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Netanyahu tweets victory in Israel election

Update (7.52am)

Netanyahu’s chief rival Isaac Herzog refuses to concede. Malaysians should pay attention to this election in Israel. Similar scenarios may befall our own GE14 in the near future.

Israel just concluded a very tight race and “knife-edge” election. Malaysia may experience the same in GE14.


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14 thoughts on “Netanyahu tweets victory in Israel election

  1. Hell hath no fury like a world scorned. The Palestinians must have a nation and a home or we will have legitimized and recognized invasions and displacement of people’s from their rightful homes and lands.

  2. The likud victory had created a new butcher of Palestines just like Ariel Sharon.
    There won’t be a Palestinians states as long as Israel is run by people like Nentanyahu.

    1. Two-state solution not viable.

      Already too many Israel settlements illegally occupying Palestinian land and the Jewish settlers cannot be made to withdraw (or rather nobody, meaning foreign power, is going to compel them to withdraw/dismantle the settlements).

      Too little land left for Palestinian state and at the same time, Israel will still insist on a buffer zone fearing the Hamas rockets.

      Gaza and West Bank not contiguous.

      Tel Aviv considers Jerusalem their capital city and will not allow it to be divided into East Jerusalem and West Jerusalem.

      They’re rather like us. Two different peoples belonging to different religions who cannot live together/side by side. Arabs who are citizens make up 20 percent of Israel population. Chinese make up 23 percent of the Malaysian population.

      1. No. We are nothing like them. We have been living side by side peacefully for quite a while. If we were anything like the Israelis, Cina would be behind fences in kampung baru.

        As long as our Parliament has representation for all races, we will be okay. There may some tense moments here and there but as long as the majority bumiputras keep their cool, we’ll just mosey along.

        1. re: “Cina would be behind fences in kampung baru.”

          They were. The Kampung Baru were enclosed behind barbed wire and under curfew. But it wasn’t the Malays who restricted the min yuen. The British were responsible for herding the Chinese into Kampung Baru during the Emergency.

          re: “as long as the majority bumiputras keep their cool, we’ll just mosey along”

          Aaah, yes. The extraordinary sabar. Since ‘sabar itu separuh daripada iman’, then the Chinese should be grateful that the majority begitu kuat iman (which yields the commensurate tahap kesabaran). Yet the Dapster evangelistas still wanna keep needling at the Islam that is embraced by the Malays.

          Imagine, kalau kurang iman, maka kurang sabar. Dan kalau kurang sabar …

          1. MCA is too complacent and is getting sucked into responding to the DAP at DAP’s level. You don’t use boxing rules when going against a mixed martial arts street brawler. You will be killed and the audience will not have any sympathy for you.

            Unfortunately the current cadres do not inspire any confidence nor do they display any leadership characteristics.

            The Chinese need strong leadership (not physical strength but vision and decisiveness) otherwise they will climb over you and complain all day. The DAP is not visionary, but it is very good at reading the ground sentiment and exploiting it. But it can only offer a temporary distraction (hate Umno) , it cannot offer any solution.

            And that Buku Jingga? Reads like it was written by a 2nd year Pol Sci undergrad with a 1.8 CGPA.

            1. MCA must get out of the way or be put out of the way. It is only a hindrance. I prefer Chinese leaders who are fighters (like Wee Choo Keong, as one example) to be taken in directly into the BN as has been done for Minister Paul Low.

              At this juncture, only the Tun and the PPTA (if they can haul themselves out of their “tidak apa” rut) can stop the DAP juggernaut.

            2. The more the non-Malays voicing up against hudud, the more the Malays wants it, no hope.

    2. Are Ms. Hannah Yeoh and her evangelical colleagues in Malaysia Christian Zionists?

      [start of quote]

      Christian Zionists have shown varying degrees of enthusiasm for implementing six basic political convictions that arise from their ultra-literal and fundamentalist theology:
      1) The belief that the Jews remain God’s chosen people leads Christian Zionists to seek to bless Israel in material ways. However, this also invariably results in the uncritical endorsement of and justification for Israel’s racist and apartheid policies, in the media, among politicians and through solidarity tours to Israel.
      2) As God’s chosen people, the final restoration of the Jews to Israel is therefore actively encouraged, funded and facilitated through partnerships with the Jewish Agency.
      3) Eretz Israel, as delineated in scripture, from the Nile to the Euphrates, belongs exclusively to the Jewish people, therefore the land must be annexed, Palestinians driven from their homes and the illegal Jewish settlements expanded and consolidated.
      4) Jerusalem is regarded as the eternal and exclusive capital of the Jews, and cannot be shared with the Palestinians. Therefore, strategically, Christian Zionists have lobbied the US Administration to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem and thereby ensure that Jerusalem is recognised as the capital of Israel.
      5) Christian Zionists offer varying degrees of support for organisations such as the Jewish Temple Mount Faithful who are committed to destroying the Dome of the Rock and rebuilding the Jewish Temple on the Haram Al-Sharif (Noble sanctuary of Al-Aqsa).
      6) Christian Zionists invariably have a pessimistic view of the future, convinced that there will be an apocalyptic war of Armageddon in the imminent future. They are deeply sceptical of the possibility of a lasting peace between Jews and Arabs and therefore oppose the peace process. Indeed, to advocate an Israeli compromise of “land for peace” with the Palestinians is seen as a rejection of God’s promises to Israel and therefore to support her enemies.

      [end of quote]

  3. The difference is we did not steal Chinese land. It is the Chinese evangelistas who are acting like the Zionists . One cannot help but hate the bile they spit out.

    If it is hate that they want, hate they will get. If they want to continue with their provocations, let them. They will learn soon enough that most people cannot stomach the way they go about belittling others. I think we’ll just have to wait for the inevitable. It’s already happening elsewhere; it will happen here, maybe not in my lifetime, but it will happen.

    I, like many others, have already given up hope for any kind of reconciliation because it is not what they want. And they want it all.

    1. re: “They will learn soon enough that most people cannot stomach the way they go about belittling others.”

      I can’t stomach their hypocrisy and constant telling of lies.

      re: “I, like many others, have already given up hope for any kind of reconciliation because it is not what they want.”

      Reconciliation is not on the cards.

      1. So, you are not a supporter of a homeland for the Jews?

        Why not be upfront about it?

        And while you are about it, let us know exactly what the Arab world has done to advance the cause of a Palestinian state?

        The Arab League, the GCC and the OIC are more glorified “talk shops” than anything else.

        They are more fixated on the existentialist threat from Iran than in making common cause with their fellow Palestinian Arabs.

        They will soon be facing another existentialist threat from ISIS and it’s allies whose vision of a global Caliphate has no room for the sheikhs and potentates of the Arab world.

        It is the maxim of a “house divided” writ large in the Middle East.

        1. ‘ISIS and it’s allies whose vision of a global Caliphate’

          Brader, ISIS aka ISIL aka IS aka Islamic State does not go hand in hand with ‘global Caliphate’ la. Jangan keliru!

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