4% of Malaysians are Muslim, which is a clear majority.
    How many percent of Malaysians are Christian or Romans? Christians are only 9.1% and totally no Romans. In fact common law is unfairly used on non-Christians in this country by the British.

    The time for God’s law is NOW.

    1. ‘Christians are only 9.1% and totally no Romans. In fact common law is unfairly used on non-Christians in this country by the British.’

      Haha. Betoi2 Mulan. See whether Alan or his kaki The Rithmatist can top that?!

  6. One clear case of Christian principles in our current law.
    In 1974, our family law was amended to abolish polygamy among non-Muslims. The sip and sit (chiak teh) custom of marriage had no more legal bearing. Today sip and sit is a ceremonial event among the Chinese. Before 1974, the act of sipping tea with the future in laws means the person is accepted into the family as a spouse. (Even today, a civil marriage at the Jabatan Pendaftaran is not considered marriage until the sip and sit has been performed by the Chinese. Many who have registered their marriage but had not sipped tea is still considered “single”.)

    The principle of one man one woman is Bibical and Christian in nature.

    “But since sexual immorality is occurring, each man should have sexual relations with his own wife, and each woman with her own husband.”
    1 Corinthians 7:2

    By giving up “sip and sit”, the Chinese accepted the Christian principle in law. If the Chinese can give up the legal bearing of sip and sit and the abolishment of polygamy for a rule from 1 Corinthians 7:2, then they should also willingly accept hudud. There are more Muslims in this country then Christians, therefore laws with Muslim perspective are more relevant then Christian or Roman laws.

    1. The crime of Sodomy was based on biblical Sodom, Sdr Mulan
      as were monogamy and incest in civil law.

      Hudud crimes will in-sya-allah be included in the Penal Code 1936
      subject of course to Parliamentary majority.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

        1. This is one good Christian…thank you Dr Arnold Puyok for being honest and just.

          Let me draw an example from personal experience. I come from the native of Lundayeh in Sipitang, Sabah. My community is so small that no one – yes, even in Sabah! – know who the Lundayehs are and where they come from.

          Those days, most of the Lundayehs were subsistence farmers and had to struggle to make ends meet. Both of my parents did not have a permanent job so I did not expect that I would be able to make it to university due to lack of money.

          However, I was glad that I was taught the values of hard work, importance of education, and determination in pursuing one’s life endeavour.

          So, with little financial resources, I embarked on a lifetime journey to Kota Kinabalu to attend secondary school and to Peninsular Malaysia to attend university.

          Gladly, I received a full scholarship from Malaya (read: the federal government). Throughout my university days, I saw hundreds, if not more, of Sabahan and Sarawakian students coming in droves to Peninsular Malaysia on a federal government scholarship.
          – See more at:

  7. Brilliant! Get some intimate glimpses of how Nazis got into power in an advanced country!

  8. The blessed Prophet s.a.w. said:

    “Be kind, for whenever kindness becomes part of something, kindness beautifies it. And if kindness is taken away from something, its absence leaves the thing tarnished.”

    Isn’t it quite unkind to the common people to hold a wedding function of such proportions in conditions such as ours?

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