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Kes Nurul: Ramai YB evangelista DAP meroyan giler

Hipokrit Hannah memperjuangkan hak Nurul Izzah untuk berucap tanpa sebarang kekangan di Dewan Rakyat.

Namun di garismasa Twitternya sendiri, @hannahyeoh telah menyekat kebebasan bersuara berpuluh-puluh orang pengguna media sosial yang telah berani menyoal ataupun mempertikaikan percakapannya.

Sila rujuk, ‘Dodgy Podgy porky and pie

hannah For the freedom to speak freely in the House

Tony Pua memekik lolong, “Bastards. Real bastards. Royal my foot.”

Lepas itu, dia tweet lagi, “Bastards. ‘Nurul Izzah arrested under Sedition Act’.”

Tony – Ahli Parlimen DAP Petaling Jaya Utara – ialah EVANGELISTA.

Tony Pua Bastards

Teo Nie Ching menyerang Ketua Polis Negara dan juga Menteri Rahman Dahlan berkaitan penahanan Nurul Izzah semalaman di lokap.

Kata Nie Ching dalam tweetnya, “so you want the police to detain her forever?”

Nie Ching – Ahli Parlimen DAP Kulai – ialah EVANGELISTA.

@TeoNieChing Dont be stupid YB!

@TeoNieChing stupidity

@TeoNieChing @mpkotabelud Low-class ministers

Lim Lip Eng pula mencabar komen Rahman Dahlan yang kritis perihal karenah Nurul.

YB ni dulu pernah berkata kalau orang Pakatan lah yang mengetuai angkatan tentera, sudah pasti pesawat MH370 yang hilang itu akan dijumpai dalam sekelip mata.

Lip Eng – Ahli Parlimen DAP Segambut – ialah EVANGELISTA.

@limlipeng Do your own homework

Ong Kian Ming mengecam keras penangkapan Nurul Izzah yang digambarkannya sebagai tindakan kejam dan kuku besi.

@imokman iaitu Ahli Parlimen DAP Serdang telah mencemuh Menteri Perumahan Rahman Dahlan sebagai “A real piece of work.”

Memang ia sikap evangelista DAP untuk kuat mencaci.

Call-me-Doctor-Ong (PhD) ialah uber EVANGELISTA.

Ong Kian Ming A real piece of work

Hannah Yeoh seperti biasa bersifat teramat licik sekali dan spesi jenis ‘baling batu sorok tangan’.

Hannah inilah yang paling berbakat dalam seni menyindir. Jarang akan dia bercakap direct atau mahu buat tweet secara direct. Dia selalu lebih gemar men’retweet’ untuk menyampaikan hasratnya – lihat SINI – dan boleh disebut mengikut kaedah orang yang bijak ‘cover their arse’.

Puan Speaker yang juga Adun DAP Subang Jaya ialah Mother of All Evangelistas.

mpkotabelud_ I have never seen the level of vile&wicked language

Bintang Lima yang penuh benci dan hasad dengki

Politikus DAP yang paling agresif dan paling kuat mendendami musuh ialah evangelista.

Operatif pro-DAP yang paling kuat memfitnah dan menghasut ialah evangelista.

Penyokong DAP yang paling lantang dan bersemangat ialah evangelista.

Pada lazimnya @mpkotabelud seorang-seorang sahaja yang sanggup menangkis asakan evangelista DAP. One against so many of them. Go, go @mpkotabelud!

I support @PDRMsia's action

Adakah The J-Star sedang menghasut?

Cuba lihat bagaimana media MCA telah merangka tajuk utamanya:

‘Nurul Izzah jailed overnight’

Begitu sensasi bunyinya konon Nurul “dipenjarakan” walhal dia hanya ditahan polis.

J-Star Nurul jailed

Suratkhabar EvangeliSTAR ini kalau bukan Gunting Dalam Lipatan tak tahu lagi apa nak cakap.

Umno Parti Paling Tidak Apa (PPTA) memang sengaja mengundang bencana dengan sikap acuh tak acuhnya.

Cuba tengok juga kepandaian Hannah mengampu bodek Nurul Izzah


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27 thoughts on “Kes Nurul: Ramai YB evangelista DAP meroyan giler

  1. Wonder what the standard of the on line editor STAR has.

    Judging from his wording “‘jailed”‘ goes without saying that they are malicious.

    Remember the Erykah Badu issue a couple of years ago, they just do things sneakily.

    Jailed or detained, which would you use rationally?

    Star choose politics.

    As for Hannah Yeoh and Tony Pua they can go and stick it where the sun dont shine. Wong Chun Wai too.

          1. I took offence to her last part of her statement when she implied that all Christians are dodgy. You are not very objective are you. Only see things from your own point of view, which is so flawed and without reason.

            And if Christianity and Christians are so bad, why is it that the Christian countries lead the world in development, technology, culture, human rights records etc? Check out the migration figures as well, very few western people move to the east, compared to the other way around. Australia,America, UK, France etc are flooded with immigrants, many of them Muslims. These Muslims thankfully don’t share such narrow views as many on here do.

            A a common thing amongst many Malaysians is that t they love to be dictated to and love the tribal mentality. Objectivity and constructive criticism is a no no in their book. No room for individualism. You appear to fall into this group. Unfortunate and this will eventually destroy the country.

            1. RE: “I took offence to her last part of her statement when she implied that all Christians are dodgy.”

              Sucks to be tarred by such a broad, broad brush.

              Your comment on on March 10, 2015 at 4:04 p.m.

              “We all know that Muslims in Malaysia constantly bully and chastise the minority religions, not the other way round. The Allah issue was case in point, where they suddenly decided to take ownership of a word and become the laughing stock of the world.”

              So Alan… how many Muslims in Malaysia do you think would take offense when you imply that they are constant bullies who have become the laughing stock of the world?

              (Oh, if you are not the same Alan… I shall retract and apologize!)

              RE: “And if Christianity and Christians are so bad, why is it that the Christian countries lead the world in development, technology, culture, human rights records etc?”

              Ok. Which countries are you talking about? U.S.? U.K.? Europe? (Can’t be Japan, surely.)

              What does it even mean to be a “Christian” country? Is the U.S. a Christian country?

              Look at the list of Nobel laureates. Look at the leadership in the top companies of the world.

              How many of them are Christian, and how many of them just have Christian names?

              Do you really think that the tremendous progress made in the past 200 years — from the Industrial Revolution to the Atomic Age to the present — was the result of Christians leading the way?

              Do you think that Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the Ivy League, and the United Nations are bastions of Christianity?

              Sorry, bro. It’s a Godless world we live in. Just ask all the American mega-pastors.

            2. You said this…

              ‘You are not very objective are you. Only see things from your own point of view, which is so flawed and without reason.’

              And then this…

              ‘And if Christianity and Christians are so bad, why is it that the Christian countries lead the world in development, technology, culture, human rights records etc?’

              But I’m the katak di bawah tempurung? Seriously?!

  2. Is the IGP so clueless? Obviously Tony Pua was referring to the most competent and respected police force in the world, “Royal Malaysian Police”. This kind of genius is head of police, ah? God help us all.

    1. You’re the clueless one. You obviously have been out of the country too long that you fail to see what the IGP is doing. The IGP knew what Tony Pua referred to. He is just nudging him to watch what he says. Obviously, Tony understood, since he withdrew the comment.

      1. Same IGP who investigated a kid for liking a “I like Israel” post on facebook? Yep, this guy really deserves respect and clearly knows what he’s doing.

        1. Abih tu yg hampa kalut marah kt Bung Mokhtar pasal Hitler tu apa hal? Negara ni jajahan Jerman ka? As for the stupid budak saja nk kata dia sokong orang Islam kena bunuh ka?

        2. You do jump about in your arguments, don’t you? You thought the IGP was clueless and I pointed out that he wasn’t and I said obviously Tony knew what the IGP meant and you then attack him on some other issue. Can’t you at least concede on the TP issue before you jump onto another one?

          Btw, you may not respect the man but please respect the position of the IGP. I hope you can see the difference in the two.

  3. MS HA you have consistently exposed the sheer hypocrisy of these evangelista DAP. Their tweets wanted to downgrade a lot of people but only shows them to be the real hypocrites.

    At any rate it seems only the DAPsters who are aggressively and actively defending Nurul. What about the PKR people.. Ampang and Kuantan is not saying anything at all…

    The faster the rakyat knows about these undesirable elements in our society the better. Get rid of them and don’t ever let them flout the law, ever again…

    1. re: “At any rate it seems only the DAPsters who are aggressively and actively defending Nurul.”

      Just like the other day’s Free Anwar rally when for the first time, DAP-backed Chinese participation in a protest was bigger than the traditional PAS-Malay turnout for such demos. It’s all because ABU and the “Ini kali lah” march to Putrajaya requires a Malay puppet figurehead. And Anwar is it.

      He was the Malay Islamist figure who empowered the evangelistas and allowed them to acquire a toehold in the mosques and on kalimah Allah. Remember Nurul’s slip of tongue when speaking in the evangelical Tabernacle church Subang Jaya? She implied that it was okay for Malays to murtad (but she’s since backpedalled).

      Hence it is no surprise that the DAP’s evangelista YBs should similarly be supporting Nurul. From the photos of the candlelight vigil last night for Nurul at the Jinjang police station, it looks like a lot of the participants praying for Nurul were Chinese.

      The Anwar family is the DAP’s ‘secret weapon’ to crack the Malay-Muslim vote bank.

      re: “Ampang and Kuantan is not saying anything at all…”

      And their silence is so pregnant with meaning. The quieter the Azmin faction, the louder the DAP evangelistas are going to be heard.

  4. It appears as if Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan is the only one holding the fort from the onslaught of the orc, I mean opposition hordes. What on earth happened to our Youth & Sports Minister?

  5. Paul yang mencipta kristian sebab semuanya Paul paul dan paul…. Pengikut kristian pun tak tahu

    1. Tuhan tiga serangkai Bapa-Anak-Ruh Quddus adalah di bentuk daripada warisan penyelewengan Paul of Tarsus. Nabi Isa a.s. tidak pernah mengistiharkan darah pertumpahannya atas salib akan dapat menyucikan seluruh ummat manusia dari dosa2 diri mereka sendiri sampai Hari Kiamat. Pegangan ini adalah khurafat mushrikin pada tiap2 zaman dalam sejarah manusia atas bumi Allah Maha Esa Maha Pencipta.

  6. Care lawan tetap lawan remember for every action the minimium is an equal opposite reaction. Stop stirring shit anuar azizzah nurul anak beranak sama aje….. pengkhianat agama dan bangsa. Delusional family leading to anarchy taubat taubat taubat lah selagi pintu taubat masih ada maut tu anytime.

  7. nurul and her family kena muhasabah diri.. berapa ramai orang sudah mengangkat tangan dan berdoa. mungkin antaranya 5 orang hakim tu. sebagai Islam doa orang yang di zalimi tiada hijab. taste your own medicine Nurul..

  8. Helen ,

    Evangelsit mudah lupa , This happened in 2009.

    Keratan dari Malaysiakini.

    “Jawatankuasa Hak dan Keistimewaan Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Selangor telah menggantung ketua pembangkang dan bekas menteri besar Selangor, Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo daripada menghadiri sidang DUN selama setahun.

    Tindakan itu diambil ekoran kegagalan beliau menghadiri siasatan Jawatankuasa Pilihan Khas Mengenai Keupayaan, kebertanggungjawaban dan Ketelusan (Selcat) Selangor Mac lalu berhubung perbelanjaan dana agensi kerajaan negeri.

    Jawatankuasa itu – di bawah Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Selangor – juga mendapati beliau bersalah terhadap tiga tuduhan membuat kenyataan yang menghina legitimasi Selcat, dalam media dalam dalam blognya.

    Ekoran itu, Dr Mohd Khir yang juga ketua pembangkang di DUN Selangor digantung selama setahun daripada menghadiri sidang DUN kerana gagal menghadiri siasatan awam tersebut, dan digantung masing-masing enam bulan bagi setiap tuduhan tersebut.

    Kesemua elaun dan keistimewaan yang diterima Dr Mohd Khir Toyo sebagai seorang ADUN, juga digantung.

    Jawatankuasa itu juga menggantung empat lagi ADUN BN Warno Dogol (Sabak), Isa Abdul Kasim (Batang Kali), Marsum Paing (Dengkil) dan Mohamad Idris Abu Bakar (Hulu Bernam) selama enam bulan kerana mempersoalkan integriti Selcat.

    Elaun dan keistimewaan mereka juga turut digantung sepanjang tempoh hukuman tersebut.

    Ia diumumkan oleh Speaker DUN Selangor, Teng Chang Khim selepas mempengerusikan mesyuarat jawatankuasa hak dan keistimewaan tersebut di Shah Alalm untuk membincangkan perkara tersebut.”

  9. Good job PDRM, now Malaysia see that the laws to be enforced, not just selective enforcement or just lying idle.

    Malaysia to see more peaceful nation in the future.

  10. What?? Nurul Izzah being detained? How long? That is the best news I heard.. keep her and all her relatives behind bars…. Including those hypocrites Hannah, Tony Pua and all idiots from the opposition. The deport them back to Tongsan.

  11. Nurul Izzah spoke not based on fact. She accused the judge for wrongdoings without proof! Not just the judge, but the whole court system was accused of being ruled by the government?

    And PDRM acted based on the police report made by the lawyer Zulkifli Noordin. On what basis can we say ‘PDRM so ZALIM’?

  12. Nak jadi pemimpin?

    hahahahaha! baru kena tahan untuk siasatan dan bermalam satu malam dalam lokap polis aje dah kelam-kabut satu dunia ke?

    kalau kail panjang sejengkal, lautan dalam jangan diduga…
    kalau takut dilambung ombak, jangan berumah di tepi pantai!

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