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Kalau gantung Nurul Izzah dari Parlimen, ada precedent

Orang Pakatan yang buat dulu.

Kerajaan Selangor pernah menggantung ketua pembangkang Mohd Khir Toyo selama satu tahun kerana ‘menghina’ Selcat (Jawatankuasa Pilihan Khas Mengenai Keupayaan, Kebertanggungjawaban dan Ketelusan).

Jawatankuasa Hak dan Keistimewaan telah menggantung Khir Toyo daripada menghadiri sidang DUN bermula Mei 2009.

Tindakan itu diambil ekoran beliau didapati bersalah terhadap tiga tuduhan membuat kenyataan yang menghina legitimasi Selcat dalam media dan dalam blognya.

Khir Toyo juga dihukum atas kegagalan beliau menghadiri siasatan Selcat berhubung perbelanjaan dana agensi kerajaan negeri.

Rujuk, ‘DUN S’gor: Khir Toyo digantung setahun‘ (Malaysiakini, 19 Mei 2009)

Terima kasih kepada pembaca ASH @ 2015/03/17 at 11:02 am mengingatkan kita akan betapa mudahnya si evangelista lupa.

Zaman muda sebelum Puan Speaker Hannah Yeoh memperolehi dagu ‘double chin’nya

Bersambung dari:

Cuba tengok kepandaian Hannah mengampu bodek Nurul Izzah

Kes Nurul: Ramai YB evangelista DAP meroyan giler

mpkotabelud_ I have never seen the level of vile&wicked language

Nurul’s “vile & wicked language”

Muka cantik, mulut longkang

Tak pernah ada Ahli Parlimen yang kelakuannya begitu melampau (“conduct unbecoming”).

“Politicians sooner or later ride into the sunset & retire. We must not destroy our judiciary on the count of short term political interest!” – ‏@mpkotabelud

Waaay to go!

@mpkotabelud is talking to the Dapster Gangster in the only kind of language they understand

“Anything that bothers you would be my pleasure!”

how about White House who has expressed concern over the conviction of @anwaribrahim? Also stupid?

No. Only you”

“Don’t be stupid YB!”

Honorary mention for Tan Keng Liang – Gerakan Youth Chief – as among those standing up to the evangelista bullies.

The evangelistas – Tony ke, Hannah ke, Guan Eng ke – are the same. Sneaky bastards baling batu sorok tangan … they block all the people who expose them, then they delete their own offensive tweets.

Note on reader-commenter Alan



I have no Faceook or Twitter.

49 thoughts on “Kalau gantung Nurul Izzah dari Parlimen, ada precedent

  1. Thank you Tony for making everything Chinese and Christian rude, childish, tempremental, ingrate and irrational.

    You come from a very good UK university but instead of behaving like a gentleman, you behave like a spoilt brat who is not worthy of the honour being called a gentleman.

    Your tweet attacked a wide spectrum of people, firstly the Royals, secondly the subjects and thirdly the civil service. How many of your classmates dare tweet and insult the HM Queen, her subjects and the civil service when the guy just wants to address a certain member in Parliament?

    There is a Malay saying that talks about the bowing paddy stalk. More knowledge equals more humality.

    Secondly how do you expect the non-Chinese especially the Malays to have any dialogue with the Chinese when all the Chinese scream and nag all the time. Don’t the Chinese know that a nagging and a perfectionist wife is a invitation for the husband to take a concubine? Perhaps most Chinese can’t understand the TVB plots.

    How do you expect Malays not to ask for Chinese schools to be shut or business to be boycotted when all they do is called the Malays (and over a spectrum of the whole race) as racists?

    Instead of engaging in dialogue, the Chinese leaders (who represent the race) engage in name calling over the internet and funny protests in the form of flash mobs.

    Compare pre Pakatan days. Were there any calls to close Chinese schools, return Penang to Kedah or boycott of Chinese businesses? No. Those days people discuss, now they scream and cry like babies.

    We talked about Malaysia Boleh. We do not use the Bodoh word. Nobody gets so worked up over two brands of bread. Worst of all, being proud of not able to speak the national language is the mantra of many Chinese here. There is even a Chinese woman who chickenly hides in the UK (and uses a white man name) who wants to split up Malaysia.

    Do many Chinese know that Hockien is one dialect that many non Chinese understand? Why is this so? The Hockien are the most parochial of all Chinese dialect groups. They are one who stubborn and do not want to adapt.

    In the 80s, the dominant dialect in the Klang Valley is Cantonese. Today it is Hockien. Many Penang Hockiens move to the Klang Valley for work (there is actually no work in Penang) and education. (Look at how many Pendatangs Dari Penang return to Penang from Selangor during Chinese New Year.

    In the 90s we wish Kung Hei Fatt choy but now it is Huat Huat.). I know of many Subangnites who stubbornly cannot speak Cantonese even after living 20 years in the Klang Valley.

    One arrogant attitude the Hockiens have is (especially the Penang Hockien) is that to talk to them you must learn Hockien and even though they mastered Hockien any non Hockien can never understand Hockien insults. Hockiens especially Penang Hockiens are SO smart that nobody can catch up. I was even told to celebrate the Hockien New Year.

    I am Peranakan and partly Cantonese. Don’t they know the Hockien New Year is about my Cantonese forefathers failing to slaughter Hockiens in the sugar cane plantation.

    Next, IS. Why do you think IS came about in many countries? Mostly it comes from the frustation of members of the public with Western policy over the Palestine and their local politics. The “moderates” who bully. A so called “moderate” who is holier than thou will give birth with an “extrimist” who is tired of being fucked by the moderate.

    Moderates who ask us to love but don’t show love. Moderate have the “wisdom” to license to call anyone in their way as evil. They can never do any evil and if they do it is the Devil who did it.

    The current behavior of the Christian is so bad that it shows that most Christians do not understand and practice the what Jesus did. Loving thy neighbour is by insulting thy neighbour. Churches become businesses and venues of another ceramah.

    I have been to churches who preach about evil people who stop the will of Allah and God loves those who pay tithes. It is fine to go against the 10 commandments of Moses to honour thy parents, if thy parents do not accept Christ.

    The Buddhists are no angels too. Thou must go vegetarian but double park at the same time. And don’t forget to curse UMNO in your prayers.

    Kak Helen I know you like a good ditty or two. Here is one good ditty. [YouTube] Enjoy.

    1. “Your tweet attacked a wide spectrum of people, firstly the Royals” …”How many of your classmates dare tweet and insult the HM Queen”

      Am I missing something? How and when did Tony insult the Royals. He clearly was refereeing to the “Royal Malaysian Police”, which the PIG failed to grasp.

      Instead of attacking the opposition and certain people who have a different opinion on how things are done, I think it’s more important for a lot of bloggers to ask why this is happening.

      Be it Malays, Chinese, Indians or Others, the fact remains that many in the country do not perceive the judiciary and the Police to be independent parties. Until this perception changes, these sorts of retaliation from the aggrieved parties will continue to happen. Nothing to do with Christianity etc. Many Malays also feel the same way and have tweeted similar sentiments. Helen just chooses to ignore those.

        1. He clearly was refereeing to the “Royal Malaysian Police”, which the PIG failed to grasp.

          Who is a PIG? Human or animal?
          So polite. Very Oxford.

            1. Another example of how the evangelistas can’t stop lying and being so brazen. Fitnah dan evangelista berpisah tiada.

              Below is a screenshot of Alan’s comment as it came in. He clearly wrote “PIG”.

              Alan is giving evangelical Christians a bad name.

              Click to enlarge


              1. There’s no “click to enlarge” function in Comment section, so I’ve reproduced Alan’s original comment at a readable font size – updated in the article above.

              2. Fair enough. If that’s how it came to you, I obviously can’t argue against it. I don’t remember writing PIG and clearly remember writing IGP, and I stand by that comment. The spell check may have corrected what I posted. That could have been a possibility.

                  1. Don’t understand English ah? Helen has accepted my explanation. Read my previous posts where I refer to him as IGP.

                1. “The spell check may have corrected what I posted.”

                  When you typed the word “IGP” (or “IPG”) in a wholly capitalized format, the predictive engine in those typical mobile phone software would not have suggested “PIG” because it wasn’t a conventionally understood acronym. If you typed something like “ipg” or “igp”, maybe it will be suggested as “pig” but it will be in lower case, not upper case like in your comment.

              3. So I’m an “evangelistas” now Helen? Again, another statement made with no facts whatsoever to back it up.

                  1. Well, you disgust me as well. And what really does disgust me is you trying to manipulate your Muslim followers into believing that Christians are actually a threat to them with your baseless writings. This is not acceptable and will create unnecessary tension amongst the races. But that obviously doesn’t bother you one bit.

                    1. Me manipulate?

                      The most cynical manipulation that I can see is how the evangelistas want to call their God ‘Allah’. Nama Tuhan pun mung hok mahu rembat.

                    2. It was the Catholic Church that had an issue with that, not the Evangelicals. My initial reaction to the “Allah” issue was, I can’t believe the Muslims are claiming ownership of this word as it predates Islam. Subsequently, I still thought the Islamic position was ridiculous but was happy to see the Church concede as I didn’t want there to be tension amongst the Christians and the Muslims.

                      I then spoke to Father Lawrence from St Annes in Port Klang, and asked him why he was pursuing it. He basically said that others have no right to dictate how Catholics should practice their faith, and if they give in on this, then they will continue to be dictated to in the future.

                      He also stated that West Malaysia now has a massive Catholic population from Sabah and Sarawak, and these people have been using the word “Allah” in their services for eons, and hence the Herald chose to use the Arabic word for God in their Malay publication.

      1. “many in the country do not perceive the judiciary and the Police to be independent parties…”

        And where and how did that perception come about if not from the Pakatan Rakyat and their media?

        This is the problem with PR supporters. Everytime one of theirs have police reports filed against them, most of the time by the public, and the police comes out to investigate, the police becomes the “bad guy”. But if the PR supporters made the police reports against a BN politician/supporter and the police investigated, oh that’s just the police doing their jobs.

        You don’t hear them screaming bloody bastards at the police for detaining a BN politician/supporter, do you? Just like when they win in court, the judges are damn fair and unbiased, but if one of their own loses, suddenly you have a corrupt judge, judiciary, police et al.

        1. Ms. Nurul accused the Judiciary of Malaysia who had found her father Anwar guilty of sodomizing Saiful, as men who have sold their souls to Satan, and traded their integrity for wealth and status:

          It is of the adab of the high path of Islam to completely abandon and shun guile, deceit, scornfulness, or sarcasm because these are unlawful. Allah Most High says, “O you who believe, let no men scorn other men, for they might well be better than they are. And let no women scorn other women, for they might well be better than they. And do not find fault with one another, or give each other insulting nicknames” (Qur’an 49:11). And Allah Most High says, “Woe to whoever demeans others behind their back or to their face” (Qur’an 104:1).
          And the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said, “Let no one harm another, nor reciprocate the harm done to him. Whoever harms another, he Allah shall harm, and whoever gives trouble to another, he Allah shall give trouble to.”
          (narrated by Hakim).

          1. re: “Ms. Nurul accused the Judiciary of Malaysia”

            I’m revolted that Alan @ 2015/03/17 at 3:37 pm can so blithely allege the moderator of having ‘messed’ with his comment when he clearly himself wrote “PIG” instead of IGP.

            Whether it is Nurul or Hannah, these people are similarly repulsive in the way they can simply concoct false accusations.

        2. The issue is that BN people are viewed as being held to a much lesser or milder set of laws than their opposition counterparts.Take Ibrahim Ali for example, the guy can say things like the Bibles should be burnt etc and get away with it. And you wonder where this perception that the judiciary/Police is partisan comes from? How many BN people have been charged or questioned recently? Yep, not many.

          I actually think that the popularity of social media and internet has had a lot to so with the Govt and other departments being questioned a lot more. With this came portals that gave two sides of the story and started reporting all the news, rather than how it used to be with the mainstream media only reporting selective news items that favoured BN. This has led to a stronger opposition which is a good thing.

          The Opposition will always question everything the govt does, it’s the same in every country. I live in Australia now, and it’s no different here. Keeps the ruling party honest, or at least it should do so.

          1. You people are scumbags.

            Go check your original Comment submission and see whether you wrote ‘PIG’ or ‘IGP’.

            Your behaviour disgusts me. I’m utterly revolted by the way your kind of people can tell lies without batting an eyelid.

              1. Okay, I accept your explanation that you wrote ‘IGP’ and the spellchecker probably auto-corrected it, in the same way it will not let through “teh tarik” (‘the’ tarik).

                Nonetheless the fact that you simply jumped the gun and threw that accusation at me is the very reason why I’ve elected to side with the establishment and BN supporters rather than opposition and DAP supporters.

                Here’s another person who has noted the difference in behaviour between the two camps.

              2. Alan ,

                You are typical evangelist quality ,nothing that right with others ,except you.

            1. The PIG reference was deliberate. But that’s what pre occupies the mind when one lives in a sty like the Alan’s of this world.

          2. I live in Australia now, and it’s no different here.

            Hmmm. So you understand Malaysian politics. Perhaps we are not too smart because we don’t understand Aussie politics.

            MYOB darling. Concentrate on your Australia.
            Or else change your name to Doris.

            1. As a Malaysian who hopes for a better Malaysia, and may come back one day, why should I mind my own business? I have a a lot of ties back in Malaysia and have a right to comment on the issues even though I am not physically there. Would you rather have a weak opposition and let the ruling party do whatever they choose to do? The worst thing that can happen to Malaysia is if future governments, be it PR or BN obtain two thirds majority. I hope this never happens again.

              1. Alan,
                re, Would you rather have a weak opposition.

                We have stronger opposition since GE 13 , what they have done so far ?, for the goods of Malaysian .

                1. ‘We have stronger opposition since GE 13 , what they have done so far ?, for the goods of Malaysian .’

                  never ending water woes n series of weekend demos

              2. As a Malaysian who hopes for a better Malaysia, and may come back one day, why should I mind my own business? I have a a lot of ties back in Malaysia and have a right to comment on the issues even though I am not physically there.

                If you love your country then you must come back and contribute. Long distance love affairs don’t mean much.

                Which is more important – who job or you said your love i.e. Malaysia.

                You are unwilling to return – which shows your love in not sincere.

        3. Orangkampung,

          The only language that these species understand is of crude nature. And one must be firm with them. They simply know no courtesy.

    2. No words about “Islamophobia” – a favourite bête noire of Kak Helen?

      If you are coy about this, there’s a report “ISIS posts footage of boy-trainees from region” with the subheading “Video of Malay-speaking kids a sign it is targeting supporters in S-E Asia” in today’s Singapore Straits Times. You can access it on the paper’s website, if you are so inclined.

      The report quoted Jasminder Singh, a research analyst at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore: “There has been a surge in Indonesian- and Malay-language material posted by ISIS online… There have been previous videos featuring Arab and Central Asian children, and it is clear they are now reaching out to target supporters in South-east Asia.”

      The ISIS video is titled “Education in the Caliphate” and includes photos of students at the Abdullah Azzam academy, which uses Malay as a medium of instruction and was set up for the children of South-east Asian fighters.

      The report by Zakir Hussain, the Deputy Political Editor of the Singapore Straits Times, said: “Analysts say the school indicates that ISIS’ Malay Archipelago Unit, set up last year and called Katibah Nusantara, has grown. The decision to say that the school teaches in Bahasa Melayu, rather than Bahasa Indonesia, suggests a defiance of the boundaries of the nation state….. The video is also the first to show children from the region being trained for active combat. An estimated 500 fighters from the region, including Southern Thailand, have joined ISIS.”

      Analyst Robbi Sugara of research institute Barometer Institute: “They want to seek financial support, and to attract Indonesians and Malaysians to migrate to the caliphate.”

      The ST report said: “The two-minute video features Indonesian Katibah (Nusantara) member Bahrumsyah, who left for Syria last May. Its message is that these children will “finish all oppressors, disbelievers, apostates”, and ends with a child firing a revolver.”

      “Mr Abdul Halim Kader of Muslim group Taman Bacaan said there is a fear that some young people might be influenced by such videos, and educators had to do more to counter their message.”

      Jasminder Singh: “The message they aim to send is, ‘These children will be the next generation of fighters. You can capture us, kill us, we will regenerate, no matter how hard you try.'”

      So, who is the existentialist threat now? Who is teaching children to be cold-blooded killers who will “finish all oppressors, disbelievers, apostates”?

      It seems to me that you and Kak Helen are ignoring global realities and pursuing your own narrow agendas.

        1. [paraphrase of article by Prof. Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas]

          “Knowledge is the light by which everything else is made manifest so that it is ready for the correct and proper understanding of man. True knowledge is a most precious possession that cannot be entrusted to somebody else; its corruption gives rise to all sorts of evil which will bring about misery, injustice and suffering upon the individual and ultimately to the rest of society.

          “Simple ignorance” may be remedied through continual and patient instruction and clarification. However, what is known as “compounded ignorance” (jahil murakkab) is less amenable to rectification or illumination because one who suffers from such ignorance is ignorant of being in such a condition and languishes in that state unaware that he is engulfed in ignorance. Hence any attempt by others to extract that person from such a state of mind will be met with psychological opposition and intellectual inertia from him.”

          Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

        2. Ah, so….can you refute any of the points in the Singapore Straits Times report I quoted from?

          And I didn’t know that there is such a thing as “Christian Zionism”. Is it referred to in any authoritative texts or commentaries or op-ed pieces?

      1. Oooh…..does that include Oxford ….lol.

        Shall we include also NUS and it’s predecessor?

        And the Malaysian public universities – UM, UTM, USM etc?

        What about Harvard Business School, Stanford or Wharton?

        Just asking!

          1. Then if Oxford graduates can come out with uncouth remarks and behave ungentlemanly, then Oxford should relook into their admissions policies and reject all rift-rafts.

            1. You mean “riffraff”, right?

              Maybe your spell checker isn’t working…. lol.

              Do you have any particular Oxford grads in mind or are you just generalising?

              And why not extend your list to include local grads from UM, USM etc?

              Maybe they too should be relooking their admissions criteria and stringently reject all “rift-rafts” (sic).

              Are you willing to make the call?

  2. What does the Banana mean by “over the line”? Sometimes I don’t quite understand the evangelista language.

    Does she mean Nurul Izzah crossed the line? If that is so, then Nurul deserves to be dealt with appropriately.

    1. Rahman Dahlan said Nurul crossed the line.

      It’s the Twitter format – message by Person A, response by Person B. Sometimes it’s confusing for non-Twitter users. I don’t quite get Twitter sometimes either, i.e. who actually said the thing.

  3. Tanya sama najib apasal itu pokok goyang kerana 1 mdb punya hal rosmah udah hilang Raja dalam rumah buat kira-kira hadi hitong salah anwar bikin aniaya anwar makan nangka izzah pulak yang kena getah nya…those who laugh first will laugh last he…he..

  4. Ms H. I had a bad dream last night. I dreamt Bongo Bongo of the Congo with all the diamonds ruled our beloved Malaysia. The Dewan Rakyat was dissovled. The rule was by decree. I woke-up with a cold sweat and my body was shivering with fear. Soon enough, I realized it was only a bad dream and that our beloved Malaysia still has the Free Malaysian Style Democracy with Open Capitalistic Characteristic manned by elected digits.

  5. If we want a precedent of an elected representative being suspended for the Parliament, surely there are many cases prior to the suspension of Khir Toyo. Why highlight Khir Toyo only?

    1. Sure we have. We have Surendren and Sivarasa as the more recent cases. But if Helen doesn’t highlight Khir Toyo’s case, then people might think it’s just the BN yang menggantung ikut suka hati.

      There are quite a few cases in Parliament, that the people in my kedai kopi used to joke – “Hah, itu memang mintak kena gantung la. Boleh cuti.”

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