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Okay, bye … for now

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Wherever You Will Go

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Usually represented as:

  • Self actualization
  • Self esteem
  • Love & belonging
  • Safety & security
  • Physiological needs


The Maslow five-stage model

(The pyramid base where it is broadest reflects the basic needs that everybody must have, i.e. food and sleep; this is followed by health and shelter which are also fundamental; then going up the incline, there are the optionals like sex, achievement and respect, etc)


The Maslow pyramid simplified in easy words:

Maslow Easy

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

In pictures, illustrated by DAP personalities:

RECOGNITION – Papa & Mama Dapster are VIPs

PapaMama Dapster

GROUP – DAP’s mostly evangelical churchgoers and friends

Do you see any of the other women's handbags loudly screaming for attention?     VIP orang besar mesti bawa beg besar ... Do you see any of the other women's handbags loudly screaming for attention?

PROPERTY: DAP evangelista warlord’s new house in Ipoh, Perak

nga kor ming rumah

FOOD: Yang Berhormats in DAP look like they probably enjoy Porky Fries

hannah Her Royal Roundness1

Gospel of Prosperity

Dapster sheeple support this pyramid structure which provides their Dear Leaders with Gold and Glory in return for being fed ‘Gospel’, which is not limited to the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John but includes the gospel of Ubah, “Ini kali lah”, ABU, etc.

The sheeple are also taught by their evangelista shepherds to chant “four legs (DAP) good, two legs (Umno) baaaad” – allusion to the classic political satire Animal Farm by George Orwell.

At the apex of Maslow’s pyramid sit the non-sheeple or the 10 percent Chinese. We’re the ones who shamelessly indulge our “morality, creativity and spontaneity” and get satisfaction – ‘virtue is, after all, its own reward’ – from doing so.

But never mind the self-indulgences. What I shall elaborate on next are the following three aspects – problem solving, lack of prejudice and acceptance of facts.


Maslow self actualization


I can’t provide the solution to all the BN’s problems but I’ll share what recommendations I’m able to offer based on my fields of expertise.

(1) Umno must neutralize The J-Star and their EvangeliSTARs to avert a blitzkrieg in the War of Perception – a war which the BN is at present losing badly.

Zamkata The Star is EVIL!

(2) Umno must take back the Malay-majority Parliament and state assembly seats presently given over to the MCA to contest; work on the ground must be carried out in these areas by the Umno machinery – starting now!

MCA in Parliament GE

(3) Umno must recover the Muslim public spaces from PAS and this includes regaining control of the masjid and surau committees.

The restriction order by state religious departments that prohibits politicking in the mosques must be enforced as well the Sultan of Selangor’s titah that mosques are a place of worship meant FOR MUSLIMS ONLY must be adhered to.

There should be no more modelling sessions by Hannah Yeoh et al for photo ops that serve only to demean the sacred function of a mosque. Ahli-ahli Parti Paling Tidak Apa (PPTA), tolonglah bangun dari slumber / selamba.

BELOW: Blogger otai Rocky Bru considers Hannah Yeoh’s tweet to be “the most childish and therefore bitter response towards hudud”


Only 10 percent of the Chinese are free of the shackles of herd mentality that make the 90 percent Chinese become such loyal members of the DAP flock.

We (the 10%) are able to break free from the acute tribal instinct mainly because of our “lack of prejudice”, be it with regard to stereotypes about other races or about Islam.

The extreme negative bias of Chinese Christians against the Religion of the Federation is most evident amidst the present hudud brouhaha.

Hannah Yeoh conjuror

ABOVE: Hannah Yeoh has made a series of tweets and retweets that sniped at hudud

Fanning Islamophobia

On Wednesday (March 18), Abdul Hadi Awang served notice to Parliament on amending Act 355, which is the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965. The PAS President is himself personally tabling the private member’s bill.

Responding to Hadi’s move, Lim Guan Eng termed it “a further act of treachery by PAS”. See, ‘DAP takes aim at Hadi for “serial treachery”’ (Malaysiakini, 21 March 2015)

The DAP is clearly ramping up the Hate factor. Guan Eng’s evangelical party is promoting hatred for the PAS Malays, after successfully brainwashing the Dapsters to hate “Umnoputras”.

MCA appears to be on the same page as DAP over the hudud issue, and the Chinese BN party looks likely to foment dissent within the ruling coalition among the Dayak Christian parties.

Former MCA vice president urges “break away from Umno”

Gan Ping Sieu is the MCA Syariah Law and Policy Implementation special task force chairman. He told the press in the video above:

[0:34] “This is a tipping point, this is bottomline; if Umno push for that [hudud], this is the tipping point and bottomline of MCA.”

“If I were [to] have a say, I would invite the rest of the component parties to break away from Umno. And because the consensus of nation-building has been broken, MCA has a historical duty to do the necessary.”

MCA’s departure will be no loss but Big Brother must nonetheless strive to prevent the native Christian and Indian votes from draining away. BN cannot afford to haemorrhage the Sabah and Sarawak heartland nor the estate and urban squatter Indian voters.

From Gan Ping Sieu’s talk above, it appears that the MCA is already preparing to sleep with their fellow Chinese in the evangelical party. All the more reason for Umno-BN to beware the MCA’s lethal Gunting dalam Lipatan.


ABOVE: DAP national organizing secretary Anthony Loke said “if one does not steal or rob, why should the person be afraid of hudud” … to loud cheers from the room


Will the Chinese attitude towards the BN soften or harden the coming three years in the run-up to GE14?

I predict that the Chinese anger and resentment will be even greater. Hence the BN war room should plan their election strategy on the assumption of obtaining only five percent Chinese support.

The 10 percent Chinese – like me at the narrow end of the Maslow hierarchy who reject Pakatan – are able to accept the facts (we’re not in denial) and thus make our analysis objectively.

Many among the 90 percent, on the other hand, are unwilling or do not possess the capacity to do so.


They’re more like their beloved DAP evangelista leadership whose prosperous mind is perpetually focused on satisfying their physiological and material needs, e.g. craving for this food and that food – at odd and all hours of the day – and shopping for branded goods be it Prada or Gucci.

Such people therefore have little spare time left to spend on fact-finding or analytical thinking.

Hence as as consequence, the Chinese electorate will remain in thrall to the DAP and with each passing day, feeding their hatreds to a gargantuan size – exactly like the grotesque DAP evangelical leadership.

Hannah Yeoh is a political heavyweight

Umno appears to want hudud

It’s a scary thought – at least for a non-Muslim like me – but hudud may soon become a fact of life in Malaysia.

Even Tengku Razaleigh, the long-serving Kelantan MP who’s favoured by the Chinese, has given his green light. See, ‘Ku Li lauds hudud law amendments in Kelantan’ (The Malay Mail, 20 March 2015).

Umno vice president Mohd Shafie Apdal is agreeable too. See, ‘Hudud: Menteri Umno setuju sokongan Adun parti‘ (FMT, 21 March 2015).

Umno deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin was one of the key players involved in the setting up of the joint PAS-Umno hudud technical committee, and so he is by inference all for hudud as well.

I suppose Najib Razak will ultimately cave in and agree to the implementation of hudud.

kucing sedih

I told them but they didn’t want to believe

Indulging my “creativity and spontaneity” and doing “problem solving” and all that transcendental stuff that Phase 5 folks sitting atop the Maslow pyramid are supposed to do is all good but at this juncture, the Chinese ‘problem’ appears to be intractable.

I’ve spent a good part of the past five years warning the Chinese that if they continued with their behaviour and allowed themselves to be led by the nose by the greedy DAP evangelistas, they will not be able to sidestep the day of reckoning.

Syed Akbar Ali: “I think Helen Ang was right from the beginning.”

Yes, she certainly is.

OutSyed The Box_ DAP vs PAS - Who Suckered Whom

Well, the chickens are coming home to roost. Good luck to the Dapsters.

Remember to thank the DAP, yah.


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90 thoughts on “Okay, bye … for now

    1. What kind of people are they?!

      “… the pigs rewrite [the Seven Commandments] to suit their own agenda. When Boxer the horse (symbolizing blue-collar labor, the ‘workers,’) becomes too old to work, the pigs sell him to the horse butcher, whom they tell the other animals is really the veterinarian.”

      Penuh tipu muslihat dan tak habis-habis bohong. Teramat licik sebiji macam DAP punya evangelista.

      1. Aptly said Helen.

        Itu belum lagi kisah susu lembu yang depa milked and shared among the pigs ony. Babi betoi!

        And then they unilateraly decided to CEC powers among themselves ony…no more bangsal meetings. Haha Uncanny!

  1. Bye Helen. Take care ya. You have been a feature of my daily life these past few years; never tire of your intelligent and well-researched postings, some of which were naughty. Don’t stay away too long ya. We’ll all miss you.

  2. Thanks Helen.

    I have another angle on Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs and that is that the Pakatan parties, especially the DAP and PKR are largely urban middle class based and have poor reach into the rural heartlands and lower income urban workers who tend to support the Barisan Nasional.

    And, if Pakatan cannot win over that poorer segment fo society who are mostly struggling to survive economically, then they cannot with the federal government, unless the BN makes a big boo boo and is unable to continue to help such people meet their needs either.

    And, when such people vote BN, the comfortable, middle class, condescending, patronising Pakatoons will denounce them for “falling for money politics”, “ignorant” and other such epithets, when they cannot offer such people convincing solutions to help them with their economic concerns, poverty and struggle for survival.

    Such struggling people have no time to participate in sit ins in front of Sogo or in Dataran Merdeka in protest against Anwar’s jailing.

    Most persons who can afford the time to participate in such protests would most probabaly have satisfied their Level 5 (lowest level) and Level 4 needs, if not personally then at a family level – I.E. they could come from an urban middle class background with a wealthy enough daddy and mummy behind then financially.

    1. re: “when such people vote BN, the comfortable, middle class, condescending, patronising Pakatoons will denounce them for “falling for money politics”, “ignorant” and other such epithets”

      They call us “bodoh” / “ignoramus”, “low class”, “immoral” “running dogs” who can be bought with a tin of Milo and a kain pelekat / sari.

  3. Funny though.. there so many rallies by PR aka DAP//PKR/PAS to support AI and yet no demo by these concern people to rally against GST implementation but they says Rakyat FIRST. It Seems AI FIRST!

  4. Hope you have a good rest and come back with more “zing”. Take care.

    Saw this gif and thought you could use it.

  5. so going to miss reading your clever writing. have a much needed [i think] and well-earned rest, but do come back soon. *hugs*

    *will miss reading the intelligent comments of your regulars too.

    1. Agree with mekyam. I’ll be missing you, Helen, and the regular commenters as well. Peace and stay healthy, everyone. Panjang umur kita ber’jumpa’ lagi.

  6. PPMM is very much disturbed and rebukes the stand of the Malaysian Bar as appearing in its Press Release dated 20.03.2015 titled “Hudud is Unconstitutional, Discriminatory and Divisive” (Malaysian Bar’s Press Release). PPMM is surprised and very much concerned with this pronouncement of the Malaysian Bar, which PPMM believes does not reflect the majority view of the members of the Malaysian Bar, and more so, when the contents of that Press Release in itself, seems to project an opinion which is unconstitutional! – See more at:

  7. Oh dear Helen,
    Will really miss you.

    Take care where ever u may be and wish you all the best! TQ!!!

  8. In their extensive review of research based on Maslow’s theory, Wahba and Brudwell found little evidence for the ranking of needs Maslow described, or even for the existence of a definite hierarchy at all. Chilean economist and philosopher Manfred Max-Neef has also argued fundamental human needs are non-hierarchical, and are ontologically universal and invariant in nature—part of the condition of being human; poverty, he argues, may result from any one of these needs being frustrated, denied or unfulfilled.

    The order in which the hierarchy is arranged (with self-actualization as the highest order need) has been criticised as being ethnocentric by Geert Hofstede. Hofstede’s criticism of Maslow’s pyramid as ethnocentric may stem from the fact that Maslow’s hierarchy of needs neglects to illustrate and expand upon the difference between the social and intellectual needs of those raised in individualistic societies and those raised in collectivist societies. Maslow created his hierarchy of needs from an individualistic perspective, being that he was from the United States, a highly individualistic nation. The needs and drives of those in individualistic societies tend to be more self-centered than those in collectivist societies, focusing on improvement of the self, with self actualization being the apex of self improvement. Since the hierarchy was written from the perspective of an individualist, the order of needs in the hierarchy with self actualization at the top is not representative of the needs of those in collectivist cultures. In collectivist societies, the needs of acceptance and community will outweigh the needs for freedom and individuality.

    Abraham Maslow wrote his theory in 1948. The world has moved on in leaps and bounds since then. The relevance of Maslow’s theory is its very very thin outline based on a hypothesis with little (if any) cross cultural references.

    The world then consisted of those who accepted American values or aspired to it and those of us in the “dark spheres” of India, China, Africa, the Soviet Union and Latin America. In short that was more that 2/3 of humanity in all its diversity.

    Maslow? How relevant then, how relevant today.

    (Except for the last three paragraphs the comment is an extract from an extract of a wider criticism of Malsow’s pyramid and theory). Just in case……………..

    Maslow’s hierarchy has also been criticized as being individualistic because of the position and value of sex on the pyramid. Maslow’s pyramid puts sex on the bottom rung of physiological needs, along with breathing and food. It views sex from an individualistic and not collectivist perspective: i.e., as an individualistic physiological need that must be satisfied before one moves on to higher pursuits. This view of sex neglects the emotional, familial and evolutionary implications of sex within the community.

    1. re: “Maslow’s pyramid puts sex on the bottom rung of physiological needs, along with breathing and food.”

      Maslow puts sex as a physiological need in the bottom rung but he also puts sexual intimacy in the middle rung (third level in the five-tier pyramid) alongside friendship and family relationships. See the diagrams above.

      1. Too serious for a Sunday morning.

        Personally I think this is a more simplified picture for the dapsters.

  9. Kapowwww Dusyumm!

    Cik Helen Ang telah menumbuk DAP Evangelista hingga K.O. hehe.

    Selamat beristirehat, kami semua tunggu perlawanan pusing seterusnya di masa depan ye.. jadik tukang sorak Cik Helen.

  10. re: Gan Peng Sieu said: ‘MCA has a historical duty to do the necessary.”

    apanya historical duty setelah MCA sendiri menjadi pengkhianat?

    takpelah Helen…. elok juga sesekali ‘bercuti’…. tapi jangan cuti panjang sangat…. ramai yang rindu, hehehehe!

    PS: Helen cuti kawin ke?

  11. Selamat berehat Helen jangan “menyerah” kalah , perjuangan mesti di teruskan .

  12. Guess who are the 10% Chinese who voted for BN ie MCA in the last elections? None other than Helen of Troy and the likes.

    How apt, the one she voted for is now the Gunting Dalam Lipatan in BN as she claimed.

    Geeez. What a moron.

    One minute, a Moslem, next minute saying non-Moslem.

    Isn’t that called Murtad.

    Since when is Hudud applicable to non-Moslems in Malaysia? Who changed the Constitution?

    Isn’t playing with Hudud even if for political expediency a blasphemy by itself.

    Where is the PKR Hudud, DAP Hudud, Pas Hudud or BN Hudud version?

    Why not take the IS Hudud?

    1. Dandy cacing kepanasan merasakan dirinya ditindas kot.

      1. ‘Dandy cacing kepanasan merasakan dirinya ditindas kot.’

        Dandy nak minta duit tambang untuk bayar tol seberang tambak Johor ke?

      2. Dandy ni ngada2 lebih.

        Gi Singapore sure kena lanyak dengan Kiasu2 disana. Gi Australia or Western countries kena dok diam2 macam church mouse aje. Nak hijrah balik negara tok moyang… out of question.

        Hanya kat Malaysia saja bole buka mulut nak bersuara sesuka hati, bole bermanja2, tiap hari asyik bole mengacum, hidup senang lenang, makan 6kali sehari berkereta mewah dan rumah bangalow. Bebas 24/7 nak mengayau kemana dia suka.

        Nah, apa lagi Dandy mau?

            1. Apa lagi Cina mahu?

              ‘Akhbar Cina meletakkan LKY sebagai berita utama, dan membelakangkan berita Kemahkotaan Sultan Johor.’


              Malaysian Malaysia My Malay Ass!

              1. Ini pun satu. MP di Johor tapi di Facebook tiada satu ucapan Tahniah pada Sultan. Asyik dengan LKY, LKY sahaja

                Lagi pula, semua MP, ADUN DAP tak ada kerja ke. Both ambil leave tanda tangan pula. [Facebook]

                Tengok pula komen bawah gambar

                Teoh Wai Thim I lived in Singapore for so many years and a product of NUS. I am A Malaysian, Rightly or Wrongly, I respect him. i am what I am because of LKY. RIP. If Only Malaysia can have HIM.
                32 · 24 March at 02:59

                Saya tak tahu orang ini mengapa begitu kiblatkan Singapura.
                “If Only Malaysia can have HIM.”
                Malaysia did have him… until he made Tunku so mad, that Tunku had to expel Singapore. (Mungkin Teoh itu gagal Sejarah di sekolah kot?)

                1. ‘If Only Malaysia can have HIM’

                  We can have National Day song in any other language except the Bahasa Kebangsaan! That’s for sure!

                  ‘Tunku had to expel Singapore’

                  Nasi sudah jadi bubur. Tunku patut belajar banyak daripada CHINA. Semua mau. Satu pun tak bagi!

                  On other notes, Muhyidin ‘I’am Malay 1st’ Yassin is so racist he picks a Cina menantu! [gambar] DAP must asks Obama to drones us all!

                  Selamat menjadi Muslim Idris, selamat menjadi bangsa majoriti or as kawan Eric Paulsen would panggil ‘these crazy, rape frenzied people’. Be proud Idris. Be proud.

                2. this moron should have just migrate to Spore then.

                  the thing is many Singaporeans in recent times wld have probably said, you can have him. :D


                    Not sure if this link is still active. Anyway it is not polite to speak of d dead this way but I there you go..

                    Anyway indah kabar dari berita, many locals sekadar kais pagi makan pagi.. tough life.

                    One may earn an equivalent to RM15K per month there yet comparatively living like a RM2K wage earner here.. small HDB flat, no car, and if suffering fm major illness, what I was told to better jump from the bridge and die.. xpensive medical costs etc.

                    Now CPF.. just google and feek how insecure the members are right now..

                    Alahai, macam2 lagi… pi aje dok sana baru dapat rasa. Mai Malaysia macam tak makan setahun, bawa jalan sana sini macam oghang peghaq.. Got all money but quality of life kata mereka, elek!

                    1. It’s being reported that the teenager had disparaged Christianity.

                      Actually it is the Christians whom Amos Yee criticized. There’s a difference between Christianity and Christians, just like not all Muslims portray the real teachings of Islam.

                      He compares LKY with Jesus and said, “the aptness of that analogy is heightened seeing how Christians seem to be a really big fan of him. They’re both power hungry and malicious but deceive others into thinking that they are compassionate and kind.”

                      “Their impact and legacy will ultimately not last as more and more people find out that they’re full of bull.”

                      “And Lee Kuan Yew’s followers are completely delusional and ignorant, and have absolutely no sound logic or knowledge about him that is grounded in reality – which Lee Kuan Yew very easily manipulates similar to the Christian knowledge of the Bible and the work of a multitude of priests.”

                    2. The teen has been charged in court for wounding the religious feelings of Christians.

    2. That is called “lidah bercabang”. She is very adept at twisting her words until her tongue gets tied into a knot. ;-)

  13. Helen – Take a good rest. I hope you will return to blogging in the near future. I will surely miss the daily doses of your blogs.

  14. “MCA’s departure will be no loss but Big Brother must nonetheless strive to prevent the native Christian and Indian votes from draining away. BN cannot afford to haemorrhage the Sabah and Sarawak heartland nor the estate and urban squatter Indian voters.”

    It is already happening. Umno has been thinking it can go ahead and sideline the other races, religions, and also the component parties of Barisan Nasional besides Gerakan and the MCA. The MIC is having a power struggle. The Sabahans and Sarawakians are getting uneasy with Umno waving its race and religion card.

    Then, we have the cost of living issues which are getting worse. Rice bowl issues which the Barisan Nasional has chosen to divert. Pity Rosmah with her “struggle” to pay the hairdresser to dye her hair.

  15. For your info

    BANGI, 23 Mac – Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA) berbesar hati menawarkan pakej tarbiah kepada penyampai/pengacara radio BFM, Aisyah Tajuddin bagi memberi peluang kepadanya untuk mendapatkan kefahaman Islam yang sahih dan syumul.

    Ketua Penerangan ISMA, Ustaz Mohd Hazizi Ab Rahman, berkata laluan masih terbuka untuk Aisyah kembali ke pangkal jalan dan tidak mengulangi kesilapan yang telah dilakukannya.

    Berita selanjutnya dalam

  16. Bye for now Kak Helen.
    Kita lawan tetap lawan. We don’t want LKS to save Malaysia.

  17. Have a great break Helen. Will miss your daily doses and looking forward on your return!

  18. Last but not least together we stay united Helen u jangan pi cuti lama-lama nanti your blog diambil orang bye see you freak out

  19. What a coincidence ?, Helen , you announce your brake while Singapore lost LKY , the last time you are missing while Malaysia was badly hit by floods .

    Just do what you has to do , a lot’s, will be missing you.

  20. I have no idea how old you are nor your educational level but you have a good and mature head on your shoulders. Your writings have been exceptional in its depth and scope of analysis of current events in Malaysia is well thought-out and reflects a balanced perspective of person who loves Malaysia as your ‘tanah tumpah darah’.

    Syabas Sdri Helen, please be back soon after your ‘sabbatical’.

    1. Dear Mulan,

      Yep, exactly my sentiment when I read about this fella’s opinion. I guess

      HE is the icon of “muslim malay” in DAP. Otherwise, who else they got?

      a) Dayana girl with her bedroom photos for “charity” and her photos kissing the icon above..

      b) Prof (mediocre)Tajuddin guy ( who cannot even teach his daughter to respect others)

      c) RARA girl/ or that purdah ones..not so glamorous
      The end. Sad for DAP. They need to rope in more credible icon.

      1. Prof (mediocre)Tajuddin guy ( who cannot even teach his daughter to respect others)

        Good candidate for Dean of studies at the Democracy school. These types… tsk.

  21. Can you stay the fuck away? Malaysia will be a better place without hateful bitches like you.

    1. Ecclesiastes 7:9 King James Version (KJV)

      Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry: for anger resteth in the bosom of fools.

      Obviously your preacher never bothered to tell you this. How much are you paying the tithe?

        1. that’s what i wondered too. twittered the IGP like some bloody brainless bimbo! perhaps she is.

          i really cannot stand this bitch and her desperate need to shed her blah mediocrity. everytime helen wrote abt her or mentioned her, i wld quickly skip the parts.

    1. They denigrated him with all kinds of personal low blows.

      Like I said, “No hope, no cure” for those people.

        1. In the first place, why did Astro carry a 5.5 hour telecast of the funeral? CNN, Aljazeera, CCTV and BBC only carry crossovers. What relevance is a 5.5 hour to the Malaysian viewer?

          1. Maybe Astro actually thought that their Cina viewers would stay glued to the tv to watch the live broadcast? After all there are a lot of Singapore-wannabes in this country.

      1. And in related news – “teenager who posted a video on YouTube in which he criticised the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, as well as made disparaging remarks about Christianity – has been arrested”

        BTW, did you see the official statement that the Singapore premier made on the death of LKY? In Malay, y’all, and good Malay as well, better than most of the Dapsters in Parliament and DUNs.

  22. More hate from the Malaysian Inciter (opps Insider)

    “Lee Kuan Yew: Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going, a collection of interviews published in January, was included in a list of 15 books declared haram by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim).

    Jakim’s planning and research division confirmed the decision was made when its committee on the censorship of publications with Islamic elements met in October.

    – See more at:

    Although dated it seems this article makes a comeback on FB and making people unhappy.

    Do it like LKY. Punish the Malaysian Insider (aka Inciter) with the full arm of the law and sue the publishers!

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