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Hudud will aggravate Christian-Muslim conflict

Already religious tensions between the Christians and the Muslims are at an all-time high. See below, ‘Muslims oppose churches, Christians oppose mosques’.

This conflict is further compounded by the Hallelujah evangelical politicians controlling the DAP and the serban-dan-jubah clique striving to consolidate their control of PAS.

Then there are wannabes who want Umno to introduce its own ulama wing.

DAP the midwife that delivered the hudud baby

And MCA correctly lays the blame for hudud implementation on the evangelical DAP’s shoulders.

Yup, Lim Guan Eng signed his agreement and sealed the deal.

For the Ubah, ABU, “ini kali lah” gang, the ends justify the means and they stopped at nothing in their greed to try to grab Putrajaya.

It’s in black and white – the DAP sellout

See Guan Eng’s signature below on the undertaking which he, as the DAP secretary-general, had co-signed with the PAS president Hadi Awang.

The letter of agreement (scanned below) allows for the Islamist party to individually pursue its aim of an Islamic state and Islamic jurisprudence.

And that is exactly what PAS is doing today, tabling the hudud amendment motion in the Kelantan DUN.

Note the underlined sentence – “PAS berhak memperjuangkan aqidah dan konsep negara Islam secara sendiri.”


Hannah black tudung litup
Hannah Yeoh

For details of the DAP betrayal of secularism and its complicity in hudud, see ‘Jemuan



ABOVE: Hannah Yeoh views @mpkotabelud Abdul Rahman Dahlan as a “racist BN politician” and the ruling party as “wicked”


Observe all the escalating attacks being mounted on Islam today by the Dapster evangelistas due to this hudud move in Kelantan, and the retaliation by the state Menteri Besar who views critics of hudud as “heathens“.

BELOW: Christians are united for Israel, and for Zion’s sake, the Christians who support the Zionists will not keep silent

The “moderates” have similarly been the loudest in Malaysia too, condemning matters which they see as related to the “extremism” of Islam and perpetrated by Malays whom they view as “racists” and “religious bigots”.



Latest on Israel election

Full list below for the 120-seat Knesset (Israel’s parliament).

Likud is the clear winner despite earlier the exit polls putting the contest at a dead heat.

Likud (Netanyahu’s party) – 29 seats

Zionist Union (Herzog’s party) – 24 seats

  • Joint Arab List (14)
  • Yesh Atid (11)
  • Kulanu (10)
  • Bayit Yehudi (8)
  • Shas (7)
  • United Torah Judaism (7)
  • Yisrael Beytenu (6)
  • Meretz (4)

Benjamin Netanyahu will remain as Israel prime minister if he is able to cobble together a coalition of right wing, nationalist and religious parties.

For more, see The Jerusalem Post


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9 thoughts on “Hudud will aggravate Christian-Muslim conflict

  1. “Sultan of Johor speaks his mind” in an exclusive interview with The Star paper.

    The transcript of the interview, as published in The Star today, makes for very interesting reading.

      1. Well, you must read the transcript of the interview that was published in The Star and judge for yourself.

        If I remember right, HRH did say positive things about The Star and it’s policy of moderation.

        That is bound to make Helen puke….

        Anyway, the Singapore Straits Times today carried excerpts of that interview, as part of a full-page report “Major celebrations planned for Johor Sultan’s crowning”.


        – “The future is in Johor because Singaporeans, not just Chinese, will be buying homes in Johor. Homes are already beyond the reach of ordinary Singaporeans over there. Once the links are in place, it will be the norm for Singaporeans to live in Johor and work in Singapore. That is the future.”

  2. And MCA correctly lays the blame for hudud implementation on the evangelical DAP’s shoulders.

    I blame 90% of the Chinese in Malaysia. If they were not preoccupied with Kill UMNO none of these would happen. Good job.

    1. This is not the first time a hudud law is tabled. The same was done back in 1993.Who to blame for this incident back then?

      1. But supporters back them are few. The Chinese clearly do not want PAS. The charisma of Tun M stops UMNO members to vote against coliation lines. There is muafakat among BN. And no Anwar kacau.

  3. Interesting times we’re facing.

    Here’s a gem of a quote from LGE on PAS’ Hudud before GE13 –
    “Lim said the issue of PAS’ hudud law raised by Barisan was akin to main lagu lama (playing an old song).

    “If they are P. Ramlee’s songs, we’d love to listen to them. But this is an old song that BN loves to play over and over again. ” he said.”

    I guess TG Hadi just discovered TGNA’s secret stash of P.Ramlee albums, since the BN seems to “love” and support this.

    And poor LKS. Really TG Hadi, couldn’t you let the old man realize his dreams so he can retire in peace?

    “A shift of two per cent voter support would oust UMNO/BN from Putrajaya, but it needs only a shift of one per cent voter support to oust UMNO/BN from Perak state government.

    If there is a shift of 10% voter support, UMNO/BN would be ousted from power in all the states in Peninsular Malaysia. ”

    “If hudud becomes an issue in the 14GE, PR will not only lose in Putrajaya, there is also a possibility that PAS will lose in Kelantan.”

  4. Hudud should unites moslem and christian
    But they never believe in Leviticus, Deutronomy and Numbers as all of it are Old Testament
    Yet they believe all the stories in Old testament, quite weird and confusing how evangalist describe and practice their own religion

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