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Ugutan rogol: Loyar-loyar hak asasi senyap aje sebelum ni

Ada tak dengar apa-apa bantahan daripada Eric Paulsen tatkala ia orang pro-BN yang diugut bunuh, rogol dan diganggu-gugat atas nama taksub DAP?

Juga di blog Dr Novandri Hasan Basri, 2 Jun 2013

‘Kolumnis terima ugutan bunuh’ (Utusan, 25 Feb 2014) merujuk kepada Shen Yee Aun yang membongkar aktiviti-aktiviti Red Bean Army

Jessie Ooi – ketua Beliawanis MCA Selangor – menerima sms lucah lebih 20 kali sehari (Sinar Harian, 12 Dis 2012)

‘Politician wants blog to remove doctored nude pictures’ (Asia One, 14 April 2012) merujuk kepada Ketua Beliawanis MCA Tee Hooi Ling

Ugutan rogol terhadap Joceline Tan dan Helen Ang (blog Helen Ang, 12 Mei 2012)


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16 thoughts on “Ugutan rogol: Loyar-loyar hak asasi senyap aje sebelum ni

  1. Thats the sickness ………you call selective memory disorder.

    Which lawyers have a lot of bullshit of.

  2. Ah, they learnt fr the best ie tokguru… “Nak rogol? Rogollah” – Nik Aziz (ada dlm youtube)

    1. “There are four characteristics, such that
      whoever possesses all of them is a true hypocrite, and whoever bears any one of them is stained by hypocrisy until he gives it up:
      1) when he is trusted, he betrays;
      2) when he speaks, he lies;
      3) when he makes a promise, he breaks it;
      4) and when he disputes, he resorts to slander.”
      (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim)

      Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. said that whoever teaches another person to do wrong will both of them bear the burden of guilt on Judgement Day – both the sinful transgressor and the teacher of wrong thinking and wrong behaviour. Very few people seem to fear the exacting retribution of hellfire, for all their learning.

  3. “We call on all Muslims to gather with us at Dataran Merdeka on March 21 to demand the Malaysian government expel every single Chinese and Indian from Malaysia and we also want the government to implement hudud in all states,” read the poster. – See more at:

    betoi ke ni Helen? Ka ada orang buat false flag??

  4. If a simple point of view is raised against such issue as hudud or even such issue as democracy and clean elections can produce outburst of murder, rape and burning people alive, what does it say about our country, its citizens and our leadership? Where did this culture come from? – See more at:

    Prof anak hang extremis, jumpa pula geng2 extremis lain, baru ada akal kena buku dengan ruas. Takkan pandangan extremis one sided saja kut?

    I have noticed that the ones making threats of this nature come from mostly Malays who I assume are Muslim. – See more at:

    What do you expect prof. dia hina Islam dan kutuk Muslims kut?? Takkan hang expect Eric Paulsen pula yang terasa??

    What are we teaching in our secondary schools? More importantly are our public universities producing people of such culture? – See more at:

    The same can be said about your ‘forward’ thinking daughter!

    I sincerely hope that those who made the threats have never stepped foot in our public universities because if not I would like to ask these Vice Chancellors, what kind of Malay Malaysians are you producing? – See more at:

    Typical of DAP member, haha. Now which VC pulak produced your daughter?

    Yes, they are passable engineers and architects but are they barely passable Malaysian citizens, or passable Muslims or worse are they even passable human beings with a humane conscience? “Apa sudah jadi?” – See more at:

    Ask your ‘cerdik’ daughter

    I have been to mosques and I have listened to thousands of youtube ceramah by our so called eminent ustazs and I know that their understanding of Islam is a strong contributor to the kinds of comments made by these young social media users. – See more at:

    Right. DAP is a way of life! With friends the likes of Farouk Musa, kami tak terkejut langsung statement ni.

    Although I feel anger towards these netizens that have made the threats like it was just a “terminator” movie of mowing people down with a big machine guns, but I am ready to forgive them because I know it was our society that have created such a culture. – See more at:

    think about the thousands anak prof. offend and think about their keampunan terhadap ‘kecerdikan’ anak prof. Video tu dah lebih 100K views. Berapa banyak death threat dapat? Rape threat? So berapa ramai yang sabar dengan penghinaan yang dibuat unnecessarily oleh anak prof??

    When the Prophet Muhammad was faced with the persecution of the young people of Taif till his body was bloodied, he stood in front of the angel Gabriel at the command of a host of a heavenly army ready to eliminate the people of Taif, he said,”No, do not do anthing against these people because they knew not what there are doing. Perhaps future generations may accept my message if these people do not at the present time.”

    The Prophet had the magnanimity to forgive these people because he knew those that threw the stones and rocks are teenagers and young adults being influenced by their elders. I am afraid, our religious scholars may be teaching a brand of Islam that is very much distant from the examples of the holy Prophet himself.
    – See more at:

    True indeed. Prophet pun tak pergi sana menghina those orang Taif. Unlike your ‘forward’ thinking daughter la prof. Cari makan hina orang? Hina Islam! Wow just wow!

    With this incident I ask Malaysians again… are we safe to raise our children in this country? – See more at:

    Anak you is it prof?

    If not, should we start looking elsewhere and create a much safer place for our children to have a future? – See more at:

    Good riddance.

    I write these words with a heavy heart. I write these words as a concerned Malaysian citizen and as a simple Muslim for the sake of all our children. – See more at:

    And finally, I write these words as the father of Aisyah Mohd Tajuddin, the BFM girl. – See more at:

    Prof sibuk cakap sana sini, anak tak ajar ke?

  5. Alahai Prof. Anak kamu yang mulut lancang sakitkan hati orang, lepas tu bila orang marah nak mintak simpati salahkan orang lain pulak. Padahal yang jolok sarang tebuan tu anak kamu.

    Kemudian nak salahkan sistem la, universiti la, negara la cakap siapa yang retaliates ni tak Islamic. Anak kamu tu Islamic sgt ke?

    Yup, you and your daughter should start looking elsewhere indeed. Cuba tanya Hannah cara-cara nak migrate ke Tasmania.

      1. Prof gagal didik anak sebagai MUSLIM yang BAIK.
        Mungkin terikut DENGAN rentak chauvinis DAP Yang prof banggakan.

  6. if u wanna migrate, just do it, quietly. nobody cares. it is very normal for people to be moving around nowadays. there is even a trend where the north americans are moving to remote places such as the carribean where they feel it is safer. now, you can take their vacant place, i.e. if you even qualify to be a citizen of any country.

  7. si eric ni polak mulut lncang orang lain jer dia kesahkan. mulut lancang dia dia tak jaga. tu fasal ada kes hebro kat france. the ignition had been triggered to cause the retaliation. tak faham ke ‘Newton’s 3rd Law?”. you expect people to keep quiet when you trudge on their toes? how insulting of the pr reps.

    1. “Macam ini Aishah, saya buat analogi. Saya ajak seseorang pergi sembahyang. ‘Eh jom pergi sembahyang’. Dia kata, ‘tak apa. Tak nak’. Di sini, orang itu berdosa sebab dia tak nak sembahyang. Cuma ada satu lagi situasi, saya ajak seseorang sembahyang dan dia kata ‘tak naklah sembahyang. Buat apa pergi sembahyang, muka letak di tanah, punggung di langit, benda sia-sia, habis masa.’

      “Nampak perbezaan pertama dan yang kedua? Yang pertama tadi dia tolak tanpa menghina. Orang yang kedua, sudahlah menolak, dia hina, kutuk, caci syariat ALLAH. Di sini, orang kedua menambah dosa serta menunjukkan ciri-ciri orang yang tidak beriman,” jelasnya.

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